14/01/2016 Business Questions


Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling.

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today but is at an LGB T conference. This is an important issue. The


Prime Minister's commitment to invest in mental health services


this week will be important in this space. Will the leader of the out


campaign give us the business for next week, please? The business for


next week will be on Monday we will have the second reading of the


energy Bill. On Tuesday, an opposition day with a debate on the


cost of public transport followed by cost of public transport followed by


a debate on prisons and probation. Wednesday, the remaining stages of


the psychoactive substances debate. Thursday, business will be nominated


by the Backbench Business Committee. Friday, we will be debating private


members bills. Monday 25th, the remaining stages of the childcare


bill followed by business to be nominated by the Backbench Business


Committee. Tuesday 26th, a motion to approve the money resolution


relating to the charities, social investment and protection Bill,


followed by the remaining stages of that same bill. Wins the 27th, a


further opposition day. Thursday 28th, Backbench Business Committee.


Friday 29th, Private Members' Bill is. In Westminster Hall, there will


be a debate for small businesses and the self-employed. And another


debate on transitional pension arrangements for women born in the


1950s. Can I start by warmly congratulating the Scottish


Secretary for joining the ranks of being an out MP. Can I assure him


that being gay is not necessarily make you any better as a politician.


I didn't think that was very funny, but what mac it appears appropriate


that we should have a debate on space, following the debate of David


Alway, the ultimate star man. -- David Bowie.


The Prime Minister used the word menial. He demeans himself by using


that word. There are not menial jobs, only attitudes. Can we have a


debate on mysterious disappearances. It is like an Agatha Christie novel.


The mystery of the missing Health Secretary. Besought him here, they


sought him there, but even when the first strike was happening, he was


nowhere to be found. Not even in the television studio. Surely he should


be easier cleaning house he has lost the respect and trust of the whole


medical profession? Then there was the disappearance of the


government's consultation on the future of the BBC. The closing date


for the consultation was 99 days ago and it is sown over to be seen. The


charter runs out in less than a year. When will they published a


consultation on the new draft charter? On Tuesday, a whole


committee a was supposed to meet at committee a was supposed to meet at


2:30pm in committee room tend to consider the ports authority


regulation. Something I'm sure all honourable members think is


important. Members of the public turned up from far and wide to you


about the Minister had to say, but the government had pulled the


meeting. Why? This is an important matter that affects 47 UK ports.


Airport workers are very concerned about it. The European scrutiny


committee have said they remain deeply concerned the government


continues to refuse to have a floor debate on this issue. How can the


serious eurosceptic when he won't serious eurosceptic when he won't


even allow the House to debate EU measures? That is not the only


debate to disappear. The leader of the House promised a debate on


abolishing student grants. He made that on 10th December. I know he is


doing his huffy puffy, I'm going to get very angry about this later


face, but he should admit it. His precise words were these. On student


finance regulations, the honourable gentleman is aware that if you want


a debate on this in this House, all he has to do is pray against it. I


am not aware of any situation where that has not led to a debate in this


House. We took him at his word. EDM eight to nine is on the order paper.


-- 829. Instead, he has arranged the only debate there will be held will


be in committee not in this House, but in a committee at 1130 AM today.


Because it is in committee, even if every single member of the committee


were to vote against the motion, it would still pass into law. That is


not Chrissy, it is government by diktats. Let me be clear. This


should not be secondary legislation. should not be secondary legislation.


This major change and will deprive around 500,000 of England's


pluralist students of maintenance grants. The Deputy Leader is talking


nonsense. If she doesn't know the rules of this House, she should go


and get another job and come back. Forcing them with debts. As a man of


his word, will the leader of the House now ensure there is a proper


debate and vote in this House before 23 January? Which brings me to the


curious Case of the missing ministerial backbone. You see, I


thought ministers were men of integrity and principle. When they


was time the leader of the House for it. Last week, I suggested it


was time the leader of the House came out as an outer. There is a


vacancy. They want a leader. Surely the time has come. Cometh the hour,


started to take my advice. Years started to take my advice. Years


even written a piece in the Daily Telegraph about it. I was hoping for


a proper full throated eurosceptic intellectual argument from the


leader of the House. But it is the most missed peddling facing both


ways piece of pedestrian journalism which has ever come from his pen.


What is the phrase from the Bible? Because thou art lukewarm and


neither cold nor hot, while I spew the out of my mouth? I know he was


born on first April, but he cannot treat all of us as fools. I know he


is desperate to keep his place in the Cabinet but this is becoming a


farce. He's pretending he supports the Prime Minister's re-negotiation


strategy when he is really necessary to mount the barricades with the


banner of English and was. Apparently the Business Secretary is


going to pretend he is in favour of leaving the EU so as to bolster the


prospect of his favourite candidate for leader, the Chancellor. This


really is not a game. It is not really is not a game. It is


about the leadership prospects of one or other Tory minister, it is


about our constituents's jobs. Our standing as a nation. The most


important this country will make in this generation. He says it will be


disastrous for us to stay in. I Brown be disastrous for us to leave.


leaving our economy on the sidelines destiny at the


leaving our economy on the sidelines of the largest market in the world


and would undermine the battle against environmental degeneration


and international terrorism. You leave, I am staying. Me I thank the


innovative and talented rock star I so favourably David Bowie, the most


innovative and talented rock star I ever had the privilege of seeing or


hearing. Can I endorse the words about the Scottish Secretary. I'm


proud of my colleague and the statement he made yesterday. Can I


send the good wishes of this House to the people of Indonesia. And can


I wish the Speaker happy birthday for next week. Can I thank you and


the clerks for the work you all dead, that they all did, in ensuring


the first English and Welsh grand committee passed smoothly on


Tuesday. In our manifesto, we committed to introducing English


votes for English laws and we have votes for English laws and we have


now delivered at. We thought there was at his irony that the longest


contribution we heard yesterday came from the honourable member for Perth


who claimed he was being excluded from the debate and that seemed a


tad hollow. With a closing date of 26 January, there will be


consultation with members is of staff in both houses. Can I


interest in the project to take part interest in the project to take part


in the consultation? Now, the shadow leader. Today we have heard another


seven minute rhetorical flourish from the honourable member with his


usual wit and repartee. But... Bat, Mr Speaker, what on earth does he


think he is doing? He represents Her Majesty's loyal opposition. Last


week, on the day that Kim Jong-un announced he had developed a


hydrogen Bob, he was joined at the Shadow Cabinet table by the Shadow


Cabinet secretary who believes we should unilaterally disarm our


nuclear defences. He set alongside a Shadow Chancellor who attended an


event that claimed Jihadi John was a kind and beautiful young man. He


works for a man who sacked the Member for Wolverhampton South East


are having the effrontery to criticise terrorists.


We have seen several more junior members of his front bench have the


courage to stand up to his situation which most people in this house


regard as distasteful and wrong, they gave up their places on this


frontbench. While he and more senior members on gone to their jobs. It is


all very well him coming here on a Thursday morning and cracking jokes.


I have a simple question for him. Given the disgraceful turn of events


in the Labour Party, what on Earth is he still doing here?


Can I call on the Leader of the House to hold an urgent debate in


government time on the recommendations being made today by


the women and equality is committee, the first report of our committee


into trans writes and the problems they face today. This Government


needs to face swift action and a debate in the House would


demonstrate the commitment of the entire house to resolving these


problems. Can I congratulate my honourable


friend on what she's doing? I am powered to be part of


that is leading the way in addressing equality is issues and I


think she reflects the best of this house in also addressing those


issues. The government will be considering very carefully the


report she has brought forward this morning. I commend her and the


committee for this work and I have no doubt she will look to get the


backbench business committee to debate the report she has brought


forward this morning. Make also thank the leader of the


Eurosceptics -- make I also thank? It is like a boss, at you wait


decades for a mass more -- nasty decades for a mass more -- nasty


water, long and two, long that once! My honourable friend on Bastin, we


do of the House today for his Euroscepticism. This is serious in


Scotland. It is likely our nation may be pulled out of Europe against


us and we need a statement from the Leader of the House to say he will


respect the views of Scotland on this issue. It is popcorn time here


as we watch both UK parties knocking lumps out of each other and out of


themselves. Mr Speaker, this week, I have to say I felt like an


meeting of the image Parliament got meeting of the image Parliament got


right down to it. It was quite a remarkable event. The first time a


cause I image Parliament has met since the 18th-century. And we have


to make sure it is done properly. What did we do? We put signs on the


lobbies, England and Wales. We looked for no Scottish, but they


were not there thankfully. Suspending the House's business well


you had to see out the clocks to see is something needed to be


recertified. This is no way for one of the great Parliament of the world


to conduct its business. And it is a sad day for any motion and idea of a


unitary Parliament, the United Kingdom being the place where all


members are equal and I am sure the Scottish people were observing these


events with their Members of Parliament when they became


second-class and diminished in this nation and there is real anger in


Scotland. There was a Britain ministerial statement from the


Secretary of State who I want to congratulate for the way he has


identified his sexuality this week. There was a statement with a scheme


for Scotland. Forget about the fact the post and you work scheme is


wanted by all the higher education institutions in Scotland and the


business institutions and employer organisations and even the Scottish


Conservatives. The committee which I chair is currently undertaking a


report into post and work scheme is. That is practically made irrelevant


because of the statement. What do we have to do now, Mr Speaker? Should


we get a statement from the relevant department before we undertake such


enquiries? I think that was a gross discourtesy and disrespect to the


Select Committee in this house when it comes to these things today. This


has been a week when the real opposition established itself in


this house. It was ours that led as the Leader of the House and we had


the debate on trading economy, we will be leading


debates today, one on space and you are right, I was devastated about


the news of the death of David Bowie this week and I have seen him


several times and we have lost a musical icon in this country. One of


the things that thrilled me and I am sure thrilled my honourable friend


behind me was the endorsement from Star Trek about our space debate


today which shows while these two rip themselves apart, it is the


Scottish National Party which is Scottish National Party which is


boldly going where no party has ever gone before! Of course, Mr Speaker,


his party was previously led by one of this house's for most bigger Star


Trek fans. As I always say in these events, I have the greatest regard


for the honourable member but he does talk an awful lot of nonsense


on this. The first thing I would say is the honourable member and I have


been friends for more than 25 years and we will carry on being friends.


side of the House is that when we do side of the House is that when we do


it on the site, we have it with good grace and on that side, they hate


each other. And they really do hate each other, Mr Speaker. And I have


to say I am still baffled. He talks about the real opposition but it


still baffles me how those who purport to claim bail sensible


figures in the shambles of the Labour Party can still sit on the


front bench and represent a leadership I regard as being utterly


beyond the and which will keep completely away from ever having a


chance of running this country. Mr Speaker, again, I talk about the


propensity of the honourable member opposite to exaggerate just a little


bit. His comments about the debate on Tuesday did not really brings


very true. This idea that he is excluded from the debate in which


she spoke for the best part of half an hour to the great enjoyment of


members on the side of the House who enjoyed his rhetorically flourished


enormously. But the idea he was in some weight excluded I am afraid


it's just stretching the point in little bit and I would just remind


him that every poll done in Scotland says the Scottish people support a


England and that is what we are England and that is


doing. And I thank him for his kind words about the Scottish Secretary


and extend the banks of myself and my colleagues to the Scottish First


Minister and other leading figures in his party who also made Gracias


statements about the Scottish Secretary yesterday, we all very


much appreciated that. -- Gracias. On the post and he work scheme, we


have to have a managed immigration system. You can do a graduate level


job here but it is right and proper we have appropriate safeguards in


place, that is what the electorate expects and we will deliver and have


delivered and it is what the electorate across the UK of


happily we remain still part want us to do.


I am glad the European Scrutiny Committee with all-party support has


forced the government to cancel this European Standing Committee on ports


regulation which would in fact and may continue to damage 350,000 jobs


in the UK. This is a vital national interest. Does he recognise that


this must be debated on the floor of the House and voted upon and


furthermore, does he accept this is a perfect example where the


government is effectively through the European Community arrangements,


European Union arrangements, in a position where it can only accept


either a majority vote or a seedy compromise, and this is a perfect


example of why so many people in this country want to leave the


European Union! I hope my honourable friend will take comfort from having


raised the issue last week that indeed raising an issue like this at


business questions can be deeply effective and has led to the changes


he suggests. We have been talking about how to address an issue for


some many members and we will refer to him shortly and I thank him for


the wiki has done in raising this and other issues.


This week, my constituents have been suffering due to cancelled trains


because of a landslide on our local rail line. Can we have a statement


from the Transport Minister because there is complete chaos on all


lines? There is a knock-on effect and there seems to be no information


on south-eastern, no information about when the service is likely to


getting to and from work and getting to and from work and


businesses are suffering, we really need somebody to get a grip on the


situation. I understand the problems events like these cause for his


constituents and elsewhere. Other parts of the network have suffered


in recent weeks because of extreme weather. I will make sure concerns


are drawn to the attention of the transport Secretary This Morning who


will be here in ten days' time, but it is more urgent than that and his


concerns will be passed on immediately.


I have to state my interest although declaration is not necessarily


required. I wonder if my honourable friend would persuade the gunman to


have a debate on the UK relationship with the Commonwealth, particularly


the old, wealth? -- the honourable gentleman. I have just returned from


New Zealand and it is definitely there and I am conscious that in our


drive to reduce immigration, we are drive to reduce immigration, we


losing out on highly educated English speaking people, generally


graduates, who have much to offer in health, education, agriculture,


banking, research, Armed Forces and dare I say it rugby! That are issues


with these nations, they have and they are still today standing with


us in major and less major wars and we need to recognise this. I


understand my honourable friend has family roots in New Zealand so he


has an understanding of the issue. We try to maintain a sensible


balance in the immigration system. It is necessary to have controls and


it is right and proper to have controls, but we do also have roots


for experienced people to come here and work and many from Australia and


New Zealand and the Commonwealth have done over many years. I am sure


the Home Office ministers will have heard the comments he made and will


do their best to take as pragmatic and approach as they can but he will


understand the half to be limitations, electorate expects it.


-- there have to be. Given the abolition of student grants will hit


half a million university students from the poorest backgrounds, can


this is not being debated on the this is not being debated on


floor of the House? The people in my constituency certainly did not vote


for the people on the opposite benches and their democracy is being


assaulted. Mr Speaker, this is following the


normal route and it will not pass without a vote of the entire house


and will be debated again in this house which is more than just this


room. And the Labour Party as I have just announced as a number of


opposition days coming up and if this is significant enough, I would


suggest she encourages her colleagues to bring this to the


floor of the House if they do to do that if they choose to do so.


Part of the agreement says all illegally held persons should be


released or exchanged between Russia and the Ukraine, will he call for an


early debate regarding the release of a member of the Ukrainian


Parliament and Council of Europe? My honourable friend makes an important


point. I hope consideration will be given by those involved in this


detention to that situation. And I am sure my Foreign Office colleagues


are both aware of and pursuing the issue. Clearly, we want to see a


peaceful situation between Russia and Ukraine and we want to see areas


of dispute like this resolved quickly.


Last October, the government hosted the Seal Summit at which industry


laid out the urgent actions it needed from government to protect


the UK steel industry in extremely challenging times, can we have an


update about higher -- have asked the government is acting? There has


been some movement on energy costs but many areas need government


action and the situation is critical. This is still an ongoing


concern for members, not just those with steel concerns in their


constituencies. I will certainly ask for an update from my colleagues in


the business Department, I will ask if they will write to her and to


give her an update. There was due to be a debate on steel this afternoon


in Westminster Hall but I believe the member who has announced it has


withdrawn it, which is a shame, but no doubt there will be other


opportunities to debate this shortly. In the light of my right


honourable friend's important article in today's Daily Telegraph,


and early debate on the issue of and early debate on the issue of


ever closer union and how it is possible to ensure legally at the


European Court of Justice and the EU majority voting rules cannot prevent


the sovereign Parliament being able to exercise its sovereignty in the


future? He makes an important point. When


the Prime Minister returns from the council in February, it is an total


way -- undoubtedly something he will put forward for the country to judge


whether that is sufficient for them to vote to stay or leave. There are


reports that a mini beast has spoken on a possible British exit. Can he


update the House about people living in his constituency who are citizens


of the EU. The only many things I have notice are the Liberal


Democrats. Can we have a more widespread debate in this House on


the merits of leaving remaining in the European Union? In that debate I


think we will see the only arguments think we will see the only arguments


the people who want to stay have ask airmen in. Those who are most


enthusiastic idols who were enthusiastic about as joining the


euro in the past. That is certainly true. What I would say to my


honourable friend is he mixes point with his customary articulate and


debate that lies ahead. There will debate that lies ahead. There will


undoubtedly be extensive discussions undoubtedly be extensive discussions


in this House and around the country. We as politicians and the


public as a whole needs to decide whether future of this country lies.


When can we debate the gravy train of 25 foreign ministers in the last


government who are enjoying lucrative jobs in areas they once


regulated and the five former chairs of select committees who are


involved in jobs over firms which the ones adjudicated? Isn't this a


gravy train that is leading to bring this House into disrepute? Because


of the feeling that people are talking their insider knowledge to


the highest bidder. Last week, the honourable gentleman said he was


happy with the situation that all was fine. Previous holders of his


office have led in reforms of this House. When will he is leader of the


House start to Leeds? In response to the issues raised in the Daily


Mirror article, there is one simple to Word and serve which is Tony


Blair. As I said to him last week, there are plenty of opportunities


for him to raise his concerns with the relevant committees of this


House. I suggested last week he did so. I'm sure he will make his point


and seek the changes to the rules he is after. A building in my


constituency is 45 years old as it is collapsing and it will be


demolished. The Scout group are having fundraising problems. Would


he facilitate a debate where we can explore how big society


organisations like that that serve the wider community can access


facilities? Can I pay tribute to the facilities? Can I pay tribute to the


volunteers in her constituency who are clearly doing a fantastic job


working with young people, providing opportunities for young people?


Everyone of us as constituency MPs have a story our Ronan constituency


whether it is the Scout or others who are doing fantastic work helping


our young people. One of the things I hope the back end business


committee will do with the time it has available is to look to one or


I think would be in tune with the celebrate our voluntary sector


I think would be in tune with the wishes of the size and provide an


opportunity to do precisely what my honourable friend has just asked


for. With more job losses announced in Aberdeen this week, the UK


Government needs to take action to ensure a drive for increased Robert


Dinwiddie in the North Sea does not come at the expense of health and


safety on the rakes. When can we safety on the rakes.


hear a ministerial statement on this matter? She makes an important


point. The North Sea oil industry remains an important one to United


Kingdom. It is under great pressure because of the fault the oil price.


We should not wish to see safety standards compromised as a result.


We will debate the energy bill next week which contains measures we


believe will help bring costs down for the energy committee, but all of


us should work together to ensure we do all we can to help the industry


through what is clearly a difficult time. I pay tribute to Sir Albert


McQuarrie who died yesterday. Will he find time for a debate on


timetable changes for real services in my constituency. There will be a


non-violent demonstration tonight at Fenchurch -- Fenchurch Street


station at 5:30pm. Connecting graduate him for his continuing work


on behalf of his constituents? There is work to be done by our train


companies in ensuring the deliver the best possible service. The


Secretary of State will be here in ten days to take questions. I'm sure


he will take advantage of the opportunity to raise that issue


again. I will make sure my right again. I will make sure my right


is aware of the concerns he has raised today. As a greater


Manchester constituency MP, I am concerned that Fire And Rescue


Services are being treated disproportionately again compared to


other services across the country. 16 fire engines will be out of


action from the streets. This year -- Lea Valley engines and he was


that have responded to the flooding emergency is.


It is our hope and belief that as we move to try to unify many aspects of


the workings of our emergency services, including the sharing of


political leadership, it will provide an opportunity to deliver


savings, but at the same time ensure we deliver front line services. I


know my right honourable friend is in the Home Office will work to try


and ensure that happens. There is no option but to take tough decisions


challenges. Could we have a debate challenges. Could we have a debate


on the activities of Network Rail in landscape sensitive areas such as


the area of outstanding natural beauty. Nobody wants to hold up


electrification, but a level of... I am aware of his concerns. I have


walked through the Goring Gap recently seen the work taking place


news for people in his constituency the great Western rail line


news for people in his constituency and in South Wales. And will be a


benefit to the shadow leader's constituency as well. It is long


overdue. When they were in power, only ten miles of railway was


electrified. Network Rail needs to use care and be thoughtful to make


sure this essential work does not amidst the landscape. In the wake of


recent floods, there have been calls for flooding to become a statutory


responsibility of Fire authorities. The answer from the government seems


to be that the fire Brigade will attend emergencies. Fire Brigade


attended fires for many years before it was thought to be a good idea for


there to be a statutory responsibility. Will there be a


statement to determine whether they are examining this issue? At some


point in the future, flooding to be a statutory responsibility of the


Fire Service. On this issue we disagree. The idea you need to pass


a law to tell the emergency services a law to tell the emergency services


to respond to emergencies I think would be insulting to a group of


professionals who work hard on our behalf. A record 10.2 million


passengers passed through Birmingham International Airport in 2015. With


all the attention on Heathrow, could he find time to discuss how we can


further support regional airports. Worming airport is essential part of


the Midlands economy. It is the Midlands economy. It is


encouraging to see links improving. It has been helped by the work done


by local members of Parliament. This is an issue I know my colleagues in


the Department for Transport regard as being immensely important. We


will continue to work alongside him in an attempt to continue the


successful development of that airport. What message does the


leader of the House believe he is sending to young people watching our


proceedings today when a government elected by the majority of just 12


on a minority share of the vote can abolish grants in such a manner?


This is a matter that will be voted on by this House. If it is the


choice of a house to vote against it, that is what will happen. It


will sit on the floor of this House. If members want to vote on it, they


business committee is indisposed. We business committee is indisposed. We


send our best wishes for a speedy recovery. On behalf of the


committee, can I invite members to apply for the opportunities the


leader of the House has set out backbench committee debates. We


don't have a huge amount of debates requested. Could I ask members to


complete the forms thoroughly, follow the guidelines that are put


so the whole process is sped up. One of the main issues that is of


concern at the moment is the transport unions are threatening


three further strikes on London Underground. This will bring misery


to commuters across London. Can we have an urgent statement on what is


to be done about this to prevent this action inconveniencing


commuters and disrupting the whole of the business of London? Well, I


pay tribute our noble friend for the work he and his colleagues ordering


yet backbench committee. Were making a lot of time available for that


committee. There will be issues of the real sector. These are sections


of time set aside and I hope members raising issues today will look to


the Backbench Business Committee. I refer to a written question I placed


which asked the government what discussions it had with financial


institutions prior to the new rules for entrepreneurial visas. The


subsequent response simply said the subsequent response simply said the


government has met with financial responsibilities many times which is


inadequate. Can I get a more substantial response please? If this


was raised as a point of order, you would offer the advice to beat


persistent. And keep asking individual questions. Ministers


involved in migration matters have regular meetings with representative


groups and we will discuss this issue on a regular basis. These


matters are discussed regularly. A recent report found that consumer


strongest year since 2008. Can we strongest year since 2008. Can we


have a debate on the steps need to be taken to ensure this positive


trend continues? It is a sign of continued economic


progress and it is encouraging we have seen that in the Midlands and


the Northwest the economy has been growing faster than in South. There


is a lot of work still to do. We have a lot of ground to cover but


we're making good progress, this country is moving in the right


direction. And backwardness was us rather than the party opposite which


set up economic policies that would be disastrous for this country.


Despite the response by the Secretary of State for the


environment to my question on November the 5th stating that she


would be happy to discuss the future of the national wildlife crime unit


and despite a number of e-mails chasing response, the matter remains


unresolved. Given members across the House showed support for the unit at


an event last week, can to a range for an adventure -- a debate on this


issue in the near future? I know this is a matter of concern and I


understand the issues. Some of the wealth is crimes we see in this


country, not just in the UK but the smuggling of rare species and Bush


meat and products from Endangered Species Act, things we would wish to


see stamped out. I will follow it up if he


ensure he gets a response quickly after today's debate.


EU membership is especially unpopular in my constituency because


of the damaging impact of the common fisheries policy. Could the lead of


the House arrange for a statement to assure my constituents reform is


actually taking place during the renegotiation? I understand the


concern he industry is very important to his


constituency and the constituency of the shadow Deputy Leader. It is a


long-standing and important part of the economy. There have been many


calls over the years for more responsibility over the fishing


sector to be taken at a local level. Subsidiary take something the


premise has set at the heart of his renegotiation and whatever the


outcome of the negotiations and a referendum, the idea of decisions


being taken above that I think we would all agree should not be the


case. Yesterday, myself and my colleagues from the Select Committee


met with the Vice President of the EU Commission and I asked him about


the European Union's position on the Chinese market. He said that debate


has to happen and the decision will be taken. Energy intensive


industries such as steel manufacturing alike upon this


decision. Why is still the case and can we have statement why? The


government, irrespective of being a member of the U or not, why are they


backing the Chinese market without other clarification or qualification


to that statement? It is worth being cleared China is the largest economy


in the world. It is a country with which we have historic links. It is


right and proper we should engage with China economic life. But what I


would say this train has also, as we saw at the summit in Paris,


recognised the importance of environmental issues and I think the


outcome of that summit, figures including my right


honourable friend the Secretary of State for climate change, that has


started this world on a path in the right direction. Mid County College


in my constituency is doing a phenomenal amount of work to


encourage apprenticeships at informs me the greatest challenge is to


ensure young people and their parents see apprenticeships as a


good and vital alternative to university. Can we have an urgent


statement about what the government is doing to assist his colleges to


equally valuable career option? I equally valuable


great success stories of this Government. Since 2010, we have seen


2.5 million young people take apprenticeships in this country, a


step in the right direction. My experience is I seemed young people


in my constituency recognise the potential of them at their is a lot


of work to do. We have a duty as constituency members to promote


apprenticeships, some colleges have held apprenticeship affairs. The


point he makes today, we should continue to deal with an debate on


the floor of this House. Can I thank the Leader of the House for his


excellent timing in the Easter recess, he could not have timed it


better. Can I also draw his attention to another constituency


matter, in my name and many others about the goodness of Stornoway


black puddings declared a superfood. Due to it being rich in calcium, in


IM, magnesium, potassium, protein rich and the glycaemic index -- in


iron. Will he keep himself in good health and Google that so he can


time his recess perfectly? honourable gentleman has raised the


issue, I can tell the story the most unusual e-mail I have had in this


job was from the honourable gentleman who said, could you tell


me when the Easter recess is going to be because I need to work out


when to put the RAM out with the ewes. We clearly have a taste


contest between himself and the honourable member for Bury North as


to who can deliver the tastiest black pudding. Perhaps you should be


the judge next week and they should ring in Istanbul and you should be


the arbiter. It will be diplomatic. The honourable gentleman and unusual


have always been very much more than nodding acquaintances!


Can we have a statement on the use of smart technology for reporting


potholes? Tomorrow is national pothole day and it is a great day


for people to develop and app which has seen the number of potholes my


constituency reported and sorted double. It is a really good bit of


technology and I think the representative for the Department


should embrace this. I think I see the emergence of an all-party black


pudding group here! I would say this is, especially at this time of year


and with the rain we have had, an issue for constituencies across the


country and he makes an important point and I am sure members who have


an excess of potholes will take note of what he has said and offer


guidance to constituents affected and we hope they will be repaired as


quickly as possible. At the last general election, the Conservative


party promised to protect Social Security for disabled people. And in


addition, edition to the cuts proposed for the welfare reform and


work bill, before Christmas, they announced a consultation on the


process activate introduced it which will in effect reduce eligibility to


disabled people. So will the government explain why they have


Renate on a promise and when we can have a debate in government time on


this very important issue? -- they have gone back on their promise. The


system with PIP was its predecessor was being used not for the purpose


it was intended. DLA and PIP are both designed to provide extra


financial resource for people with disabilities to cover the extra


costs they incur in their daily lives. It has become a big call as a


sickness benefit and was being used by people who self referred with


temporary illnesses rather than a disability. The system was designed


to make sure we pay benefits to those people who need it for


disabilities are not those who do not have genuine disabilities rather


than health problems. That is what the system was introduced for and it


is perfectly reasonable to review that system after two years so it is


delivering that objective. Yesterday saw the launch of one


doors worldwide watch report on persecution of Christians for 2016,


which regrettably is growing and has got to a stage where Christians are


now the most persecuted group. Will the Secretary of State welcome the


work OneWorld and open doors to and secondly asked for an update on his


implement their proposal that the right honourable friend the


implement their proposal that the UK's position as a major aid donor


gives as leverage in ensuring respect for faith in a recipient


country? I am very happy to do both of those things. I think we should


say very clearly is a Parliament and as a nation that the persecution of


Christians around the world is to be aboard. This is a world that should


respect freedom of individuals to follow the religion, nobody should


be persecuted in their religion and it is right around the world that


persecuted for their religion. It persecuted


should be for this country as a beacon of Liberal democracy to stand


up for them and we will do and we should do. The Leader of the House


may be aware yesterday, the House ruled -- allowed my bill on the


national anthem to pass to second reading. There is a huge amount of


Bill came it was batted away without shame if when the ten minute


Bill came it was batted away without a debate. What steps can he take to


enable the voice of England to be heard and we can make a decision


about whether or not we have a different national anthem?


Yesterday's debate was certainly interesting and I am not sure he had


and high unity from the frontbench. Jerusalem is a magnificent part of


our musical heritage. And although it was broadcast last night and


yesterday morning around Westminster, having heard it for the


20th time, you just began to think on selective occasions but I commend


him for the wiki is doing and it him for the wiki is doing and it


will be discussed further. He could bring this to the backbench is this


committee and have it debated on the floor if you chose to do so. I am


sure House will support the proposal to direct a reconstruction of the


Temple of Els arch from Palmyra in Trafalgar Square in April and May


this year and maybe longer. That proposal coincides with the Queen's


Speech with my right honourable friend will be involved in. To


increase the symbolism of our environs against Daesh, with the


Leader of the House include the ratification and bring into law the


Hague Convention on which this area has


concluded swiftly in this House and the other ways and will be an


important symbol for this country? Can I say first my honourable friend


makes an important point. We have looked at dismay at the gratuitous


destruction of part of our collective heritage in the Middle


East at the hands of a group of people nothing short of barbarians.


He will forgive me that it will not be appropriate to give advanced


billing of the Queen's Speech. I will simply say I know this is a


honourable friend the Secretary of honourable friend the Secretary of


State for culture and the government and I welcome what will be happening


into vulgar square, we need to work together across the world to protect


the architectural treasures and archaeological treasures that will


be a part of our heritage and those of future generations. My


constituent Mark Middle Hirst is in a critical condition in hospital in


Perth Western Australia after suffering a severe brain injury as a


need to raise over ?50,000 to make have travel


need to raise over ?50,000 to make the journey back to the UK,


accompanied by a medical team. And the Leader of the House asked the UK


Ambassador to Australia to make urgent representations on this and


ask the Foreign Secretary to publish a statement next week with the


response? Can I first extend my best wishes to him and his family and to


him personally for the wiki is doing? It is always distressing as


constituency members when we come across a tragic case like this. I


will this morning after this session may contact with the Foreign Office


to follow up the point he has raised. It's very unfortunate when


people travel without insurance and we will always advise constituents


not to do so but I am sure the diplomatic service will do


everything it can to help the family. Following the point made by


the honourable member for Newark, can I ask the Speaker if he will


meet up with the members of the all-party Parliamentary group on


cultural heritage to discuss the issue of the Hague Convention and


how we can ensure it does become part of UK law in the next Queen's


Speech? Happy to discuss the issue with my honourable friend and


State is here for questions next week so you can raise the issue with


him. It is a matter the government is well aware of. There are growing


concerns across the UK and Northern Ireland to do with Sharia law and


councils. The Leader of the House, there can never be two legal systems


in the UK, the law is created and processed as this only law of the


land. All the Leader of the House agreed this is a legal matter? Let's


be absolutely clear, we have one more of the land that applies to


every single citizen of this country, every


country, regardless of race, colour or creed. That is beyond question.


It can never different in my view. Where we have systems that offer


arbitration services within for example religious groups, those


alternately are not legally binding, they are automatically the only


place in our country delivering legally binding solutions, the


courts and people always have recourse to the courts in


challenging matters in their lives. I know this is a concern for the


Home Secretary, she will be here next week and I would encourage him


to raise those concerned with her as indeed I will.


Figures published today show there has been a 30% increase in acid


attacks over the last two years. Little attacks leaving victims with


a life sentence. Can we have a debate in this House on how to


tackle acid attacks? I had a brief discussion about this matter with


Home Office minister of biological. I know it is a matter of great


concern to Home Office ministers. They have been looking at issues


around acid attacks and have been discussing it in recent days. I will


make sure his concerns are raised make sure his concerns are raised


after the session. It is a matter of great concern. The lasting effect of


such an attacked on an individual can be life changing. Last Monday


saw the deadline passed for responses to the Greater Manchester


spatial framework consultation which sets out housing land supply for the


next 20 years. The fact that very few councillors in Greater


but the fact the public did not know taking place would be


but the fact the public did not know at all this consultation was taking


place is atrocious. Can we have a debate on the accountability of


combined authorities, particularly to the electorate, but also to the


councillors of the constituent councils? I listen carefully to what


he says. I will pass his concerns to the humanities and local government


and undoubtedly they will be concerned to ensure the new systems


are working effectively. There is a duty on councillors to convey to


their constituents what is happening. They need to try to make


sure the message get out. I was pleased that the Minister for


equalities welcomed the trans-report. May I divert my


expertise to the clerks for working out whether this has happened


before. As I understand it, there before. As I understand it, there


has not been a debate on the main floor of this House regarding the


trans-community. I think that would be a very sensible thing to do. The


deputy chair of the Backbench Business Committee is sitting there.


place, formal -- request from the place, formal -- request from the


committee needs to be played. That is an ideal opportunity for this


report to be debated. I suspect the issue has not been debated before in


this House. But it is a genuine one and needs to be discussed. The


leader of the House will be very well we are the feet of six British


sailors in Shanghai, including one sailors in Shanghai, including one


of my constituents. They were detained for two years and have now


been sentenced to five years in prison. It has caused great upset to


the men and their families. Could I ask the Foreign Office to make an


urgent statement to the House as soon as possible about what they


plan to do to help these men. I know the honourable gentleman has been a


vigorous campaigner on behalf of these gentlemen and their families.


After the session has finished, it will pass that message to the


Foreign Office and ask them to respond to him. Once a court has


ruled, it is a much more challenging situation to address because we have


to respect the Justice systems of other countries. If they choose to


appeal, I would expect usual consular access to be made


available. It has been reported that the President of America will be


visiting this country in May, no doubt as the start of his farewell


tour. It is is will be invited by the Prime


Minister to comment on the merits of Britain staying in the European


Union as part of an increasingly desperate attempt to shore up the


increasingly threadbare proposals for us to stay in the European


Union. With the leader of the House right to be knighted States


ambassador not only to welcome President Obama to this country but


to make it clear to the ambassador the president should not be


commenting on very important domestic issues important to the


people of this country? I think I can reassure my honourable friend


that I suspect such a letter is not that I suspect such a letter is not


needed because I have no doubt the American ambassador follows closely


the proceedings at in this chamber and those comments will be reported


to him. I'm sure that message will filter back to the Americans. Can we


have a debate on the rather bizarre decision reached by the fisheries


minister at the open opportunities meeting, whereby guild net fishing


the endangered bass species, whereas the endangered bass species, whereas


domestic anglers are told they are to have a zero bag take. It seems to


me and many domestic anglers and absolutely unfair decision that


stops their recreational fishing whilst increasing a huge take on an


Endangered Species Act by fishermen including in the fisheries industry


ministers construe it stay that constituency. She is not the first


one to raise this concern. I can understand why honourable members


think it is somewhat strange. I will ask my honourable friends to write


to her after this meeting to talk to her about the reason for that


government has a new years decision and what will happen next.


government has a new years resolution to further deregulate


Sunday trading in the forthcoming enterprise Bill? Why doesn't the


government which the results its Sunday trading consultation which


might have got lost in the Christmas decorations back? This is a New Year


is resolution which makes no business sense, no family sends and


should be broken as soon as possible. IPAQ this is an issue my


honourable friend feel strongly about. If any proposals are to be


brought forward, the House will be properly informed and all


appropriate information will be provided to the House. After the


legislative grant committee on Tuesday, there were some forlorn


looking clerks in the division lobbies packing away iPads which


were not used. Why not put them to use and record all divisions and the


House as the first step towards a 21st-century system of electronic


voting? I think that is the intention. House of Lords is already


using them. It seems logical we should do the same. The system is


now in place and it is my hope and expectation we move to general


recording in the near future. Businesses across York have been


devastated by flooding. Can we have a debate on funding available. Can


he make it clear that the best way to support such places is to visit


and take advantage of the fantastic amenities. York is a large place.


The floods were damaging part of York. We should be encouraging


people into the city to visit, to people into the


shop, eat and rent and make sure the economy flourishes. That is true of


other places affected by flooding as well. Next week, the High Court will


hear a judicial review regarding a civil partnership. This is a matter


for Parliament. Will he find government time to legislate to


allow different sex couples to enter civil partnerships? He makes a point


that he has made before. If this is that he has made before. If


a matter before the courts, it is not appropriate to start discussing


it today. The government does not currently have proposals to make a


change, but it is always something we will keep under review. The


energy secretary has noted her frustration that the foul in


wholesale prices has been passed on to consumers. Frankly, my


constituents want to know what action will be taken. Can we have a


statement on what she will do to help hard-pressed businesses and


households from paying through the nose? Shop around. The have been


reductions in price. We have taken significant steps to try to


encourage a broader range of providers in the market. It has


risen from six to 30. We should try everything we can to help encourage


people to switch easily. Can we have a report from the museum Association


that reveals nearly one in five regional museums have closed part of


their facilities to the public. The North of England has been


disproportionately affected. We can't dictate what local authorities


do with their money, but in Mr -- in the Spending Review we protected the


money going to cultural institutions because we recognise the importance.


It is for a local councils to set It is for a local councils to set


their own local priorities. The leader of the House will be aware


that the Welsh grand committee meets from time to time. I believe he


appeared once in Wrexham. Members may make representations and speak


in either English or Welsh. However, when the Welsh grand committee meets


in this place in a committee room, members are only permitted to use


English. There are two official languages in Wales. We have Welsh


grand committee coming up on three February. Will he commit that all


Welsh? She makes a serious point. We Welsh? She makes a serious point. We


will look at that. Clearly it is important in Wales that happens. I


was not aware that was not possible in this building. I will look at


that for. Every piece of evidence shows that scrapping student grants


will deter students from Hoover backgrounds. Isn't this about


democracy? We have a proposal not contained within the Conservative


manifesto affecting over half a million people and it will be


shoddy way to do the government number of people. Isn't that


shoddy way to do the government should show the courage of their


convictions and allow a full debate and a full vote on the floor of this


House. If the Labour Party feels as strongly today about this, there is


an opposition Day on Tuesday it could use to debate this issue.


Statutes of this kind cannot pass into law against the wishes of the


voted upon on the floor of the size. voted upon on the


Every night, we address motions at the end of the day. If they


disagree, they will vote against them. I will remind him. The number


of young people from deprived backgrounds going to university has


increased, not decreased. Can we have government time to debate


cervical smearing for women under 25? Too many have died after being


refused a smear test? They are being erroneously diagnosed as having a


human infection. It is time to offer young women tests and promote more


to encourage take-up of smear tests amongst women of all


Will I make the Health Secretary aware of her point. Today we have a


debate on space technology, in sharp contrast, the leader of the House


hardly supports 20 for six -- 21st-century technology. Because


normal e-mails are not secure. I am secure that it implies that MP's


e-mails are not sink your. Kimi ever e-mails are not sink your.


proper ministerial statement and debate on the security of the IT


system? Mr Speaker, the honourable gentleman makes an important point.


On these e-mails, it is a matter being discussed as a matter of


ongoing concern. The new head of security has discussed the


importance of the integrity and security of e-mail systems. I give


assurance to the House that this is indeed the case. Point of order, Mr


Chris Bryant. The leader of the House has twice that that the


student Finance measure that was being considered at 11:30 a.m.,


there will automatically be a vote of the whole House, on the remaining


orders of the day. But is not the case. I would say this gently to the


leader of the House commie does not understand the rules


Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling. Followed by select committee statement on the UK's delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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