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Five NHS Trusts still have problems, after yesterday's international


cyber attack, but the majority are back up and running.


As ministers attend an emergency meeting in Downing Street,


the Home Secretary insists the government was ready


There's always more we can all do to make sure we are secure


against virus, but I think there had already been good preparations


in place to make sure they were ready for this


Jeremy Corbyn denies senior figures in the Labour Party,


are already accepting defeat in the General Election.


And victory for Saracens, as they win the European Champions


Five NHS trusts are still experiencing serious


problems after yesterday's international cyber attack.


43 of the trusts affected in England and Scotland,


The attack on Friday caused ambulances to be diverted,


and numerous cancellations or delays in treatment.


The government's emergency committee COBRA has been meeting today,


chaired by the Home Secretary Amber Rudd.


It was news which shocked NHS staff and patients alike.


A cyber attack which shut down some GP systems.


A cyber attack which shut down some key systems.


Ron Grimshaw won't forget it in a hurry.


He was in the middle of having an MRI scan in hospital,


but it was abruptly halted and he'll have to go back another day.


As the nurse said, this is the very first time this has happened.


The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was in a meeting of the government's


emergency committee COBRA along with the Home Secretary,


who denied there were weaknesses in NHS systems.


I don't believe it's to do with our preparedness.


There's always more we can all do to make sure we are secure


against viruses, but I think there had already been good


preparations in place by the NHS to make sure they were ready


In England, services at 48 NHS trusts, about a fifth


of the total have been affected, along with some GP surgeries.


In Scotland, 11 out of 14 health boards have felt the impact,


including hospitals and GP surgeries.


The Scottish Ambulance Service was also affected.


The NHS is now very much in the recovery phase,


so there is a great deal of work on going to get systems


Of course, every effort is being made to ensure any impact


on patient care is kept to an absolute minimum.


A small number of trusts, including Barts Health,


which runs the Royal London hospital is said to be still needing help


coping with the aftermath of the cyber attack.


The emergency department is open, but some ambulances are being


Getting the IT system up and running again is proving


Others like York hospital said that while they've contains


Others like York hospital said that while they've contained


a virus, it could take a while to restore


To get 2000 PCs back into commission will undoubtedly take a few days,


but we will be working all round the clock to do


At this hospital in Wigan, IT staff have been working


throughout the day to try to get systems fully operational.


I'm a little concerned because we don't know what will find


what we will find on Monday morning when people come in and


But I think we got sufficient understanding of the problem


and we can be very confident we can solve whatever does


Most of the English trusts hit by the attack have said to have


Emergency care is being provided across the NHS,


but there could still be more cancellations of routine surgery


In all, 99 countries across the world were affected


by the cyber attack, which the EU's serious


crime agency Europol, described as unprecedented.


Here, investigators have promised to do everything they can,


to catch those responsible, as our Home Affairs Correspondent


The cyber attack which wreaked such chaos in Britain's health service


Affecting Russia worst of all, but also countries as far apart


This evening, the two British agencies tackling it said a complex,


international investigation would be needed to catch the culprits.


We haven't identified the offenders, at this moment in time.


But we are deploying all covert and overt means available to us.


We have a number of lines of enquiry.


It's really important we pursue those quickly so we can reassure


the public we are taking this very seriously.


At the heart of this global cyber attack was a software worm


which spreads itself from computer to computer using code


originally designed by a US government spy agency.


It's called Wannacrypt and it simply encrypts all the files


on the infected computer and then demand a ransom.


on the infected computer and then demands a ransom.


By last night, at least 75,000 computers had been infected


At that point, a cyber security expert managed almost by chance


But all the data on the infected computers is still unusable


Any modern computer that had had its software


But some NHS trusts use old operating systems that


Others may have simply failed to take a security update in March.


Today, the national cyber Security Centre


The first one is to make sure your security software


The second is to employ proper, good antivirus software


and the third and the most important for ransomware protection


is back-up your data, because you can't be held to ransom


It's been a reminder of how vulnerable vital organisations


like health services are to attack by organised criminals seeking


to raise money or by hostile states and terrorist groups trying


The reality is, there are thousands of vulnerabilities


across all the different software applications that companies


So for example, if we were to look at a company of 50,000 computers,


we might find hundreds and thousands of open Bumrah abilities


we might find hundreds and thousands of open vulnerabilities


It's also a reminder that computers are not of one-off investment.


Jeremy Corbyn has denied, that some at the top


of the Labour Party, are already accepting defeat


It follows comments from his deputy Tom Watson,


that the Conservatives could be heading for a landslide victory.


Mr Corbyn said both he and Mr Watson were "working flat out" to get


Meanwhile, the former Labour Prime Minister, Gordon Brown,


urged voters not to give Theresa May "a blank cheque,"


Our political correspondent Ian Watson reports.


A former Prime Minister and a former Deputy Prime Minister enter


the fray to claim the Conservatives are waging a war on the poor.


You'd assume Gordon Brown might say the next Labour


In fact, his message was, don't give Theresa May too much power.


Mrs May's Britain will have more poverty and inequality


than even the property we saw in the Thatcher/Major years.


No Conservative Prime Minister should ever be given a free hand.


The party's deputy leader Tom Watson insisted he was determined to turn


round Labour's position in the polls, but also


He said, if we get to June the 8th and Theresa May still commands


a lead in the polls they had at the start of the election,


she'll command a Margaret Thatcher style majority.


As Labour MPs battle to get back here to Westminster,


we are now seeing, if you like, a tale of two campaigns.


The official one, emphasising what Labour would do in government


and an unofficial one, where some candidates


are telling me they are going beyond what Gordon Brown


and Tom Watson are saying, telling voters on the doorstep,


they are simply campaigning to become a stronger position.


And in some local leaflets like this, there's no


Instead, the whole emphasis was on reining in Theresa May.


Jeremy Corbyn wanted to keep his focus on the election issues.


He said he was working flat out for victory and rejected suggestions


that any of his colleagues were throwing in the towel.


Is it that senior Labour figures now are already admitting defeat?


I am out round the whole country, the party is out right


round the whole country putting out a message, we are a party


We will invest in our NHS, our education system.


We will protect our pensions and pensioners and we will ensure


there is an expanding economy that works for all.


So Jeremy Corbyn doesn't think he needs to shore up his support,


but he and his deputy leader both agreed the party faces a huge


challenge to turn the political tide before June the 8th.


The Liberal Democrats say their election manifesto


will include proposals to build 300,000 new homes a year,


The leader Tim Farron, also says developers who stockpile land


without building on it, would be penalised.


And Theresa May's been campaigning in Northern Ireland today.


She called on politicians there to work together


Controversy over a botched renewable energy scheme,


led to the collapse of the Stormont executive in January.


North Korea's reported to have launched another missile,


In recent months the state has tried, and failed,


to successfully launch other ballistic missiles.


This time though, the missile is said to have flown some 400 miles.


Japan's condemned the launch as a violation of UN resolutions.


More than 800 children and teenagers who'd lost a parent


while serving in the Armed Forces, have attended a garden party


They were welcomed by the Duke and Duchess


Among them was the widow and son of the Fusilier Lee Rigby,


who was murdered in a terror attack in 2013.


Our Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell reports.


It's a very large garden accustomed to formal events


like garden parties, but it's the perfect place too


for a children's party, which is exactly what was happening


800 children had been invited to the Palace by the Duke


and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry for


Each of these children has lost a parent serving


One of them was Jack Rigby, the six-year-old son


of Fusilier Lee Rigby, murdered by extremists


It's a chance for the parents to meet each other and to know that


you're in a safe environment, you can ask advice off the other


parents, they've been through similar things


and at different points had to go through the same things you have,


the questions, the explanations of what has happened.


It is a fantastic opportunity for the parent and the children.


They met Prince Harry, who was demonstrating plate spinning.


The Royals joined in, posing for pictures and entertaining


the crowd, all of it with a serious message.


We, as a family, we as a nation, and we up and down the country,


will never ever forget about the sacrifices every single


What this event does, is bring together three


of the issues in which William, Kate and Harry take


Young people, the Armed Forces and bereavement.


And for a few hours, in the grounds of Buckingham Palace,


those wider cares could be put to one side.


Nicholas Witchell, BBC News, at Buckingham Palace.


With all the sport, here's Katherine Downes


An historic night for Saracens, they're European Champions


for a second successive year, beating French side Clermont


Patrick Gearey was watching at Murrayfield.


Edinburgh, city of performing arts. And the stage for a team that has


made performing its art. Saracens, European champions last year, back


to defend their title. Wherever Saracens go, their fans expect the


best. They are 17 games unbeaten in this competition, one much from the


record, one match from greatness. That status is earned on occasions


like this when the best drown out the surround sound. Chris Ashton


went down the runway. That made him the European cup's top try scorer.


Saracens were rampant and another try was coming. George Kruis was


forceful. Deja vu for those in blue. Clermont have lost 13 major finals,


but they had hoped. Saracens edged further ahead but Clermont were on


to something. They sent roars echoing into the middle of France.


One point in it. Alex Goode saw a chance, the man who created the


first try, scored the decisive one. Owen Farrell's mastery of John


Matri, improve the arithmetic. Job done, trophy one.


Swansea took a huge step towards Premier League survival,


Man of the Match Fernando Llorente and Kyle Naughton sealed a run


If results go their way tomorrow, they'll secure their Premier League


And in the day's other Premier League fixtures,


Manchester City moved up to third, beating Leicester 2-1 -


Leicester had a penalty controversially disallowed.


And Arsenal continued their charge towards the Champions League places,


In the Scottish Premiership, Rangers secured a third place finish -


Barrie Mcaye scored the second half winner.


Elsewhere Motherwell's win over Hamilton means they swap


positions in the table, leaving Hamilton in


Manchester City's women have completed a domestic treble.


Jill Scott scored the last of their goals as they beat


Birmingham City Ladies 4-1 in front of a record crowd at Wembley,


to add the FA Cup to their league and Continental Cup titles.


Lewis Hamilton secured pole for tomorrow's Spanish Grand Prix


He was less than a tenth of a second faster than Sebastian Vettel -


after the German made a mistake on the final corner.


Hamilton's Mercedes team-mate Valterri Bottas is in third.


And double Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams has


years, Adams stopped Mexico's Maryan Salazar


And finally, in case you stayed up this late and somehow missed it.


The winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest was Portugal.


Other highlights from the 62nd competition, held in Kiev,


included this dancing gorilla from Italy!


As for Britain, Lucie Jones' ballard 'Never Give Up On You' scored 111


You can see more on all of today's stories on the BBC News Channel.


But from me and the team, have a very good night.


Good evening. If you're hoping for a bit of rain, many of