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Downing Street is to hold a session of its emergency committee, COBRA,


in response to the global cyber attack which has disabled NHS


The Home Secretary Amber Rudd said 45 organisations


It's not yet clear the extent to which patient safety has


agency, Europol, described the cyber attack -


which has struck in about 100 countries -


A major incident cleared at this hospital to ensure patient safety.


Saint Bartholomew is is part of the largest NHS Trust in England. Some


ambulances are being diverted to neighbouring hospitals and there


will be no outpatient treatment today. I was worried. The computers


being down and somebody asking for money, I've got to stay in here and


it was a bit frustrating. It is after this message came up on


countless computers across the NHS demanding an -- a ransom to access


files. They had a severe tummy pain for ten days, the patient I saw, we


needed to find out why he was in pain, we could not find out because


we could not get the blood results. It is part of a global situation,


cyber attacks are at an unprecedented level according to the


EU's law-enforcement agency. Organisations in 100 countries have


been hit. 45 NHS organisations have been affected including 11 of


Scotland's health boards. There is a great deal of work ongoing to get


the system back to normal. Everything is being done to ensure


it is kept to an absolute minimum disruption. The system locks


computers before demanding money. The NHS is particularly vulnerable


because of the ageing IT systems. They have been asked to move from


Windows XP. People don't always move as quickly as you would like. There


will be lessons to be learned from this example. Experts say it is


vital technology is up-to-date. This is like making sure that you lock


the doors and windows before you go to bed. It won't stop the burglars,


necessarily, but will keep most of them out. The government does not


believe patient data has been stolen, there will be a meeting of


the emergency committee this afternoon.


The former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling on voters


to elect Labour candidates that will hold Theresa May to account -


His comments follow a warning - from Labour's Deputy


Leader Tom Watson - that the Conservatives would win


a 'Margaret Thatcher style landslide'


Our Political Correspondent Leila Nathoo joins me.


What is surprising is he is not suggesting it for a Labour


government but for a different cause. This is Gordon Brown's second


intervention. He delivered a speech with much the same message saying


that the May is asking for a blank cheque from voters and he says they


need to back Labour to speak up for things like the NHS, social justice,


better education. He did not mention anything about a future Labour


government. The references were to the ones in the past. Labour's


deputy leader has given an interview to the Guardian. He said if there is


no dent in the Tory lead then Theresa May could be on for a


majority of more than 100 MPs. Tom Watson says there are exciting


ideas. There is an undertone that we will be in opposition but we should


make it a strong opposition. Jeremy Corbyn says it is not a foregone


conclusion but there are different ones from other MPs.


Meanwhile the Conservatives say they want to give people the power


to demand social media companies delete any embarrassing content,


But critics have questioned whether the legislation


is enforceable, since many of the big social media


Other news, over three million customers in south-east England have


been told to save water because of a lack of rainfall.


The company which supplies parts of the home counties,


north London, and Kent, say many rivers in the region


Using the shower rather than the bath - and stopping


the use of garden sprinklers - are among ideas being suggested.


The Eurovision Song Contest final is being held in Ukraine this


evening, with Italy's entry, an act involving a man


dressed as a gorilla, the strong favourite to win.


Lucie Jones will be representing the UK, performing her ballad


Our Moscow Correspondent, Steve Rosenberg, is in Kiev,


and has been to meet some of the contestants.


It's Eurovision 2017, and it's all rather confusing.


The audience is not understanding it.


I am leaving the whole meaning to them.


And what is going on with one of the favourites,


"The monkey," Francesco Gabbani tells me, "is a symbol that


at the end of the day we are all naked apes."


Among the frontrunners are Bulgaria and


You know, there was a time when the UK was always a contender


We always seemed to be in with a shot at the top spot.


More recently we have been propping up


But could this be the year that Britain is back?


At rehearsals, Lucie Jones has been impressing


everybody with her power ballad, Never Give Up On You.


I am hoping that I will go home with the respect


of the nation that watched the show at home.


If the UK wants success in Eurovision, this could be


No to a man who needs no costume, Mike Bushell at the sports centre.


Plenty of make up under the eyes. While Chelsea have already claimed


the Premier League title after beating West Bromwich Albion


last night, the race is still on to qualify


for the Champions League. Manchester City can move up


to third, if they can get at least They're hoping for three points,


though, after David Silva put them ahead just before


the half hour mark. Leicester were incensed though,


feeling Raheem Sterling was in an offside position


and interfering with play. Jesus has just made it 2-0 from the


penalty spot. In the Scottish Premiership,


Rangers need a point against Hearts to clinch third place


and they're 1-0 up, thanks Hearts are down to ten men,


after Prince Buaben was sent off Manchester City manager


Pep Guardiola used today's programme notes to wish the club's women's


team good luck in They're up against Birmingham City


Ladies and it's live City are aiming for


a domestic treble. You dream of playing in Wembley. You


dream of captaining your side. Ever since I've join this club it has


been about trying to win the FA Cup and we are one step closer to doing


that. Definitely up there with the stuff I've achieved so far. It is


exciting for us. This is the third year it has been at Wembley. We want


to put on a great performance. We are not just going there to be


another team in the FA Cup final. We want to win. We want to showcase


what we are about as a team. We are a footballing team. We show grit and


determination as well. We cannot wait.


Jonny Brownlee's return to the World Triathlon Series


was almost as dramatic as his collapse at


In treacherous conditions in Yokohama, Japan,


he was caught up in a crash, on the last lap of the bike leg


and sent flying over the railings, but he carried his damaged bike


to the transition point to get his running shoes on


before eventually finishing down in 42nd place,


You can see highlights tomorrow at one o'clock on BBC Two.


In rugby union, Saracens are looking to retain their Champions Cup


They take on Clermont Auvergne in the final at Murrayfield.


Not only that, they're hoping to complete a double double,


Hats off to Saracens, champions of England. European champions. They


produced a magnificent performance. They thrive on being different. It


has helped make them the most successful trophy hunters. You look


forward to semifinals and finals. You have that connection together


that will get you through. Ashton has experience of such moments. His


England days are now over but he is one swan dive away from being the


record try scorer. Last year nobody got over the line in the final but


this was Farrell's final. Metronomic yet magic, Man of the Match at the


last final and back to dominate this one. He and his team became


Premiership champions after that but now the double could be doubled.


Such speculation is banned. We need to make sure we get to a place where


we want to be. Then we will be able to go out there and put in a


performance we will be proud of. Their opponents often wilts. They


are twice beaten finalists in this competition, 11 times beaten in


France. They face a side on the cusp of greatness. The secret behind


every trophy, the karaoke. See, on Eurovision night we have


some music for you. You can see more on all of today's


stories throughout the afternoon The next news on BBC One


is at five past six. Sunshine and showers on the wafer


Sunday. Today has been a bit of a mixed