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The Brexit Secretary David Davis has called on MPs to reject Lords


amendments on the Brexit Bill passing through parliament


and to give Theresa May a free hand in negotiations


Speaking this morning, he said that it would not be acceptable


for Parliament to try to reverse the will of the British people.


Labour says it will fight for the amendments in


Our political correspondent Susana Mendonca has more details.


The latest instalment in the battle to trigger Brexit take centre stage


tomorrow and the government is warning MPs including potential


rebels on its own side not to stand on its way. What we cannot have is


the either house of Parliament reversing the decision of the


British people. They have not got a veto. What does it mean otherwise?


This is how the timetable has unfolded. Last week the Lords passed


the second of two amendments to the government's Article 50 bill and


tomorrow the bill goes to the Commons, where MPs could reject the


amendments had passed the bill back to the Lords and if the upper house


backed down a bill will proceed to Royal assent, allowing Theresa May


to trigger Article 50. If the Lords does not back down it could go back


to the Commons in a process known as ping-pong and labour insists it will


fight for the amendments Distin. What we say to the Prime Minister


and I wrote to her on Friday, reflect on what the House of Lords


has said by majorities of nearly 100 they have sent back to important


issues, the EU nationals and the vote, reflect on that, don't have


this obsession with getting Article 50 triggered this week. The Prime


Minister has done the legwork with EU partners ahead of triggering


Brexit but some are worried there is not enough planning going on for the


prospect of no deal at the end of it. If there is going to be no deal


it will have serious implications for businesses and individuals and


the government needs to ensure we have planned for it. But the Brexit


Secretary says he has a plan. The simple truth is we have been


planning for all the possible outcomes of the negotiations.


Including a proper plan for no deal? Yes. Whatever the plan may be the


government has to get permission from this place first before it can


get negotiations going. There has been scathing criticism


from a senior Tory. Michael Heseltine, the former Deputy Prime


Minister and people might remember he got sacked from his government


adviser job because he rebelled and supported one of the Lords


amendments on the triggering of article 15. What he said is there


are a number of Tories who feel appalled and betrayed by the way


Theresa May has dealt with the issue and he points to the loss of the


seat in Richmond, the by-election where Zac Goldsmith lost to the


Liberal Democrats and he says it is a bigger issue for a lot of Tories


than the conservative wing in coats and when they beat Labour. What he


says is that the Conservatives are not just following the ringmaster,


they have their own views on Europe and concerns and they want the Prime


Minister to listen. Thanks. Dutch riot police have broken up


a rally in Rotterdam in support of the Turkish president,


as the diplomatic row between The Turkish family affairs


minister, who had tried has been escorted by police


to the German border and expelled. Turkey is threatening


to retaliate in what it From Rotterdam Anna Holligan


sent this report. The Netherlands, a traditionally


tolerant nation, erupted overnight. Riot police struggled to disperse


hundreds of angry Turkish expats, outraged by the Netherlands' refusal


to allow their politicians to attend a rally in support


of President Erdogan. This was a demonstration


of the support he commands abroad. He is depending on the backing


of one million-plus Turkish citizens who live in Europe


to expand his powers back home But his Family Minister didn't get


the chance to address them. Amateur footage shows her arguing


with police, before being escorted


back to the border. TRANSLATION: In Holland,


Holland as a country that speaks of freedom and democracy,


we were faced with very hard It's very ugly of Europeans who talk


about women's rights to tell us how All this after President Erdogan


branded the Dutch Nazi remnants and fascists,


after they refused to allow his Foreign Minister


to campaign on Dutch territory. The timing is especially


sensitive for both countries. TRANSLATION: We are in the wrong


situation with Turkey at the moment. We have asked the Minister not


to come because of the tensions In a few days, the Dutch will vote


for a new government. The campaign has been dominated


by the anti-immigration He blames the Prime Minister for


allowing immigrants in and is set The protests outside this consulate


building have fired up the debate about the presence of Dutch


residents still connected Approximately one in seven


people here in Rotterdam Those images are likely to be


at the front of people's minds Anna Holligan, BBC


news, in Rotterdam. The Iraqi military has made further


advances against so-called Refugees fleeing the fighting


are streaming into new camps that have been opened


around the city. 200,000 people are now housed


in a total of 21 facilities. Our correspondent Rami


Ruhayem has been talking to families in Chamakor -


the UN's latest camp opened last week, but is


already filling up fast. Yet another stream of refugees


from Mosul and surrounding villages arriving at the Chamakor camp


on the outskirts This is a new camp for


the internally displaced, opened just a few days ago,


as authorities simply ran out And it looks like it's


filling up quite quickly. The latest arrivals have come


from a village north-west of Mosul, where Iraqi forces have been


advancing over the last few days. They describe a harrowing journey


from their homes to the camp. TRANSLATION: We called


officers in the Iraqi army, at night and that they would secure


the road for us. We walked towards the mountain,


and IS fighters followed Finally, the army spotted them


and fired at them, and they fled. We ran away and walked the entire


night with our men and children. And when we arrived,


we were received by the Army, To my brother and mother in Syria


and all the rest of my family, don't worry about us,


thank God, we have all The new camp can take


in about 12,000 people. Authorities here say it is receiving


more than 200 every day and estimate it will reach full capacity


within a few more days. The creator of the world wide web,


Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has waded into the debate


about so-called fake news. In an open letter to mark


the web's 28th anniversary, Sir Tim unveiled a plan to tackle


data abuse and fake news, and expressed concerns about how


the web is being used. Sir Tim said he wanted to start


to combat the misuse of personal data, which he said created


a "chilling effect on free speech". The government is being urged


to create a central database for taxi drivers


in England and Wales. A BBC investigation has found that


some drivers who have had their licence revoked


are continuing to work after getting Tributes have been paid


to the singer Joni Sledge - of the group Sister Sledge -


who's died in at her home The band - four sisters -


achieved fame in 1979 with their signature


tune We Are Family. Other hits included disco classic


The Greatest Dancer. A statement from the family said


Joni Sledge had loved You can see more on all of today's


stories on the BBC News Channel. Hello, it is Sunday lunch time and


time to look of the weather for the week ahead and it is not looking bad


for most. Very cheerful picture behind me. Dry weather most days. It


will not be that cold, either. We have relatively