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Live Business Statement

Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling.

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the Committee on Standards in Public Life? Yes. Thank you. Order,


business question, Mr Chris Bryant. Will the Leader of the House give us


the forthcoming business? The Leader of the House. Mr Chris Grayling. Mr


Speaker, can I start by in forming the House that the State Opening of


the next session of Parliament will take place on Wednesday the eighth


info of May. -- the 18th of May. I am also very pleased to announce the


calendar for this House for the remainder of the year. The House


will rise for the early May bank holiday on Thursday the 20th of


April and return on Tuesday the 3rd of May. For the Whitsun recess, the


House will rise at the conclusion of business on Thursday the 26th of May


and will return on Monday the 6th of June. Members will wish to know that


additionally, the House will rise at the conclusion of business on


Wednesday the 15th of June and return on Monday the 27th of June.


The House will rise for the summer recess at the conclusion of business


on the 21st of July and will return on Monday the 5th of December. --


Monday the 5th of September. The House will then return on Monday the


10th of October. The House will rise on the 8th of November and return on


the 14th of November. And finally, for the Christmas recess, the House


will rise at the conclusion of business on Tuesday the 20th of


December and return on Monday the 9th of January 20 17. All dates are


as usual, as they have been in the last few weeks, Mr Speaker, subject


to the progress of business. On that question, next week, on Monday the


14th of March, we will have the remaining stages of the energy bill


in the Lords. On Wednesday 16th of March the


Chancellor of the Exchequer will deliver his Budget Statement is. On


Thursday 17th of March, continuation of the budget debate. 18th of March,


the house will not sit. For the week commencing 21st of March, a


continuation and conclusion of the budget debate. On Wednesday and


Thursday, the high-speed rail is built. My thanks on behalf of the


house to all of those who have been involved in the extended considering


phase of the committee stage of that bill. On Friday the 25th of March,


the house will not be sitting. The business in Westminster Hall for the


17th-21st of March will be a general debate on cabin air safety and aero


toxic syndrome. A debate on contract did go see Asians with the British


Medical Association. Mr Speaker, I am delighted that the leader has


confirmed the recess dates which I announced three weeks ago. I'm glad


he is catching up. I have to say, the decision to hold the Queen 's


speech on the 18th of May is a profound mistake. Whatever the


government's intentions, they will be misconstrued. We have already


seen that the Brexit campaign are so desperate that they are trying to


claim members of the Royal family to their cause. Lay off the Queen and


think again. The delay on the decision on Heathrow is hurting


business. The longest delayed child obesity campaign is hurting


children. The Prime Minister even mentioned the bill on phone masts


yesterday but we have been calling it for years. Why don't they publish


the electronic Communications code tomorrow? Has the government learned


anything from yesterday? How to count, perhaps? The way ministers


handle the enterprise Bill was a classic case of how not to do it.


They let it go through the Lords without mentioning Sunday trading


which they inserting upstairs in committee and at one point ministers


forgot to vote. They were generously allowed a second chance. They tabled


a manuscript amendment to their own amendment. Some people have said


they are being too clever by half. To be honest, I think they are just


a little dim. There were many managements to rebels yesterday,


arms were twisted, the Chief Whip explained the facts of life to


recover to members. The Cabinet secretary tried to be charming. That


was so terrifying that one rebel turned company a grey and may never


gain the power of speech again and after all that they lost. Can you


hear that sound? It is the sound of the slow ebbing out down the beach


of the authority of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the


X. I offered this advice for free, this house doesn't like sharp


practice. Stop trying to pull a fast one and do things the proper way.


Isn't it time we abandoned evil. Last night we had the hilarious


sight of government ministers staring at you in blank amazement


when you suspended the house. When the member for North Perthshire


asked the chairman 's former ways and means who should know the answer


if he could explain, he made it clear he didn't have the foggiest


idea. Looking at the Minister for small business, there was a desert


of vast eternity between their ears. Nobody understands it. It wastes


time and hasn't made a difference to a single decision. It is time to


abandon it. I note that the leader is giving a Brexit speech today. We


are agog. Did he get approval from the Prime Minister or from the


actual leader of the out campaign, the Justice Secretary? Can he


guarantee that his special advisers were not involved in briefing papers


on his speech and won't be attending the speech because the cabinet


secretary has explicitly instructed that specialist advisers may not do


so during office hours. He and I have one thing in common, the Labour


Party auctioned the opportunity to swim with sharks with me on Tuesday


night instead of attending a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party, I


fear he may be swimming with the fishes after the 23rd of June. The


Business Select Committee has two Mike Ashley demanding that he gave


evidence on his company's decidedly shady practices which he has refused


to do. This is a hideous company. 80% of staff in one warehouse is an


zero hours contract. Staff are subjected to a 50 minute search on


paid -- 15 minute search on paid at the end of every day. Can the


committee ordered Mr Ashley to appear and they can force him if


necessary to be arraigned before the bar of the house. He might be the


22nd richest man in Britain but he is running a modern day sweatshop


and this house will get to the truth. Surely, if we are to


criticise the working practices of sports direct, we should put our own


house in order. The cost of agency staff in this house has quadrupled.


They represent one in 12 members of staff. That means that the house is


paying substantially more than the employee gets and the employee will


get no share in the tips. Should we not bring the staff in-house and


make sure that everyone gets a fair share of the tips when we give them.


Finally, happy birthday to my father for tomorrow. Delighted to send many


happy returns to the honourable gentleman's father and also to


celebrate another important occasion. Tomorrow is the centenary


of the birth of Harold Wilson. I think it is worth marking that. I


think a lot of people made the case for having a statue of him in this


place and there is a lot to be said for this. I hope they work about


committee will give consideration to it. At the moment we celebrate his


life because 41 years ago he was the first person to give others a


referendum on the membership of the European Union. I hope to be part of


a winning side as well. Mr Speaker, the other thing about Harold Wilson


is that he is a former Labour Prime Minister that they are still happy


to talk about. In today's world, that is a rarity. The shadow leader


went on about the Queens speech. I don't understand what he is talking


about. He is talking on one hand about a zombie parliament with


nothing to do but now he is complaining about important measures


that will help reform the country. When they talk about a zombie


parliament, last Monday, we brought forward the policing and crime Bill,


an important set of measures that will make a difference to policing


in this country. We were here debating it. Where were the Labour


Party? They Bailey turned up and business finished early. We do not


have a zombie parliament but a zombie opposition. -- they barely


turned up. He spoke about the authority of the prime ministers


seeping away. Coming from the Labour Party today with the authority of


their leader seeping away, it is frankly unbelievable. We sit here in


prime ministers questions each week and look at the faces of the party


opposite as their leader asks questions. The shadow leader's base


is a picture because we know what he thinks about is leader. They are


profoundly depressed, miserable. To the extant that the day we have the


first speech in the next Labour ship leader contest. The shadow leader


axed about the speech I am going to be given today. I have already given


it. He clearly wasn't paying attention. Surprisingly enough, I'm


not after his support. LAUGHTER The evil procedure he talked about,


we stood on a manifesto of giving the British a share in the


devolution settlement. If it is now the Labour Party's policy to say to


English voters, we will take a way you're part of the devolution


settlement, I look forward to having that debate on the doorsteps and at


the ballot box. On the question of Mike Ashley and the Business Select


Committee, it should always be the case that this house seeks to bring


somebody before it, and they should be free to do so and it should


happen unequivocally. On the subject of employees in this house, I


remember that the honourable gentleman is a member of the


committee that discusses how we spend money in the house. I'm sure


he will bring the matter to the commission and we will discuss it.


This weekend is the denoument of the Rugby six Nations between England


and Wales at Twickenham. I say, may the best team win. The one thing we


can be sure about is that although he will not be singing Delilah this


weekend, as a Republican, I look forward to a good old blast of God


Save The Queen and I am sure you will be joining the amp on Saturday.


Next week I will be going to read Brock Hayes community primary School


in Brereton which has been rated good following a couple of years of


hard work and commitment from the headteacher Chris Gaffney and his


team. Can we have a debate in government time about the progress


being made in terms of improving school standards? My honourable


friend makes an important point. And happy birthday for Saturday, as


well. We have made enormous progress on improving educational standards.


I pay tribute to the headteacher she makes reference to an all of those


in her constituency who are making a difference for the young people of


Cannock Chase. Let's see if we can get through this business quite


quickly so the house can resume its core business of slapping off the


Right honourable friend the Prime Minister. I have an elegant solution


how we discover whether the Queen is for Brexit or not? Yesterday the


government were defeated... He said what he said but for the benefit of


the house and new members, we don't discuss the views of the monarch in


this chamber. There have been debates occasionally on matters are


pertaining to the Royal family but we don't discuss that matter and


it's better that we leave it there. Please continue. Absolutely right.


We will leave it to government figures to do that. Yesterday, the


government were defeated and it was the SNP what won it. We can't take


exclusive credit for that incredible victory. We did have some friends


who also helped. THEY TALK OVER EACH OTHER


We really enjoyed the wailing and gnashing of conservative teeth.


There was something almost delicious about the ways the Tories lashed out


at the SNP after this government having imposed English votes for


English laws criticised our temerity for getting up and supporting


Scottish workers. Does the government believe for a minute that


normal rules stand when it comes to issues like that? What about this


rule? Nobody had a clue what was going on yesterday. I asked the


Deputy Speaker what was going on and he didn't have a clue. You would


need an advanced degree in madness to understand what is going on with


the dog 's breakfast that is English votes for English laws. The time has


come to abandon the plan that doesn't work. If there was some


accidental consequence for the support of the European leave


campaign it will be his legacy. What a legacy to leave this house?


I want to support the calls yesterday for my right honourable


friend the member for Moray on the treatment of asylum seekers in this


country. Perhaps we could have a proper look at the use of private


services when it comes to the treatment of asylum seekers in this


country. Lastly, we are also grateful to the Leader of the House


for announcing the recess dates and the announcement that there will be


after all a Queen's Speech in advance of the referendum. But once


again what we find with the recess dates, they do not cover the


Scottish National Party conference. We are the third largest party. It


covers the Liberal conference, Mr Speaker. So can I get a guarantee


from the Leader of the House that the 14th of October will be a norm


sitting day so that the second party of this House can also get to its


conference. Once again, what we find with all this time off that we have


in the summer, we find that it does not include the Scottish school


holidays once again. My honourable friends, they want to spend time


with their families, as honourable members across there will be able to


do from other parts of the United Kingdom. We need to get this sorted


for next year, Mr Speaker. First of all, can I thank you for what you


have just said about the Queen and the Royal Family, Mr Speaker. The


one thing which it is always appropriate to say in this House is


how much we value our monarchy and we appreciate the magnificent job


she does for our nation. With regard to the events yesterday, phrase, it


was the SNP what one it. I have a high regard for my honourable


friend, but yesterday was one of those occasions where it is very


clear how far away from political principle the SNP can find itself.


You cannot on the one hand talk about the importance, as they have


always done, of standing aside from matters which are England only, and


then diving in when it is opportunistic for them to do so.


That is a party of opportunism, I'm a friend, not a party of principle.


And I listen and again to the honourable gentleman's words about


English votes for English laws. As he knows, I was in Scotland last


week supporting our fine team campaigning in the Scottish


elections there. One of the Scottish members said to me, that Mr Wishart,


he is very hysterical, isn't he? I had to reassure him and say, he is


actually a nice guy behind the scenes. But when I hear comments


like his ones this morning, I can understand why some of the people in


Scotland get the wrong idea about him. On the asylum seekers, it is a


matter the Home Secretary takes seriously. We will always do our


best to make sure that people in this country are treated humanely.


Clearly I owe him an apology regarding the SNP conference. I had


thought that making sure he had the opportunity to be here on the first


day of the SNP conference was a help to him rather than a hindrance,


because I never had the sense that he was desperate to get there. I


thought that as this year, we would enjoy being here on the first day of


conference. Clearly we will have to look at whether we do the same thing


next year. And finally, I have some bad news for him. He has


competition. As he may know, there are people on this side of the House


who are also now making some fine music and I have to say, I think the


honourable member looks like being tough competition for him when it


comes to Eurovision next year. May the best man or woman win. Mr


Speaker, it will not have escaped the Leader of the House that


depending on how the business pans out today, in particular the


Northern Ireland business, there is a likelihood that the very important


debate at the end of the day on the way in which our acts of Parliament


are recorded may be squeezed out, possibly completely. Will the Leader


of the House now find government time for substantive debate on the


matter so that we can let the House of Lords know what we think about


it? This is of course a subject which has been brought forward on a


backbench day. I think it is appropriate to be a matter for the


House and not something which government time is made available


for. And so as the Chair of the backbench committee is here today,


if he is not able to move his debate today, then the opportunity will be


found to bring that matter to the House. I am sure that that will be


the case. I am grateful also to the Leader of the House for the


announcement of the future business. And with the date of the State


Opening be announced for the 18th of May, can I remind the Leader of the


House that it is a standing order the House that the backbench


business committee be awarded 27 days of business time within a


session. We are still some way short of that. And we are expecting a glut


of backbench business in the five weeks which remain after Easter and


the State Opening. I would add one personal thing - if we do get this


to Mike Ashley into This Place, can we also question him about the


terrible running of Newcastle United Football Club at the same time? I do


not want to diminish the importance of the employment practices of


Sports Direct, but I'm afraid to say that based on the management of


Newcastle United, I do not expect a very big party at a brewery any time


soon. It is tough being a Newcastle supporter at the moment. I wish him


and his team well for the rest of the season. There is time to escape


the relegation zone and I have no doubt he will be cheering from the


stands. I have no doubt that he is going to be seeking more time over


the next few weeks. I am not sure we are quite in agreement on the


numbers. But we will have a proper discussion about that. I hope he


would note that in response to his request we did make a protected time


available for a debate on Tuesday. We will obviously look at doing that


in the future where it is important to do so. On Saturday, I joined the


Dartmoor search and rescue team and learnt that 70% of calls to the


service come from within the boundaries of Plymouth, many in Home


Park, due to elderly people getting lost. Can we have a debate on how we


might support these excellent volunteers, who get no money from


central government? Mr Speaker, my honourable friend makes an important


point. One thing I have suggested before is that the back edge


business committee might consider holding a four-day debate when one


is available on volunteering in this country. There are a large number of


members who would like to pay tribute to the work done in their


constituency. I cannot resist simply drawing attention to a news story


this week that a council in East Anglia has appointed the first


hedgehog tsar. It is clear that his campaign is already making a


difference. Last week I was approached by retailers facing an


affordable business rates due to the end of the business rates retail


relief. Can we have a debate to discuss whether the government plans


to subsidise these retailers, many of whom would have to close as a


result of the rises average Mr Speaker, of course we are all very


concerned about the future of the high street. This is a matter which


certainly can be brought up during the debate on the budget next week.


I do not yet know whether the Chancellor has any plans in this


area, but she will want to make the case for her constituency in the


four days of debate which followed a budget. It is very much one of the


matters on the agenda. Today we are starting a consultation on the


designs following the terrible flooding we had in 2011 on the River


Parrett. I am grateful for the support from across the House. This


is massively important. 12% of my district council were underwater in


2011. The history and the lessons we are learning in the south and the


north of the UK, is there a time to have a statement in this House?


First of all, pay tribute to buy honourable friend, who has been a


more than effective advocate for his constituency and for the areas of


Somerset affected by flooding. I know lessons have been learned and


some significant steps have been taken since. There will be another


occasion next Thursday to question the Environment Secretary, which I


am sure he will do. When can we discuss early day motion 1182, which


takes us into the forbidden area that the views of the monarchy


cannot be discussed in This Place, and only in This Place - it can be


discussed everywhere else. But it does raise the conduct of a


well-documented conspiracy between Sir Jeremy Heywood and Sir


Christopher guide at a time when the Scottish referendum appeared to be


in trouble from the governance Ali point of view. And it is alleged


that these two gentlemen conspired to put the Queen'sopinion into the


public domain. Is it not important that we discuss those who give


advice to the Royal Family, because their main function is to act in


situations where a Prime Minister is acting in her or his own interests


against the interests of the country, and then, the


politicisation of the monarchy would mean that they could not act in


those situations, and any exposure of the Royal Family 's views


threatens the and continuation of the institution? There are rather


large numbers of conspiracy theories in this world. If we spent all that


time in this House discussing them, we would not get around to


discussing the serious business of the nation. Therefore I regret I


think we will not be discussing that particular issue. Can I say, right


honourable friend how pleased I am that the House will be sitting on


the 26th of May, because that will be the seventh anniversary of the


Prime Minister's famous speech on fixing broken politics, in which he


called for more backbench power, more free votes and less pudding.


Cowie on that occasion have a debate -- less whipping -- on the progress


made on those principles?! Independent spirit on the


backbenches is certainly not something which is lacking in this


Parliament. This day week is St Patrick's Day. Yesterday I tabled a


request that the government bring forward legislative proposals


because it is not a devolved matter, to make St Patrick's Day a public


holiday in Northern Ireland. Will the Leader of the House facilitate a


debate about this important issue? Well, Mr Speaker, of course it is a


subject she feels strongly about. I think we always have to be careful


about granting too many extra bank honoured a is because of the


economic impact on the areas. I am sure she will bring forward an


adjournment debate and bring a minister to the House to make the


point which she has raised this morning. Would my right honourable


friend find time for a debate on the practice of big businesses trying to


stop members of Parliament doing their democratic duty and raising


constituentss' concerns in This Place? Outrageously, national


express group plc has written to the Noble Lord Fellman, the chairman of


the Conservative Party, complaining that I have been raising in This


Place issues regarding my constituents' anxieties over CQC


timetable changes. Mr Speaker, I suspect that National Express May


Need A New Political Advisers. One Thing You Can Be Certain Of Is That


Writing A Letter Of Complaint About My Honourable Friend Is Likely To


Make Him More Zealous, Rather Than Less Zealous. And rightly so! At


seven a this morning, a report was produced on the energy market


investigation. I welcome this report. It focuses on prepayment


users and the hashtag prepay rip-off. I have had an adjournment


Abate, I have written to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State


and the response has been inadequate. Will the Leader of the


House make government time so that we can have a proper discussion,


which is urgently needed in this House, to explore the CMA's


recommendation, which the minister said that she will in ferment? Of


course, the Energy Secretary will be here in ten days to do just that. If


she wants to raise matters before that, I suggest she writes and I


will make the Energy Secretary aware that she will be raising the issue


at that point. In the first half of last year, six cyclists were fatally


injured in London following collisions with HGV four. Would he


find time in the Parliamentary calendar to debate the costs and


benefits of restricting HGVs from city centres at rush-hour times?


This is a deeply important matter. We have seen far too many tragedies


in recent times, sometimes deaths are sometimes serious injuries. The


issue has been widely raised as a matter of concern, including by the


Times newspaper, which tragically saw one of its members of staff


seriously injured in an accident with an HGV. We want to take all


possible steps to improve the situation. The Mayor of London has


taken a lead on this. We will continue to look at different ideas


on improving the situation. This week we saw the Premier League


make the good announcement that all clubs will cap the cost of away


tickets at ?30. More pressing for fans, particularly Middlesbrough


fans who will be watching their team at Charlton is the changing of


fixtures. Their recent game was supposed to be on Saturday. Many


fans made arrangements and will not be able to attend due to changing


those arrangements. With television coverage having such dominance over


coverage, can we have a debate about that? TV coverage has brought the


ability to watch matches to a much broader audience but I absolutely


understand the point he is making. I do not support last-minute changes


to arrangements. Can we have a debate on oral


payments agency? Does the leader share my constituency concerns that


some small shrubs up our farmers -- some small Shropshire farmers have


still not been paid causing great hardship. It is not acceptable for


small farmers to be left in a position where their cash flows are


left inappropriately stretched. A series of payments have been made


covering the full range of small and medium-sized farm businesses across


the industry. 83% of medium farm businesses have received payments


but the Secretary of State is well aware of the need to complete this


job and we do not want to see farmers under undue pressure and it


is not fair for them to be left high and dry. As chairman of the


all-party kidney disease group, can I say, welcome to world kidney Day.


Polycystic kidney disease accounts for one in four kidney dialysis


patients and transplants. I know that the leader of the house is


allergic to anything to do with Brussels but the polycystic kidney


disease Association do have a Brussels declaration which calls for


a coordinated approach to the disease, funding of research,


patient centre care parts ways as well as to those knowledge --


knowledgeable about this disease. Can we have a debate about this


matter? I understand the need to provide high-quality services to


patients affected. To my mind, the important thing is to take the right


decisions for patients in this country which is what the government


is doing through Investment In Health Care. Can we have a vote on


English votes for English laws. The farce that we had yesterday showed


that we don't have English votes for English laws and it was made


abundantly clear yesterday. Can we have a debate to get it straight and


out once and for all to find out what the English public think is


meant by English votes for English laws? Can we have a policy on the


fact that every time the SNP vote on an issue that only effects England,


we deliver it Act two Holyrood for them? My honourable friend has


innovative ideas to deal with the situation. He is right to talk about


principles and the SNP. We said that they would have the ability to say


no to measures enforced upon them by other parts of the UK. We now know


that they not only want to interfere in matters like those discussed


yesterday but they also want to team up with the Labour Party and impose


an England solution is that the English do not want. I have been


approached by small businesses in my area regarding the Chancellor's


decision to end the business rate relief scheme for small businesses


from April this year. Around 1000 small shops in the borough of


Rochdale will face extra bills of up to ?1500. For many small shops, that


is the difference between survival and going bust. Can we have an


urgent debate on government time on this important subject? The answer


is yes. It will start next Wednesday and the party opposite will have the


chance to speak and vote on these matters if they choose to do so.


Following yesterday's deliberations on Sunday trading, can I


congratulate the government on the precedent they have set with the


family test alongside legislation conceding the negative impact on the


family. Can they confirm that all primary and secondary legislation


will have a family test at the beginning of proceedings and what


will happen when legislation does not pass the family test? Of course,


the purpose of impact assessments and family tests is to enable the


house to take an informed decision. These tests are less about an


individual bar over which a measure need to jump and more about a


package of information that can inform decisions. We intend to keep


the house as fully informed as possible so they can take decisions.


I raised the question of a constituent who was imprisoned in


Israel. What action is the government taking


regarding the worrying rise in blasphemy charges in Egypt? I


commend his stand in protecting the Christian faith. I am aware of the


concerns he has raised today. Following Tim Peake's call for


pupils in Brecon and Radnorshire, can I ask my right honourable friend


if we can have a debate on promoting the sciences as an option to pupils


so that Britain can capitalise on our Peking interest it in science so


we continue to lead the world in research and development for years


to come? An important point. We celebrated Tim Peake going into


space and we should also celebrate the contribution he has made since


having regular interactions with the International Space Station, talking


about the work he has done and inspiring young people. Long may


that continue and long may there be role models like him contributing to


our innovative future. Contact the elderly is a small national charity


in Scotland which helps old people who live alone by funding monthly


get-togethers. This kind of community support initiative is


excellent and inspiring. Can we have a debate to discuss these selection


initiatives? I very much support the idea of session debates. It is a


real opportunity. We have had fixed moments in the past two debate


things like veterans's issues and now there is a real opportunity to


have debate across the United Kingdom. I forgot to say earlier, I


hope the committee will give judo consideration -- due consideration


in the form of a pre-recess adjournment debate. I welcome the


Premier League announcement on capping away tickets at football


next season but is the leader of the house aware that might seem others


feel town will be offering a season ticket for just ?179 next season. ?7


80 per game, great value in the championship. Will he allow a debate


on the cost of football which is so important for fans across the


country? I applaud what others feel town are doing. The point is that


clubs like that play such an important community role and I know


they are very involved in charitable activities across the town. I pay


tribute to the club for playing that role in the community and doing what


they can to give fans the opportunity to see them play and


affordable basis. May they succeed on the pitch as a result. Happy


birthday to my daughter next Tuesday. On the matter of Wales


against England, made a better team win and may it be Wales. Couldn't we


use the annunciator to have subtitles when we go


into the 10th one procedure so they can explain the impossible task of


describing what is going on. What I am not doing is reversing the


gesture we made to the English of saying you have got a part of the


devolution package as well. I don't think that a position that says that


the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish can have devolution without the


English having it is something we can go back on. West Berkshire


Council has been forced by bizarre funding to do a very unconservative


thing which is to raise taxes and cut services to those in need. We


have the perverse actions of the office which can wipe millions of


pounds of business rates from a small unity authority for large


sites. Can we have a debate about the actions of the valuations office


agency about how small councils are funded? An excellent point. I will


draw attention to his concerns to the Secretary of State. It is likely


that the issue of business rates will be addressed next week as well.


On the 2nd of December, the Prime Minister promised this house that he


would make quarterly statements on the involvement of British military


forces in Syria. That should have happened by the 2nd of March. Can we


have an urgent statement of when we are going to have these vital


quarterly updates? What I said last week is that we would be holding


such statements and it would happen before the Easter recess. Can I add


my voice to the calls for a debate on having genuine English votes for


English laws, despite the recent reforms, yesterday proved that the


votes of Scottish MPs are still able to stop my constituents from


enjoying the same freedoms that their own constituents enjoyed. An


important point. We should remember that the SNP when we were debating


EVEL said that we don't need this because we don't take part. That


promise was shown yesterday to be paper-thin. We celebrated


International Women's Day with a superb debate in the chamber. I


pointed out that only fathers names appear on birth certificates and not


mothers named. I have a private members bill that will add mothers


marriage names -- names to marriage certificates. Can we please have a


debate in government time? Can I say to her, I'm afraid that she is


running into a long queue at the end of the session for private members


bills but the commitment that the government made stamps.


As this is English Tourism Week, could we find time for a debate on


the important contribution of tourism to the English economy? A


record 35mm as it is came last year, but we need to get them out of


London to visit other areas of the country, and maybe visit the fleece


Inn, which was named Pub of the year recently?! Indeed, I hope that the


announcement of the recess dates will give a moment for honourable


members to pay ever visit to Worcestershire and take advantage of


the fine hospitality you will find there. I am sure he would be


delighted to have the whole house visit. The Leader of the House will


know that I have been calling for support on all sides of this House


to address the root causes of serious youth violence. We had a


backbench debate on the issue last week. Earlier this week, the


Secretary of State adjusters confirm that he will report back to the


House on progress made on this issue. Can the leader of the explain


how this will happen and when we can expect that report? My right


honourable friend has these matters under review all the time. We have


made significant changes for example to the laws on live crime. We have


taken through the work which has been done with the Home Office on


gangs, to try to break them up. And of course the Justice Secretary is


before this House regularly and will provide regular updates. Can


a debate on the importance of raising the profile of dyslexia


teacher training, which many people are concerned is not getting the


sort of focus which it should be? Mr Speaker, my honourable friend makes


a very, very important point. It is certainly the case that many young


people who struggle at school do so because they are dyslexic. I have


already discussed this with the Secretary of State, who assured me


that part of the training manoeuvre teaches does contain help on the


understanding of dyslexia. We will do everything we can. I'm sure the


House will want to join me in welcoming the two defeats last night


in the Other Place on the Immigration Bill? Could he make a


statement to confirm whether the government will use last night's


vote as motivation to start treating asylum seekers with the respect and


dignity that they deserve? That is a first, I cannot remember the


Scottish National Party praising what happened in the House of Lords.


But what I would say to him is that I think we have a record of treating


asylum seekers which bears comparison with anywhere in the


world. I will not hear anybody say otherwise. Can I congratulate my


right honourable friend for his excellent contribution to Radio 4


and for his excellent speech? And can we ask for a speech in


government time on the merits of leaving the EU, which I suggest


should have a project title Hope? He tempts me but he must bear in mind


that the governments position is to recommend that Britannia Stadium the


European Union. We will have debates in the country and ultimately in


June, the British people will decide. Three days, the


institutional investors group which represents ?13 trillion of assets


under management wrote to the Chancellor to ensure mandatory


corporate disclosure of climate risks. Could we have a debate in


government time on the mandatory reporting of climate risks, so that


there is transparency about the financial health of our corporate


and that the confidence of such an enormous body of investment funds


can be increased? He is another person we need to wish a happy


birthday to. We are at the leading edge in this country in combating


climate change. We have adopted targets which stand comparison with


anywhere in the world. But I do think simply putting additional


reporting requirements and the sleep on to business leads to us having


fewer jobs in this country, and not more. -- requirements endlessly on


to business. As tens of thousands of people arrived in Cheltenham for the


superb jump racing festival, we are reminded how necessary have been the


upgrades at the railway station. Can we have an announcement on the


delivery of station funding pledges? Of course we have just missed


transport questions, which took place this morning, but I'm sure he


will be able to raise an adjournment debate if he wants. Can I wish him


and his constituents well for what is one of the best racing events in


the country - perhaps not quite as good as the Epsom Derby. Tomorrow I


will be visiting my constituent Walter Brown from Duckinfield, who


is 90 years of age but who has just been awarded an award from France


for his role in the liberation of France in 1944 as a Marine


commander. Can I request a debate on what a privilege it is to request


somebody like Walter Brown in the House of Commons and request the


whole house put on record it's thanks? I absolutely agree with him.


I have a gentleman in my constituency in the same position. I


think it is a real tribute to the government of France but they have


seen fit to honour in this way the grip of people who risked their


lives to try to save France from the Nazis, and did so successfully. We


should always remember them and be grateful to them and I am very glad


the French have recognised that. You will be aware that on previous


occasions I have raised the issue of literally hundreds of casual


labourers congregating outside the queue in Queensbury, on the border


between my constituency and that of the honourable member for brand


north. I am pleased to say that Harlow Council and Brent Council


have introduced a public space protection order under which anyone


that picks up those casual labourers will be liable for a fixed rate


penalty of ?100. Could we find time for a debate in this House, because


this is a problem which emanates across the country? So that public


space protection orders can be put in place to stop this unauthorised


activity? It is a very important issue. The Business Secretary is


here on Tuesday and I will ask him to be prepared to address the issue.


All too often these people are operating within a gang master


culture which is below the radar and is not within the legal framework of


work in this country. And where those people are very likely to be


exploited. Last year, Sir Nicholas McPherson said he would not hesitate


to call in the police if the budget was leaked. Should any stories about


this year's budget appear in the papers this weekend, will the Leader


of the House join this most senior official in calling for the police


to come and investigate and give time for this House to debate it?


I'm not sure that if the civil service think anything untoward has


been done, we will take appropriate action. Last Saturday I joined


hundreds of residents at the only municipal golf course in our area to


protest against plans by the council to close the facility. The Lib Dem


run council claimed that getting the course would save ?50,000 a year and


blamed cuts in government funding. However the same month, the council


spent an estimated ?300,000 on a now unused health centre and admitted


they have no plans for what they intend to do with it. Can we have a


debate on the shocking mismanagement on my local council? As ever, my


honourable friend is a very articulately presented if of his


constituents. He is an appropriate critic of his Labour council. Around


the country, where difficult decisions are having to be taken by


councils, one finds Conservative ones taking a thoughtful approach


whilst Labour councils take dumb decisions like the one he has just


mentioned. As my honourable friends have referred to, the Chancellor


Sunny decision to remove retail rate relief is causing great


consternation for small businesses, having to find an extra ?1500 a


year. In the area of Chester, 472 businesses will have to find an


extra ?1.8 million next year. Can the leader assured us there will be


sufficient time over the next few weeks to debate whether this is


really the right time to start clobbering small businesses with


more taxes? Mr Speaker, I can assure him that time will be available next


week. We have four days available for the post-budget debate. When he


talks about clobbering businesses, for 13 years in this country,


businesses and suffered at the hands of a government which did not


understand them, regulated in a way which caused them deeper problems


and led to the halving of our manufacturing sector. Ministers have


been very willing to engage on the steel issue. But in advance of the


budget next week, will there be the opportunity to put the case for a


business rates holiday for the injury to the Chancellor on the


floor of this House? Mr Speaker, there will be that, at the Business


Secretary is here on Tuesday, and he has been working with the steel


industry. Can I suggest that he raises it with him then? Apologies


for leaving the Chamber earlier on. It was somewhat ironic, a number of


SNP members actually got a cheer from the office in the last ten


days. Will the Leader of the House make a statement outlining that the


title is not a complete misnomer? During the enterprise built, the


second reading, the House was asked to vote on amendments which had not


been seen. The government took a view on the SNP position Joseph


Tuite now know was wrong. A government minister was pleading the


House to vote with them because he was not going to implement what was


on the bill. It was a farce from start to finish. Can we get a


statement from the Leader of the House and the government? I am sorry


but I think the only farce around here is the approach the SNP has


taken to this. I did not vote in amity. They then decided to vote


against it later, and we know it was for reasons of opportunism, not


principle. -- in amity. He may know this week we had a serious outbreak


of Stockholm syndrome in the east of England, as eight local leaders


backed the remaining campaign in the press. Is it not important that


voters know what level of funding from all forms of the European Union


has induced this self-interested plea to hand more powers and money


to Brussels? Mr Speaker, we have well established principles in this


country of transparency in our political system. I think it is


important in the coming months, whichever side of the argument we


may be on, that people who have a financial link to the European Union


make that clear as they make their arguments. Statement, the minister


of State for


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