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Reporting from Washington, I'm Laura Trevelyan.


The Dutch voters have had their say, exit polls showed the current Prime


Minister has held off the challenge of far right leader Geert Wilders.


US officials point the finger at Russia for a hack which led


to hundreds of names, email addresses and passwords


And: Michelangelo was undoubtedly one of the Renaissance masters.


We explore the rivalry and partnership which shaped his work.


Welcome to our viewers on public television in America -


Polls have closed in the Netherlands and today's election is being seen


by many a big test of the way the winds of populism


Attention was focused on the country's far-right leader,


Geert Wilders, who has mounted a challenge to the centre-right


Mr Wilders is running on an anti-immigration platform.


He's pledged to take the Netherlands out of the EU,


And earlier, he had this message to Muslims who don't like that idea.


Well, Prime Minister Mark Rutte is hoping to stop Geert


He warned today that this ballot will set the tone for other


elections across Europe, like the French Presidential


I know the International journalists are very interested in this. This is


Brexit, after the American elections, we have the upcoming


French and German elections for a big democracy like the Netherlands


to make a point, to stop this toppling over the wrong sort of


populism. And there is still a risk that we up Thursday morning and see


that occur to is reading the biggest party.


The latest exit poll, Mark Rutte's centre-right party is projected to


win 31 seats out of a total of 150. For ahead of the next three


contenders including Geert Wilders, his anti-immigration Freedom Party,


the Christian Democrats and the Liberals which each got 90 seats.


Our reporter is in The Hague. I spoke to him about these exit poll


results a short time ago. Doesn't look as though this wave of populism


which began in Brexit and swept of the Atlantic to Donald Trump has


stalled in the Netherlands? Certainly, we can describe Geert


Wilders as a populist and if this is not a disastrous result for him, it


is not the significant shift in the voting that he would have been


hoping for. There were times when he was polling well ahead of Mark


Rutte's party and that has not materialised on voting day.


Interesting talk on the politicians here, some quite resistant to the


idea that what is happening in the Netherlands is connected to the US


and the UK. But Mark Rutte push that point heavily, he said, there could


be a domino effect from Brexit, Trump, the Netherlands and


potentially to France and Germany. For some people, that was a


persuasive message and he will be delighted with the night's results,


exit polls, it is not a result yet. He looks like he will form the next


coalition although we will have to wait for the results. Departments to


Mark Rutte how to tax far to the right to defeat Geert Wilders? He


certainly did attack further to the right than some of his supporters


would have wanted, he made it clear in a number of high-profile


statements that if anybody comes to live in this country, they need to


be prepared to adopt certain Dutch values. How you define Dutch values


is a difficult thing to do, but he had a stronger message in the last


six months than we have seen from him previously. I should also


mention what people call the Turkey bounce. This highly passionate


vitriolic argument between Turkey and the Netherlands over a cancelled


rally on Sunday has allowed Mr Rutte to seems strong in the face of


fierce criticism and most commentators agree that favoured him


in the last couple of days. Marine Le Pen in France will be watching


this result very closely, what is the message to her, do you think?


Well, I think Marine Le Penn would say, please don't compare me with


Geert Wilders and the Freedom Party here, I am my own national and my


own quite different. Geert Wilders and other politicians in the


Netherlands have tapped into a frustration at Western consensus


around issues of immigration and the trade. She liked and it is true,


there are a huge number of parties in the Netherlands and makes it hard


for any party, Wilders or others, the poll highly, so we cannot draw


huge conclusions about how well she might do in a completely different


electoral system when the French presidential election comes around.


From the Netherlands, thank you. Two Russian intelligence agents


and two hackers have been charged in a breach at Yahoo that affected


at least half a billion The incident occurred in 2014 and,


today, the FBI came forward It comes at the same time


the House Intelligence Committee is looking into Russian involvement


in the US election. And when it comes to those charges


by President Trump that his phones were tapped before the election


by the previous administration, here's what the Republican chair


of the committee had to say today. As I told you last week -


about the issue with the President talking about tapping Trump Tower -


that evidence still remains the same, that we don't have any


evidence that that took place. In fact, I don't believe,


just in the last week of time, the people we've talked to,


I don't think there was an actual For more on the wiretap


allegation and charges announced for the Yahoo hack,


I spoke a brief time ago with Washington Post


columnist David Ignatius. David heard the top of the


intelligence and evidence of the alleged wiretap that this method is


that if damage? I think support for man of the allegations that


President Obama ordered his lawyers have a brother. We sold exclusive.


The White House staff and affect the way from validation.


Those in my Trump campaign'. Authorise the machine ages. So this


story to life. You will survive his father, though.


'S says more interesting items will come to the forefront, what you make


of that? We will discover the incidental collection as the FBI and


intelligence agencies were surveying Russian targets did include people


in Trump Tower. That is not in the President's interests and it


continues this story of Russian hacking and contact with Trump


associates. We are still very early in this process and I do not want to


get two for ahead of the facts. We do have a key moment coming on


Monday when FBI Director James Comey will be in an open hearing on


Capitol Hill. How significant do you expect that to be? I think he will


be very careful and guarded in what he says. It is widely believed, I


have reported that the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation


on this question of Russian hacking and involvement in the campaign,


involvement with Trump associates. That is ongoing and the FBI Director


will not want to disclose sources and methods of investigation and I


think will not want to talk much about the details of what the


finding. Given the criminal investigation is ongoing, how long


will it take for these claims about Russia allowed in the early months


of the Trump administration to clear? It could be months before the


facts get established. I think Congress has an ingress and


Republicans more than anyone in clearing as much this as they can


and if there are criminal prosecutions and we have no idea of


the evidence, but if there criminal prosecutions, we could be in the


next year before that is resolved. The matter of Russia is swirling


around and in a separate development, two Russian


intelligence agents have been charged by the Justice Department


with hacking Yahoo e-mail accounts we cannot get away from it! This


fascinating, it demonstrates the evidence compiled in this indictment


which alleges that the Russian intelligence service, the FSB, works


closely with the Russian hacker underground, something people have


often speculated about. I included that in a novel several years ago.


It has been the subject of fiction and speculation. But this is real


evidence that people doing criminal activity ended up providing


information to the Russians which had other uses. Vladimir Putin is


watching from Moscow no doubt, what must he be making of his influence


on American politics and Yahoo hacking? This is a covert action


with enormous results and it has tied America in knots for the last


months. And I think Vladimir Putin was hoping that Trump would open the


way for a different kind of relationship between Russia and the


US, that is less likely now than it was before the election on November


the 8th, so in that sense, Putin and Russia have lost out on what they


hoped would be an opening. David, thank you for joining us. In other


news, at least 30 people had been killed in a suicide bombing at the


main courthouse in the Syrian capital Damascus. Later, a second


attack targeted a restaurant, causing multiple casualties, mainly


women and children. The latest in a series of bombings to hit


government-controlled areas in Syria. Scientists claim to have


calculated how much food the global population of spiders eats every


year. The university appraisal estimated they consume up to 800


million tonnes of insects, approximately the same amount as the


meat and fish eaten by humans each year.


After the economic crash of 2008, US interest rates were slashed


But today, the US Federal Reserve has made a move -


for the second time in three months, it is upping the rate and forecasts


For more on this action, Katty Kay and Christian Fraser spoke


to economist Diane Swonk in Chicago for their program, 100 Days.


Diane Swonk, that's the real story here, isn't it,


that this interest rate hike is a reflection of the fact


In fact, Chair Yellen went out of her way to say this


is a reflection of underlying economic fundamentals,


no pre-emptive strike, no even scenarios about what fiscal


And that finally, the Fed is getting what it expected in the economy,


and it is reacting to it as they expected to react to it.


So this is sort of a validation of it finally being credible.


Another key point is the statement itself was slightly less


Highlighting the symmetry of the inflation target.


There was also a dissent, but I think highlighting of the symmetry,


what that means is that the FED is willing to overshoot a bit


on inflation to allow unemployment to undershoot and re-engage workers


that have sort of been marginalised in recent years.


That is one of the key issues and where the debate


So I guess this is one of the questions people continue


There we have Janet Yellen sounding optimistic,


you yourself saying this is a good sign about the US economy,


and yet we keep hearing from American voters


that they are underemployed and underpaid, and that there


is a large section of the US workforce that is not happy,


that is not at all feeling optimistic, which is why they voted


Exactly, and I think that is one of the reasons why not only


is there symmetry in the inflation target, which is something


the FED has discussed and will be debated at length.


How high will they let it go and how low will they let unemployment go?


Chair Yellen is a veteran of the 1990s and one


of her goals has always been, even though she felt she didn't have


all the tools necessary to reduce the economy immediately


after the expansion and even later in the expansion


without fiscal policy, which is what happened


later in the expansion, now they do have the ability


to allow the economy to run a little hot and re-engage those workers.


And it's beginning to happen now, and it's necessary, we do need


policy, fiscal policy, that is better attuned to this.


But it is necessary to re-engage those workers around the sidelines.


You're finally seeing firms investing in training.


That is not something we saw earlier in the expansion.


It's really something that was cut aggressively during the crisis.


They're investing in workers that don't have the skills


necessary to employ them to upgrade their skills.


And she's hoping that will also trigger some innovation as well.


Diane, it's Christian here in London.


Indulge me a bit as a Brit, as a nervous Brit amid all


the Brexit stuff that's going on here.


If we have a world economy where the US is pushing up rates


while the UK is keeping its rates at rock bottom, I mean,


I'm no expert, but does that mean that the pound remains low


Well, unfortunately, I think you're stuck with that.


I was already there, in London, in the fall,


So I do think it is important to understand that we are starting


We have been competing, Central Bank policies.


The ECB is sort of not quite ending with its dovish tinge,


but there are some hawks in the mix now of their flock, and I think


and I think that's going to be less accommodation, less pushing


of the accommodation, with the European Central Bank,


which will help to slow the appreciation of the dollar.


On the flip side of it, it is a different equation


All of that sort of complicating the mix, along with the triggering


of Article 50, this is just going to be a very hard period,


in terms of inflation picking up in the UK,


even as the economy has held up fairly well.


We need that US trade deal, Diane, we will send you our chief exports!


You're watching BBC World News America.


Still to come on tonight's programme:


We hear from truck drivers in Europe who can't afford to live


If you're a small business owner, you'll know that social media can


But for millions of people across Africa, getting online can


still be a challenge, particularly for women.


Today, our first web literacy class is graduating.


I am really happy to see the ladies are graduating after the course.


Around here, it's been so difficult for women to get access


At this minute, I'm just sending an e-mail to a client abroad.


I think digital skills is important because I can make


business on digital, online, selling my stuff,


and meet new friends from all around the world.


The jobs are too scarce, no jobs in these areas.


But when you know how to use a computer, then you can get a job.


I feel so great to see people's lives changing.


Truck drivers moving goods for Ikea and other retailers


in Western Europe are camping out in their cabs for months at a time


because they can't afford to live in the countries they're working in.


The East European drivers are being paid at the levels they would


A judge has described as 'inhumane' the practice where companies


are able to exploit loopholes in European law.


In a trailer on the edge of Copenhagen in Denmark,


Christian and Emilion have created their very


Cooking from scratch saves them money.


Is this how you want to have your breakfast?


No, I don't want to live like this, but this is the condition.


Emilion is moving goods for IKEA, but they don't employ him.


His actual employer is the Slovakian firm Bring Trucking.


European Union employment rules state that a driver temporarily


posted away from home should be guaranteed the host nation's minimum


But companies are exploiting loopholes in the law.


A Danish driver can expect to take home 2,200 euros,


But Emilion has been taking home an average monthly


salary of 477 euros, or ?418 a month.


Danish drivers go home every couple of weeks,


but Emilion spends up to four months on the road.


Bring says Emilion is responsible for taking his rest breaks


and the company says he can go home whenever he likes.


Emilion has just driven some IKEA stock from Denmark into Sweden.


He only ever works in Western Europe, sometimes it might


Yet he is being paid as if he was driving in Slovakia,


Ikea of turning a blind eye as to how haulage companies treat their


drivers. Ikea would say this is many different layers of companies


operating these contracts, they cannot be expected to know. Yes, but


the Moldovan, Ukrainian, Polish guys, remove the furniture from


Ikea. The Dutch furniture, how can you deny? How can you not know what


they are being paid? In a statement, Ikea said at the BBC reports very


seriously and recognise that there is a discrepancy between these


reports on what we find now auditing process. It is not just Ikea and the


big retailers in the firing line. Your's politicians are also under


pressure to act, to prevent any further deterioration in the working


conditions of Europe's drivers. The exploitation of Emilion and


other drivers. Michelangelo was one of the greatest


figures of the Renaissance - and we live with his legacy


as a sculptor, painter, Now London's National Gallery


is shedding new light on his creative partnership


with a less famous artist, Sebastiano, while revealing the deep


rivalry between Michelangelo Our arts editor, Will Gompertz,


tells this intriguing story. As sculptors go,


Michelangelo was pretty good. Michelangelo is the peak of, er,


skill and virtuosity. As you can see from


this marble carving. It shows the Virgin


and Child, with Saint John And if you look at the foot


of Christ, down here, that's about to emerge


from the stone. And Michelangelo wrote so poetically


about the figure having to be The only snag was,


while Michelangelo was busy decorating the Sistine Chapel


ceiling, an ambitious young artist called Raphael had arrived in Rome


and started to compete with him for commissions from


the powerful Pope Julius II. Raphael prospered,


while Michelangelo toiled, until he met an artist -


ten years his junior - And he comes to Rome at that


moment when Michelangelo Sebastiano becomes friends


with Michelangelo and they begin this very fruitful collaboration,


of which this is the first example. Michelangelo would make


preparatory drawings - such as this male torso -


which Sebastiano then rendered in paint without, it would appear,


doing much to turn man into Madonna. The colour, the interest


in the landscape - which, Michelangelo was never interested


in landscape - was because Sebastiano has a real poetic feeling


for this nocturnal landscape. With some ruins on the left


and the waterfall there. The stakes are raised


by Cardinal Giulio de' Medici, He commissioned two enormous


biblical altar pieces - The 'Transfiguration',


from Raphael, and from Sebastiano, This picture was at the centre


of the extraordinary rivalry between Raphael and Michelangelo,


with Sebastiano actually painting on behalf -


one could say - of Michelangelo. So in a way, it's a sort


of proxy battle between Could Sebastiano have done this


without Michelangelo? Erm, Michelangelo is fundamental


for Sebastiano's development. This sort of heroic, titanic


character of the representations, these over-life-sized figures


who are full of dynamic energy, these come absolutely out


of the mind of Michelangelo. Their remarkable creative


collaboration continued even after Raphael's death in 1520,


but eventually ended in acrimony, with Michelangelo accusing the now


well-to-do Sebastiano of laziness. Well, that brings today's show


to a close, but you can find much more on all the day's news


at our website. And to reach me, and most of the BBC


team, simply go to Twitter. From all of us here


at World News America, thank you for watching,


and please tune in tomorrow.


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