29/10/2015 Business Questions


Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to leader of the Commons Chris Grayling.

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and will try to do so. This is why the new into regions to end have


customary expedience right at the heart of them. Business question,


Chris Bryant. I wonder whether the leader of the house could give as


the business for next week. The leader of the house. The business


for next week, on Monday second November we will have the second


reading of the Housing and planning Bill, on Tuesday November, second


reading of the European approvals will Lord's. All by the remaining


stages of the national insurance contributions Bill followed by a


motion to improve the money resolution for access to medical


treatments innovation bill. On Wednesday 4th of November will be


the ninth opposition day including a debate on policing. Thursday fifth


November a debate on the stake in the bank of Scotland and the future


of UK banking followed by a debate on the motion relating to the dog


meat trade as determined by the backbench business committee. Friday


7th of November will be private members bills. The provisional


business for the week commencing 9th of November will include, on Monday


the ninth, the remaining stages of the Scotland Bill and on Tuesday the


remaining stages of the trade unions bill. The business for Thursday


fifth November will be a general debate on funding for schools. Mr


Speaker will wish to be reminded as well colleagues that the house will


rise for the end of business on Tuesday ten November and return on


Monday 16th November. I should add that hearing that need we are


expecting a visit from the Indian PM to this house and I hope those


colleagues who are around and able to be soap will be part of that


visit. Mr Chris Bryant. Yesterday set latter admitted the award of the


World Cup to Russia had been decided long before England had in its bed


and yesterday the select committee will World Cup sponsors on that


complicity in blatter's kleptocratic rule. Can we have a debate on the


sink of corruption that is a fact? British taxpayers and football fans


have been diddled out of millions. - Fifa. Talking of stitch up jobs, can


these eco-explain something he said yesterday, the review from the


second Baron of Strathclyde into the privileges of we the Commons, the


reader club members that is absolutely essential we do not rush


into this and for that matter we should not rush headlong into


change. Lord Strathclyde, unfortunately, undermine the leader


of the house by telling the world that one yesterday all of this could


be done and dusted white Christmas. How can this be right? If the risen


issue shouldn't this house a debasing it? It is not a review at


all, it is a Fifa style stitch up. I am not sure the government has got


over its tantrum of losing in the Lord's on Monday. He has said


several times now he will make substantial changes to his plan in


the Autumn Statement on November 25. The reader will know the Autumn


Statement is precisely that, a statement and no more, it does not


actually do anything legislatively. I asked the reader again, will he


allow a three-day debate on the effects of the Autumn Statement this


year? On Tuesday the chairman of the National Cleese chief counsel and


the Deputy Commissioner of the Met police said if the Home Secretary or


Chancellor of the Exchequer get their way with the police budget it


will be the end of the year of bobbies on the beat. Is that


something to be proud of? Officers have already gone and it looks


likely more than 20,000 more officers will be lost by the end of


this Parliament. We should be devoting our opposition day next


week to this. Can the Home Secretary herself answered this debate so we


can take her to task? Can we have a debate on the ministerial code of


conduct? Deviously this has made clear that there was an overarching


duty on ministers to comply with law including international law and


treaty obligations. Last week it was revealed that the GM has insisted it


should be ditched. The former Attorney General and conservative


Attorney General says it is impossible to understand how this


change has been carried out and cover was broken as the head of the


legal service accused number ten of legal service accused number ten of


contempt for international law. Surely to goodness a minister's word


is still his wand when he signs a duty. Does he still crosses fingers


behind his back when he signs treaties? Why on earth was the Ford


of conduct issued any ministerial statement to the Lords and still not


to the House of Commons? Mr Speaker, many parts of this country as many


members have said still have terrible mobile telephone coverage.


Last year the government had to withdraw its hourly drafted


telecommunications code which was intended to deal with these spots


around the country. He promised to bring any new electronic code as a


matter of urgency but they've is still no sign of it so can the


reader tell us when this will appear? Mobile phone coverage is


every bit as much a public utility as water and electricity so will be


government get a move on? Mr Speaker I confess I am worried about the


state of health of the Chancellor, he looked really appeal earlier this


year and I thought. He has, did I see it, something of the night about


him. With Halloween upon him can the reader as sure as he will be staying


at home on Saturday night when it is dark. It is one thing to scream


along with order but quite another to encounter the Chancellor in a


dark alley and his form of trick or treat is to suck family finances


dry. Talking of Halloween, in Scotland it is the time for guising


when people go around in fancy dress but has the member for South


Cambridgeshire will expose the fact that however hard the PM has tried


to dress the Tory party up, hugging the gays and marrying huskies,


conservatism is dead, all that is left is a fake skeleton costume. We


should be debating a motion next Thursday on the dog meat trade, I


wondered whether this was the debate of the dogs wrecked first the


Chancellor has made of the tax credit fiasco but today is award the


award the Westminster dog of the year. I wish my deputy's badly


behaved Rottweilers well in the competition but I gather that the


member for helmet and Rockwell has two dogs called Boris and Maggie. A


found bodices behaviour improved significantly when he was castrated.


Well this advice be passed on to the Chancellor, Home Secretary and other


candidates for the Conservative Party leadership? Leader of the


house, Mr Chris Grayling. Can I start by delivering some good news


to my honourable friend the member for Kettering who sadly is not in


his ways today. I shall also informed the house that you, after


receiving positive feedback, have authorised that the new alphabetical


meetings will be kept in place for the rest of Parliament. The new warm


relationship that exists between the Fs and Gs is getting on well. In all


the old terms it has worked well and we will be continuing it. Can I


associate myself with the remarks of the honourable gentleman about Fifa?


He works hard on the brief and I am reliably informed he was


disappointed to move away from that. He knows very well how


shocking the developed and sat Fifa have been. It is no excuse


whatsoever for what has taken place. I would commend all of those who


have been involved in pursuing the investigation to the stage we have


reached no. It does look likely that prosecutions will fall and rightly


so. It is of absolute importance in a game that is seen around the world


as a region for young people that it should be absolutely clean. Those


who have left it in a position with it has been this marched by


corruption should be dealt with by the full force of the law and


changes essential, I completely agree with him on that.


Regarding the Strathclyde review into the House of Lords, there will


be a full statement about the terms of reference when he is ready to


publish those details, which is right and proper. He will take the


time necessary, given the scope of the work he intends to do, and he


will make clear how that will work. On the tax credits point, I will


remind the honourable gentleman that we will be using for the Autumn


Statement the same procedure is that operated in 13 years of Labour


Government. Now they are in opposition they seem to want to


change how the House works. We will continue to operate the way we have,


debating issues fully. We have already had extensive debates on the


tax credits issue, and no doubt we will have more. Under Conservative


leadership of government and Coalition, and under this


government, crime has fallen. We have had to take some difficult


decisions, and they are challenges facing the police. He made a point


about the ministerial code. I would simply say that under the new


ministerial code, listers are still required to uphold the law. We would


expect that. -- ministers are still required. We spoke about the


Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Just to remind them that the


former Secretary of State, now the Business Secretary, secured a deal


to secure five Ilion pounds of investment in mobile telephony. We


do not just a published. -- published documents, we do things.


We have watched with interest the pale faces on the side of the House,


the huddles of pallid people asking the huddles of pallid people asking


how we get ourselves out of this mess. My worry is for the health of


him and his colleagues, not for the Chancellor, who I can assure him is


in great form. He made reference to the point that this weekend as


Halloween. My sympathies today are with the children of the Rhondda. It


is my hope that he is not planning to go trick or treating, because can


you imagine the horror of a small you imagine the horror of a small


child seeing the honourable child seeing the honourable


gentleman is out trick or treating? 76-year-old joint Iranians citizen


has been held in Iran's notorious has been held in Iran's notorious


where his health deteriorates. -- where his health deteriorates. --


Sun and grandchildren are in the Sun and grandchildren are in the


gallery today with a simple message, please let grandpa come


home. Can I extend my good wishes to his constituent's family and for


work he is doing. Given the obvious work he is doing. Given the obvious


urgency of this, I will make a point of ensuring this is communicated


immediately after the session to my immediately after the session to my


I will ask them to ensure that they I will ask them to ensure that they


respond as quickly as possible. Can I thank the Leader of the House


announcing business for next week. announcing business for next week.


Our thoughts are very much this morning with the school community


their pupils in Aberdeenshire. One their pupils in Aberdeenshire. One


of my honourable friends was a pupil at this school. This was an


yesterday. It is Dave four of The yesterday. It is Dave four of The


Great War of the nobles, and it is starting to get ugly. -- day for.


They have released their not so secret weapon, codenamed big boy, to


go to the House and sort them out. He is going down there to emasculate


the House of Lords and ensure that they never do anything like this


again. Of course they can. The House of Lords is without a shred of


democratic legitimacy, it represents absolutely no one. I am certain the


Tories will get their way when it comes to these issues. But what I am


sensing is a real desire amongst the Conservative benches to deal


decisively with the House of Lords. I get the sense they have had enough


of that unelected chamber with the Lords, baronets, earls, dancing


around like Santa Claus, having a stake in this democracy. I appeal to


the Conservative members to join us to ensure that we deal decisively.


Let us have a proper enquiry into the role of that place. We get the


Scotland Bill back in a couple of weeks, and there is only one day set


aside for the remaining stages and third reading. We had four days were


not one amendment was made, even though they were backed by every


member of Parliament who represented a Scottish constituency. The


Secretary of State said he would spend the summer reflecting, and


said he would try to bring back amendments which kept the Scotland


Bill in line with what was promised in the Smith Commission. Surely we


need more than one day looking at this. This is the first is in his


questions I have had an opportunity to speak of a second-class member of


this House. Groaning I am certain the Leader of the House


has recognised the sheer anger put forward in Scotland about


Scotland's member of -- members of Parliament being told not to leave


the union, but as soon as we get here things change. Is this going to


be subject to an English veto, and if it is, how will it work out? We


are grateful to you, Mr Speaker, for backing the call we have been making


about getting rid of the ridiculous conference recess. It is ridiculous


that we abandon business for participating in a voluntary


organisations association. I would ask you to use your considerable


authority to make sure the summer recess covers all parts of the UK,


there school holidays. A new there school holidays. A new


tradition has been taken up by the children of Scotland, where the goal


they are so unusual Andre. The only they are so unusual Andre. The only


problem is when they turn up to the door, there is real fear that this


people who open the doors that they people who open the doors that they


will get any treats because they are Conservatives. I have a confession


to make. Until last week I had not previously heard any of the work of


that distinguished band MP four, of which he is a great part. I did not


realise what great showman he was. He does bring a bit of that showbiz


to this House. A little bit of fake outrage on some theatre. He showed a


chink a couple of weeks ago when he said nice things about the House of


form. I know where he is coming form. I know where he is coming


from, I am confident that we will be able to find a resolution under the


guidance of Lord Strathclyde. The guidance of Lord Strathclyde. The


fake outrage has been there on the Scotland Bill as well. The Law


Society of Scotland emphasised we are delivering what we committed to.


I would not expect a group of politicians whose mission is to


secure independence for Scotland to do anything else but have fake


outrage. We are delivering what we promised. If ever there was an


example of that little bit of showbiz that he brings, it is over


the issue of English votes. He describes himself as a second-class


citizen, which he will never be anywhere. Having listened to all of


his arguments, I would remind them about what he said on the 14th of


October last year, which is I sympathise totally with English


members. Of course they should have English votes for English laws. They


English-only legislation. I admire English-only legislation. I admire


him for this, but on occasion he has a habit of delivering slightly mixed


messages. Regarding Conservatives in Scotland, I think people have the


reason to be skewered this autumn, come Halloween and the weeks ahead,


-- to be frightened. Are the Labour Party. They have been done over by


the SNP colleagues, and we intend to do them over as well. The nice


quality standard of autism calls for waiting times between referral and


initial appointment for assessment to be no longer than three months.


not being met. Could we have a not being met. Could we have a


debate on research from the National Autistic Society, which has shown


that on average the wait for that on average the wait for


children is 3.5 years and adults five years from the initial time of


every member of this House has every member of this House has


constituency suffering from autism, constituency suffering from autism,


these long waiting times are important, they are pushing people


to crisis point. She makes a very important point. As constituency MPs


all of us have experience of the all of us have experience of the


challenges that families with an challenges that families with


autistic child face and the autistic child face and the


importance of doing everything we importance of doing everything we


can to give those children the best opportunities in life. I am sure


members across the House she her interest in this area, sheer concern


to do the best possible. Our concern is shared by the Secretary of


and I will raise the concerns with. and I will raise the concerns with.


I would ask her to continue bringing I would ask her to continue bringing


House and government think that once House and government think that


again, just looking at the House of again, just looking at the House of


Lords, is like looking at one wheel Lords, is like looking at one wheel


other wheel and not looking at the other wheel and not looking at the


person driving. Should we have a comprehensive review to bring this


into the 21st century? There are many ways about how the whole of the


constitutional arrangements should work. The constitutional committee


is engaged in this at the moment. is engaged in this at the moment.


The chair of the committee is hard at work looking at the


constitutional arrangements and I'm sure they will come forward with


interesting ideas. As you know the credentials of the current UK


delegation to the parliamentary assembly to the Council of Europe


expire next week. As the membership of the new delegation is the


responsibility of Parliament and not the government, will he make time


next week for this House to express its opinion? I am aware of the


motion down on his order paper -- the order paper. This is a matter


that I have no doubt the House will give careful consideration to, and


the point of a backbench business committee is to ensure there is time


available to members of the host to allocate time to debate. -- the


Leader of the House to allocate time to debate. Can I thank the Leader of


the House for the business statement. For the avoidance of


doubt, next Thursday we have two debates from the backbench business


committee. One on this taken because Bank of Scotland, and the other is


the trade in dog flesh. Could the Leader of the House gives the


backbench business committee and early indication if there is any


possibility for time in the week beginning 16th November? I cannot


give that undertaking, but my expectation is there will be time. I


have no reason to believe it will not be available. He is picking


interesting subject for debate which will command great attention, and I


think particularly the debate on dog meat happening as it is. It is a


sign of how much concerned there is across the House about the welfare


of dogs. Also the fact this is a trade that most people in this


country do not support at all. Steve eco. Communications this week


seemed to suggest some members of the public might have even confused


about the finance will weave aborted on on Monday. Could we have a


statement from the reader that makes clear what the true position is and


can we also understand from him what keep hands to do to counter the


occasional misrepresentation of business of this House? - voted on.


There is no clarification of the nature of a division on the website.


I have listened to colleagues and do intend to write to that website


asking them to write some degree of explanation on issues of this kind.


Given this was a debate about and civil, not substance, it is not


possible under the current treaty arrangements for this House to cut


VAT to zero. That decision had to be taken in Brussels. There is strong


interest in securing change. It is utterly unacceptable to have a


situation where party groups are misrepresenting the vote as a 0 rate


for tampons, it is completely unacceptable. There should be a 0


rate for a product that is clearly not a luxury. The minister gave a


commitment he would raise that has in Euro and he has done so. The


Cannes of the House has promised to negotiate at European level to


achieve a 0 rate of the 80 on women's products. This should go


alongside the court demands in the forthcoming Wii negotiation.


Women's rights are not a second-class issue, can he confirm


that? Women's rights will never be a second-class issue. The party in


power opposite for 13 years and never secured anything of this sort.


Since the debate on Tuesday we have already seen the vice chairman of


the mission say this is an issue that are willing to consider. We are


taking a step in the right direction. If a minister gives a


commitment to this has the will do so, they will find it through.


Devolution is something we all expire to and my county in Somerset


wish to embrace revolution. We wish to embrace it so that the money


follows the devolution coming from the centre which is fantastic, we


want to do it. In this House can be debate this so there is a clear


message going out to district and unity is for how they can get


involved in maximising their return for taxpayers? This is what the


government is seeking to do and there will be no one size fits all


for different settlements in different parts of the country, it


depends on the circumstances and different geography and nature of


the economy. I would encourage my honourable men to make this point to


other ministers. It is a great opportunity for counties like


Somerset to be involved in defamation to give them greater


control over matters that affect their area. There is a real


opportunity for local authorities and local communities. Given the


difficult financial circumstances that the NHS finds itself in, is it


not time for a debate on a national tariff for the treatment of IVF


given that CCG 's are paying fees as varied as ?2500 to ?6,000 per cycle?


We have a choice in the NHS, we can either devolved responsibilities to


local lactation is keep everything at the centre. The moment we start


to say we do not like different areas where different CCG 's make


different decisions we start to be centralised again. I want decisions


taken by local doctors. I would eat reluctant to reverse that. With my


honourable friend consider having a debate on the future of the House of


lords in the near future purely and simply because of the events of this


week and also I have been doing some work and had a successful debate in


West and start all on a particular oppose all that was met and welcomed


on all sides of the House. Part Westminster Hall. I have no doubt be


will have such a debate in future but can I encourage him to talk to


Lord Strathclyde as well as he dubbed his review? The scope of the


review will be out shortly but I suggest he takes any ideas for


change to the noble lord who will wish to hear the views of people in


this House? The approach of another Parliamentary recess and no


indication whatsoever that the government intends to seek a mandate


for military intervention in Syria. Isn't it he can play obviously there


is no appetite across this chamber for a second goal through military


venture. Can we look at the financial initiatives which might


actually contribute to bringing peace and stability to that country?


I would simply say to the right honourable gentleman, there will be


no statement or debate about military intervention in Syria


unless we have an intention to intervene voluntarily in Syria. The


reason we do not have another statement about that is because no


decision has been taken to intervene militarily in Syria and should that


happen we will come to this House and discuss it fully. We have


debated this extensively in we said weeks, the Foreign Secretary was


before this House regularly. They will be plenty opportunities to


debate what is an difficult situation, something we all of us


wish to see the resolution but it is difficult to see a path to that


resolution given how complex the situation is. I feel sure he reader


of the House is a Downton at the fan and will have been as alarmed as me


by what happened two weeks ago. Fortunately Lord Grantham is


recovering well what it is pointed out that survival from upper


gastrointestinal bleeding in this country lags behind those countries


with which we could reasonably be compared. I wonder if we could have


a debate on how we could configure endoscopy services in this country


to bring us up among the best in Europe rather than the worst? She


makes a very important point in his customer Blake light-hearted but


also serious weight. I did not see the particular scene in Downton


Abbey but I believe it was eye-catching to say the least


comment he makes today I think are important ones and I will make sure


they are forwarded to my colleagues in the Department of Health. My


honourable friend from the front bench quite rightly lead on the


issue of Fifa which he described as a sink of corruption but football is


still the beautiful game and will be readers of the House on behalf of


the government join me in paying tribute to a happy birthday to a


former Derbyshire player who was the first black professional footballer


in the world. We are very proud of him. Years and adopted son of


Darlington and will be Cannes what the House join me with say happy


birthday to him? The beautiful game is tarnished because of the penalty


shoot out at all Trafford last night. I will join her and also pay


tribute to all of the black leaders Huebner Pathfinders in the game and


young people. I would like to see young people. I would like to see


more black coaches in this country as well and I think that should be a


minority for the game. I congratulate him for all he has done


to contribute to the sport. My hard-working constituents who use


Kingston and Surbiton station 's art forced to pay for zone six tickets


when logic and fairness dictates they should be in zone five. 26


stations are in zone five yet further from their London terminus.


I know there are other reasoning campaigns in London yet houses


certainly the most compelling. We make time for a debate on the zoning


of stations in London? I would not go as far to say... He may be the


most campaigning campaign in London but the campaign to get Epsom in


zone six which is outside London may be a great important. There are


zoning concerns and I have drawn this to the Department for Transport


was my attention. I hope we can make regressing what we are doing and our


constituents can see that. It is something I know people in still are


looking forward to him succeeding in due course in. A cross-party support


for a series of appeals. Open up family courts is something a


succession of governments have promised to reform. Will there be a


debate on how we can break open the cartels that surround the family


courts system? Having been Secretary Of State for just as I am aware of


this and sympathetic. We have two be careful there are some deeply


distressing stories take place within the family courts and we must


not open them up in a way that exposes family heartache to the


tabloid media. He is right to say there is no reason for the agree of


closed environment that exists around those family courts. I know


this is a matter of concern to my colleague the Secretary Of State


today. He will be here again on Tuesday and I would encourage him to


re-raised this point. As my right honourable friend knows, I am


running a campaign to save the hedgehog. Will my right honourable


friend 's urge every member and right on rubble member to ensure


there are safety measures in place within one fires next Thursday which


is Guy Fawkes night? Thank you. I share his concern about the


hedgehog. We have seen a really distressing fall in our hedgehog


population in the last few decades. When I was a child you would find


one in every garden, it will would feed them outside the door and it


now does not happen to any degree like it used to. I would say to


members on all sides of the House and anyone listening to this debate,


bonfire night is a period of great danger to hedgehogs. If you drive


around the country you will already see large piles of wood setup. It is


all too common that a hedgehog finds refuge in those bonfires in the next


few days. I would ask anyone to double-check before they like them


to make sure there is not a hedgehog nesting inside, we cannot afford to


lose any more. Young people are being killed on our streets.


Tragically, in my constituency, there have been two youth deaths in


as many months. This is not isolated. A boy stabbed to death in


Aberdeen, shooting in Hackney, Alford, even machine-gun fire in


Willesden. This had to stop. With the government continuing to cut


front line services, young people are turning to crime and violence in


bigger and bigger numbers. Is it not time to call an urgent debate


looking at how all parties can work together to stop the rise of youth


violence? Mr Speaker, firstly, let us be clear, knife crime is a blight


on our society as our knife murders and I would endorse the comments


made earlier about the tragic events in Aberdeen yesterday. They are


fortunately rare in this country that makes them even more shocking


when they do happen. I send my condolences and good wishes not only


to the family but also those in the school for whom it would have aimed


a deeply traumatic experience. On the streets of London any death


through knife crime is too much, we have taken measures to toughen the


law around carrying knives but it is important to support those


organisations that try to take young people away from crime and carrying


by a couple who set it up after the by a couple who set it up after the


death of their son. The number of young people entering the criminal


justice system for the first time is balding and has continued to fall


for a number of years. That is a great step forward. The challenge of


the offending is a good news story that fewer people are entering the


justice system for the first time, long may that continue.


British farmers who successfully applied for environmental


improvement grants are being told improvement grants are being told


that unless they put up all boards indicating the money came from the


EU, they could lose part or all of the grant. Since the United Kingdom


isn't it akin to me taking my money isn't it akin to me taking my money


from my bank to do a home from my bank to do a home


billboard saying, thank you, billboard saying, thank you,


Barclays? Could we have a statement from an agricultural Minister


we will resist the desecration of we will resist the desecration of


the British countryside by this propaganda? The countryside here is


around the most -- among the most beautiful anywhere in the world. I


have some sympathy with him, and I do not want to see anything


detracting from its natural beauty full stop DEFRA questions are next


Thursday, so he can put it to him directly. But keep the countryside


pure and natural. Will the government make a statement on the


situation of employees pensions and the Commonwealth War Graves


Commission? He will not allow them to make a decision on closing...


Does he agree that staff working harder than ever due to the


centenary commemorations at cutting committee staff pensions while the


Director-General gets a 50% pay rise is utterly inappropriate? I


understand the point he is making. A range of organisations have had to


make decisions about final salary pensions. I will make sure they


concerns he has raised will be concerns he has raised will be


passed on to my ministerial colleagues. Following the comments


from the honourable member for Perth and your excellent article this week


a debate on whether this House a debate on whether this House


recess, or whether the political recess, or whether the political


party should sort themselves out and arrange their confidence at


weekend, like the SNP do. We would weekend, like the SNP do. We would


be able to work out which MPs are able to do the job in their -- their


job in this House and hold the job in this House and hold the


government to account. There is growing interest in this area.


Particularly given the fact that there are perhaps fewer Liberal


Democrats than there used to be for the confidence week. This has been


raised through the usual channels. raised through the usual channels.


Confidence became take place some years in advance. This is something


carefully. I am pleased to hear carefully. I am pleased to hear


but I am concerned at the lack of but I am concerned at the lack of


reality in the Leader of the House's responses on police


questions. In Enfield we have lost 150 plus uniformed presence from the


street and seen a 22% increase in violent crime in the last year. It


is a connection between these things. Will the Leader of the House


ensure that when the government come to this House to pretend there --


present the debate on policing, that they face the facts as we do in our


communities? I can only reactivate that the crime survey shows that


notwithstanding some of the difficult challenges the police


force has had to face up to, crime has continued to fall. There is


scope for police officers and police forces to deliver new ways of


working, bringing down cost without affecting front line support to the


community 's. Labour run Kirklees Council have written off ?850,000 in


section 106 cash which was allocated section 106 cash which was allocated


to improve local infrastructure by house-builders and developers. Can


be debate how appalling situations like this is seeing local


communities lose confidence in planning opportunities? I am aware


of the issue. Begs questions about credit control and bringing money


when it is due. Local authorities have the power to set timelines even


to get money in advance for the payments they receive. Can I suggest


to him, it is a matter of concern, to him, it is a matter of concern,


that he raises this with the department concerned, perhaps


through an adjournment debate or the next time they are in this House for


questions? Can he share his current understanding of when legislation


regarding the Stormont House agreement may be brought forward?


With the government continue a draft Bill for scrutiny by a joint


committee from both houses, dealing with the sensitive issue of legacy,


which there has not been due consultation with victims for a


variety of reasons and excuses, and this Parliament has been asked to


legislate in lieu of the assembly. With the government give that period


of special legislative scrutiny? I of special legislative scrutiny? I


will discuss that with the Secretary of State. We have been involved in


discussions with all parties in Northern Ireland, and those are


continuing. We will bring it to this House as soon as we can. But I will


make the Secretary of State of the issue he has raised. I was delighted


to hear that others it will be taking place on the 12th to 14th of


November, and there will be an opportunity for Parliament to


receive him properly. That takes place between the November recess of


this place and during Hindu New Year. Can I take the opportunity to


invite the Leader of the House to wish a happy, peaceful and


prosperous New Year, but equally can we have a statement as to the trade


Guilds and educational arrangements and other arrangement is taking


place during that visit? I echo the happy New Year wishes he has made


reference to, and I hope everyone reference to, and I hope everyone


has an enjoyable, relaxing, successful set of New Year festival


's. No doubt we will all wish you, Mr Speaker, and I will make the


House aware of the details of the visit shortly. India is one of the


biggest allies and it is a great democracy. This is a great


opportunity. We were guests last night for the club the London


Tigers, a sports club which does amazing work with young people from


all different communities, and it would be appropriate to place on


record our appreciation for the club. Can I associate myself with a


call for the debate on families who call for the debate on families who


have autism in the family? I'm sure have autism in the family? I'm sure


recent news of more diversity in the recent news of more diversity in the


boardroom, it is welcome but needs to go further. Could we have an


early debate on diversity, and shouldn't this House be an exemplar?


If you look at the photograph in the corridor, it has 64 photographs of


senior level. Everyone is white and senior level. Everyone is white and


absolutely agree, and I would say absolutely agree, and I would say


that notwithstanding what he says that notwithstanding what he says


about the photographs out the back, we have made great progress over


years. If I think what this looked years. If I think what this looked


like in 2001 when I was elected, and what it looks like today, there is


world of difference. We need to world of difference. We need to


recruitment process. I want a recruitment process. I want a


society that is reflected in this House, and it has two reflect the


society outside in all aspects of its working. The plans for the


station in Torbay, the first one for decades, is progressing well,


therefore can we have a statement on when the next tranche of station


funding will be available to bid for the complete this project?


Unfortunately we have just had transport questions, so he will have


to wait before the Secretary of State is back again, but his


comments will have been noted. But if you look around this country, 20


years after the privatisation of railways, we have new railway lines


opening, the start of a new service from Oxford to London, something


the days of British Rail. We have a the days of British Rail. We have a


party opposite who think we would be better off renationalising


everything. It would be disastrous. everything. It would be disastrous.


The way we have it now, we are seeing innovations and long may that


continue. Last week the Prime Minister said he did not want anyone


relying on food banks, but this week the Work and Pensions Secretary told


the select committee that he planned to station job advisers and food


banks. Is it right that extreme food poverty should become an accepted


element of GWP National planning? Could we have a debate on this? She


has got this plain wrong. If we have people who are in need of food


banks, and I would remind her that we have a lower use of food banks in


this country than in countries like Germany, so it is simply not true


that you can lead it to government -- link it to public policy. That we


should be helping these people into work and out of poverty. Making sure


the Jobcentre is aware of what is going on in food banks seem


sensible. It was an honour to present certificates recently to


some of the 1500 graduates of the National Citizen Service scheme.


Does he agree with me that this is a real government success story


will he allow time for a debate on will he allow time for a debate on


how we can roll out this to more people every year? This has been a


huge success story, this is one of the things that will have the most


lasting impact on the country. It is lasting impact on the country. It is


growing and developing and proving a great success. It is changing the


lives of young people in different parts of the countries, bringing


together people from different backgrounds in a way that can only


be positive for the future. Long may it continue. The shadow leader of


the House was right to raise the ministerial code. Could we have an


urgent statement on who made the decision on changing the code, the


reasons for doing so? The honour of the ministerial code is the Prime


Minister, so there will be plenty opportunities for the honourable


lady to ask. On page 29 of the day's order paper there is a motion


about the UK dedication to the alimentary assembly of the Council


of Europe. It goes on to page 30 because it is signed by 58 members


of this House from all the major political parties. It commends the


work of the honourable member work of the honourable member


Christchurch, his years there, and I wonder if the Leader of the House


would not only welcome this motion but put it on the order paper next


week. There is not a business of the House committee, so we're relying on


the government to bring this motion forward. Would he bring this


forward? I have spotted the degree of support for this motion. I am


aware of the desire to debate it. What I would say is that there is


quite a lot of time allocated through backbench business committee


to debate in this House. He will to debate in this House. He will


return to the issue shortly, but return to the issue shortly, but


there is a simple allocation there is a simple allocation


available to debate this. The chair is sitting over there. The Minister


may be aware of the case of 26 you will transmit and who been sentenced


to serve her prison sentence in a men's prison. The good news I heard


today is that she is to be transferred to a women's prison. --


a 26-year-old trans-women. Decisions in detail of this tend to be out


with the metal ministers, but the Ministry of Justice will always want


decisions of this nature to be taken sensitively and carefully. There are


questions for the House on Tuesday, and they will listen to her concerns


then. Can we have a debate on how to then. Can we have a debate on how to


complaints from constituents in the complaints from constituents in the


past, and there is another report in past, and there is another report in


constituents having received a constituents having received a


convincing and genuine looking e-mail purporting to come from a


high street bank asking for personal details which could lead to


being defrauded. There have been a being defrauded. There have been a


highlighted in recent weeks and highlighted in recent weeks and


of life savings to some pretty of life savings to some pretty


message we should give out is to be message we should give out is to be


messages to the people we represent messages to the people we represent


that they are criminal groups out there who are trying to rip you off


honourable friend, keep bringing up honourable friend, keep bringing up


the issue, it is important to do so. I hear the usual chuntering from a


sedentary position from the shadow leader. This is a really serious


issue. On television this week there was a woman who had been swindled


for ?35,000 by a gang who persuaded for ?35,000 by a gang who persuaded


her money to a different account. It her money to a different account. It


Leader of the House understand the Leader of the House understand the


concern being expressed in concern being expressed in


Post and mail over the threat to Post and mail over the threat to


Freedom of Information and will he agree to an urgent debate on what is


a threat to the cornerstone of our democracy?


The irony is that the person who said they regretted the Freedom of


Information Act most was Jack Straw who introduced it and looked upon it


as one of the things he got wrong. The Freedom of Information Act is


something this government is committed to. We want to make sure


it works fairly and cannot be misused but it is misused by people


who use it as EV search tool to generate stories for the media. It


is a legitimate tool for those who understand how this government has


taken decisions. It is not the intention of this government to


change that. I know from my family's on experience just how


devastating pancreatic cancer can be and whether November being


pancreatic awareness month can we see what is being done to help those


suffering from this disease? My honourable friend makes an important


point and of course all forms of cancer, particularly pancreatic


cancer, are deeply distressing for the families of those involved and


those who suffered from the different varieties of cancer. One


of the things that is encouraging at the moment is that we really seemed


to be making some significant steps forward in treatment and research


for treatment in future. One of the things I am pleased we have done as


the government is not withstanding the financial pressures we face. We


have continued to keep up our budgets going into the search which


open up a better future for those who are sufferers and I hope that


what continues. Since the session started this morning welcome news


has emerged from China that they are to end their one child policy. Will


the leader of the house for a debate on the government's to child policy


with particular reference to the Greek clause? The boot them please


fill details and I am a wee of the issue she has raised and the fact


she has continued to make this concern will be conveyed to my


colleagues. -- rape clause. Anti-Muslim rape right --


anti-Muslim hate crime will be recorded separately. Can we


therefore have a debate on heat crime in all of its forms and what


we can do to eradicate this from our society? Mr Speaker, heat crime in


any form is unacceptable. I am very much aware that although we have


seen he's beat of anti-Semitic attacks in recent months the also


see in this country regularly attacks on mosques and Muslims. The


steps the government are taking is right. We should not tolerate heat


crime against any of our communities in this country. We should be dealt


with with the full force of the law wherever that occurs. This House


should remind us of obligations in that direction. Can we have the


debate on defence attunement and buying British? Why are the three


new royal navy ships and the 500 last armed vehicles from the army


not been built with British Steel? On occasions when the Lizzie


specialist metal requirement we have two source the specialist metal from


wherever it comes from. 90s percent of the steel being put into


Crossrail is coming from British sources. It is disappointing in


Scotland the Scottish Government has not done the same. The steel going


into our aircraft carriers is also British Steel. The question I would


ask him, he talks about defence procurement and the question I would


ask about defence procurement and British jobs, if he is so concerned


about the use of British Steel and jobs in Britain, why does his party


now support a policy that would scrap the plans for Trident


submarines to be built in Barrow in Furness? When can we debate the


convention that serving time ministers are not invited to give


evidence to select committees? There is compelling evidence now that


three prime ministers were unwittingly but directly involved in


an enterprise that cost the taxpayers many millions of pounds.


Isn't it important, too, that we understand why three prime ministers


were infatuated by the delusional fraudsters of Kicks Company dinar


two points to make. Everyone on both sides of the House are concerned


about what happened with Kicks Company understanding what went


wrong in that charity was not the fault of some people involved in it.


In my view the Beagle he is looking for is already in existence. Three


years ago the caravan manufacturers of Hull had to fight off the caravan


tax that would like their industry. Now the government is buying steel


from abroad and I wonder if it is time we had a debate about an


industrial policy for our country and not every other country in the


world? Let me tell her about industrial policy. The industrial


policy which leads to the dramatic drop in level feel I boot in the


UK, and industrial policy that leads to the near halving of manufacturing


is a policy we had under the last Labour government. We have been


working to restore manufacturing and steel development and production is


now at the same level or slightly higher than when he took office.


Just on occasions, they are the opposition and can ask questions


without remembering there on record in government. When it came to


manufacturing in this country they made a right royal mess up. Concern


about the illegal wildlife trade is growing and the Duke of Cambridge


spoke out about this last week. Responsibility in government lies


between DEFRA, the Commonwealth and government office. Can we look at


how we can better coordinate a UK Government response to end this vile


trade? I wholeheartedly agree with him. To see a return to the poaching


of elephants in southern Africa is something I find completely


distressing. The threat facing the Rhino I find profoundly distressing.


I would commend Prince Harry and Prince William for the work they


have done on this over the years. I commend everyone in this House who


works to work on this challenge. People should be able to CDs great


animals in the wild and not look at on the history books about their


death. The department that has the biggest role in all of this it is


really ought Porto we do everything we can to stem what is a vile


trade. -- see these great animals. Gentry and contractor is a


debilitating disease of the hands caused by manual Labour. The


industrial injuries advisory Council made recommendations to the DWP last


year as to why they should make this a prescribed occupational disease


yet there has not been any official announcement. With the leader of the


house make a statement about why there has been such a delay which


has impacted on many disabled people in the UK? She raises an important


issue. I do not know the answer to his question but we will have the


DWP minister is here on Monday and I will make sure they are briefed in


advance of that so they can give the proper response if he raises it


then. Point of order, Mr Alex Salmond. At the same time as


business questions it was announced nicer John Chilcott why means of a


letter to the tri- Minister that it would be a further nine months


before the Iraq enquiry is to be published which will mean it is


seven years since it was established and the full 13 years since the war


was started. Would it not just be an order but a mark of respect to the


179 families of dead servicemen at the government had come to the House


to explore reasons of delay in the enquiry and the possible legal


consequences that might fall on certain individuals if that


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