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Mass rallies take place in Turkey, marking the anniversary of last


Turkey's president says the defeat of the plot


was a victory for democracy - his opponents say he's


Tony Blair suggests the UK could win concessions


on immigration to try to keep it within the European Union.


Wimbledon has a new champion in Spain's Garbine Muguruza.


And celebrating 25 years of the BRIT School for Performing Arts.


Mass rallies have been held in Turkey to mark the first


anniversary of the failed military coup which resulted in the deaths


Turkey's President Erdogan said the defeat of the plot was a victory


for democracy and promised to punish his enemies.


His government has, in the past 12 months,


dismissed or arrested 200,000 people, with 7,000 arrested today.


They returned to the nightmare began, seized by the tanks one year


ago, it has been renamed the 15th of July marked's Bridge. Tens of


thousands celebrating victory today. They call a turkey's second


independence. Joy and relief clear and he remembered the 260 killed as


the people stood up to the plotters. Last year, that line was the Turkish


nation, it was strangled by the Kurds. The federal militia tanks,


F-16s, bullets and rifles. But they could not strangle the line. It was


the greatest ever attack on the Turkish state, rogue soldiers


bombing buildings, blocking roads and driving tanks into civilians. By


dawn it had failed. Then came the purge, 50,000 arrested and 150,000


sacked or suspended. One year ago there was unity against the military


coup button at the opposition says it is not coming here, deep cracks


have opened up over the arrests and dismissals. This half of the nation


believes the 15th of July marked the rebirth of Turkey and the other side


says it is killing of what was left of Turkish democracy. As night fell,


their hero arrived. He was almost captured in the coup but President


Erdogan emerged stronger and tightened his grip. I would like to


thank all of our citizens who protected and defended their


freedom, democracy, religion, state, government and the future and


independence. I thank each and every individual member of our nation.


Elsewhere, they are fighting back against the purge, protests in


support of two academics on hunger strike for four months since they


were fired. Alongside the human rights monument is now sealed off,


public metaphor for the plight of Turkey. TRANSLATION: One day their


name is on the list and you are struck off, your life is turned


upside down, you are killed off by the system, they are political state


I cannot think of any alternative. The celebrations went on beside the


new markers monument, the 15th of July edged into this country, for


better or worse. One year since the national trauma and Turkey is still


torn. And Mark is live in


Istanbul for us now. What signs are there


that the president will be able Frankly, there are very few signs at


all. One week ago, 1 million people rallied here in Istanbul against the


government, against the mass dismissals, chanting the word


justice, President Erdogan labelled them terrorism supporters and over


the past year both sides have grown dramatically further apart. Another


development is that Turkey has grown dramatically further apart from the


West and the EU, a chasm has opened up to the extent that a few months


ago President Erdogan labelled Dutch and German leaders Nazis and


fascists. Turkey's government believes there was a lack of


solidarity from Western allies on the night of the crew. It is a


dangerous moment, the West needs this country, it is a vital Nato


member and a candidate for European Union membership and a crucial


pillar of stability previously in the east. The West cannot afford to


lose this country but one year on from the failed coup, Turkey feels


like it has lost its way. Mark, thank Lowen.


Tony Blair has suggested the UK could win concessions


on immigration to try to keep it within the European Union.


The former Prime Minister said European leaders might be prepared


to offer a compromise on the free movement of people.


His comments, though, have been dismissed by senior


Our political correspondent, Eleanor Garnier, reports.


Balancing the needs of the UK economy at the same time as getting


control of Britain's borders is a key issue in the Brexit debate


but a former Labour Prime Minister has suggested political change


in France has opened the path to compromise.


Tony Blair claims the EU could be willing to make concessions


on the free movement of people to allow the UK to stay


Britain benefits enormously from that freedom of movement.


However the question is, where there are changes to it,


not alteration in the visibility of the printable but qualifications


to it, around the things that concern people.


But these claims directly contradict what those in Brussels are saying,


that the UK must accept free movement without


I'm not going to disclose conversations I had within Europe,


but I'm not saying this on the basis of a whim.


Some of those who campaigned to leave the EU says there is no


The EU has made it absolutely clear that the four freedoms


including freedom of movement are indivisible.


They took four minutes to agree these guidelines,


It's complete nonsense, another attempt to undermine Brexit.


Campaigning in Southampton, the current Labour leader rejected


the position of his predecessor and says his party respects


Anyone is entitled to give their views and I listen to all of them.


The views we have are that we want to see tariff free access


to the European market, protection of EU nationals


and of the rights and consumer rights we achieved through


This latest intervention from Tony Blair will not


change the government's approach to negotiations.


Ministers say the former Labour Prime Minister


that he is out of touch with voters yet Mr Blair has reopened the debate


on the central issue of Brexit, a decision he says is the biggest


country has faced since the Second World War.


Once he helped determine Britain's place in the world.


Now this former Prime Minister must settle with commenting


One of two teenagers arrested by police after a series of acid


attacks in north London on Thursday night has been charged


Among the charges the 16-year-old faces are five counts of grevious


bodily harm with intent, three counts of robbery and four


The second teenager has been released on bail.


A 15-year-old girl has died after suffering an adverse reaction


to a psychoactive substance, commonly referred


The teenager was found unconscious in the early hours of this morning


Two other girls were also taken to hospital as a precaution.


It is important for me to make sure that people don't misuse the term


legal highs, as has often been talked about.


It tends to give it some sort of legitimacy.


These are all illegal drugs and, in fact, they


are very dangerous because we don't know what goes into making them up.


Time and time again we hear locally, regionally and nationally, people


It is not worth experimenting with your life.


With all the sport - here's Lizzie Greenwood Hughes


There was a stunning and surprisingly swift victory


for Spain's Garbine Muguruza in the Wimbledon Ladies


The 14th seed beat the five-time winner


Our correspondent, Joe Wilson, reports from Wimbledon.


14 years between the players, would you have


experience be decisive, the


20 Three Rd Garbine Muguruza and Venus Williams. That is fair.


Beneath the roof, amplified rallies, longer and longer. And the growth


was getting better. The first set 7-5. The second set started with a


double fault and venous unravelled. Even when she threw everything into


her shots, there was Garbine Muguruza, strong and certain. A new


champion Andoni Iraola? The match settled by a computer. The final


Williams era but there have been many, second set 6-0, Muguruza had


beaten the player and reputation. The hardest match today, against


Venus, she is such an incredible player, I grew up watching her play


so it was incredible to play her in the final! Mark Venus experience


today was what the Williams sisters inflicted on so many opponents here.


But neither done? Venus had this message for Serena. I tried my best


to do the same things you do but I think there will be other


opportunities. I do. APPLAUSE.


There is a new champion. Changed out of tennis gear and surrounded by old


friends and plenty of new ones as well. This occasion always stays the


same but Wimbledon always need somebody to handle it a bit


differently. It is the new take on tradition. It keeps us enthralled.


Jo Wilson, BBC News, Wimbledon. Meanwhile, Gordon Reid


and Alfie Hewitt won Britain's first trophy of the tournament,


successfully defending They beat French rivals and top


seeds Stephane Houdet England have left themselves


an uphill battle to avoid losing the Second Test against South


Africa. They slumped to 205 all out


on the second day at Trent Bridge. Captain Joe Root the only player


to make a half century. South Africa will resume


their second innings on 75-1 - Meanwhile, at the Women's World Cup,


England finished top of the round robin stage


after thrashing West England will play South Africa


in the semi-finals. Lewis Hamilton will start tomorrow's


Formula One British Grand Prix on pole for a record-equalling 5th


time. Claiming the support from his home


fans made him drive faster as he scorched round Silverstone


to qualify more than half a second ahead of the Ferraris


of Kimi Raikkonen, in second on the grid, and Championship leader


Sebastien Vettel in 3rd. It's been a golden second day


for the British team at the World Para-Athletics Championships


in London, including a 4th successive 200m victory


for Richard Whitehead. Our correspondent, Andy Swiss,


is there and rounds At 40, he has never been faster,


Richard Whitehead, ready once again tonight London. The story was


thrillingly familiar, a slow start followed by one of the most


breathtaking surges in sport. His rivals left trailing in his wake as


Whitehead lowered to glory. He says he might retire after this


championships. If so, some banana. I enjoy racing and competing and every


time I get on the track I want to give you the best of Richard


Whitehead and if that is a world champion, that is what it is. There


was soon as second British gold over 200 metres with a new world record.


Kadeena Cox taking bronze. And success on the track was matched in


the field, old medals for Hollie Arnold in the javelin and Stephanie


Reid in the long jump. So far for the British team, so much to


celebrate. And in the last few minutes, a fifth British gold of the


day for wheelchair racer Sally Kinghorn. All these thousands of


fans, it really has been another super Saturday. Thank you, Andy


Swiss reporting from the London Stadium.


England's Under 19 football team are the new European champions.


Lukas Nmecha scored the winner as they beat


It's the third title for an England youth team this summer after success


in the Under 20's World Cup and the Toulon Tournament.


And amongst the day's other sports stories,


Britain's Chris Froome has regained the leader's yellow jersey


at the Tour de France and Ian Poulter is one of two


Englishmen tied for the lead going into the final day


You can find out more at the BBC Sport website.


But from me, for now, it's goodnight.


Now, it's the school known for launching the careers of some


of our biggest names in music and film.


The BRIT School in south London is celebrating 25 years since it


Our correspondent Colleen Harris has this report.


Before they became household names... Their talents were honed


here. The BRIT School. Britain's answer to the American music school


fame, where dreams came alive and Grammy award winners nurtured. I


suppose I just want to get back, it really helped me out, it was a Free


School and I had some amazing times here and it really set me up. It was


great for my career. It became the first free state funded performing


arts school in 1991 with the help of Sir Richard Branson, Sir George


Martin and the British record industry trust. Today, former


students have returned to inspire the next generation with their own


success. I just felt instantly wagons in a place where I belonged


because it would fill its kids from all over the country that are so


talented but didn't have the money to go to a specialist school and


because of that we were quite an ambitious, hungry crowd. Coming


through the doors has opened up opportunities for thousands of


students. But like many state schools across the country, there


are funding challenges ahead for the BRIT School. All political parties


do not appreciate the arts. And their importance. The amount of


income that the arts generates for this country and what gets given


back in return is peanuts. The government are quite willing to


praise success in theatre and everything else but they are not


willing to support it. I vision that started 25 years ago. And new


students are hoping they can keep the dream alive. Colin Harris, BBC


News, the BRIT School. You can see more on all of today's


stories on the BBC News Channel. If today was a little cloudy for


your liking, in most places there is something brighter on the way


tomorrow, things brightened up a little for the end of the day in


Cambridgeshire, beautiful sunset from one of our Weather Watchers and


weather cloud did