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was Saudi Arabia is doing as well. Could the Leader of the House please


give us the forthcoming business? The business for next week will be


as follows, Monday the 30th of January, second reading of the


pension schemes Bill Lord's, Tuesday the 31st, second reading of the EU


notification of withdrawal Bill, day one. Wednesday the 1st of February,


conclusion of second reading of the EU notification of withdrawal Bill.


Thursday 2nd of February, select committee statement of the second


report of the public illustration committee entitled Will the NHS ever


learn, followed by a general debate on the Armed Forces covenant report


2016. The subject of that debate having been determined by the


backbench committing. 3rd of February private members bills. 6th


of February will be as follows, Monday the 6th of February,


consideration in committee of the EU notification of withdrawal Bill, day


one. Tuesday the seventh, continuation of consideration in


committee of the EU notification of withdrawal Bill. Wednesday the


eighth, conclusion of consideration in committee of the EU notification


of withdrawal Bill. Followed by remaining stages of the EU


notification of withdrawal Bill. Thursday ninth, business to be


nominated by the backbench business, Nessie. Friday the tenth we will not


sit. The business in West Westminster Hall for the sixth and


9th of February will be as follows, Monday the sixth, debate on an E


petition relating to the domestic ivory market in the UK. Thursday


ninth, debate on the sixth report from the science and technology


committee on the smart monitoring of electricity and gas. In recent


weeks, exchanges at business questions have been notably


protracted and it would really help if questions and replies could be


pithy, including the exchanges from the front bench. Thank you. Your


comments are duly noted. Can I thank the Leader of the House for the


business. And could he start by confirming that the 20th of July


that will be the date that the house rises for summer recess? In


addition, the great repeal Bill will be in the Queen's speech, could you


let us know when that will be debated? The British people owe a


debt of gratitude to Gina Miller because of her courage the highest


court of the land confirmed it is inconsistent with long-standing and


fundamental principles that far-reaching constitutional change


cannot be brought about by ministerial decision all ministerial


action alone but requires an act of Parliament. Can the Leader of the


House tellers if the Prime Minister got the memo that Parliament is


sovereign? White papers are a tool of participatory democracy not a


policy commitment. The honourable member earlier this week along with


30 members across the house or asked for the white paper on the Gottman's


plans. The Secretary of State had exhumed on Tuesday did not answer.


Instead the Prime Minister announced it in response to a question at


Prime Minister's Time. Can the leader please confirm whether all


policy U-turns will be announced in this way and will we have two


negotiate an extension for Prime Minister's Question Time? And could


the leader respond to will the white paper and risk assessments be


published before the committee stage in the coming two weeks. The Kaufman


is clearly does not do process or substance. The Secretary of State


had ex who said what we have come up with is a competence of free trade


agreement and customs agreement that will deliver the exact same benefits


as we have, same outcome different name. We call it the single market,


we... Could the Leader of the House in sure there is time to debate this


alternative terminology so there is no confusion? And staying in the EU,


could the Leader of the House find time to debate the comprehensive


trade agreement between EU and Canada? The Secretary State for


International development apparently committed the Government to have a


vote before the 15th of February and the Secretary of State confirms the


chair of the European scrutiny committee that he overwritten


Parliamentary scrutiny. The Government can't use the Brexit


shambles as an excuse at four policy failures of fiscal irresponsibility


so could we have a debate on the NA oh report at HRC policy with


concentric. ?23 million was paid as commission to the farm on a


commission worth --. ... If the Government can find the 23 million


for the commission can any damages the breach-of-contract be set aside,


10 million of which could be set aside to cover the costs of child


burial, a campaign sake started by the man of the Swansea East. Could


we also have debate on the climate change risk assessment? The report


highlighted urgent priorities. It said were action was needed on


flooding coastal change risks. There are risks from health from high


temperatures. Risks to public water supply. No speech, no statement and


a twitter account is stark silence. Irresistible to the White House.


Could we have a statement from the Secretary of State as many people we


need to know what steps will be taken to protect future generations.


A five-year sentence has been confirmed, it is not clear what the


charges are, and representation must be made. And I'm sure all members


will join me in celebrating the consecration of the first woman


bishop in Wales! She will now become Bishop of saying Davies. Great


little city. Whatever the shape of the bill to be published later


today, I would like to remind honourable members that the


procedural material is open in the library to help people with the


bill. Parliament is indeed sovereign. Mr Speaker, if I can try


to reply briefly to the points made by the honourable lady, I join her


firstly in welcoming the new Bishop of St Andrews, saying Davies, to her


duties, I'm getting carried away by Burns day... Saints Davids. To her


duties. And I think that she has obviously taken charge of what must


be one of the most picturesque and delightful dioceses in the country.


-- St Davids. On the question of misses Ratcliff, one ruble friend


the Minister for the Middle East has spoken on Monday this week to


express concern about the appeal verdict, this case has been


previously raised directly by the Prime Minister and the Foreign


Secretary with the president and with the Foreign Minister, our


Ambassador will continue to raise this case at every level and at


every opportunity in Iran. -- Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. On the


question of consent checks, the government has accepted that both


provided an acceptably poor service and HMRC must learn lessons from


this experience, I hope the house will recognise that the government


was right to prioritise the people who actually had tax credit claims


that had either been handled wrongly or had not been properly assessed,


and HMRC has now dealt with all 181,000 cases taken back from


concentric. I shall look at her request for a debate on climate


change, but as she will know, this is something to which the government


continues to give a higher priority. I cannot as yet give the house


details of dates for the summer recess. I would hope to do so as


soon as possible. There was a need for the right honourable friend to


over right scrutiny procedures because the EU timetable for


agreement accelerated faster than expected and was frankly in our


interest, a relationship with Canada, support for free trade. And


EU relationships with other countries that we agreed, the


agreement was something that the UK has been championing since the


inception of negotiations. But I did say in my evidence to the scrutiny


committee two weeks ago that we would look for an opportunity,


possibly to try to link the debate to a broader debate, on


International Trade, before much longer. On the broader question


about Europe, I have to say to the honourable lady, that I'm sorry that


she was a little bit grudging in her response to the government


announcement on a white Paper. This was not in this case the government


made the announcement in prime ministers questions, with a packed


house, packed press gallery, and packed gallery, I thought the


honourable lady might have welcomed that, and I hope that it will not be


much longer before in prime we will have authoritative statement of what


on earth the opposition policy is for which we have been waiting for


too long. Would my right honourable friend find time for a debate on


regulation finding the operation of... I understand it was very well


for some people but it has had an adverse impact on the licensed taxi


trade in Southend. -- finding the operation of Uber. I understand that


that got my understanding is that drivers whose licences have been


revoked by Southend Council who continue working in the town by


obtaining a Tfl icings and working for Uber. -- Tfl licence. Those


concerns should be raised directly with Tfl. It is the responsibility


of local licensing authorities to ensure that not just taxi drivers


but private hire drivers are also fit and proper person's to hold that


licence. -- fit and proper persons. Thank you for an immaculate silk of


grace last night, just to let you know, you are down for it is enter


next year! LAUGHTER -- you are down for a tam o' shanter


next year. He should have chanced his arm and said we will definitely


be staying in the European Union, because first there was a White


Paper, then there was no White Paper, act and for! As leader of the


house, as the guardian of this house's


Can we have a debate about special relationships, particularly how, you


are supposed to behave in one of the special relationships. When a United


States president says torture is an instrument of policy, when


particular religions are picked out for exclusion, when women's rights


are set back decades, should this country be not just a little more


cautious before accepting this Trumpian embrace. What we now know


is that all these Scotland acts, demolition and settlement, they are


not worth the ermine they are written on. There is no such thing


as permanence as Parliament, what we heard about, what was so convincing


about enshrined in law is nothing other than Parliamentary wore full.


Week by week, of "Brexit" Britain, is looking like a less attractive


prospect for Scotland. We need to know that our views will be


respected, or we will have to consider whether we remain in this


British Isles. On the important question asked


about torture, the Prime Minister said very clearly, the United


Kingdom remains resolutely opposed to torture on grounds of moral


principle, on grounds of our participation in the UN Convention


against torture, and other such international legal incidents, and


on the grounds that it does not work because you cannot place much value


in information, evidence extracted by means of torture. That continues


to be and will continue to be the government position. I have to say,


this question about Scotland, in the United Kingdom, it was the Scottish


Government's decision to go to the Supreme Court, over the question of


consultation with the devolved administrations. It has always been


the case, and set down in the three devolution acts, that the United


Kingdom's participation in international organisations,


membership of international organisations, is a reserved matter,


under those devolution settlements. On the other questions about Europe,


this house voted overwhelmingly for the referendum Bill to give a


decision to the people, it voted overwhelmingly for the Prime


Minister to trigger Article 50 by the end of March, and that is what


we are seeking to deliver. In reminding colleagues of the need for


brevity I also remind them that those that came into the chamber


after the debate started should not be standing, it is as simple as


that. And the leader of the house confirmed that during the committee


stage of drawing the bill, the government temptation will be to


resist every and each amendment which seeks to guide the government


in legal knots and in Piedmont negotiations. The bill, as


honourable members will see when they have studied it, is a short


bill which empowers the Prime Minister formally to trigger Article


50 and commenced the negotiation, that is all that the bill is about.


Since this government came to office, it has sought to avoid


government scrutiny to leave the EU, and achieve ends by resorting to the


use of the Royal prerogative, bypassing this Parliament. First it


lost in the High Court, then it lost in the Supreme Court, and now


finally, it has had to concede that Parliament is sovereign by


publishing a bill and a White Paper. I was astonished at the amount of


time that the leader of the house has given this Parliament to debate


it. He's being very quiet about whether the White Paper will be


published. Can you give us more time and tell us that he is going to


publish the White Paper? I think, if you consider that this is a two


clause bill, of which the second clause is dealing only with the


extent of the bill, to the United Kingdom, there is plenty of time,


including two full days at second reading, for all opinions to be


fully expressed. Can we have a debate on the ongoing witchhunt of


former service people who served in Northern Ireland during the


troubles, this is a travesty of justice, bringing shame on the


country, and has to stop. There will be Northern Ireland questions next


Wednesday, February one, when my honour above friend may wish to


press this point, as he knows, the Secretary of State has already


expressed concern about this and it is important that criminal


investigations are conducted independently and impartially but


service men and women are not singled out in any way. Can I thank


the leader of the house for the statement and the confirmation that


there will be a backbench debate on the Armed Forces covenant. Earlier


this week, backbench committee determined that a debate on is ready


settlements in occupied Palestinian territories would be tabled for the


next available date, and that will be on the 9th of February. Also


hoping that we can table on that date but we need confirmation from


the applicant is that it is OK to do so a debate on the governance of


football. Can ask that I am --... I am


grateful to the honourable gentleman and I try to assist in getting him


adequate notice. He is helping the whole of the house. We hear about


the excellent work in my constituency. With increasing life


expectancy and conditions like dementia on the rise, can we have a


debate about how we can support such organisations and cooperation train


them and local authorities? He's quite hard right to highlight this


point and I would like to congratulate him and those people in


Warwickshire who are working so hard to improve those services living


with people for -- for people living with dementia and contributing to


research. We've seen a doubling of funding for research on dementia.


Helping people living with dementia needs families, voluntary


organisations and local authority statutory services to cooperate. Can


I tell him that just three days to debate the detail of the most


important issue facing this country in a generation, the repercussions


of which will face generations to come, is completely unacceptable and


I vote that every opposition party in this house and everyone who come


cares about democracy, will vote against this contempt of Parliament


when it comes to the motion. I would say to him that his party supported


the referendum Bill inputting the question to the people, and his


party supported the timetable of triggering Article 50 by the end of


March. The Bill is designed to secure those objectives are met.


Does the leader agree that there is actually ample time to debate the


Bill, with two days second reading and three days in committee stage.


Could he confirmed the precise sitting times on those days? We will


try to ensure that there is plenty of time and that adequate protection


is given against the risk of statements or urgent questions so


that members on all sides have the opportunity to debate these matters


fully. It's such a pleasure and surprise to be called before


friends! Previously I asked about the budget for a National Audit


Office and consequences for Scotland he has still to get back to me. Last


week there should be barnacle consequence was for the budget. How


much will they get and when will it happen? I would like to go see the


response he has had about this but I'll do my best to provide a


response. Because the pro Minister has been so clear, I do hope that


the white paper won't tell us anything that we don't already know.


LAUGHTER All colleagues will have followed


the Government's various statements on their approach to the EU exit


with the assiduous nurse might honourable friend has shown. We


should be clear about that while we wish to provide clear statements it


would not be in the national interest to set out in detail our


negotiating position. That would be the most foolish step for any


Government to take. Should it not be made clear next week for not only


does the UK not sanction torture as stated yesterday but will condemn


the use of torture by the United States, if waterboarding is brought


back? Would it not be absolutely wrong if this country, this


Government, became an apologist for a bigoted and wrong-headed US


president? There is no question of this country endorsing or supporting


torture. The rejection of torture is written into the various


international agreements to which we are party and has been integral to


numerous statements on this subject by the Prime Minister, the Foreign


Secretary and many other members of the Government. Can we have a debate


on how Government can do better to ensure the prosperity agenda


stemming from defence procurement is used to ensure existing clusters of


high-tech businesses in the south-west such as jovial benefit


from inward investment by large beneficiaries of governance spending


such as Boeing? My honourable friend highlights real opportunities for


business to benefit from technology. One of the things this country does


need to improve on is how we turn our intent is this and our


technological expertise into commercial job creating


opportunities and this may be a very good opportunity to seek a debate to


pursue this further. Last week I attended the Eastbrook primary


school in my constituency. They have a free breakfast club attended by


around 70 children every day. This is facilitated by Huddersfield town


football club and their charity partners. They support a number of


schools in the district. Can we have a debate to discuss how we can


encourage or mandate other football clubs to do other types of community


initiatives which support the communities? I can't promise a


debate in Government time but I applaud the initiative and I think


there are many parts of the country in which local sports clubs and


other voluntary organisations are supporting their schools


incompatible ways. Some of us in this place can talk for Britain, not


me, of course. But surely we can hardly complain about getting four


days -- five days on to Klaus Bell. This is implementing the will of


people. -- two Klaus Bell. Can the leader confirm he will try to avoid


statements on any of these days. We will try to, not to have unnecessary


statements, but events happen and there is other business that has to


be presented to Parliament. That explains why we said that on Tuesday


next week the secretary debate will continue until midnight and I'm sure


the honourable members will have every opportunity to speak and make


all the points they went to make in rats. Doesn't it beggar belief that


the Government are so afraid of proper debate that they've only


allocated this pathetic three days to the committee of the EU


withdrawal Bill, less than we had for the Lisbon Treaty, the Amsterdam


Treaty, the single European act, and a tiny fraction of what we had the


Maastricht, an eighth of the time we had? Doesn't it speak volumes of the


Government's deficiency of their plan that they are trying to gag


Parliament in this way? I have more respect than him to suspect this is


anything more than synthetic rage. There is no comparison between


previous bills that sought to ratify EU treaties which had a direct


impact on many different aspects of UK law, and eight to Klaus Bell of


which a single clause is a substantive one which is entirely to


give authority to the Prime Minister to trigger an Article 50 process and


begin a negotiation. Last Friday I had the honour of attending bracken


barracks to Kaymer rate the 138th anniversary of a battle that was


immortalised in the film, Zulu. Can we have a debate on importance of


educating young hit people on the history of our Armed Forces? My


honourable friend draws attention to the very deep connection between


Brecon and the 24th Rab judgment of foot. I understand the museum is


there. I hope the commemoration goes well and he may seek other


parliamentary opportunities. The leader would not want to constrain


the debate around the Article 50 Bell. Will he therefore be bringing


forward with the Bill a money resolution so that the widest


possible range of amendments can be tabled? I don't think the Prime


Minister can needs any additional resources to trickle after tackle 50


once authority has been given. Will he join me in welcoming today's


growth figures. Can we have a debate on the fundamental strength of the


UK economy which grew by 2% last year? I would like to think that


very good news on growth, which is also good news for jobs and living


standards in this country, would be welcomed across the house. It is


attributable to industry and workers. The former Conservative


Lord Chancellor described Government in this country as an elective disc


dictatorship. This Government with their timetabling of the EU


withdrawal Bill seems determined to prepare right. Whether he was right


or wrong, it seems in the name of two not Christie that people


campaigned frostily see you. I repeat the question, why are


discovered in trying to muzzle voice of the people in Parliament with


their timetabling of this Bill? I think the five days allotted can


hardly be described as muzzling and the house voted both for the people


to take the decision and for the March timetable for the triggering


of Article 50. The passage of the Bill through Parliament is intended


to ensure the wish of the house can be delivered. Next week one of my


constituents appears in the Supreme Court because the Department for


Education wants judges to interpret the word regular in relation to


school attendance. If the Government wins the case the law will


retrospectively criminalise the actions of tens of thousands of


parents. If the law needs to be changed it should surely come before


Parliament for proper debate and scrutiny. Could the leader in


courage the secretary of state to make a statement on this. My


honourable friend I'm sure we'll understand it would not be


appropriate for either the secretary of state or me to comment on this


case when it is currently before the courts. The Department requested


permission to intervene because we need clarity about what the law


actually says and means now, before we can take any policy decisions


that might be needed. Last week the business Department announced a


major review. Yet on Monday of this week the Treasury brought forward a


legislative reform order, seeking the formation of a new type of


limited partnership with even less controls. Can we have a debate on


the use of Dallara owes? Is the honourable gentleman knows, Ella


Rose have a genuine purpose in Scotland and have existed through


long time in Scottish law. As he also says there have been serious


allegations and evidence that this status has been abused and that is


why the enquiry is taking place. If the enquiry concludes there is a


need for changes in the law then the Government want to consider those


quickly but carefully. We are hearing from Labour's backbenches


that they would seek to as oppose the Government. Has he had any


representations from labours front bench that they will seek to oppose


the Government 's programme motion? It is not for me to disclose on the


floor of the house. But I think there have been public, numerous and


often contradictory about the plans they can to take. Hull has had


nearly 350,000 people attending in the last week. I hope you might be


able to attend in the course of 2017. Many of those visitors


actually came through the railway station and imagine my surprise when


I learned that trans-Pennine who operate the railway station and


decided to close the waiting room and toilets at 7pm because of


anti-social behaviour. After the three hole and peas have made


representations they said keep them open till nine. But only if there is


no more anti-social behaviour. Could we please have a debate about when


we decided jobs could dictate the facilities passengers and general


maps of the politic -- public? First of all, I would like to congratulate


the city of Hull on their first few weeks as city of culture and I hope


many honourable ambers on all sides are able to take the opportunity to


go to hold during the course of this year. The last time I went, I do


remember visiting City Hall and being hugely impressed I the


architecture and the sense of civic pride. On the question of


anti-social behaviour that she raised, I have a lot of sympathy


with what she says. I would hope that the franchise holder, local


police, local authority, can work together to find an effective


solution that means these facilities can remain open.


I welcome the government commitment to publishing the White Paper this


week, I thank my friend for his work in enabling this to happen, but can


he outlined discussions he has had to enable this, and also on the


timescale that my constituent views can be heard in Parliamentary time.


There will be fiercely opportunities to debate the particular bill that


has been published today. Pretty narrow in scope but there will be


the repeal bill, which the government has said we will


introduce there will continue to be various debates on aspects of


departure from the European Union. Notwithstanding the importance of


issues like "Brexit", will the leader of the house consider how we


ensure that other legislation receives the prominence it deserves,


yesterday was an historic day for the parliament, when the gender pay


gap red regulations were passed, forcing large companies with more


than 250 employees to publish gender pay gap information. Very happy to


give consideration to that because I think that we will all wish to see


much greater public knowledge of and understanding of things that go on


in our Parliament that perhaps you not grab the headlines and do not


happen at when prime time. It does demand considerable consensus among


the house. Last week, a gas issue meant the town was disconnected from


the network for a considerable will the leader of the


house join me in thanking all efforts on the ground, and can we


have AIDS debate next week on emergency planning and getting it


right. -- can we have a debate. Given the other business we have, I


cannot promise a debate, but can we unhesitatingly both thank and


congratulate the statutory services and individual constituents in


Rafael what they managed it. Can we have a statement on funding cuts to


the equalities and human rights commission, with hate crime on the


increase, does the leader of the house appreciate that many


honourable members think these cuts send their own message to women, the


BAME community and those that suffer from disabilities. Because of the


need to bring public finances under control, all parts of the public


sector are facing difficult decisions but I can point the


honourable gentleman towards questions on women's equality on


February two. The leader of the house and I were both elected in


1992. And he will recall the many days that we spent on the Maastricht


Treaty. Can you tell the house how much consideration he has given to


previous debates on these matters, not just in 1992 but in the 1970s,


when we joined the European Union, and also, what discussions and


considerations were given at that time to the opposition parties and


what they said then compared to what they are saying now? If I am honest,


I think that any of us who came in in 1992 would probably not look back


at the debates on the Maastricht Treaty as the greatest moment of


glory for the House of Commons. And it is not something that I think we


necessarily want to put more recently arrived colleagues through!


I think that given the very narrow scope of the bill that is being


published today, that the five days that we have announced and the six


substantial amounts of additional time, particularly on second


reading, that we are providing four, means that Parliament has plenty of


opportunities to have a debate on this will stop in full.


When this house agreed we had not discussed the issue of women's state


pension and equality, will this government bring forward a debate


and make sure it bring forward proposals that deal with the women


that are suffering. The last government the coalition did commit


over ?1 billion to lessen the impact on those who were worst affected by


the change in pension age, no one will see their pension age change by


more than 18 months. Those who face the largest increase in the state


pension age released at least seven years notice of that. We have also


got to be realistic about the fact that people are living longer and if


we are going to equalise the state pension age, then we do need to


raise the state pension age for both men and four women, and the cost of


reversing the 2011 at will be ?30 billion. -- 2011 act. In Gwent, the


air is fresh and pure, but the air in London is putrid, can we have a


statement on air quality and the impact of diesel emissions, the


government needs to better protect the public health of its people.


Improving air quality is a priority for the government and for my right


honourable friend the Secretary of State for environment in particular,


we follow best available evidence but we are ready to update those if


necessary, and we have been at the forefront in Europe to make sure we


can see more accurate real world emissions testing of cars in


particular. Can we have a debate on the Mersey


crossing so that the government Canuks blame why they have broken


promises to my constituents. I cannot promise a debate in the


meantime. -- so that the government can explain. I will always ask the


relevant Minister to explain. 40 branches of banks are being closed,


200 jobs will be lost. My constituents will be left without a


single local bank branch. We can send a strong signal to banks,


including Clydesdale, about the negative impact this closure will


have on local economies and local communities. I think that this is


probable is something you want to raise by way of an adjournment


debate or backbench debate on the issue, more generically, but I quite


understand the plight of some of her constituents, it is incumbent upon


the big retail banks to reflect very carefully, in particular before


closing the last banking outlet in a particular community. Will the


leader of the house do me a favour and stop suggesting that those who


are on this side of the house and the other side of the house they


believe passionately in the scrutiny of this European built being


thorough, would he stop suggesting that we are trying to overturn the


popular vote on the referendum. That is not the case, new nose it is not


the case, please be honest about it! This house, as well as voting for


the referendum, also voted for the Prime Minister to trigger Article


50, before the end of March, 2017. Because of the Supreme Court


judgment, it is necessary for a bill to go through all its legislative


stages in both houses, for the wish of the house, in respect of the


timetable to be met. I believe that the five days we have allotted will


give ample opportunity for the narrow issue to be adequately


debated. And we have a ministerial statement on HS2 in South Yorkshire,


they went out for consultation, plenty of support in South Yorkshire


but not a consensus and consequently they are currently out thought by


the MHC Easton Road re-routed through South Yorkshire, we have


learned this week that they are now looking at putting a parkway station


on possibly eight hearts of that re-route but none of them are for


public consultation now. Could we make sure that we have good return


for public money, they are wasting money hand over fist! What I would


suggest is that I report to the Minister with direct responsibility


for HS2, to, like you, Mr Speaker, I can speak with personal constituency


experience of wrestling with HS2, and it is important that the


honourable gentleman and his constituents get clear answers and


are able to make strong representations. In January last


year, a group of MPs invited trade union leaders to address a meeting


in Parliament and it has since emerged that meeting was equally


recorded. Given that MPs of all parties hold meetings on the


parliamentary estate, I would be grateful if the leader of the house


could clarify rules on third parties recording meetings without consent


and give me his view on whether those rules may have been breached?


I'm very concerned by what has been said, if you would like to let me


have full details, then I will investigate this as quickly as


possible. The Prime Minister has indicated that Parliament will vote


on the terms of a final "Brexit" deal, what if there is no deal, will


there be a reference back to this house, will there be a vote about


whether we leave the EU on no terms? The decision to leave the EU was


taken by the referendum. The house knows where I stood, as Democrats we


have two except the outcome of the vote, but if there is no deal under


the terms, specified in article 50, then, as the Prime Minister said


yesterday, we have to fall back on other arrangements. The SNP will


certainly be the opposing quite a disgraceful motion, but will the


White Paper, giving the government's position, organising irrevocable


step to the greatest constitutional change in this country for 50 years,


been published before the committee stage of the bill, and if not, why


not? I said to the house a few moments ago, I hope that we can


publish the White Paper, as soon as possible, and the other point I


would make to the right honourable gentleman, is that the authorisation


for our departure from the European Union was given by a referendum of


all people of the United Kingdom, some of us like that decision, some


do not, but it was a democratic decision that the electorate was


entitled to take. 22 weeks, still no date for the restoration and renewal


debate, as the leader of the house turned into Oscar Wilde, who said,


never put off till tomorrow what could possibly be done the day


after, or Ellen Degeneres, who said, don't procrastinate, put it! -- put


it off. Or does he seriously think that we can carry on like this and


hope that somehow we will muddle through. He says that we will have a


debate Sunday, but Sunday is not a day of the week. The honourable


gentleman made his point as forcefully now as he did during his


debate in Westminster Hall, early this week. He will know, from the


business that faces the next two weeks, that it has not been possible


to schedule the debate on restoration and renewal then, I hope


that we will be able to identify a date as soon as possible. The leader


of the house will be aware of the controversy in Northern Ireland


surrounding the renewable heat initiative and the millions lost, a


colleague of mine sought information from Whitehall departments, under


freedom of information, received a letter this week from both, one


month after asking for the information. Saying that there was


too much work needed to get that information, so he has put the


questions in again. Can we guarantee from the leader of the house that no


politics will be played here and that the information will be found


and will come out? The deadlines set under the Freedom of Information Act


are a matter of law. Not a matter of discretion. For ministers or


officials. Clearly, ministers here do not have any direct authority


over the devolved departments within Northern Ireland. But I would


certainly hope that any Whitehall department would respond well within


the time frame, specified within the Freedom of information legislation.


We all wish the Prime Minister well in her work to increase exports. Is


it time for a debate about the relationship between this country


and a president who since he's in your duration has behaves like a


petulant try child out to destroy the achievements of his


predecessors. A new region is promised between Trump and the UK.


Is there a danger that this will be a new dark age? Mr Trump has been


elected by the people of the United States under their democratic


constitution. And under Conservative and Labour governments alike it has


rightly been a national priority in terms of our security interests,


geopolitical interest, interesting prosperity and trade, to forge as


close as possible a partnership with and understanding of a new American


administration. That has to be in the interests of the people we


represent and that is what the Prime Minister will be seeking to do in


Washington. Further to the point made by my honourable friend, the


member for Chester, can we have an urgent debate discuss the Government


Ponte's relating on its promise to provide special help for small


businesses when they knew... That is the second time they've written I


reneges on something. That decision was announced by the then Chancellor


on the 23rd of April 2000 15. Can we have an urgent debate to find out


again by the Government is refusing to honour its commitments? There are


questions the Secretary of State for business on Tuesday the 31st which


will provide you with an opportunity. If I may I will look


into the pointy raises a long sized that raised by his honourable


friend. Given the decline and the abuse of civil liberties and human


rights in Malaysia over the last few months, in particular the arrests,


would the leader agreed to a statement or better still a debate


on this matter? As so often, he is pursuing his interest in human


rights, I can't offer an immediate statement in Government time but I


will ask the appropriate minister to write to you. Gwent music is a local


authority music service that provides opportunities to young


people in my cup constituency, including my own daughter, can we


have a debate on the importance of affordable music lessons in our


schools across the country? I recognise and sympathise with the


underlying point you are making. This will turn on decisions not just


by the United Kingdom Government but by the Welsh Government and Welsh


assembly, by local authorities and by individual schools about their


priorities. But I would hope ways can continue to be found to be


maintaining those standards of excellence for war people wanting to


pursue music. Can he give us an absolute guarantee that the


unelected House of Lords will not have more time to debate the Brexit


Article 50 Bill than the elected House of Commons? The House of


Commons will have the final say, as an practically all legislation. As


is always the case, the House of Lords has its own procedures and it


is not in the gift of the Government to set down what times will debate


are going to be in the House of Lords on any Bill. And the prize the


patients goes to Jeff Smith! -- patience. And we wish him a happy


birthday. Thank you. It is quite right other Parliamentary business


should be shelved in the next couple of weeks to debate Article 50,


including the bus services Bill. In Manchester we have been demanding


London style bus franchising powers the many years. We can wait a little


longer but can I encourage the leader to reschedule the bus


services Bill as soon as possible after the recess so Manchester can


properly manage our transport network? This may be an inadequate


birthday present, but I will do my best to deliver on what you want.


Point of order. I am glad the Brexit secretary is here to his moment of


history. If I could just detain him for a second, he used


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