03/03/2016 Business Questions


Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to leader of the Commons Chris Grayling.

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Scotland is unthinkable. Isn't EVEL right for our Brit and -- right for


abolition? I have to say, I totally disagree with him. Starting with


next week, on Monday 7th of March, we will have the second reading of


the policing and crime Bill. On Tuesday the 8th of March, we will


have the remaining stages of the enterprise Bill, followed by a


debate on International women's Day, subject determined by the backbench


business committee on Wednesday the 9th of March, we will have the


concluding stages of the enterprise Bill. Followed by consideration of


further Lords amendments. On Thursday the 10th of March, the


remaining stages of the Northern Ireland Stormont agreement. The


subjects for this debate was determined by the backbench business


committee. On Friday 11th of March, we will consider Private members


bills. The following week, the remaining stages of the energy bill.


On Tuesday the 15th of March, the second reading of the investigatory


panel spill, followed by consideration of Lords amendments.


And when the 16th of March, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will


deliver his budget statement. On Thursday the 17th of March, there


will be a continuation of the budget debate. On Friday the 18th of March,


the house will not be sitting. Before Christmas, I indicated we


would provide regular updates on the situation in Syria and I would say


to the house at their will be a further statement shortly on matters


related to that. They have been to fire alarms in the palace this week,


and on both occasions, there was a great deal of confusion among


members and members of the public who were there, so can I urge their


Needed to initiate a review of these arrangements as soon as possible?


Last week, I asked whether the Beaded is planning to delay the


Queens speech until after the referendum. He refused to answer,


which is as usual, but we all now know that there government is


intending to extend this session beyond the 23rd of June, because


Downing Street has told the Times. I know the leader of the houses not


allowed to see government papers any more, but


tell us, what will the timetable be? Members from across the house and


for that matter, the staff who work in this building, or want answers to


these questions. There is a terrible news about the Times article,


Downing Street has also said there will be a reshuffle after the


referendum and that the leader of those tops the list of those who's


going to be sacked. I am beginning to feel very sorry for so have been


searching the jobs pages for him the only thing that seemed suitable was


working as an unpaid voluntary in turn for the honourable member for


Bath. But he says in a job description that he wants someone


who is a good team player, so that rules the Reader. All the other jobs


only want someone with a good sense of humour. Need I say more? Nobody,


I am sure the Prime Minister will give the reader of the house are


going reference. The last parliament was a zombie Parliament, four months


the house had no proper business. Now we have the return of the living


dead. They walk amongst us, they look like ministers, they are paid


like ministers, but they're doomed. They hate the Prime Minister, he'd


be the key is damaging our economy and putting our security at risk.


The only thing that is keeping them here is the extra salary they will


get by June. How does the government intend to fill the business between


now and June. Here are my suggestions. I have married a lot of


people in my time, to one another, as a vicar, that is. But it has


always seemed odd to me that marriage certificates include the


names of the fathers of the people getting married, but not the


mothers. There will be enough time to do that in this session. There is


a Private members Bill to be considered tomorrow. I doesn't the


government adopted or help put into committee? I am delighted the


government is no longer going to water down Freedom of information,


but should be extended to private companies engaged in public sector


contracts? And can the Leader tell us how much their preposterous


review cost? He might as well tell us now, because if he doesn't, will


put in her Freedom information requested have to tellers anyway.


Thirdly, I am glad that Adele did so well at the Trips last week, but


tickets for concerts are selling for a ridiculous amounts second-hand.


When is the review of the ticket we still market going to be published?


When will the government legislate to put an end to this pernicious


secondary market? We have long been calling for a parliamentary require


any into concussion and sport. This week, doctors and health experts


have written to the government, asking for a ban on tackling in


rugby. I don't want youngsters wrapped in cotton wool, but it is 12


years since the West Bromwich footballer died of a brain injury


brought on by heading the ball. It is five years ago since rugby player


then Robinson died of secondary impact. Isn't it time that we set up


a proper Parliamentary enquiry to make sure that we get all the facts


out there? Finally, next week sees the 100th anniversary of Harold


Wilson's breath. He gave women control over their own property for


the first time, and their own bodies. He abolished the death


penalty. He decriminalised homosexuality, he introduced the


first race relations act and he won the referendum to stay in Europe. He


ended censorship, created the open University and the arts Council, and


for that matter, under him, we won the Eurovision Song contest. Three


times. Three times more than we've ever won it under the Tories. Is it


not outrageous that we have is statue of Margaret Thatcher, who


made my constituents lives miserable, but just a bust of Harold


Wilson, who made this country a civilised society? I was hoping that


we would win the Eurovision Song contest next year. Of course, it is


necessary with fire drills to carry them out. Lessons will be learned,


but I give my thanks to all the officers of the hose who were


involved in the fire drill. They will now be working to make sure our


processes are appropriate and suitable for the future. On the


Queen's Speech, we will announce the date of the Queen's Speech when we


have decided the date of the Queen's Speech. As always, he makes the


mistake of thinking that what he reads in the race is what is


actually going to happen. They will take our decision on the Queen's


Speech and we will announce it to this size as always. We have to be


mindful of the need to make sure business and recess goes ahead.


I have just set out plans for a second reading of the police and


crime Bill next week. I announced the investigatory Powers Bill, a


crucial bill to allow us to enable to defend our country. If he thinks


that is a feature of a zombie Parliament, he does not know what


zombie means. Mr Speaker, can I echo, though, his comments about the


work done tentatively by members across his house, including why the


number for Daventry? I know how serious an issue this is. Just


outside my constituency we have the children's trust at Tadworth Court


which does a brilliant job of helping children who have had the


most terrible of experiences. This issue should be a matter of concern


across all sides of this house. I hope that the Senate committee will


pick up on the work he and others have done and do a full report. He


asked for a parliamentary investigation. The best organisation


to do this is the Senate committee. I also set out today plans for the


Welsh affairs debate to take place later. It is of course this week


seemed a bit state. I extend my good wishes to all Welsh members of


Parliament on the occasion. I'm looking forward to me the faith,


when the people of Wales have the chance to get rid of a failing


Labour administration. -- I'm looking forward to the 5th of May.


It is a bit of a relief today to see the shadow leader in better spirits


than yesterday. He looked utterly miserable during Prime Minister's


Questions. I can understand why. It wasn't just because the Leader of


the Opposition spent last Saturday just like old times at a CND rally.


It was not just that the lead of the opposition has appointed the finance


minister from the Greek Government as his advisor. I do not know how


any member of the Labour front bench could take that women seriously. It


wasn't that a former Shadow Cabinet minister said on Monday expectations


were rock bottom and Corbin fell below them. I actually thought the


most bizarre claim to come from the Labour leadership this week was by


the Leader of the Opposition said he gets his moral compass from


Eastenders. Surely not even the shadow leader can think this is a


man fit to be Prime Minister. I understand it is hard when you have


decided to become a cheerleader, as the shadow leader has come for a


team he clearly simply does not support. Indeed, I would be happy to


grant the shadow leader a debate on learning from the lessons of


history, because here is the man who says he is proud to have stuck a


knife in the back of Tony Blair, but only this week he seems to have had


second thoughts. He has started to show signs of thinking again,


because he told a group of students, I am going to talk about Tony Blair,


I think we still like to speak about him. But of course, Mr Speaker,


those were the days when the Labour Party was a serious political party.


Thank you. Some French minister has apparently been saying today that if


we have the nerve to come out of the EU, all the 4000 people in Calais


would be put in rubber boats and come across to Britain because the


French don't want anything to do with it. If I were a Frenchman I


would be hugely embarrassed by my Government, a country that is two


and a half the size of this country and is roughly the same population.


It cannot disburse 4000 people and look after them. They should be


ashamed. But could we have a statement from the Foreign Secretary


next week letting these House know whether it is the Government's


position that if we came out of the EU we would have more immigration


into this country rather than less? I am certain the Foreign Secretary


will be back before these House shortly and the opportunity will be


there to put forward that point. I have heard in the last couple of


weeks the French Interior Minister reassure us that bilateral


agreements that exist between the UK and France over border controls is


one of the French Government -- that the French Government would not wish


to put at risk. Today is World Book Day and it is worth noting the


wonderful writers we have. There are wonderful writers within this


country and they enhance people'slives. The deed of the house


and I now have a joint experience of fighting referendums. We have both


now been on the sharp end of various project fears. I in the Scottish


referendum and he is currently experiencing the new project fear as


he leads the campaign to take the UK out of the EU. The scaremongering


from the inside is almost straight out of the useless and dysfunctional


Better Together manual. As a supporter of our place in the EU, I


want this counter-productive scaremongering to stop. I presume


the Leader of the House is happy with it given that it works in his


interest. Can we have positive campaigning and can we encourage


everybody when we are debating our place in Europe to make it as


positive as possible? A statement from the Defence Secretary on


Trident. Apparently he's just about to declare that Trident renewal is


already underway before we get the opportunity to move this House. It


is absolutely appalling that the Defence Secretary would simply take


this House for granted, and he must explain himself on this issue.


Scotland rejects Trident and we intend to make this a hugely


substantial issue in the Scottish elections, and we simply refuse to


have this weapon of mass destruction dumped on our nation without any


approval. What do we do now Schumacher on such a large part of


Scottish funding. Even though these minor consequentials are huge issues


for Barnet consequentials for Scotland. The Leader of the House


told us that the mysteries of the Barnett consequentials... We are


talking about estimates this week. I was ruled out of order for two


minutes. Somebody somewhere has got to tell us how we should get this


addressed and where we are Scottish members get to discuss, debate and


vote on the issue of the Barnett consequentials. I do not think the


irony of the debate on the Lords amendment to the welfare bill, with


Tory after Tory bombast in all these wicked lords. If the Lords are only


to be chastised when they do not do the Tories' business... There will


now be another 40 Tory Lords. Why don't they back as instead of trying


to gerrymander that bizarre house? Why don't they work with us? I start


by saying of course I very much agree with him about the need for


positive campaigning. I hope that all those involved in the debate


over our membership of the EU in the commitments will take a positive


approach and set out the facts so that the British people can take


their decisions. When he talks about positive campaigning he talks about


project fear. Just remind him about the things he said over the


introduction of Ingush votes for English laws when frankly, if we


listen to he says, you would have thought that much doom and gloom


would have fallen upon us. It is not clear to me that that has happened.


The union has not fallen apart with the introduction of Ingush votes for


English laws. The Scottish people I know think it is entirely fair. If


he is concerned to bring the Defence Secretary to this house to explain


himself, he has the ability to seek your consent to do so, all through


other avenues available. But when he talks about Trident being dumped on


our nation, as he phrases it, I would just remind him of all the


people in Scotland whose livelihoods depend upon Trident. All of the


people in the north-west of England whose jobs depend upon the future


replacement of Trident. Is he really saying that he wants all of those


jobs to disappear? That he wants the area to be abandoned without an


economic role for the future? I do not think that is in the interest of


those communities. It is in the interest of Scotland and the UK that


we retain a nuclear deterrent, both for our national security but also


in order to ensure that imparts a the UK there are jobs. He raised the


question of the estimates committee. The estimates debate. I would remind


him he is a member of the DA 's committee. The liaison committee


choose the subject for debate -- the liaison committee. It is free to


bring forward any aspects of public spending and it chose to do so on


Foreign and Commonwealth Office matters. So it is up to him on that


committee to ensure he secures the debate he want. On this occurred of


the Lords, his party's position is well set out on that. I think the


Lords play a role in improving the quality of legislation in this


place, but I suspect we will never agree on that. In recent months,


five col power stations have announced they will potentially


close or partially closed, one of these being Ricci B. Bobby Desmond


has stated its intention to phase out coal power generation by 2025,


market conditions mean these closures could come far sooner. Can


we have a debate in Government time and energy policy and the role this


existing power station infrastructure can play? I


understand the concern is the honourable lady has raised. I heard


her question yesterday at Prime Minister's Questions as well. It is


a subject where she is able to bring forward debate to seek consent from


the back bench to have this matter discussed in the house. It clearly


affects a number of honourable members and I encourage her to bring


forward that subject for discussion. This session of Parliament runs


beyond June. Might he consider giving us more days for backbench


business and our bills? If so, might he put the bill I am promoting with


colleagues on all sides of the house, for the automatic


registration of free school meals, as top of one of those days? It is


the one move we could make between now and the summer holidays that


would have a real effect on for families. He has a long track record


of pursuing social reforms of this kind and I will certainly look very


carefully at his bill and what he is rising. The progress of business in


this house depends on success in getting Government business through.


We have a programme which... I want to make sure that the dates set for


the Queen's Speech and the dates set for recess are consistent with what


we need to make sure our manifesto is incremented. Would he find time


for a debate on the impact of timetable changes on the lives of


commuters in South" to mark the company have long last accepted the


vote and ordered new rolling stock and have just announced it will not


be arriving. I commend his work on an issue that affects many of us. I


would say to him that the Transport Secretary is here at questions next


Thursday. I would encourage him to raise that issue directly with the


ministers. He is clearly doing a good job in keeping the company


under pressure in a time when there are serious issues about the service


on that particular line. As chair of the Backbench Business Committee, I


did write to the Leader of the House looking for some assistance with


getting protected time for particular debates. We did have the


gangs and serious youth violence debate booked, which has now been


rescheduled for later today. But on Tuesday, the forthcoming Tuesday,


International women's Day, a particularly timely debate, I did


ask the dealer of the has to consider and give an undertaking to


protect time on that day. I have received a reply and no such


undertaking has been given. I think that is would Greta Bull. It is


possible but urgent questions -- that is regrettable. It is possible


that urgent questions... I think we have already seen that this may be


required from time to time. Please do reconsider. As I said, I have


given this careful consideration. I have looked at the flow of business


on backbench days. I will watch carefully on next Tuesday and I'm


sure you and I will want to ensure that there is proper time for debate


on that particular day. But on that, I have to be also mindful of the


working hours of staff and this House so I do not want to make


significant changes without being confident there is a real problem


that needs to be solved rather than occasional problems. I will keep


this under review but my contention is we will simply have proper time


available next week. In light of Switzerland withdrawing


its application for membership of the European Union, can we have a


debate next week about why they would possibly choose to do that? I


think this will add grist to the mill to the debate on the


referendum, and I am sure that while I don't have a debate scheduled and


European matters next week, I'm in little doubt there will be an


opportunity shortly to raise those matters with ministers. Most members


will be surprised that very many current and former service Snell


have never received a medal acknowledging their service. All


those who have served have accepted the sacrifice associated with the


decision, but they've never received a medal and mostly have been


involved in conflict or served a lengthy period. Can we debate


introducing in national defence medal as a tangible recognition of


their servers? I would simply say from my perspective, I don't think


medals should be handed out without consideration of the contribution


made. If you start to have medals for all, the value of the medals for


a particular service and tough circumstances are slightly devalued,


so I would simply say to her, I would praise unreservedly all of our


armed forces, but the medal system we have in this country is really


designed for those who go beyond the routine and put themselves in danger


in the service of this country. When will this house have an opportunity


to express its opinion on the new fiscal framework for Scotland? And


when we have a debate on that issue, will we also have a debate on


Barnett consequential is, for example, the issue relating to city


grounds in Glasgow. We give more money to Glasgow inner-city grant


and more money goes to the Scottish Government as a result. The Scotland


Bill is making progress through the other house. I understand, the


agreement we have reached will provide for a transition the deed to


a new world for the Scottish Government, but the Scottish


Government now does have to start using the powers it has been given,


taking some of the tough decisions are the governments have to take,


but which so far, we had insulated themselves from. In the last few


weeks, there have been stories about gamblers and addiction, it is quite


clear when you go to the roulette table, the Gambler stands no chance


of leaving with heavier pulpits than he entered. There is a need for


change when it comes to fixed odds betting terminals. Would you agree


to a debate on that matter? The minister will be back before the


house in due course. I'm aware this is a matter of concern across the


house, and it's possible this is a subject that might be brought to the


Backbench Business Committee if it is shared across the house. If the


government persists with this intention of delaying the vote on


Trident renewal until after the Labour Party conference, it will


become harder for pro-defence and pro-trident Labour MPs to vote in


favour of renewal. May we please have the date that the debate and


vote will take place, especially if we're going to have more time


available by extending the length of this session. I do know the concerns


he has about the timing of this debate. I will make sure his views


are put back into the discussion about when that event should happen.


This week, a select committee in the Clause found that contrary to


government claims, the trade union Bill will profoundly affect Labour


Party funding. Will the Pleaded no agreed to concessions and help reach


oh long lasting settlement on party funding? This is a matter of


discussion, the House of Lords has made recommendations. We are trying


to provide a sensible balance for the future. The Shadow leader says,


no, you're not, but on our side of the house, we have to seek voluntary


contributions from individuals who choose to back the Conservative


Party. They have depended on a system where people have to go


beyond the extra mile to take themselves out of a situation where


the contributing automatically. -- where they are contributing


automatically. One of the things it debate will be the size of the UK's


net contribution to the EU? Can we talk about what they could spend


that money on and give an opportunity to those who want to


defend the money going to Europe rather than being spent on the run


constituencies. He makes his point in Essex inked way. We have just had


a debate on EU membership, but I'm certain this is not the last time


these matters will debate debated in this house. Cammy have a debate on


the dodgy dossier that the government produced in advance of


the EU referendum? I don't know if you saw the Cabinet Office Minister


skewered on the Daily Politics by Andrew Neill yesterday, when he


stuck by his claim that Norway had to abide by three quarters of EU


laws, when the figure is actually 9%. Perhaps we need a full debate on


the dodgy dossier to see how many blatant lies there are. I would


simply say that I hope everyone across this revel will set out their


views and factors are completely dispassionate way.


The Camden new smear is stepping down this year. When speaking to


young constituents, I hear that young people feel disenfranchised


with politics and disengaged with Parliament. This has been


exacerbated by the government refusal to lower 14 age and


scrapping policies like the education maintenance allowance. But


the will to be time for a debate to address all levels of engagement


with young people and Parliament? We talked earlier about the importance


of this education system in this debate and bringing young people to


Parliament, but I think all of us have in duty on this matter. As end


a lot of time talking to six formers in my constituency and I'm sure she


does the same. Everyone of us has a duty to be out there about


Parliament and explaining why they should vote and take an interest.


Can we find time for the debate on the effects of uncontrolled


immigration into the UK, which is one of the impacts of us remaining


in the EU? This has a massive impact on people's as says to services,


school places and decent wages and is in extremely important to my


constituents. He makes an important point. He may also have seen CVO


that those Asian of a new book which has exposed just how complicit the


Labour Party was in government in opening our borders and allowing


uncontrolled immigration into this country. Those who were part of that


government should be for ever ashamed of the way the allowed


uncontrolled immigration. Not managed immigration done on a


careful way, but uncontrolled immigration done as a deliberate


policy. They should be ashamed of that. Has the litre received a


request any minister to make a statement on why the wheels come off


that Grexit BMW or an individual requests from a member who has


performed a handbrake turn on the issue of EU membership to explain


their diversion? Such a statement would provide an explanation for the


weaknesses of the Brexit case and the reasons of some four supporting


it. Now, I haven't. As a leader of how is seen reports on plans to


reclassify E cigarettes. The consequence of the proposal as their


price to consumers were more than doubled. They have been deemed to be


95% safer than tobacco, so can we have a debate to consider taxation


on these products to make sure they remain an effective method of


smoking cessation. I know this affects a very large number of


people. It is the kind of proposal that has caused uncertainty and


disquiet about decisions taken is in Brussels. I hope no decision on this


matter will be taken without due care and attention and you focus on


whether this is a good way of enabling people to move away from


smoking. Can we have an urgent debate on government time on the


recent jewels of Rowntree foundation report, which showed that ten of the


12 towns and cities in greatest economic decline are in the north of


England. Not a single town in the south is among the worst 24 listed,


causing real concern of the Northern Para Has. We urgently need a debate,


particularly as the chief executive of our local council, he has accused


the foundation of using out of date figures that mask the progress


already made in northern regions. It never ceases to amaze me that


honourable members on that side of the house do not understand why the


Northern Para Has is needed. It is because, when they were in power,


the manufacturing sector of this country almost halved. There


policies feel to the north of this country unreservedly, and that is


why we need the Northern Powerhouse, which is helping to contribute to


the significant fall in unemployment which we have seen in the North of


England, something we inherited and something we are sorting out. I look


forward to the Welsh affairs debate later on. Cardiff and Wales has seen


many sporting contests. I've played tribute to what the Scottish


Government did with the Commonwealth games in Glasgow. Is it not time for


a debate in this house on how we can encourage the Welsh Labour


government to put a bid forward for the Commonwealth games in Cardiff


and Wales Western Mark London did the drastic job of hosting the


Olympics, Glasgow did a great job of hosting the Commonwealth games. I


would love to see the Commonwealth games come to Cardiff. I hope that


will happen. Last week, I very discreetly visited and alia where


there has been suppression of civil liberties. Given the proximity, the


fact that Turkey is a Nato ally, and emerging evidence that Turkey is


targeting others, can be commit to a debate to allow members to discuss


the nature of relationship? I have made provision and agreed with my


colleagues in government that there will be a further statement on the


situation in Syria coming up shortly. Tomorrow I will be at New


College in Huddersfield, with the Anthony Nolan Register And Be A


Life-saver programme. Can we have a debate on bone marrow donation and


blood donation to see if we can increase participation? It's an


important point and I've paid to get to everyone involved in that


important work. He raises an issue which has been a matter of concern


to members on all sides. I would put it to the the Backbench Business


Committee that they might like to consider that the debate on a


Thursday. It has been 29 years since the brutal murder of Daniel Morgan.


He was investigating police corruption in south London. Panorama


this week gave a vivid account of the extraordinary amount of


corruption that existed in the Metropolitan police. But the


government published, perhaps next Thursday, the Tiberias report, that


I1 of the few people who have read in this house, and the strict


surveillance, the most deeply shocking document I have ever read


in my life, so that the whole country can understand the breadth


and depth of police corruption in this city?


I will make sure the Home Secretary is aware of his concerns. I will


make sure she responds. Unfortunately, a number of my


constituents have recently been the victim of a substandard building


firm that simply, when challenged, liquidate, only to re-establish


itself in a new guys very quickly afterwards. Can we have


consideration of a debate on a piece of company law in such respect? It


is disturbing when one hears of instances of this kind. The Business


Secretary will be here in ten days' time but current procedures for


direct disqualification to allow mothers of the public to lodge


direct complaints when issues of this kind arise so they can be


investigated. Can we debate internet awareness? The Prime Minister's


explanation for his conversion on Sunday trading between April and


June last year is the existence of internet shopping, in other words,


between April and June he discovered the existence of the internet. Isn't


that an empty excuse for a broken promise that will affect workers not


just in England and Wales but in Scotland and Northern Ireland, too?


The measures also include provision for improving workers rights but he


will have the opportunity to debate all this when the measures are


brought before the House shortly. He can raise them there and vote


accordingly. Each of us recognise how sensitive pensions are and if we


make any changes, the impact it has on individuals. We have seen that


with the raising of the pension age for women. So now I understand that


there may be further changes about pensions generally that may come


about. Can the Leader of the House give a guarantee that should that


happen, we will have sufficient time to debate this changes in this House


to consider the impact that this will have on the quality of life of


our constituents? I know that the Chancellor will want to take great


care in bringing forward proposals of reforms to the pension system.


There will be ample time, whatever is in the budget, for debate. These


matters must be handled carefully. We do not want to make the same


mistakes that Gordon Brown and the party opposite made in Government. I


hope you bear with me while I outlined this case because it is


important. I am supporting the parents seeking answers over the


death of their son killed in a hit-and-run accident in 2010. The


driver, Colin McDonald, is a criminal with little regard for


human life. He was on bail for a serious stabbing, had dealt with


having already been put out on early release for manslaughter. Colin


McDonald was sentenced for the stabbing and the hit and run but


again let out on early release on licence until 2021. Last week he was


again sentenced to another manslaughter. The parents want


answers. How can the justice system that is meant to give people


confidence do this to people? Will you support securing a meaningful


debate? I have been in my time as Justice Secretary involved in


discussions about a number of such cases. We did also bring forward


some measures to tackle the law then -- tighten the law then. We also


started a review of the laws around this to see if there were further


steps to be taken in cases of this kind. The Lord Chancellor is here


next Tuesday but I would encourage him, from past experience with


constituency matters myself, to use the debate system to bring a


minister to the House to really go through the House in detail and look


for changes that can make a difference to families like that who


have been through the most terrible situations. Local councils must help


maintain trust in politics at the local level by the way they openly


discuss and transparently agreed their budget and explain savings and


efficiencies and the programmes that they will undertake. Will the Leader


of the House agree with me that councils such as... Must lead the


way in this? They are struggling to openly explain their budgets to the


public. Can we have a debate on this so MPs can highlight the importance


of these total delivered vital local decisions and how they must be


clearly and roundly understood for residents? My honourable friend


makes an important point and there was a curious irony given the


control of her Borough Council and the Liberal Democrats are digging


for openness but not always delivering it when in power. I am


sure that if the decisions they take are as Opec as they -- she


suggests... It is important that we have transparency and councils


explain why they take decisions. Yesterday in the Westminster Hall we


had a debate about chaos on Southeast trains and the minister


gave this reassurances that things were improving. Last night I got a


phone call from a concerned constituent who was on a train being


told by the driver that we had been mistakenly by the signal is put on


the wrong line, so they would not be visiting any of the stations to


which the passengers on that train but intending to go. My constituents


to me, we are used to the chaos but this is just downright dangerous.


Can we have a statement from the minister of transport about safety


on our Railways, in particular Southeast and, because this is just


going to far? Obviously that situation is unacceptable. Every


service is occasionally subject to human error but nobody would seek to


defend a situation that kind. The Secretary of State is he on Thursday


and came take questions about the challenges around South-eastern


Trains which are to some degree team caused by the huge investments we


are putting into London Bridge, which will improve things in the


future. In the last Council of Europe meeting we initiated a debate


on the media portrayal of the women abused in Cologne and other places


at New Year. The reason for this was because the media had not reported


for you or in a timely fashion on this. Can we have a debate on this


in the House? The BBC was one of those media identified. It is not


acceptable for free media to not set out the facts of cases when they


arise and I commend him for his work in the council of Europe and I am


sure this is a matter my honourable friend the Culture Secretary will


have taken light of -- account of in the light of matters today. About


the Malawi tax treaty, the Leader of the House said he would ask the


Foreign Office to give me a detailed reply. The pens are writing slowly.


When can I expect a response? I'm sorry about that. I will give them a


kick after this. Can we have a debate on the Midlands engine and


the important role manufacturing plays in regional economy and how


the Government will provide further support to this vital sector? I


would commend all of those in the Midlands who are working so hard to


be vitalised business in that part of the country. The Midlands is


another area which was badly affected by the collapse of


manufacturing in the use of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. We are now


ceiling investment and improvements. In the Midlands we are seeing


expansion of capacity, the investment and new jobs created. The


Midlands under the Conservative Government is going from strength to


strength. Earlier this week I took part in a workshop delivered by the


Alzheimer's Society, which was attended by MPs from across this


House in order to become dementia friends. Can we have a debate to


discuss what more can be done to support those living with dementia


and their carers and families, particularly extending the blue


badge parking scheme to those facing dementia related challenges? I would


commend all of those in this House who have had the training to become


dementia friends. We did the same. It is enormously important that we


all understand the impact of dementia, and having had a relative


with dementia, my understanding now having been through the dementia


training, of what she went through, is much greater, so I praise


enormously all those delivering back training. Again, this is a subject


that the Backbench Business Committee might like to consider.


There is a demand for these subjects for debate and I suggest she brings


this board as a suggestion. -- forward. There is a shortage of


engineers in the UK. Can we have a debate on career advice for young


people approaching school leaving age? How else will we have enough


engineers to build the network of hedgehog highways... We are all


waiting. I govern out that the honourable gentleman has now got his


petition past 20,000 signatures so we are on our way to a debate. The


hedgehog population of the UK have every reason to be grateful. But the


solution of this problem is at the heart of the Government strategy


with the expansion in the number of apprenticeships which are the best


way of ensuring we have the breadth of engineering skills we need. It is


a year ago today that the GPU load -- the association looking at a


particular disease started their campaign, looking at licensing. Can


we finally now have a statement a year on about when the sufferers


from this condition can get access to the treatment that can save their


lives? This is a subject that would be a matter for normal procedure is


going through the Nationalists shooting for clinical excellence,


looking at what drugs are right for the NHS to offer. -- going through


the National Institute for clinical excellence. But I will ask. This


week we welcomed the new Indian High Commissioner to a meeting and next


week we have the celebration across the Indian subcontinent of the day


which commemorate the auspicious occasion of the wedding of Lord


Shiva and Parvati. Can we find time eventually to have a debate in this


House on the tremendously between the UK and India, the opportunity


for business, trade, education and opening up of services, because it


has been a very long time indeed since we have had such a debate in


this House? My honourable friend is a powerful champion for the ties


that exist between this country and India. I pay tribute to all the


members of the Indian diaster in the UK who play a really important role.


-- the Indian diaster. -- diaspora. We should develop the best possible


trade links for the future with India. Could we have a statement on


the uses of broadcast footage of the House of Commons? My constituent


Charlie Brooker has raised with me that he...


LAUGHTER He is a constituent. He was one of


my 370 majority. He has raised with me that he is unable to use it in


his programme, whereas other not dissimilar broadcasts are able to


use it. It depends whether it is satire, light entertainment or


factual, so given how vague these boundaries are and the fact that the


rules were dreamt up 27 years ago, would he not agree with me it would


be a good idea to revisit this and have a statement? If it is a matter


of concern to her, she should put a submission to the administration


committee. However, I think it is important to ensure that we use


coverage of this House in a dull with an appropriate way. In other


referendum news, I know the Leader of the House will be playing close


attention to the outcome of the referendum on the Mayor of Bath and


North East Somerset coming up on March the 10th, proposed by myself,


the right honourable friend for North East Somerset as well as


pretty much every other local party as well. Would he join me in


opposing a Bath for North East Somerset and consider a Government


debate on it huge cost. I'm sure I could not do a better job of


influencing the people of Bath and Somerset than my honourable friend


just so I think I will leave it to him to make the case. Yesterday at


PMQ 's, the Prime Minister said he will go begging to the French


President to get EDF to commit to simply point C. Hinckley point C and


HS2 can only happen with Chinese investment. There are signs in the


green investment... Can we have a debate in Government time on why the


long-term recovery plan means owning nothing but being forever in debt to


other countries? I always thought it was a good thing to attract


international investment but if it is now SNP policy not to, we will


have to attract these investors outside Scotland.


Nuisance calls are an annoyance to many colleagues across the house,


but they can call real disservice -- they can cause real distress for the


vulnerable and the elderly. Can we have a debate to talk about what


more can be done to tackle this menace? This is an important issue,


because there are a large number of elderly people who suffer from


nuisance calls and the more we can do to prevent it the better. A lot


of work has gone into this, but he should take advantage of the


opportunity of bringing the business department back to the house next


week or putting a question directly through the written method. Can I


call upon your assistance. We have sought a meeting with the public


health minister to discuss the consultation taking place on


contaminated blood. The Minister has refused to meet us. Many


constituents are perplexed as to why in the middle of a public


consultation, the public health minister will not meet and listen to


the concern that MPs are getting from the constituents affected by


the worst treatment disaster in the NHS's yesterday. I wonder if the


Beater can intervene? I will certainly make enquiries on her


behalf and in the meantime, I hope preparations are going well. This


morning, I picked up a bill which authorises government spending of


258 billion pounds and some more. In the space of three minutes last


night, this bill received its first, second and third readings. When was


my opportunity to to debate the Barnett consequential is? He clearly


hasn't done enough of a job in persuading his honourable friend to


secure that debate. That is the route by deciding the debate. I'd


advise him to talk together more closely next time. I was


disappointed to learn this week about the closure of a place that


represents the future of manufacturing. I ask myself, if this


government is really serious about eight northern Powerhouse, why are


they allowing this excellent facility to close? Can we have a


debate about when ministers are going to start putting their words


into action? I do know enough detail about the individual case, but


unemployment in the north of this country and business in the north of


this country are moving in the right direction, not the wrong direction.


Popular walk-in clinics in Harrow are being put out to tender and the


the direction of the NHS procurement authority, including one used by


many of my constituents. Could we have a debate on government time of


the role of the NHS procurement authority and could we use that


debate to explore her local GPs, who are currently running such services,


continue to be allowed a stake in the long-running provision of such


crucial and imported services. Local GPs are able to have a stake in


those services, they are typically private concerns and they are able


to demonstrate their best place to do the work. Despite his funny ways,


I have become very fond of the leader of the house over recent


months. One of the thing I think he's good at is having regular


debates on Syria, so we don't put it on the back burner. Every now and


then, we have a good debate on it. Most people would expect us to do


the same for the EU and the referendum. Surely we should have a


major debate every week. Could we start with one and a dreadful impact


leaving the EU would have on our universities? For most of us in


university towns, they are the biggest employer in the area. Not


one Chancellor has come out in favour of Brexit. Can we have a


debate? I'm sure will have plenty of opportunities to debate it. I am


sure the future of universities will be a matter of debate and


discussion, in which the means of funding will be a regular subject


for debate. The guardians of Scotland trust is a charity based in


Stirling in my constituency, it is raising money to create a permanent


memorial. Could we have a debate on recognising the excellence of


fundraising efforts such as this? He is very able to use the backbench


system to bring forward such a debate and it could be a subject he


wants his colleagues from the Scottish Parliament to debate. The


Leonard Cheshire care home in Little Black provides care for people with


long-term disabilities. I was taken aback by the length of the staff go


to to help the patients. However, Leonard Cheshire have decided to


close the home. This is devastating. Can we have a debate on the charity?


I don't know enough about the circumstances and the reasons, but I


would encourage him to bring forward questions to the charities minister


to raise his concerns. On the 17th of November, I wrote to the


Department for energy and climate change asking for a meeting after


the officials had met in my constituency to discuss a deplorable


situation in relation to an opencast mine that are still not been


restored. Despite several follow-up phone calls, I still don't have a


meeting. On the 2nd of November, each MRC promised me a substantive


reply by the 20th of November on a case of Mr Thornhill I have been


chasing since 2010. I am still awaiting a reply. Could I ask the


leader of the house to utilise his boat that has been offered to the


SNP, in my efforts, to it also ensure justice for my constituents?


Of course, I will chase that up for her. Yesterday, a train carrying


highly radioactive waste travelled through a station in Paisley,


causing obvious anger and concern to passengers. The Scottish parliament


is against these nuclear weapons and we don't want this way is travelling


through our stations. Can we have a statement setting out what safety


precautions were put in place prior to this train setting off on its


journey? He may not remember, but some years ago, there was visible


demonstration of the safety of such trains, to demonstrate how robust


the units are. You cleared energy remains an important part of energy


generation in this country and waste will have to be moved around, but I


can assure him that the standards required are of the highest level.


Last Friday, I visited greenhead College, which many of Mike Young


constituents study at. Deep concern was expressed regarding delays in


the accreditation process by some of the new style A-levels which are due


to start the September. Without accreditation, the new curriculum


cannot take place. Teachers are in limbo. Can we debate this issue so


that colleges in six farms can make the necessary plans for the new


students? The Education Secretary is he on Monday, and I will let her


know today of the concerns being raised, so she is able to raise that


concern and get a proper response. The leader of the house has yet


again failed to announce the recess dates. I can understand the


political advantage and feeling to announce it, but there are hundreds


of staff in this place struggling with holiday and childcare


arrangements. When will he stop this unnecessary power trip and show some


respect for its staff members in this house. The government's first


and foremost task is to ensure the flow of business. We will announce


the recess dates as soon as we can, but I also committed to making sure


we our manifesto. Wilton Lane allotments in Guisborough have been


used as allotments for a hundred years. Part of that land is in the


ownership of the people of the time, but the Tory chairman of the town


council wants to sell this land for development. Can we have a debate


upon the powers and responsibilities that town and parish councils have


across our country? On the matter of town and parish councils, it is for


the town and parish councillors to decide whether to take a step or


not. No individual can take a step without securing a majority vote


from their counsel. With the working and child tax credit departments


only accepting faxes and letters and not e-mails from constituency MPs


offices, with faxes being described as an insecure form of


communication, can we have a statement from ministers confirming


a full modernisation programme? Each department has to work out the best


way of receiving complaints, receiving issues from members of the


sewers. I hear his point, the Cabinet Office minister is here next


week and I'm sure he will want to make that point. Point of


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