24/03/2016 Business Questions


Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to the Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling.

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absence of that condemnation, the House will only drawback conclusion


that the Labour Party supports the withdrawal of emergency action in


this strike. Order. That will come after business question, and I feel


sure that the honourable lady will be in her place, perched, ready to


points with her point of order at the appropriate moment. We will


await at that prospect and I am sure with eager anticipation. Meanwhile,


business question. Will the deputy leader please give us the future


business? The debt you Leader of the House. Thank you, Mr Speaker. The


business for the week commencing 11 of April, second reading of the


Finance Bill. Tuesday, 2nd of April, debate on the motion on reform of


support arrangements for people with contaminated blood. The subject of


this debate was determined by the backbench business committee and


followed by the chairman of ways and Means has named People's private


business for consideration. Wednesday the 13th, opposition day


and a lot of today there will be a debate on an opposition motion


subject to be announced. Thursday 14th of April, debate on the motion


on national security checking of the Iraqi Enquirer report, followed by a


debate on emotion on diversity in the BBC to stop the subject of these


were divided by a committee. -- a debate on the notion of diversity in


the BBC. Monday the 18th of April, debate on emotion on the


introduction of a national Living Wage and contracts. Followed by a


debate on a motion on Yorkshire and Humber. As for business in


Westminster Hall, I should like to inform the House that the business


in Westminster Hall for the 14th and 18th of April will be 30 the 14th,


general debate on the pub scored and adjudicator. Monday the 18th, debate


on an eager addition relating to funding for research into Range


Rovers. -- debate on a petition. This week remembered those who died


in the terrorist attacks Brussels. It shows remains is the importance


of nations standing together against extremism. I thank the health


authority for taking this threat seriously and the Security guide


that they have published. Mr Speaker, I welcome that today we


have three women speaking for the party in business questions. I will


avoid doing my best to being hostile. I was concerned I'd have


nothing to talk about when I was asked the standing, but I need not


have worried. I have made my own list. It has been a truly dismal


week for the governments ever since the budget they have been incomplete


confusion and chaos and this must be a record for the number of


government U-turns in seven short days. First, the disgraceful PIP


cuts were dropped on Friday with a pre-election promise of ?12 billion


of cuts disowned by Monday. Then the government said they would fulfil


that manifesto commitment on welfare cuts. Can she explained to me in


simple terms how point form William Power in black hole in the budget


will be filled by? As my honourable friend asked on Tuesday if it was so


easy to absorb the ?1 billion a year in the time, why did the Chancellor


proposes in the first place? It frightened the life out of disabled


people. There are 3,000 people in Grimsby who are going to be


transferred to temp one and they would've had sleepless nights


wondering how they were going to manage. We'll see nine to what the


Chancellor and Prime Minister failed to do and apologise for the stress


and anxiety caused to the hundreds of thousands of disabled people in


this country over this needless upset? Can I welcome the new


Secretary of State for Work and Pensions to his post although I am


not sure how grateful he is to have been dropped into such hot water. It


seems that the claws are already out and let's hope that he does not have


a soft-shell because almost immediately after his appointment he


faced calls to step down as the patron of his local men branch


because of his support for the disability benefit cuts and he his


taking his own constituents to court to force them to pay the Bedroom


Tax. It might be a new face, but more of the same from the nasty


party. There were more U-turns on Tuesday to allow the fat on solar


panels on the Tampon Tax to be defeated. I congratulate my friends


for this major achievement, feisty campaigner, the first opposition


backbencher to secure an amendment to a budget, and all him her first


year. In the same day the Home Office quietly announced that they


will no longer be banning poppers, so the honourable member for Reigate


can relax now. According to the Education Secretary, all government


announcements... It is coming, it is coming. Mike Kim all government


announcements are really just consultations and not concrete


policies so can I suggest one more day turned? Following the Lords vote


on Monday will the government allowed 3,000 children to take


refuge in Britain and when will this has been at? The refugee children in


Europe who are travelling without a parent or guardian and it is time


that Britain act and gives those children at home and the childhood.


Can we also have a statement on the energy security in this country? EDF


energy the company behind the Hinckley Project for the committee


that the decision over the new site's future has been delayed until


May and rests in the hands of the French government. If this project


does not go ahead there will be serious questions as to whether this


government can keep the lights on and meet our climate change


commitments. Can the secretary come towards the size and make a


statement about this project and what is her plan B point C does not


receive? Many responded to the resignation of the previous


Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. Really, there is no


comparison between the two events. They could not be more different.


The Ides of March marks the brutal end of a career of someone who was


in favour of closer European integration, had filled the


legislature with his followers and was feared to be setting himself up


as unfettered leader of his country, but not quite the record of the


right honourable member for Chingford and Woodford Green. Thank


you, Mr Speaker. I echo her comments about Brussels and she is right to


point out the sentiments of the British people the Vic Dems. It is


important that we should be alert but not alarms and recognise the


ongoing work that our police and domestic services take to make sure


that we are all safe. Can I start by paying tribute to Milton Tolbert? E


will be much missed, including his role in the Parliamentary choir. His


dulcet tones echoing out of costs -- across the chapel. I first met him


and his lovely wife back in 2003 at a garden party. As his wife is a


senior county councillor and he was rightly supporting her. After his


service in the Armed Forces on his service to the size and his


dedication to democracy, I really wish Milburn well in the next stage


of his life. I welcome the honourable ladies to the places and


the honourable lady opposite, her constituency and might have similar


attributes. We are on the coast, fishing is important and green


energy offers a vibrant future. She has shown she is a dab hand at the


dispatch box. That said, as the honourable lady is in the hostile


gang and it seems that the honourable member for Rhondda has


been neutered, she will have to put skids on to get back in the good


books. What do week it has been. Far from dismal, we have had a


turbo-charged budget back in businesses of all sizes. Providing


work to millions more people. I'm sure she will welcome the fact that


over 600,000 businesses will no longer pay business rates from 2017,


70,000 of which are from Yorkshire and Humber. The Labour Party is


between a rock and a hard place, floundering to get off the hook of


the fact that they left office with the largest deficit ever. The Prime


Minister and the Chancellor have negotiated choppy waters. We have


weathered the storms and our long-term economic plan means we are


shipshape to reach a safe harbour of economic security, living within our


means and working towards tackling the deficit that was at risk of


tracking down the country. She asked several questions. She can use the


opposition day to debate these matters. On the issue of PIP and


disabilities and want to say we are a one nation government who wants to


support everyone to achieve their full potential and live independent


lives. In the last 12 months alone hundred and 52,000 more disabled


people have moved into work. That represents real lives transformed as


will help people with disabilities to move into work and benefit from


the advantages that brings. Even though Labour has the largest


peacetime deficit ever I should remind members that spending on


those with disabilities will be higher in Twenty20 than in 2010. The


government will not be going ahead with the changes to PIP. We have


legislated to deliver the ?12 billion of savings promised in our


manifesto, including those made a fortnight ago in the welfare reform


act. We are committed to ensuring that disabled people live their


lives free from discrimination and that is why we have strengthened the


equality act to ensure that the lot properly protects them. She refers


to the Tampon Tax. I will give due credit to the honourable lady for


Dewsbury. The honourable lady and I had a back and forth on twitter, but


I am pleased at what has happened. The government has successfully


negotiated with prompting, I am not denying that, to ensure that we have


a zero great. I am hoping that will be introduced legislation in due


course. With regard to the refugee children, everybody is moved by it.


I support the policy of this government by taking the most


vulnerable people directly from camps in the countries surrounding


Syria. Since the decisions were made early in the year, sorry late last


year, that the United Kingdom has welcomed over a thousand people from


Syrian refugee camps and I am pleased that the communities had


done their best to make sure that these people are made to feel


welcome. But energy security, we have just had energy questions and


cheaper fares to EDF and Hinckley. I have Sizewell in my constituency. I


hope that Sizewell C will follow Hinkley C. I can assure her that the


Prime Minister and the energy ministers are continuing to have


these discussions with the people at the highest level in the French


government. It has been quite a week and many MPs find some fun at the


British babel awards last night. The Leader of the Opposition, after


being skewered at the end keys yesterday, may be looking for some


donors, but instead he found some Donner kebabs. I hope the MPs enjoy


the Easter recess. They are welcome to my constituency. They need to


recharge the batteries as only come back we will have a full agenda of


legislation to progress, the Finance Bill, further cementing this


government's long-term economic land. Today is National... This


highlights brain tumours which kill more children and adults under the


age of 40 than any other cancer, yet only 1% of the National Cancer spent


is on cancer research for brain tumours. I pay tribute to Philippa


Barber and her family who lost their precious husband, Nigel, in 2013 to


this. Can we have a debate please on extra funding to support this


important research and tackling this devastating disease, please? My


honourable friend is right to raise this important issue. The petitions


committee enquired into this matter. There will be a debate on the whole


issue in Westminster Hall on the 18th of April. I commend her and


other colleagues who wear hats in order to push forward this issue.


Given the appalling events in Brussels, can the government find


time in forthcoming business on the debates to address underlying causes


of terrorism? We need to tackle extremism at its root cause if we


are to make our communities safer. As a to adopting the reactionary and


often racist approach carried out by some figures at home and abroad. Can


we have a debate on the new budget? It would give ministers the chance


to properly apologise to the hundreds of thousands of disabled


people left in limbo thanks to the Chancellor's calloused


miscalculations. They have not taken up the opportunity all week. Can we


have a debate on the importance of unity and political parties? The SNP


could lead it and the others could learn how to inspire confidence in


the electorate? People know that we are the party that puts people first


and that is why they are backing us in record numbers. The Equal Pay Act


was an act of three days ago but pay inequality remains. We need a full


debate to agree a programme and specific timetable for achieving


equality for women. In my time in this Parliament I have seen real


progress made in women work together bridging part of the -- pigeon party


and political divides to unite. Let's find more ways for the women


of this House to join forces for the benefit of all. Today is an historic


day. Here is to the deputies who may soon become the leaders in the


position. I was proud to be one of the 1,617,989 people in Scotland who


voted yes in the referendum in 2014 in Scotland. I respect the decision


that the Scottish people made 18 months ago. Today was the proposed


first day of an independent Scotland. Can we have a full debate


on how Scotland has fared from this union, including the risk we face at


the hands of this reckless Chancellor and the fact that our


vital EU membership is a threat? The majority of people in Scotland now


believe that the people in Scotland would have a positive effect. We


will be taking lessons on fiscal competence from a Chancellor who has


seen the deficit grew by ?155 billion under his watch. They agree


with me that Scotland's underlying fiscal position is we can because we


are not independent. We can discuss how Scotland will benefit from


another 50 years of oil production. We should find ways to save the


proceeds for future generations and address the adverse effects of our


commitment to renewing Trident, Hinkley Point and the high-speed


rail link from London to Manchester. We can also debate the as well as


placing the address in the SNP people in Scotland are placing


person themselves by supporting Scottish independence in record


numbers. Today is the last day of work that Milburn will have. Can I


thank him for the advice in French and help he has shown to all new


members and all members across the sites. We are truly grateful to him


and wish him very well in his future endeavours. Can we thank all high


staff, yourself on the deputy speakers for their help and support


and wish you all a very happy recess.


I want to echo her comments about their being no room for racism in


our society here or anywhere. As a consequence, I believe that we, as


political leaders, need to send that message strongly and repeatedly. In


regard to what is happening in the Middle East, I believe we have taken


a multipronged approach in terms of extreme is a action, which I


appreciate she did not support. But we believe that, alongside providing


over 1 billion of aid so that we are showing whether actions how we are


trying to help tackle some of the issues at source. Meanwhile, in


terms of radicalisation, we are undertaking are counter extremism


strategy and a variety of ways. I'm sure that she will welcome that the


Chancellor delivered for Scotland what was asked for. Freezing fuel


duty, whiskey duty and supporting Maiwand gas industry. I am sure she


will also welcome the people being taken out of paying income tax. That


is the kind of positive action where people who work hard will be able to


keep more of their money, and that is certainly a value which I think


at one point she used to espouse. In terms of the equality act, she is


right to be attributed this and other issue of gender pay, the prime


ministers very focused on this matter. I have seen the report from


the women under qualities committee and the government will respond in


due course. I should remind them that was a Conservative Government


that established the woman and qualities committee in this


Parliament. I would like that of gender pay gap is an important


issue. It seems to be largely emanated for women under the age of


40 and that is to be welcomed. There is still considerably more to do.


And even sent her a copy my own report about executive pay claim


talent, which in trying to improve the prospects of woman going up the


corporate ladder. But I think that the work undertaken in the review


and the outcome of that is a charter which will encourage financial firms


to sign up to the financial remuneration on bonuses is went to


progress on this matter is a very welcome step. -- lent to progress on


this matter. I am surprised if they are not in black today that the body


would be in mourning. As it is not Scottish independence day, as you


pointed out, fortunately two years ago a clear majority voted to remain


in the United Kingdom and are now breathing a collective sigh of


relief as the SMP fiscal plans would likely be in turmoil driven oil


price. I expect she wrote her contribution before seeing the


independent report today which points out that Scottish people


would have started life today each ?2000 worth of and would be bearing


the largest deficit in the developed world. Meanwhile last night, and I


think they dead welcome us, the Scotland act was passed. We have


fulfilled the VAIO made by my right honourable friend the Prime Minister


is that the Scottish parliament that returns in May will be a powerhouse


parliament. As such, Mr Speaker, I know that other honourable friends


want to prisoners Unity Day, and long may that continue. -- wanted to


christen this unity day. This morning, the British horse Society


released statistics on accidents involving words of the last five


years. 36 riders died and 181 horses were killed. There have also been


many other injuries to Raiders, drivers, horses and much damage to


vehicles on the island and on the mainland. The British data-flow


campaign seeks to educate drivers to slow down to 50 mph to be patient,


to allow at least a car's words when passing horses and to drive away


slowly. Would the Leader of the House find time for debate to


promote this important Road safety issue? He is right is this important


issue. I am sure that he will agree that a common-sense approach that it


would to be wide enough for Raiders, cyclists, horse riders and cars is


perfectly possible and that people just need to be reminded of the


responsibilities towards more honourable you road users. For


example, the highway code does advise motorists to pass riders


widely and fully and to give them as much room as one overtaking a


purpose of it is an ideal opportunity potentially for visiting


the backbench business committee and I am sure that many members would


join in that request. Last night, some men were brutally murdered on


the Lakes estate. A 34-year-old man has been arrested. I am sure the


whole house would join me in expressing their horror and sadness


that these terrible murders and descend our thoughts and personal


condolences to the victims' families, particularly the children,


but also the local community at this terrible time. A woman is killed


every three days in this country. We have some fantastic agencies and


support agencies working with women at risk of violence but they are


stretched to breaking point as funding has been cut. Will the


deputy leader of his work with the Home Secretary briskly to ensure


that the police have all the resources they need to pursue


justice in this particular case and to support the victim's families?


Secondly to review the impact of cuts to the police, local agencies,


refuges and local authority services on domestic violence rates? And give


the House and update on when the strategy for balance against women


and girls will be lamented at what funding will come with that for


local services? The key is the honourable lady is just as great as


colour very distressing and I am sure they will house will join in


her sentiments with regard to the families. -- the case she has just


described is a very distressing. This is an important point. We have


an opportune with the elections of Police and Crime Commissioner is


coming up to ensure that every candidate puts domestic violence as


they had their manifestos. And I am not aware of what further action the


Home Secretary is due today but I will bring her comments to her


attention. -- due to take. May I add my support to the calls from the


honourable member for Auckland for a debate on the united kingdom. I am


sure you agree that we represent their gritters country now, and it


is a village to do so. May we thank in that debate at the 55% of the


people of Scotland who had the good sense to stay in the United Kingdom,


to reject budget cuts. Me we celebrate that occasion by having a


national holiday? Let's call it unity day! Well, I feel a campaign


coming on from my honourable friend for unity day. So I would endorse


what he said about the important decision that was taken by the


people of Scotland. Now that we have acted on the promise, now that we


have fulfilled the Met Commissioner, instead of arguing about process I


hope that the Scottish parliament and government, who are all up or


re-election in the next few months, that the debate will be about what


the future is in Scotland given these enhanced powers. The case of


Doctor Chris today versus health education England has exposed a


serious problem in the whistle-blowing legislation to stop


if a junior doctor whistle-blowers to each VE then it can cut short the


doctor's training as a punishment with legal impunity. --. This is not


remedied under the new contract but I hope the honourable lady will


agree it is something that is deserving the attention of this


House. I think the honourable gentleman... I thank him for making


me aware of that. There are not only Health Minister is due to come


shortly but I think he raises an important point about the issue of


little boring. My right honourable friend the Secretary of State


recently giving seen each about patient safety, including a safe


space for so I am not sure how that case would related but I will make


sure that you made aware of your comments. -- he raises an important


point about the issue of whistle-blowing. Can we have a


debate on gypsies, particularly to do with animal welfare? Despite


numerous complaints from me, local residents and others about the


appalling treatment of animals, especially horses, at a gypsy


encampment at my constituency, no action has been taken. There is no


doubt and means that if these animals were the responsibility of


anyone else, enforcement action would have been taken. But


authorities appear to perceive it around and I'm scared when it comes


to gypsies. Can we have a debate on this issue so we can make clearness


of that animal welfare should not be sacrificed on the altar of political


correctness when it comes to gypsies? My honourable friend raises


this particular issue. I was under the impression that the legislation


which was successfully steered through the House in the last


Parliament by my honourable friend the -- my honourable friend would


have doubled. It is concerning if councils are not prepared gentleman


that legislation but I would suggest that we do not need to single out


any group of people in terms of regards to animal welfare. -- my


honourable friend. I would apply for him to apply for an adjournment


debate to debate this more carefully if there are issues. Before I ask


the question, can I just ask the House's condolences to the family of


the prison officer who died last week and the very clearly that


dissidents need to know we are never going to let them win, no matter


what they do. As we meet today, the leaders of the candles on the


north-east of England are discussing whether or not to sign up to a


devolution deal that will give them a paltry ?900 million over 30 years


to spend between Berwick and Bernard Kassel on the same day we learn that


Waterloo station will be given ?800 million to redevelop the tender


years. The resources of this country are assured out unfairly. He raises


the issue of the personal officer but I believe that the Prime


Minister appropriately paid tribute yesterday. In regard to devolution,


this is an opportunity for different parts of the country to really grab


the powers, not just the cash, in order to make a real difference to


local committees. I am not aware exactly of the situation he


describes in regards to his own devolution deal that has been


proposed but I can assure him that this Government has continued to


invest right around the country and not just in London, and I am sure


that he will welcome the announcement that have been made


about enhancing the Aone and of a conservation but the government has


made in order to help bring Hitachi alongside the honourable member. 16


double accidental deaths of children under the age of four is drowning


related, twice the number of those children of the same age who die as


a result of fire. Can we have a debate to commend the efforts of the


Royal life Savers Society UK and what they do to prevent burning and


awful so we can ask that the government how they can support


quality water safety education been delivered at all schools across the


latest kingdom? My honourable friend is vice-chair of the ABP for water


safety and running prevention and I commend him for his work on that.


This morning and water city are part of the national regular and the


support strategy published in September included a commitment to


establish a working group to advise on how to ensure no child with


skills unable to meet a minimum standard and swimming. I am


expecting that to be established in the near teacher and report within


the next year. -- standard in swimming. The review into historic


child abuse in Wales was published last week. Survivors are angered


that the unredacted version has so far only been seen by government


ministers and senior establishment lawyers. The children's Commissioner


for Wales police greater transparency should be afforded to


survivors. It was discussed in an hour-long Westminster debate on


Tuesday and members strongly expressed the need for full debate


in time. Can this be arranged? As she already heard from the Minister


yesterday, the view of the department on that matter, I will


point out that the Secretary of State will be back here today before


the House and the Welsh questions the Wednesday we get back on to


suggest she take a further opportunity to press on this matter.


The committee on arms export controls has recently been


reinstated. Yesterday saw the first evidence session on the Yemen


inquiry. Can we have a debate around the importance of scrutiny of arms


exports and the role of the committee in this scrutiny?


He was elected chairman of this committee last month and they noted


that the committee has launched an enquiry into this and the deadline


for Britain's emissions is tomorrow. It is an important issue which


across the high-speed people want to ensure that the arms export controls


are undertaken diligently. When he has completed his record, I would


suggest that he might approach and backbench conflict -- committee for


an appropriate time to debate it. I have been contacted either parent of


the nine-year-old child who has asked burgers syndrome and is


threatening to commit suicide daily. The parent has been unable to access


services. Can we have a debate to discuss the ongoing crisis in mental


health provision? She raises an important case. I am sorry to hear


about the issues being faced. The government has put in an extra ?450


million specifically into children's mental-health and I would be


concerned if that is not reaching the front line. I will raise this


with the Health Secretary her behalf. Our high school in my


constituency had an inspirational visit by a Holocaust survivor in the


past week. This comes at a time when a west Yorkshire Labour councillor


has been suspended for anti-Semitic comments on social media. Can we


have a debate on how -- hardly we can all unite in this House to drive


at the evil of anti-Semitism that seems to be creeping back into


politics? He is right to raise this issue. There is no room for racism,


anti-Semitism at all and it is important that people in public and


private life stamped the site whenever they encounter it. He is


right to call for a debate and it would be a popular talk for a back


bench business committee. This week on the ten year anniversary of smoke


free legislation in Scotland the World Health Organisation has


commended the people of Scotland and leadership shown by members of the


Scottish parliament. Which he agree with me that we should commend this


leadership and the role of the Scottish Parliament and can we have


a statement on the importance of this work and doing everything we


can to stamp out smoking? She will recognise that it is for Scottish


ministers to reply to the Scottish parliament. After raising the issue


of medals she was successful in securing a debate and they suggest


that she apply and we will be able to have the full response from our


public health minister on the importance of trying to reduce


smoking population. May we have a statement from the Secretary of


State for culture, media and sports in the light of the closure, the sad


closure of the independent newspaper print edition on our future policy


for the preservation of photographic archives. I know that agree a deal


of work is being done by The National Archives on government


documentation being preserved in the digital age, but when a great


newspaper closes it would be a terrible shame to lose for the


nation the photographic record that it has built up and in the digital


age this does raise serious practical problems for the


long-term. My honourable friend raises an interesting point on that


matter. My expectation is that the ownership of the photographs you


live with the proprietors of the newspaper or the original


photographers so I am not sure if it is for government to try to


automatically ensure that what he suggests happens. It may be possible


to facilitate that discussion with our national museums. The Secretary


of State will be back here are fortnight after we get back and I


commend him to ask the question them. The Deputy Leader of the Welsh


Assembly receives ?97,000 a year in farming subsidy. When can we debate


the campaign launched yesterday under the title farmers would be


better off with Brexit so that honourable members of the sites can


tell us how much they receive in their own farming subsidies and how


much more they expect from the taxpayer after Brexit? I am not


aware of the rules of the house on declaration of receipts of farming


payments but clearly he has been able to find that out. It is really


important I think of the United Kingdom to stay in the European


Union and the Common agricultural policy is not perfect, but it has


led to a certainty of income for certain farmers. Can I first


congratulate my fellow North East Lincolnshire member on her role in


the front bench and to say thank you for sparing us the jokes of the


shadow leader! My Cleethorpes constituency is located in the


Yorkshire and Humber region. A recent joint report from transport


for the North and the Department for Transport ignores completely


northern Lincolnshire and even a glitch rating from the rail network


map. In view of the greater Lincolnshire devolution deal could


we have a statement please on the possibility of realigning the


regions so that the whole of Lincolnshire is lumped together in


the East Midlands? He makes an interesting point. I am not sure if


he wants to be included in the transport for the Northern


Powerhouse strategy and moved to the Midlands, it sounds like the latter.


Surely what would be your benefit in improving transport in the North


would also benefit Cleethorpes, including the magnificent Humber


Bridge, whose goals or have four years ago. Can we have a statement


on the effect on until -- employee share ownership schemes of the


HMRC... I am not aware of this issue but I would hope that he would write


to a Treasury minister who might be able to get an answer more quickly


although the Treasury ministers will be here on the 19th of April. For


those of us who believe our four nations are greater together than


the sum of our parts today could've been a sad day of separation. Could


I join a sad day of separation. Today joining the calls in asking


that we have a debate on the merits of the union and how they make all


four countries stronger than they would be apart? May honourable


friend may be joining the campaign member. We have spent quite a lot of


time in this House over the passage of the Scottish act debating matters


but if he was to apply to the back fence business committee I am sure


the honourable gentleman would look upon as a recommendation favourably.


The Palace of Westminster is hosting a large number of additional


workforce over the next few years. Could we have confirmation that the


standards of behaviour towards young female members of staff and the


inappropriate this of name-calling and perhaps inopportune whistling is


the best I could describe it as remains inappropriate on the estate


the matter from them? I am not exactly sure what she is referring


to. It may be about the potential restoration and renewal of this


place, therefore a larger construction work was being here. I


would expect that when the commission undertakes that next


stage of it, that within the contract standards of behaviour


would be expected. This week sees the Jewish festival, which


commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people. The half seen a


festival, we celebrate Easter shortly. Today we celebrate the


second day of the festival of colours. These all have one great


element, which is a festival of renewal, celebrating spring, so can


we have a debate celebrating the wonderful renewal of this country


under this Conservative government to ensure that we deliver for


everyone as one nation? I would like to congratulate my honourable friend


for the work he does in his communities. He is right to stress


the importance of celebrating the many festivals that make up the rich


tapestry of our country. I am looking forward to Easter Sunday so


I can break my chocolate fast and have a delicious Easter egg. I


welcome the announcement in the budget for the sugar tax and the


fact that the money raised will be spent on school sports. Can we have


a debate on government time on the reinstatement of school sports


partnerships, the successful schemes that by the Coalition Government?


The honourable lady is right to point out the importance of school


sports. I would agree with her begetting children active at a young


age and keeping that activity going matters. I am sure that the


backbench business committee with favourably on such a popular


subject. May I echo the calls of the honourable member for files and is


tricky for seeking a serious debate on respecting and thanking the 55%


of the Scottish leg it on a high turnout that the relief rejected


separatism? This is a serious matter. The SNP won the argument


your position would have disappeared today, you would no longer have been


the Speaker of the British Parliament. Can she get serious


deliberation to a debate for an national British holiday to separate


unity day and thank the Scottish people that said no thanks to the


SNP. The campaign is gathering momentum! I think most people in


this House welcomed the result in 2014 and are glad that Scotland


distal part of the United Kingdom. That is something we can cherish.


Whether we need a special holiday or not I will look forward to his


campaign. Select committees Norman Singin Stevens. Would she agree that


this was a brilliant innovation and isn't it time we had a debate on the


future and further empower select committees? Anyone who wants to be


convinced of the power of the Select Committee should only listen to a


recording of the interview with the honourable member for Ruislip and


Uxbridge yesterday in the Treasury Select Committee. Off I have ever


seen the Select Committee were eyewitness has been filleted, that


was one. Could we have an early debate? We got the right to make


people come? Can we have an early debate on this? He will recognise


the value as he was the chairman of the Select Committee. It was the


government led by Margaret Thatcher that introduced select committees.


When I served on a committee room are able to make sure that the


Murdoch family attended, even though after initial expectation that they


would not. There are procedures. There are channels open with a


speaker in order to progress those kinds of matters further. As we are


on the eve of the Easter holiday can I say that North Devon would be a


fantastic place to visit for this long weekend? There is a long list


of fantastic attractions. We can't debate in this House the importance


of the tourism industry to the economy of North Devon and the wider


south-west. My honourable friend is take me back to my childhood when I


enjoyed holidays there. I never made it to Westward Ho! I recognise that


Royal North Devon is the oldest golf course in the country. I visited


South Devon last year down to solve them. There are so many gorgeous


places around the country where we can truly enjoy a restful break. Can


I first of all express my thanks to my out going MSP for 17 years of


service. On the 2nd of December the Prime Minister promised to come back


here to give us an update on the war in Syria. He pleaded with us to


support military action because of what he described as an urgent need


for precision bombing against specific Daesh occupied buildings.


By the time we return we will be more than a month past the deadline


set by the Prime Minister. There has been precisely one missile fired at


the building in Raqqa under Daesh controlled buildings. There was a


question recently to... I am anticipating a statement in May. He


will be aware that the Prime Minister is here every week and he


can ask him a question them. You will recall that on several times


that has been a call for us to have a debate on gangs and serious youth


violence. We managed to secure that. One of the things that was agreed


and that this House voted on was that there would be a cross-party


commission set up to look into the root causes of serious youth


violence. What I want to know is what is the death of the leader's


government going to do about implementing this?


Thank you, Mr Speaker. I did not follow the debate but I am aware of


the seriousness of the issue and she will be aware of previous


legislation that we have introduced to enhance criminal penalties on


that matter. It is up to her to progress that herself with members


from across five and present her findings to the government and they


may well commend do that and seek a debate from the back bench business


debate again once they have had that support. With the new Secretary of


State for the Department for Work Pensions, does the department


intended to make a statement on DWP sanctions guidance so that members


of the House can discuss issues such as failing to attend or take part in


a work focused interview about good reason, and if so, the deputy leader


of the question that has been made by many members of the part deux


made public will he be sanctioned for his absence on Monday afternoon?


I am very pleased that the right honourable friend is the music


adjusted for work and pensions. He has only just appointed so I am not


aware that he has any plans to change the things to which it


refers, and indeed she has expressed the view that he wants to ensure


that Department implements the welfare reforms we legislate for


properly and I am sure he will have heard what we said today. Point of


order. I think all of the House, every member, is grateful for the


particular messages about security that we have received this week in


light of the tragedy, and tragedies, across Europe. But would she inform


the House what we backbenchers and other members of this size can


feedback any concerns they have in response to that? Is there a formal


process or could we invent one? Well, I am grateful for the


honourable gentleman for raising such an important matter on the


floor of the House and I am sure he is right in saying that all members


of the sites will be member for -- will be grateful for the new advice


and procedures that we have not only got a projection of members but for


the many, many people who


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