11/02/2016 Business Questions


Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to leader of the Commons Chris Grayling.

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Bryant. While the absentees part-tile Leader


of the House gives us the btsiness for next week?


It is a pleasure to respond to this urgent question from the minister


responsible. Mr Speaker, Monday the 22nd of February, next week, the


lead after next, after the half term recess, we will have the second


reading of the Northern Ireland Stormont agreement and


implementation plan Bill and I would expect the Prime Minister to make a


statement following the European Council meeting. On the 23rd of


February we will have consideration of the Lords amendment to the


welfare reform and work well for the pie consideration of the amdndments


to the education and adoption bill for the buy business to be nominated


by the Backbench Business Committee. On the 24th of February it will be


an Opposition Day on the subject to be announced. On Thursday the 2 th


of February there will be a general debate on European affairs. On


Friday the 26th of February we will consider Private Members' Bhll s.


The provisional business thd week commencing the 29th of Febrtary


includes on Monday the 29th of February the 1st allotted d`y for


estimates, a debate on the science budget, followed by a debatd on end


of life care. On the 1st of March, the second allotted day for


estimates, a debate on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the 2015


Spending Review, followed bx a debate on reform of the polhce


funding formula. At seven o'clock in the evening the House will be asked


to agree all outstanding estimates and further details will be given in


the official report. I will inform the House that the business


investment for the 23rd of February will be a debate on the sevdnth


reporting the communities Bhll on letter in England.


Let me first pay tribute to Harry Hartmann. There are a few mhners


left in this House and I know that my constituents in the Rhondda will


want to Marquez passing with a warm salute. Talking of miners, H would


like to wish the honourable member a happy 84th birthday. He has still


got the drive of a 40-year-old! Mr Speaker, I hope that the re`der s


announcement but you all excited and that you wear tingling. I al


genuinely excited, because hf you read between the lines, you will


have spotted that Monday thd 22nd of February is going to be a vdry, very


special day indeed. It is not just that the Prime Minister is laking a


statement on the EU Council, far more importantly, the 22nd of


February 2016 will be the d`y that the government abandons collective


responsibility on the Europdan Union. Cabinet ministers will be


hurtling down the corridors of power to get to television studios to be


the first to go live on air to declare themselves someone who wants


to leave Europe. Forget the liberation of Paris, forget free


Nelson Mandela, the 22nd of February 2016 will be known as the n`tional


liberation of Chris Grayling de By your Bunting no, Mr Speaker Talking


of the 22nd of February, thd leader has announced finally that the


mystery second reading Bill which will be a Northern Ireland Bill


while the Leader of the House ensure that the committee and report stages


of that bill are taking on the floor of the House so that all Northern


Ireland members can take part in the debate? Can the Leader of the House


is tell us when State Opening of Parliament will be this year? We


have fixed term Parliaments now so will it be in the month of Lay even?


If it is going to be then, there are four possible Wednesdays, the 4th of


May is the day before local elections, that is out. The 25th of


May is just before the bank holiday, so will it be the 11th or the 1 th?


Come on. The 11th or the 18th? Or is the government intending to keep


this session going indefinitely beyond the European referendum into


the autumn and next year? If so there are no more private mdmbers


days allocated on Fridays, so bold that they don't give us mord dates


for Private Members' Bill 's? We have been saying for a whild that


the Trade Union Bill is partisan, petty minded and vindictive. But now


we know that the government believes that to be the case as well. The


minister in charge, he has written to the Leader of the House telling


him that large chunks of thd bill needs to be redrafted. Would you


believe it, simply because they are not rational, his own words. He


seeks clarity on concessions to ease handling in the House of Lords. One


of the concessions he is thhnking about making relates to checking


off, this is the system whereby most trade union members have thdir unit


subscriptions deducted from their pay and sent to their union by their


employer. The government wants to warn that entirely but the leaked


letter makes it clear that that would be illegal to do so in


Scotland and in Wales because of devolution. But how on earth can it


be correct for the government to ban it at all? At the government's own


website, it makes it clear that this arrangement is entirely voltntary.


It tells us that there is no legal requirement for your employdr to do


this. So for petty -- petty partisan advantage, a Conservative government


is intending to outlaw the Beverly rational, sensible and priv`te


contract between employer and employee. How on does that fit with


Adam Smith. When the ball w`s in this House, the Conservativd member


for Stafford wisely tabled ` sensible amendment to allow checking


off to continue. Why does the Leader of the House not stand up to date


and tell us that is one of the concessions that they will lake


Speaking on the Trade Union Bill, a crossbencher said that if ever there


was some evidence that the hntention of the spill was perhaps not


entirely honourable, it is hn the refusal to about health tonhc


balloting. Mr Speaker, would it not be utterly hypocritical to campaign


for the Tory candidate for the Mayor of London who was elected bx Tory


members in a bar that whilst refusing to allow trade union


members to re-ballot their own members? And what the government


backed down on its preposterous 50% threshold proposal for strike


action? How many MPs would sit in this House if we had to get 50% of


the electorate? Can you be Durkan from not a single Conservathve MP


achieved that? The Leader of the House only got 43% of the


electorate, so by his own logic he should not be present here. But by


his own attendance record comedy is not your enemy. What really


fascinates me, Mr Speaker about this letter that was sent to the Leader


of the House, was that this was not leaked, it was not linked to the


Times or the male of the Dahly Telegraph, but to the Socialist


worker. What is going on, Mr Speaker? Is there something that the


reader wants to tell us? Can we have a debate on pork barrel polhtics?


After all, the government w`s so terrified of losing its loc`l govern


allocation Mr Dyke that it bought off its own members with a special


slush fund of ?300 million of taxpayers money. How on earth did


they decide how this money was going to be allocated? Did Tory mhnisters


sit down with their address books and shout at the postcodes of their


friends and relatives and pdople who went to the black and white ball


past the Local Government Mhnister notched up ?21 million for Surrey,


?19 million for hard up Hampshire, 16 million for Hampshire and 9


million each for Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire? Why on earth are the


poorest councils in the land with the toughest circumstances `nd with


multiple levels of deprivathon getting not a single penny of extra


money whilst the richest ard showered in ?5.3 million? It is


thoroughly disreputable, it is Robin Hood in reverse.


Mr Speaker, he is completelx incapable of keeping his relarks


within five minutes. Can I begin by echoing his comments about our


colleague, Harry. It is alw`ys a tragedy when any member of this


House passes Abe, particularly a tragedy when someone passes after


such a short period of time in this House. I would echo the sentiments


of all honourable members and sent wishes to his family. I would extend


to the member opposite, although I suspect he will not join my iBook


the Shadow Leader would. He is a great champion of equality hssues,


and celebrating the 41st anniversary of the first women party le`der in


this country. A women who bdcame one of our greatest prime ministers a


great leader of this countrx and I am sure that he would want to


celebrate her achievements hn demonstrating that the Consdrvative


Party is the one that reallx creates opportunities for all. As wd heard


just a day, there is no doubt about the winner of this week's qtote of


the week award, or deer, or my God, or dear, I need to go one dressed in


a darkened room. But was not about the parties stunning success in


launching the campaign in Nottingham, in Nottingham, hn a city


which has this year no local elections.


This is the madness that has no end of the Labour Party. He has


credibility in the Shadow C`binet. I am pleased to confirm the Northern


Ireland Bill will receive its second reading on the 22nd of Febrtary I


would like to replace on record as to place on record my thanks to all


those involved in the negothations to the publication of this Bill I


am also grateful for the discussions that have taken place betwedn the


government and opposition p`rties about this Bill. The only strprising


thing is that when the Shadow leader started jumping up and down about


the second reading on the 22nd last week, no one on his side had


apparently bothered to tell him that all of these discussions were


happening. He is not much in the loop with his party these d`ys. He


asks that this session for debate after debate, but when I give him


and his colleagues and opposition day and they pick their subject it


is virtually never on the things he says is important. This morning I


gave him a new opposition d`y, but I bet his party still do not listen to


him. But it has not been a great week for him anyway. He man`ged to


turn an important debate about domestic violence about one whether


Welsh rugby fans should sing at Tom Johnson song at the start of


matches. He even ended up in a spat with the songwriter who said he did


not even know what the song was about. He may love the sound of his


own voice, but now one is lhstening to him. The roads around my


constituency have been gridlocked due to the closure of a small


country road used as a short cut. Ember of my constituency had to wait


20 minutes for an ambulance due to traffic congestion. How can we get


this bypass built so my constituents and the honourable gentleman talked


about, up and running? I know that the department is considering road


improvement in his area, but I know that he has an adjournment debate


planned for next week. Can H thank the leader for announcing the


business for the week after next. On these pensions, can be passdd on


condolences to the family of Harry Harpam. We may have had


disagreements initially abott sharing this bench, but we could not


have a finer member to shear the bench with, so happy birthd`y to


him. There is not much love coming in the way of the Leader of the


House because we saw that rdport this morning from the public


administration committee, and what a report it was. Hopefully thhs will


start to see the death knell of the absurdity of Evel. A Conservative


cheer... Can we not just adlit that this dogs breakfast has no purpose.


It is deeply, deeply divisive. Let us call back to equality of


membership, not division by nationality or geographic location.


We have tried it, it failed, let us now move on. We all remember being


told there was no such thing as Barnett formula consequenti`l is,


and that they would be found in the estimates process. Yet we h`ve no


difference in the way we ard debating estimates. How are we


supposed to discuss consequdntial is when the speakers disregard it? We


cannot find it in anything to do with the estimates. Everyond is


working extremely hard to gdt a deal on the fiscal framework, and


hopefully the select committee report will help find a solttion to


the difficult and fragile conversations. There seems to be a


real distance to go in the coming together of minds for the no


detriment principal. What h`ppens if there is no agreement reachdd? What


would happen to the Scotland Bill if there was no fiscal framework


agreement met? Can he rule out. . The Leader of the House was asked


when we made expect a debatd about Trident, and we got the usu`l


response that it will be solething. I would hope he would rule this out.


He is not using the chaos and crisis on this issue to play games on


something as important as this. He will bring a critical decishon to


this House regardless of thd mess they are in. I think he was right to


echo the birthday wishes. Wd look back Mr Alger Cueto last sulmer to


the mornings when the Scotthsh Nationalists and the more union


focused members of the Labotr Party rushed for those seats until they


had reached a peace agreement on accommodation, and happiness has


rained on those benches ever since. He asked about English votes. The


processes are bedded down pretty well in this House, and I h`ve to


say that I do not accept wh`t he says about the changes we h`ve put


in place. Ever in the manifdsto set out in detail, they are the right


thing to do, and at the momdnt it is still the case that his


responsibilities are very dhfferent from mine. I have a responshbility


for issues which are the responsibility of the Scotthsh


Government in his constituency. So it is only right we give England a


fierce a as well. I have always regarded him as an influenthal


member of this House but I would say that the topics for the esthmates


debate are picked by the li`ison committee, and he is a membdr of the


leave the -- liaison committee, so is another straight position to


secure the debates that he wants. What went wrong? Why did he not get


the debates he wanted? He ndeds to back to his colleagues and try


better next time. He asked `bout what happens if the politic`l


framework does not work. I will not understand the concept of f`ilure.


It is in his parties interest to do the right thing for Scotland, and


hours. I'm sure we will do that We will bring forward the meastre for


debate in due course. In thd meantime we are enjoying thd


spectacle of the utter chaos on the Labour benches, and even those


doggedly determined to hang on to their jobs could avoid the reality


that they are in total shambles While the word focuses on the crisis


in Syria, it is too easy to overlook the unfolding crisis in Afrhca. The


drought in Ethiopia is putthng at risk the death of a million people


who are in desperate need of food aid. The government has responded


but much more needs to be done. Can the House considered this as a


matter of urgency? Given th`t we are on recess next week, will hd bring


this matter to the attention of his right honourable friend the


Secretary of State for International Development, to see what urgent


relief can be brought to thdse people? All of us would reg`rd


current situation is enormotsly distressing. Discussions have


already taken place within government about this, the


government is already providing ?11 million more of aid and we will


continue to do everything wd can to alleviate this dreadful crisis. Will


the Leader of the House makd time to debate the manifesto commitlent to


install smart meters in every household by 2020? This movd will


help end the prepay riff off if those customers involved in the


roll-out. -- rip-off. We ard trying to ensure consumers get a bdtter


deal, and we will make more of it information available soon. She may


also want to bring this to the floor of the House to do the backbench


business committee or through an adjournment debate. We are going


over the top about the European debate. The only place it whll make


a decision to stop this is the House of Commons. Can we please h`ve time


to debate in government timd so that all members across this House can


have a say on the EU referendum before it takes its own lifd and we


start to get more and more hnnuendos on the front of the press. Can the


government make some dates `vailable to discuss what we really w`nt. Can


I congratulate him on the role he has taken up on the Council of


Europe. This is enormously important. We will be making time


available for a debate. The debate that takes place in this Hotse and


country needs to be measured, based on facts and information. All this


about Project fear and innudndo actually we have to table


information and make arguments in a measured way so the public can make


an informed decision before voting in the summer or whenever it is The


backbench business committed was aware that there was a posshbility


of getting some time, and there are number of debates we would like to


table. But it is now only d`ys away, and we have not been told there will


be guaranteed time for such a debate. There is an important issue


on gangs and youth violence, but we would be wearied to table that


unless we get think it would get a good airing. There are other debates


that time sensitive, one on Welsh affairs which we would like to have


close to St David's Day, and one on International women's Day, which we


would like to have close to the 18th of March as possible. Could we get


some undertakings about such progress? I am aware of the requests


for those debates, and that is something we are discussing and will


seek to find the best way of making that happen. There should bd plenty


of time on Tuesday week, and I will be confident that there will be time


for the debate that they. If you look back on the last few wdeks it


has tended to work, but we will keep the matter under review. Today the


report on the draft investigatory Powers Bill was published. This week


we had a report by the Intelligence and Security Committee on the same


issue. There is a lot of public interest on this. Would the Leader


of the House ensure there is sufficient time allotted to


consideration of what the Prime Minister have described as the most


important part of this? Canonised breast thanks to the


people involved in scrutinising this bill. You are quite correct, we need


time to scrutinise this and debated. It will come in front of thhs is


shortly and we must make sure that people have the opportunity to do


with the issues and it fullx. The Prime Minister makes a great


play that this is part of hhs European negotiations, does the


reader not get embarrassed `bout the fact that a debate on Europdan


affairs will be after these negotiations, rather than the


government having given the properties that what this p`lm of


things should be negotiating on I do not think, Mr Speaker that


anyone in this House has bedn short of opportunities recently to make


their views known across thd size. We haven't extended statement and


opportunities for questions. I do not think that as the Prime Minister


has gone into these negotiations he has been under any illusions that


the differences that exist hn this House.


I know that the Leader of the House is not going to tell us tod`y the


date of the forthcoming deb`te vote on Trident successor submarhnes but


can he at least tell the Hotse whether or not the government has


made up its mind to hold thhs debate soon or whether it is deterlined to


spin things out and told thd Labour Party Conference in October?


Mr Speaker, as my rate on the friend the Prime Minister made cle`r


yesterday, he will bring forward this matter for debate at an


appropriate moment. In the leantime, perhaps we can have a debatd about


these mysterious underwater clones which all render Trident redundant


will come from? An Egyptian TV presenter and


researcher hosted a religiots talk show. He was sentenced to fhve years


in prison and hard labour. On the 2nd of February and 2016 of this


year a court upheld his symptoms. The TV show that he posted was a way


to debate Islamic interpret`tions which comes under freedom of


religion or belief. They have violated their obligations by


upholding his sentence. With the Leader of the House tell us the


steps that this covenant is taking to secure his release?


The honourable gentleman makes an important point, I will makd sure


that his concerns are drawn to the attention of the Foreign Secretary,


who will, of course, be before the sows on Tuesday beat and yot can put


that point to him. I will m`ke sure he is aware of the concerns raised


today. Mr Speaker, a few things upset my


constituents, but none more so than the new housing development and


local infrastructure and doctors and schools, the Housing Ministdr


recently in the housing bubble emphasised the importance of local


councils giving due consideration to impact on infrastructure, while the


Leader of the House give a written statement from the Housing Linister


so that local councils can have proper guidance on how to apply that


principle? Mr Speaker, this is an important


point, it is essential that as development takes place and we do


need more housing Minister day, but that the resources are available


through development schemes as well as smart local planning to dnsure


that the appropriate infrastructure is in place. She makes an ilportant


point and I will make sure that ministers are aware of the concerns


she has raised. In the 70s and 80s, at least eight


young boys in my constituency where sexually abused in homes in the


north of Wales. The report has been on the guest of government linisters


for at least two months. We understand some of it may bd


redacted. If this is truly `n independent report, why is the


government sitting upon it? Mr Speaker, I do not know the


reasons for the timing of the report, I was setting it up in the


first place when I held the role of Justice Secretary. I will p`y


tribute to that distinguishdd judge who will have done the job `s


effectively as possible. I will make sure the concern you have r`ised is


passed to my right honourable friend, the current Justice


Secretary, and clearly, knew we wanted to do the right things by the


victims. Mr Speaker, you will be delhghted to


know that at 1015 this mornhng, my petition to save the hedgehog went


live. It can be found at a specific website, I can tell you it later.


Stanley Odd is my right honourable friend to archrival members of this


House to gather signatures to ensure we have a father debate on saving


the hedgehog. I am sure that everyone of ts in the


South Today will commend my friend for his determination to pursue this


course and for his determin`tion to pursue the protection of a noble


species, I congratulate him on what he is doing, the hedgehog is an


integral part of our countrx's wildlife. It is, despite wh`t the


Shadow Leader says, a very noble species and an important part of our


national heritage. I commend him for the work that he is doing. H have no


doubt that the petition comlittee when he comes forward with that


there will be made time avahlable for a debate on that.


My constituent received a two-week fixed penalty notice. One for


exiting a car parked in front of the wrong exit, another for parking in a


business permit to be. As a result, he was told that he had failed the


good character requirement for British citizenship. So, cotld we


have a debate on proportion`te decision-making in the Home Office?


It is difficult for me to comment on the individual case, clearlx we


would want those people who are pie for citizenship to be of good


character, but I accept his point, the system has gone wrong b`dly


someone must do something about it. The Home Secretary will be here on


Monday week for oral questions, I suggest he put that question forward


then. Will the Leader of the Housd join me


in congratulating the University hospitals of Leicester star NHS


Trust who opened the new di`lysis unit in Kettering? It is a state of


the art first class ultramodern world standard kidney dialysis unit


located near the centre of the town. Can we have a statement frol the


Department of Health listing all of the new infrastructure investments


in our NHS which are going to make a world of difference to patidnts who


need them? My honourable friend makes ` very


important point. I am sure this investment was helped on its way by


the effectively in which he represents the tone of Kettdring.


What I would tell them is that he highlights a very real new


investment that is taking place around the National Health Service,


new treatments, new equipment all as a result of the extra funding we are


putting into the health service Something that the opposition party


did not want to do and that the Labour Party in Wales is not doing.


Thank you, Mr Speaker. I have a constituent, a single mother of a


daughter. She suffers from depression, she has been di`gnosed


with dyslexia, she had not had any benefits since July and as len at


risk of infection having bedn sanctioned no fewer than five times.


She has not been informed of her rights. Can the Leader of the House


ensure that she will get a full investigation by ministers


personally on this issue? It is difficult for me to comment on


the individual case but of the honourable lady writes to md with


details of it, I will pass back to the respective ministers to look at


the situation. One of the challenges we will face


over the coming years as thd need to address our skills gap, not least in


terms of engineering. Can wd have a debate on the provision of puality


careers advice in our schools and colleges?


This is something that I know is a matter of great importance to the


Education Secretary and the something that she is working on at


the moment. My honourable friend makes an important point, ensuring a


smooth transition from school and college into work is an essdntial


part of securing the economhc future of this country and one of the


things we are trying to do to strengthen that is to incre`se the


number of apprenticeships and to make clear to young people that the


Apprenticeship Week can be ` powerful and successful route into


work for them. Can we have government time for a


debate on a consultation on tips and gratuities? His colleague confirmed


in a written answer this morning that no government response is a


minute. One hotel chain has appeared to take a 50% cut from tips and use


it to top up the pay of senhor managers, something describdd as


standard industry practice. Can you in confirming this is unaccdptable


and artist colleagues to take action?


I have taken the view that hf someone is given a tip, thex should


keep it or it should be shared amongst other members of st`ff. I


know this is an issue the sdcond state takes seriously and I will


make sure this concern is p`stor. Marston football club in my


constituency established in 190 is fighting for survival, many matches


have been postponed because of a flooded pitch and also the clubhouse


was raided. This comes at a time of a record TV deal in the Prel beat


and we have spoken about ticket pricing in the Premier Leagte. Can


we have a debate about the finances in football to make sure th`t not


only fans get a fair deal btt committee football clubs do as well?


-- Premier League. My honourable friend makes an important point


Local football clubs are an essential part of local comlittees


and that is the case in his constituency. I will make stre that


is passed on to my honourable friend the Sports Minister. I would


congratulate him and those `t the club for working to raise charitable


funds for the air ambulance service, that suggest to me that this is a


really engaged group of people and an engaged couple trying to do the


right thing for the local community. Today the Minister of Justice will


publish a written statement which may close over 80 courts in England


and Wales, surely, Mr Speakdr, a statement of this magnitude must be


made on the floor of the Hotse so that ministers can be held to


account. Can we have an oral statement on this following the


recess? This is something that has been


under consideration for somd time, the secretary of state has been here


on several occasions, this has been raised, discussed and debatdd


previously. It is right that the gum brings forward its conclusions to


end this uncertainty. Thank you, Mr Speaker, so it is the


year of the monkey this week and I fear this brings out a mystdrious


street and people. Mr Speakdr, I am not sure if you are beer, btt you


are a rabbit. Some traits are being gentle, elegant, alert, quick and


kind. So please be kind to ly! The Leader of the House is indedd a


tiger. Often known for being overindulgent, but also known for


bravery. Well, you have got to be brave to go up against the diligent,


dependable, full of strength and determination, the shadow Ldader of


the House, our ox. Many readers may or may not know that the Ch`ncellor


is a tag. Sorry, he is a pack. But I will be that there and simply ask


that the Leader of the Housd joins the two wish my Chinese Jim Eadie,


who are enjoying celebrations this weekend with a happy Chinesd New


Year. That night he is a kite. - he is a termite.


Yes, I would join and wish `ll Chinese members of committeds across


Britain a happy New Year. I must say that I would rather be a tiger than


an aux! Yesterday I collected the stpply


estimates which despite running to 700 pages describes itself `s a


booklet. Can the Minister tdll me what opportunities as a member of


Scotland, I will have to debate and amend the specifics of this booklet


if I think it has Barnett Formula consequential strike Eagle


legislation and what is the deadline for tabling those?


This is a matter for the Li`ison Committee. His honourable friend


sitting next to him as on that committee, I can't be wrong person


to ask. Thank you, Mr Speaker. Everx day we


see tragic pictures of people fleeing the horror of Aleppo. We see


anxiety building as they ard refused entry into Turkey. We fear that they


will make their way across the Mediterranean into Europe. Can we


have one day of debate on the international crisis that is facing


the world, flooding out of Serbia and how we take responsibilhty for


the crisis that is largely being treated by the Assad regime and


Russia? I think all of us see what hs


happening in Aleppo and are distressed. We want to see peace in


that country. As you will know, the secretary of state was in this House


at the beginning of this wedk, addressing this issue. We whll


continue to put substantial amounts of aid into Serbia and the


surrounding areas. She will know that the recent Serie A conference


in London raised more money in windy than any previous event of hts kind.


I can assure her that in so far as possible for us to do so, this


country will do all that we can to facilitate peace in Syria and the


reconstruction of that country and the opportunity for people to return


to their homes. -- Syria. Many of us were critical of the


World Health Organisation in its slowness in dealing with thd Ebola


virus disaster in west Africa. There is another crisis emerging from


Brazil, the Zika virus. It hs spreading throughout South @merica


and beyond. Could we have an urgent debate on this Zika virus and what


the impact that is good to have on the rest of the world, and can be


large the W H all and other great charities that did step into the


beach to act on a ball at qtickly and act now.


This is still a matter of great international concern. The tragedy


coming from South America, the impact on pregnant women and babies,


it is enormously distressing. The government will do all it c`n to


help play a role to tackle this crisis. I have no doubt that my


right honourable friends, the Foreign Secretary and the... I am


sure they will do everything they can to make sure there is an


appropriate response. During last week's debate on violence against


women, there was a comment `bout discussing human rights -- women's


writes, is there any date on this matter, and Kenny asked the


Secretary of State -- can hd asked the Secretary of State by the gizmo


update if not. I will make sure the Minister is aware of the concern


that has been raised. The British Retail Consortium's crime rdport for


2014 - 2015 found that therd were 24 issues of violence and abusd power


1000 employees, that is up from the previous year. -- for the two


issues. Can we have an urgent debate about this an acceptable level of


violence against a retail workers? Any violence against the retail


worker is unacceptable. The police have many powers to deal with them,


and to charge and prosecute, and I hope the police would see this as an


important area to take action. Double secretary will be here on


Monday week, so she is welcome to also raise this with her. The Leader


of the House will probably be aware that within very short order we have


had two debates in Westminster regarding the Lubavitch downgrading


of assets, and allegations of collusion between banks,


receivers... In the case of my constituent,... Over ten cross-party


MPs have written to the seldct committee chaired to ask if he will


look at this urgently. I have also asked the Serious Fraud Offhce to


have a meeting. Is it not thme for a debate on this matter and for the


Serious Fraud Office to invdstigate these very serious allegations? I am


not aware of these allegations, but he will have our response from the


select committee. It is also a matter that the business department


should be aware of, and I whll make sure they are. A warning given by a


senior Japanese industrialist that the continuing financial fi`sco of


Hinkley point is damaging the reputation of Britain


internationally and threatening further investment. Can we recognise


the problems are terminal and changed to practical technology of


tidal power, that is clean, British, free and eternal? Well, as he knows,


the government's policy is not to put all eggs in one basket. We have


done more than any government regarding renewable energy, but we


believe we need a mix of generation in the future, and that will include


nuclear. Is a point that, c`n I ask the Leader of the House of the


government intends to make ` statement or hold a debate hn


government time on the contradictory statements he is making in relation


to the government's and the trade union Bill. I am referring to the


aforementioned letter for the Minister of skills and qualhties,


which is in contrast with the answer he provided to me on the 2nd of


February, saying there would be no concessions on facility timd in


check. Could the Leader of the House tell us what was his answer to this,


or is that also the exclusive property of the Socialist worker


newspaper? The issues will be discussed in the other placd and in


this place, and we have to wait until then to debate them.


The shadow Leader of the Hotse is right, we need a debate on good


governance. Need to weighing up the decisions for that settlement. In a


society that is free, able to express individual views, none of us


seek to gather relatives, even if they agree with us. Can we have a


debate about the operation of the child maintenance regulations? I


have a constituent whose 17,year-old daughter has moved out of the family


home into a third-party property against the will of the famhly, and


they have no requested a cl`im of child maintenance against that


family. This is an immenselx complex area but most of us who havd been in


this House for a long period of time had extensively experienced


frustrations with. We all sdek to bring individual cases to the


relevant authorities and we will continue to do so, and I am


confident the ministers will do their best to ensure the regime in


place will deal with the ch`llenges they face in the tragic sittations


around family breakdown. On the 21st of January I asked for the Leader of


the House to get the meeting the prime Minister promised with my


constituents regarding the scandal of the baby Ashes. I have hdard


nothing. I also asked the Mhnister for Justice and the 26th of January,


and I have not heard from hdr either. Politicians need to keep


their promises, and we would like this meeting. I have checked on this


and I think she has possiblx misinterpreted the response. If the


ministerial meeting has not come through I will follow it today. The


flooding in your was devast`ting for so many because so many could not


afford insurance. The government still have not applied for the EU


Solidarity fund. Can we havd an urgent statement as to why that has


not taken place and what progress is being made? The government's


approach is being trying to get finance on those who need it


quickly, rather than complicated bidding processes. If you look at


the amounts of money providdd, I think we have done the right thing.


Last Saturday marked the 126th anniversary of the landmark colliery


disaster in my constituency in which a number of men and boys lost their


lives. Can we have a debate on the sacrifices made by miners and their


families and communities ovdr generations? There is no dotbt that


mining communities played a huge role in this country. They provided


the energy which kept this country going for decades. I am glad that


today we can provide energy sources from a variety of different areas so


we do not have too subject those workers to those conditions today.


Order. Statement, the Secretary of State for health, Secretary Jeremy


Hunt. Nearly three years ago today the government first sat down with


the British Medical Association to negotiate a contract for junior


doctors. Both sides agreed that the current arrangements drawn tp in


1999 were not fit for purpose. And that the system of paying for a


unsociable hours was unfair. Under the existing contact, Dutch


contract, doctors can receive different pay for different


unsociable hours. Doctors p`ying nights can be paid the same as those




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