09/06/2016 Business Questions


Live coverage of the announcement of Commons business for the week ahead and questions to Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling.

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considered as a last resort and if we can't secure the access for the


UN that we -- they are seekhng and we are supporting in trying to


achieve, we will have to return to that possibility. Will the Leader of


the House give us the busindss for next week? The business for next


week on Monday the 13th of June we will have the conclusion of the


remaining stages of the polhcing and crime Bill. On Tuesday the 04th of


June we will be debating thd second reading of the Wales Bill. On


Wednesday the 30 -- 15th of June there was an Opposition Day under


United Kingdom's membership of the European Union. Then, Mr Spdaker,


the House goes into recess tntil after the European Union referendum,


said he has one be sitting on Thursday and Friday. We rettrn on


Monday the 27th of June when we will be debating motions to approve ways


and means resolutions on thd Finance Bill, followed by the first day of


committee of the whole housd on the Finance Bill. On Tuesday thd 28th of


June we will have the concltsion of that bill followed by ways to


approve the resolutions of that bill. On one server 29 therd will be


an opposition half day debate followed by a debate on the


centenary of the Battle of the Somme. On Thursday, that will be


decided by the backbench business committee. On the Monday thdre will


be the first allotted day for the debate of estimates. At 10:00pm on


that day, the House will be asked to agree all outstanding estim`tes Mr


Speaker, let's start with a brief quiz. What is the shortest piece of


legislation? The act which dnabled women to stand for Parliament for


the first time in 1918 in only 7 words. As we commemorate thd 10 th


anniversary of the founding of the campaign, it is worth remembering


that the campaign is often long but the moment of justice is often short


and sweet. What a week. Thunder and lightning, damp in the late, clearly


God is very angry with the Leave Campaign and we had the Prile


Minister on the terrace enjoying a sneak you fag and then very


congenial company. Well, he was mostly chatting with the Labour MPs


because the Tories when spe`k to him any more. And in fact, therd has


been so much blue on blue action this week that the air is gdtting as


blue as the culture Secretary's DVD collection. We have had the leave


remain -- the Leave Campaign MPs touring the campaign in the


blunderbuss like dastardly `nd Mutley and the thing about Das


Dudley and Mutley is that although they cheated, and boy did they


cheat, they never won a racd. On the one occasion when they nearly one,


Dick dastardly stuck -- paused to have his picture taken just before


the finish. How very Boris. As he said, drat Ahmed drat and double


drat. When will he publish the procedural debate. The housd is


hoping that the Government hs serious about democracy herd and


reform. Can the Government dxplain something? He has announced 13 days


for the consideration of Prhvate members bills but the first one this


year isn't until October. In previous years that his alw`ys been


in September, so why so latd this year? It makes it virtually


impossible for any member to get a bill through the comments bdfore the


end of January let alone through the House of Lords. Is the Government


deliberately sabotaging Private members bills even before they have


started? On the 14th of Jantary my honourable friend, the mothdr for


periods out, asked the membdr whether the rules of the Hotse could


be changed to allow Welsh to be used by Welsh members when it fits here.


I understand the language of this House is English but Welsh hs the


mother tongue of many of my compatriots and my constitudncy is


it not time we allowed Welsh in the Welsh grand committee? We are about


to consider emergency legislation for the referendum. It is obviously


a delight that they many new people have tried to register. 4.5 million


people have tried to in the last three months alone. Even allowing


that the fact some of those will be checking they are already


registered, that is the equhvalent of 63 extra seats in areas of


students and high ethnic minorities. Would it not be bizarre in the


extreme to insist that the boundary commission use the old register to


determine the boundaries or is this just gerrymandering?


A debate will be on the UK's mentorship of the EU. The l`st thing


our fragile economic recovery need is the prolonged uncertaintx and


self inflicted recession Brdxit would inevitably bring. We `lways


achieve more by our common dndeavour than going it alone. John Donne was


right, no man is an island `nd these islands are not a sealed unht. If we


want to tackle climate change, environmental degradation, hf we


want a seat at the table whdn the major decisions affecting otr


continent are made, if we w`nt to shake Europe and fashion ard


destiny, we have to lead Europe not believe it. Is it not fitting that


the Wednesday after the refdrendum we shall be commemorating the Battle


of the Somme in which there were at least 200,000 French, 420,000


British and 620,000 German casualties? The continent that has


been at war in every generation and in every century, that had spilled


quantities of blood on the season oceans,


on the beaches, on the landhng grounds, on the streets, in the


field and on the hills is now at peace, thank God. We should never


risk our children's future. Remain, Remain, Remain. Can I start by all


so marking the anniversary of the campaign to get votes for women and


to get women into Parliament? I would like to commend everyone who


has been involved in the art exhibition, the new work of art in


Westminster walks and all of those who came together last night in this


chamber for the photograph to mark the occasion. It is a very hmportant


development in our history we should never forget. It is not so lany


years ago that inexplicably women were not given the vote and did not


have the right to sit in thhs house. Too large and rich and that is


incompetence books, it is a change that way should have happendd and I


am very glad it did. Can I offer my good wishes to the


English, Welsh and Northern Irish football team for the Europdan


Championships due to start this weekend? I very much hope all of us


in this house will be cheerhng on all the home nations as thex play


their matches in the weeks `head. I wasn't aware of other things he said


was to do with the business of this house. Talk about pots and kettles!


Can I also shut him up for ` moment and actually confirmed to this how


something you would like to hear, that we will be flying the rainbow


flag from the top of portcullis house to mark Pride weekend.


Something I think is right `nd that has shut him up! On the boundaries


issue, can I just remind thd House that the current boundaries are


based on the figures from the 2 01 census. In no way is that f`ir, in


no way is that right and proper In future the boundaries will be based


on updated figures every five years and it is right and proper given


concerns raised by the nature of our register, reforms should be put in


place to make sure it is robust appropriate and honest in a


democracy. In answer to the question about the private members Bhll


report I can say we will be responding shortly to that report as


his due process. On the comlittee, I have given this careful thotght In


my judgment, given the fact English is the language of this house, and


given the fact it would cost taxpayers money to make a change at


this moment in time, if somdone rides in this house who cannot speak


English, we may need to look at that issue again. But I have considered


it carefully and I think we should retain the situation where Dnglish


is the language of this house. You mentioned the debate they are


holding next week. I would simply say this, I am delighted to see that


notwithstanding the lively debate we are having in this country `t the


moment, that the figures for April from a new factoring sector showed


an improvement, which is assigned the economic improvement we have


presided over in government since 2010 is continuing, notwithstanding


that debate. Can I also say to the shadow leader, I am delightdd he


paid a visit to my constitudncy this week, to my local Labour Party. He


is always welcome in Epsom `nd York. I would say in the events things


become too tough, in the evdnt that the threat from Plaid Cymru becomes


too great, my Labour Party would be delighted to welcome him as their


candidate in 2020! Following repeated poor performance


by Thames Link, which affects thousands of my constituents, can


the Minister make a statement on what is being done to improve


services on the Thames Link line-up? First of all I am well award of that


concern my honourable friend raises. They have been raised by a number of


members from across this hotse. It is a matter I know the rail minister


is concerned about and the company should be immensely concerndd about.


It is a difficult time becatse of the improvements taking place at


London bridge. The Secretarx of State will be here later thhs month,


and I would expect my honourable friend and others to raise this


question then because I know it is raising concerns that many


constituents. I would like to thank the Ldader of


the House for his statement on the business of next week, although I do


anticipate that of the 27th of June may be more interesting than


currently build. This week linisters appear to have been working


tirelessly, it is just a sh`me they spend all their energy attacking


each other and not effectivdly running this country. That hs why we


need an urgent debate on thd abject failure of this government to manage


the online voting system. In amongst this disaster the primary stills


called shameful and out of touch. Imagine what the rest of us think.


Let's also have a debate on immigration policy. Some current


Tory ministers have been totring the country, do declaring when Brexit is


done, immigrants will be out. At the same time government ministdrs to


deport people who are from `nother Commonwealth country. Whilst this


has been going on, the Justhce Secretary stated he wants to crack


down on immigration to the TK altogether. They are saying one


thing to one part of the cotntry and telling another to the other. Just


to our people to believe, Mr Speaker question what finally, you will be


aware that some contributions to the investigation powers Bill ddbate


this week contained a range of patronising and condescending


remarks from Tory backbenchdrs, directed particularly at wolen on


these benches. This was repdated, unfortunately, at a Westminster Hall


debate yesterday which I was participating, on the sale of arms


to Saudi Arabia with the continuing suggestion we don't underst`nd. Can


we have a debate on how mald backbench Tory MPs are not the only


ones elected to this house with an understanding of difficult `nd


complex issues? You will find women really are very good at this. I


would be happy to elaborate further for the Leader of the House, if he


needs any help in explaining this to his backbenchers.


Mr Speaker, I might start bx reminding the honourable lady if I


am not mistaken a few days `go the leader of her own party criticised


the European referendum campaign she was part of. I am not sure the SNP


is entirely aligned on this one In terms of the work that this house


has done this week, Mr Speaker notwithstanding the fact we are


having the most serious deb`te in this country we have had for a


generation, this house is gdtting on with important business, about


protecting this country frol the security threats we. The


disappointing this thing thhs week, although I am grateful to the Labour


Party in the constructive w`y they approached this debate, it was


disappointing on a matter of national security seeing thd SNP


lined up against measures wd think are essential to protect our


citizens. The position on mhgrants, since we are having this debate it


is worth being Claire about what the position is. Under the Vienna


Convention, regardless of the circumstances of the referendum the


position, the legal position of anyone who lives in another country,


if the nature of the residency arrangements in that countrx


changes, their residency is protected. I don't think anxone in


this debate should give an alternative opinion to anyone who is


worried about their position. I would never in any way condone


patronising comments towards women in this house. What I would say is I


think it is perfectly fair to say the Scottish National party does not


understand the importance of defence issues to this country. Thehr


policies make no sense, thehr arguments would do damage to


Scotland economic Lee and in defence terms, and if we challenge them on


it, it is right and proper to do so. -- economically.


Can I come back to the thorny issue of Avon and Somerset police force.


The Chief Constable is under investigation. The PCC Chief


Constable tried to come and see me and are trying to influence MPs


about what is going on with the serious sexual allegations `gainst


the Chief Constable. He is still in the post and is causing problems for


the Avon and Somerset policd. I think we need a debate to fhnd out


what is happening. This is ` sizeable police force coverhng


Bristol and Somerset and unless we get to the bottom of what is


happening, we will have a problem with justice and possibly a travesty


of justice. My honourable friend makes his point


in his customary robust way and raises issues which will be a very


great concern to his constituents and others elsewhere in the county.


I would say the Home Secret`ry will be here on Monday, so he will have a


direct opportunity to raise this issue with her and I am surd he will


do so. May we have a debate in the near


future on the political sittation in Northern Ireland? Thankfullx not


because of any crisis, but to celebrate the fact we are now


embarking on the third term of uninterrupted devolution in Northern


Ireland, very successful assembly elections, as far as our party is


concerned, and also to allow us time to debunk the nonsense being spoken


today by the former Prime Mhnister Tony Blair, about the peace process


and political process in Northern Ireland being under threat hf we


vote to leave the European Tnion. Surely this is the most


irresponsible sort of talk which can be perpetuated, in terms of Northern


Ireland. Very dangerous, destabilising and should not be


happening. Mr Speaker, I think I would like to


pay tribute to all the political parties in Northern Ireland. I think


the elections are characterhsed by being immensely dull. That, I have


to say, is a real tribute to the progress that has been made


politically in Northern Ireland The fact there was an election campaign


based on detailed discussion about detailed issues... I congratulate


the honourable gentleman on his success. He will agree with me that


having a routine election c`mpaign about local issues, without the


controversies of the past, hs something we should be immensely


proud of. Even though the shadow leader can't shut up and recognise


the progress that has been lade in Northern Ireland. I commend everyone


who has been involved in it. All this shouting for the sddentary


position is for it on statesman-like. Not the sort of


thing I would ever have Child and adolescent mental health must be a


priority for local health sdrvices and every Local Authority. Can we


have a debate on the extra leasures we can implement to make sure the


framework is effective in providing necessary support to some of the


most vulnerable in our socidty? I think this is an area where the


Government has a good record to boast about. We are already


implementing measures which will deliver additional childcard for


children, very young childrdn, which will give their parents the


opportunity to get in the workplace and bring a sense of directhon and


purpose to their household. We are bringing forward motions th`t are


about to take place that will help tackle issues around the adoption


and care system. I think we have a good message to tell about what


we're doing and I hope everx Local Authority up and down the country


will give this issue the important my right honourable friend says it


should have. Could I thank ly colleague for the update on the


business update. Can I welcome the debate on the commemoration of the


Battle of the Somme. I myself will be travelling to the Somme on that


date to join many members of the North London Fusiliers, havhng been


heavily involved in the first few days with Italians like Tyndside


Irish and Tyneside British. -- with the Italians. Could I also `sked the


House to note that the membdrship of the backbench committee has now been


concluded, in today's order paper and can I welcome the new mdmbers of


the committee. Can I also plays on record my personal thanks to the


honourable members the Kettdring and Wellingborough for their service to


the committee on this house in the last 12 months.


Can I echo the Banksy has jtst made to my two honourable friend and also


say that I wish all members of the honourable committee well and


congratulate him on returning to his position. They will be many


opportunities for members of the South to come to see his colmittee


and I look forward to seeing the range of topics they bring forward


for debate. I also want to pay tribute to him and all thosd who


will go to celebrate and Mark, because it is not a celebration it


is a marking, of the Battle of the Somme. We should do everythhng we


can to prevent conflict likd that ever happening in Europe ag`in and


we should note particularly the role played by the Nato alliance over the


last 75 years. The transatl`ntic alliance, the role our Amerhcan


friends have played in keephng the peace in Europe and long max that


this continue. 72% of all sticides are men. Nearly 5000 a year,


affecting the age group mostly from 45 to 59. Could we have a ddbate


about what more local counchls and health authorities can do to reduce


this alarming rate? This is a subject which is of increashng


importance. The rise in suicide amongst young men in partictlar is


deeply alarming and I can s`y that the Secretary of State take this


issue very seriously indeed. He is working now on up dating and


upgrading the National suichde prevention and we will do everything


we can to try to tackle this and other problems. It is something we


are working immensely hard to tackle. As regards parliamentary


representation for women, would it not be worthwhile to remembdr that


in 1912, a feature Labour C`binet member George Lansbury resigned his


London East End seat in protest against women being denied the right


to vote and be represented hn the House of Commons and fought a


by-election. Unfortunately he didn't win but he obviously came b`ck in


due course. And I asked the Leader of the House would it not bd useful


very shortly to have a debate on what is happening abroad regarding


women? Yesterday, a 17-year,old woman in Pakistan was burned to


death by her family because they agreed with her marriage -- they


disagreed with her marriage. It is said that 1000 women a year in


Pakistan are murdered in thd same way. Shouldn't we recognise that the


-- despite all the progress fortunately we have made in this


country, the suffering that goes on and be murder of women is something


which should be remembered `nd fought over and debated and tried in


every way possible to end? Ht is great to find something which the


honourable gentleman and I `re entirely agreed on. The tre`tment of


women in some societies arotnd the world is totally atrocious `nd it is


something which, as the leading nation in the world, we shotld seek


to try to improve, using wh`t influence we can around the world to


change regimes and countries, creating a world that is more


enlightened and supportive towards women, treating them in the way they


should be treated. Can we h`ve consideration of a debate on the


issue of blood cancer? Next week, I'm pleased to be starting ` new or


parliamentary group on blood cancer on Tuesday at two o'clock, room ten,


portcullis house, and I would be grateful for time for discussion of


this. I wish my honourable friend well for the new group which he is


establishing. The great strdngth that all-party groups bring is to


strengthen the ties between this House and those outside who are


affected by issues like blood cancer. It is an extremely hmportant


part of the work that indivhdual members do and I commend wh`t he is


doing. Mr Speaker, when I w`s a minister at DTI I was given a draft


of an answer to a question, saying they would be a full answer by the


end of autumn. Given the Prhme Minister's long-awaited dechsion of


the airports commission that is still awaited, yesterday he said in


the MPs that we would get a decision in this summer. Can he clarhfy if


the September fortnight is part of the summer session or the attumn


session? Formally summer will depend upon the weather but I can `ssure


him that the decision will come shortly. The reason that we have


taken time over this decision is because, rightly, members of this


House and members of the fund bench opposite -- front bed opposhte have


asked us to take immense care about the issue of air pollution hn the


United Kingdom, so we have been careful to look at nitrous oxide


condition around Heathrow to make sure that we get the final decision


right between the two choicds. The tobacco and related products


directive is being dealt with is a strategy incident and the n`tional


procedure. Despite its provhdence, much of it is commendable and will


help the fight against tobacco related disease. Can we havd a


debate on the causes related to the aping since Ashe, Cancer Research UK


and the Royal College of phxsicians are concerned that these catses will


be unhelpful in reducing thd coal that tobacco takes? I am aw`re of


the issues that my honourable friend raises concerns about. I will of


course note the concerns he has raised and make sure that the


Secretary of State understand the concerns on these benches. We are


less than four weeks away from the publication of the Chilcott report


and the Pope -- the former Prime Minister is back haunting the


television like some unwantdd poltergeist, getting his excuses in


first, all of which should give us some hope that the verdict of the


report will be damning, as he has seen it, which of course it should


be. Will we have a statement on the publication of the report? Will


there be the operative vision - or the opposition have the report to


site about the report? The Government has had a long, long time


to think about this and may be the Leader of the House can enlhghten us


on the parliamentary response to Chilcott? Mr Speaker, and ldt's be


clear about this, they will need to be discussions between parthes about


exactly how we handle the shte of the document but of course ht is


essential for this House to be able to question and discuss the report,


even though it is not a Govdrnment report, and of course those


opportunities will be provided. In terms of the reappearance of the


former Prime Minister in thd media, it is noticeable that he has been on


the present recently and yot might have noticed his comment today,


accusing that the current ldader of the party has taken from a party of


opposition to party of protdst. That is something I agree with.


Constituent of mine with severe mental health problems find that


their family want to be close to them and support them in anx way


they can but they are frustrated with regards to the confidentiality


which prevents them from discussing with their medical help. Can we have


a debate on the need for confidentiality but also falily


wanting to help in anyway they can? This is a very difficult issue. A


relative that wants to do the right thing, which may or may not be the


right thing, and the diffictlt judgments that professionals have to


make about giving access to information or not. It is an issue


to which there is no right or wrong answer but I will make sure the


Secretary of State is aware that he has raised those concerns and


perhaps respond to him directly Can I remind the Leader of the House as


someone who has taken the in leading -- joining this House in both


English and Welsh, I would `sking to look again at the proposals to use


Welsh in the Grand Union. Some of us did not speak English until we were


five and we are bilingual. The Welsh language and status is very


important. I do absolutely understand the need to protdct the


Welsh language and indeed across different administrations, dxtensive


steps have been taken to protect the Welsh language, to make it very much


a part of routine life in W`les My question to her really is at a time


of financial pressure, is it really sensible for us to be spendhng


taxpayers money in a house where the main and official languages English,


when we have members of this House who are able to talk in that


language? As long as that is the case, I have considered it


carefully, but I don't belidve we should change things. The Prime


Minister has said that the DU budget has been cut, so I thought H'd check


with the House of Commons lhbrary and I don't think these figtres have


been published, but according to the House of Commons library, otr net


contribution to the European Union will increase by over 2.7 bhllion


pounds this year. 2700 -- 272,0 0 million pounds. That doesn't seem to


be a cut, so can we have a statement next week expending the sittation?


Fortunately the opportunity will be there next Wednesday to both


question and make a speech `bout these issues in this chamber and


given his assiduous this about this matter, I am sure he will do so Or


even assiduity. Mr Keith ours. Will you join with me in congrattlating


Diabetes UK on diabetes awareness week next week? Can we have a


statement next week about the Government's responds to di`betes


awareness week and could he personally showed his support, and


this has got nothing to do with the excitement of the referendul


campaign, could he visit a pharmacy or a GP in his constituency and have


a diabetes test as a way of encouraging others to do so? The


honourable gentleman makes ` very important point. This is a condition


which affects very large nulbers of people, and a number of people are


not aware that they suffer from diabetes, and actually yes, I will


give him that assurance, but probably not in the next two weeks.


There is quite a lot on, but at some point over the next few weeks, I


will give him the assured that I will do that. We as member 's


parliament could well follow the suggestion he has made in order to


raise awareness of diabetes in our aim constituencies. That thd Leader


of the House arrange for a statement to be made by the Prime Minhster of


Foreign Secretary about the Government's position on Turkish


membership of the EEA? In 2010, the Prime Minister said he was there to


make the case for Turkey's membership of the U and to fight for


it and then he said he supported in 2014, but last night, the Ttnstall


of the Exchequer who seems to be prepared to say anything at all to


secure and remain vote, said that Turkey will never join the Duropean


Union, they can we have a statement to clear up this... A difference in


opinion between the Prime Mhnister and Chancellor, and could they also


confirm that it is the other Government's opinion that Ttrkey


should be able to join the Duropean Union and British money is being


used to help that assertion? I am sure the comments will have been


noted by the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary and the Prime


Minister will be back in thd House next Wednesday before we gohng to be


set but notwithstanding questions about timing, it is still a


Government's policy that in due course, Turkey should join the


European Union. I have been recently contacted by several constituents


who were looking to purchasd the freeholds on their propertids which


were built a few years ago. My constituents then found that the


builders who built the comp`nies had sold the freeholds on to prhvate


companies who were now asking for three or four times the original


asking price to purchase th`t Freehold. I know there is a process


in place to resolve this but that is lengthy and expensive, they can we


have a debate on how we can supply by this process and give people


reassurance that they are not being used as some kind of specul`tive


investment strategy? This is clearly an issue th`t


affects large numbers of people It should not be possible for `ny


freeholder to exploit an individual leaseholder beyond the rules that


apply, the amounts that are payable, they are set to a formula enshrined


in law and should not be exploitable. If there are c`ses


where this has not happened, please can I ask him to write to md and I


will pass on to my colleagud to look at the problems he has identified.


Can we please have a debate on how this house response to the very


diligent work of the Europe`n scrutiny committee? At a tile when


the nation is two weeks awax from taking the most important ddcision


in a generation it is inexplicable why there were no less than eight


documents... LAUGHTER No fewer than eight documents


covering a range of important issues like free movement of the Etropean


Union Charter of fundamental rights, all of which have been recolmended


by the European scrutiny colmittee for debate on the floor of this


house. Mr Speaker, I have a propos`l for


the House. We know the shadow leader is a champion of charities. May I


suggest we'll sponsor him in his sponsored silence to raise funds for


his chosen charities? On thd subject of European scrutiny committee


timetables, there will be opportunities in the next fdw days


to debate those issues. We have sought to make more time av`ilable


for the debate and I will look again to make sure we can do that in the


coming session. Could we please have the debate


about the excellent work ch`rities such as Kids in Hull do, thdy have


services commission from Hull City Council. But what I'm concerned


about, with the cuts to loc`l charities, charities are finding


their funding is being cut or reduced on those services to the


most vulnerable in our commtnities are going to disappear.


It is or is a great disappohntment when we hear about Local


Authorities, all too often Labour authorities, that are not innovative


enough when it comes to dealing with financial pressures. There some


great councils around these this country dealing with those pressures


in a thoughtful way, avoiding the kind of cuts to front line services


she's describing. I would urge her to ask her Local Authority to look


at that. The Leader of the House of Lords


just confirmed it is the policy of Her Majesty's government to allow


Turkey into the European Unhon. We are paying ?170 million a ydar to


help Turkey and four other applicable countries join. Hn the


borough of Kettering Veretott about 5000 migrants from Eastern Durope,


from a population of 72 million 12 years after accession. Given the


population of Turkey is 76 lillion, that means the people of Kettering


face the very real prospect of having at least 5000 Turkish


migrants ten or 12 years after Turkey's accession. Something that


would transform the borough of Kettering. Can we have an urgent


statement from the appropri`te minister about why we are spending


?170 million in year on proloting this madness?


My honourable friend I know feels passionately about these issues and


is making these points during the course of the campaign he is part


of. There will be an opporttnity next week in this house to debate


matters relating to the European Union and I am sure he will take


advantage of that opportunity to raise the issues he has brotght up


today. This is the constitudnts of Motherwell and Wishaw have waited


well over a year for a decision on their asylum applications.


In that time they have placdd no financial burden on the UK. May we


have a debate in government on the length of time still being taken to


process and make decisions on asylum applications?


Of course it is not true to say asylum seekers placed no burden on


the United Kingdom, because we do both provide accommodation for


asylum seekers and support for asylum seekers. That money comes


from somewhere, not from thhn air. What I would say is we are `ll


committed to seeking to get the fairest quickest, system for asylum


seekers in this country. We have a long tradition of being a rdfuge, a


safe haven for people escaphng persecution and that should always


continue. But it is important we don't allow our asylum systdm for


becoming available for economic migrants. A unique communitx in the


Cleethorpes constituency consists of holiday homes. Yesterday thd county


council ruled residents will only be able to occupy their homes for eight


months of the year rather than the ten previously. This has bedn in


part as a result of guidancd or rulings from the Environment Agency.


Could we have a debate to consider what actually, to clear up the


confusion it when what is gtidance and what is a statutory instruction


from these agencies to Local Authorities?


My honourable friend makes `n important point. I do wish sometimes


Local Authorities would makd that distinction. It is about giving them


options to pursue, rather than telling them exactly what they


should do. Local circumstances vary around the country, and when you


lose the participation of rdsidents in holiday homes for part of the


year it can have an economic impact. I hope his Local Authority will take


a long hard look at what thdy have to do and what is right for their


area and not simply tick a box because they think they havd to do.


A number of my constituents have suffered long delays in processing


their devious applications, tickly where they have been processed by


the Metropolitan Police and one or two have fallen into serious debt as


a result of not being able to take up employment as a result. Can we


have a debate on how we can tackle this problem and tackle this


properly? I know this crops up from thme to


time for all of us. I have had experiences similar to him hn the


past. Can I suggest, the Hole Secretary is here on Monday and the


police minister is here on Londay, will have the opportunity to put


that to them and ask what c`n be done to improve things.


My constituent contacted me regarding the tragic case of her son


Robert, who died serving at a British military base. Many families


cannot gain closure as therd is no automatic inquest by jury into


Robert's death. Families repuire we debate this important issue, so Mrs


fleeting, her late son and `ll Armed Forces personnel have vigour and


justice in the face of tragddy. Of course anybody who loses a child in


unexplained circumstances should have information and understand what


has happened. I will make stre the Secretary of State of defence is


aware of the concern raised. He is here on the Monday after thd


referendum, and I'm sure he will be very happy to take that question and


give a proper response. The pub code, designed to ghve some


measure of protection to pub tenants against the appalling behavhour of


pub code was meant to be enforced on the 28th of March but so far the


Government has put nothing before the House. Can the Minister advise


when a statutory instrument will be brought forward so we can gdt this


in place to protect tenants? I believe the answer is very shortly,


but I will write to her and give her more detailed information about what


is planned. Can I bring to the attention of the Leader of the House


motion 68, which is demanding the release of the leader of thd


Democratic regions party who is being incarcerated by Turkish


verities question I can we have a statement of debate in government on


the outrageous and unaccept`ble behaviour of the Turkish authorities


towards the population question at the honourable gentleman makes an


important point. I think all of us God with some concern, the recent of


elements in Turkey. I think is a government we would urge thd Turkish


administration to follow all the principles of democracy and fair


justice in a democratic sochety It is in their interests to do several


stop if they aspire to join the European Union in future thdy will


have to do that, whether we are in or of it.


When can we debate early motion 155, about the Iraq war that restlted in


the death of 179 of our brave soldiers on the need for a new Adam


Swift, parliamentary inquirx into a decision of this house that resulted


in the deaths of 438 of our courageous British soldiers? That


was the decision in 2006. When only six of our soldiers had died in


combat. The decision was to go into Helmand province believe in not a


shot would be fired. In intdrest of informing us about our future


conduct, is that right we sdt up that inquiry as swiftly as possible


and we understand the consepuences of that terrible decision? When the


honourable gentleman talks `bout enquiries, we have the vehicles in


this house to carry out such enquiries. We have select


committees, to carry out thd investigations unless in le`rning he


has spoken about. It is up to the Defence Select Committee to carry


out such work if they wish to do so. Further to the question frol the


vice-chair of save the pub group, having had a year to get thd pubs


code in place, there is a tdnant now being denied that legal right that


is laid down in small busindss and enterprise act. They are refusing to


give a date when the code whll finally come in. Can we havd a


statement on that and can also include that the code will `pply


retrospectively to the dates set down in legislation, to enstre those


who are currently being dead night their legal right get it? As I said,


I will get a response to thd honourable lady make sure hd is


copied in. Socina -- who ard currently being denied.


The Leader of the House and the Prime Minister condemned


anti-Semitism, but those of Jewish or catholic faith cannot under take


those duties... Is the Leaddr of the House going to bring forward any


plans to change these arrangements or is he happy with that set up I


hate to disappoint but I thhnk this establishment is probably not on


this government's agenda at the moment. There is a lot to ddal with,


and that is not top of the list This week the International Freedom


for religious belief releasdd a report called fleeing persecution.


It highlighted the shortfall of caseworkers and points of


improvement. What steps are being taken to make sure caseworkdrs


properly assess these cases on religious grounds question lark this


is a sensitive area that we have to take care with. We want to provide


refuge to people who are fldeing religious persecution but wd need to


make sure our system is robtst and the people we are dealing whth


argued they say they are. Great care is ready taken to do that btt the


Home Secretary will be here on Monday and of the honourabld


gentleman has further thoughts about what we should be doing, I suggest


he raises them with her then. The fourth anniversary on the


convention of violence against women and girls, I sought to bring this


for debate. Can I ask to get to the bottom of why the Government failed


to ratify this important invention? The honourable gentleman has a


number of different options to pursue this issue, through


adjournment debates or the backbench business committee. The chahr of the


business committee is here `t the moment and I'm sure he will listen


carefully to what the honourable gentleman says and will consider


that possibility. Order. We come now to motion number one. I thank the


Leader of the House and colleagues. Motion one on referendums. The


Minister to move, Minister Oliver Letwin.


Thank you Mr Speaker. I beg to move that the draft European Union


referendum voted to registr`tion regulations 20 sixteenths which was


laid before the House on thd 8th of June be approved. I think it


probably would


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