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Afternoon, welcome to the Daily Politics.


Labour hold the Feltham by-election. The IMF warn of a 1930s type


Depression. And the French have got it in for us. Again. But more


important than any of this, it's the final Daily Politics of the


year. Ah! But fear not, because it's our


annual festive quiz. Hurray! It's that time again where


we take stock, and look back over the events of the past 12 months.


Well, that's going to cheer us all up! Maybe we should look to the


future, at all the things that could happen next year. This could


be a long programme. But fear not, because joining me today to battle


it out for this brand new Daily Politics mug are the three wise men


of politics. Labour's Charles Falconer. Chris


Rennard from the Liberal Democrats. And, seeing as we've got two lords


a leaping, we felt we needed a commoner. So we plumped for the


Conservatives' Jacob Rees-Mogg. Welcome to show.


And, like all good quiz shows, we've got buzzers. So let's give


them a try. Calm down. A pygmy. I'm not Tony Blair.


We'll split the quiz into three parts. Labour, Lib Dem. And first


the Conservatives. Questions in a moment. But to kick us off, let's


take a look back at their year. I should warn you, there's flash


photography right from the start. And tonight, British forces are in


Colonel Gaddafi said he would hunt you down like rats, but you showed


the courage of Lyons. Any money in the box, Chancellor?


If the rest of Europe heads into recession it may be hard to avoid


one here in the UK. This is criminality, pure and


What is on offer it isn't in Britain's interests so what did not


Jacob Rees-Mogg, you are renting a better than you thought you would,


but 2012 looks grim. The economy is in a difficult situation and the


euro remains in crisis. There is no solution to the crisis, the thing


they recommended last weekend amounted to nothing. Since the


Chancellor has said that the biggest drag on the economy that is


the uncertainty of the eurozone crisis, events are out of your


government's control. Economic events often outside government


control but the government cannot expect the economy to react


immediately. They can set the framework where business can do


business which is what this government is doing. Do you get the


feeling, the official forecast does not say it, but there is an


expectation of the session. clearly is difficult, but we are


not in the position of Greece, or Ireland, where they are cutting


public sector salaries by 6% in Ireland. There is a sense, it


doesn't matter who would be in power now, it would be heavy


pounding for any government. sense that the politicians have any


control over events is huge at the moment. George Osborne has had to


come back to the despatch box to revise his forecast. We have no


control over Europe, I don't mean just the failure to agree. The


eurozone, they cannot get that right. Politicians are looking to


the public as a whole, as very diminished figures. In a way, I was


struck by the way George Osborne had to rip up his economic policy


effectively, he won't get the structural deficit down by 2015,


the growth figures were wrong. And the country said, what do you


expect? The idea that government is in control, what Chris said was


admirable, but hopeless. It is whistling in the wind. The one


issue the coalition thought its part of them in the agreement, was


Europe, and Europe has come back to dominate politics. They are already


planning for a summit at the end of January, it continues to be an


issue. It clearly divides the coalition, does the coalition


divide -- survive? There are large differences in the coalition, on


how the health service might be changed, on Europe. It is not wrong


in a coalition to have differences. No one country controls its own


economy. If this country's economy and every other is to avoid


problems, we need to work together more closely. An interesting answer.


Could you answer my question? Does the Coalition survive? It is stable


and strong. Will it remain so? next general election will be in a


2015. You are tap-dancing around the Christmas tree. Suddenly for


the first time, David Cameron is a hero among his own backbench MPs.


He has always been, since the day he became leader. A hero to us and


the country. He has done the right thing on Europe. And now? To ensure


any agreement that comes through does not use the commission, that


it has to be outside the framework. That is what is being discussed at


the moment. If other treaties come through which they probably will,


that is the time to renegotiate. The Conservatives are committed as


a party to a renegotiation of our terms of membership, the coalition


is not. I ultimately want a renegotiation of the treaties, but


that comes with a majority Conservative government. Let's get


on with the questions. Question one. Which of these pairs of shoes do


Is it the gumboots? It is not. sparkling ones. It is. Who do these


belong to? You were second in. You have to get this bit right. To a


film star. They were from the Wizard of Oz Question two. Who's


the tallest? Jacob Rees Mogg. Give me a chance


to read out the names. Daniel Kawczynski it is the tallest MP in


history. 6 ft 8? 6 ft 9. The average national height is... 5 ft


9. He is the tallest MP ever. for Shrewsbury. Still no points!


Now for the final question in this round. Time for a bit of popular


culture. Who came second in this year's X Factor? Misha B. Marcus


Collins. Amelia Lily. Or Two Shoes? It was Marcus he was second.


you watch it? No, but I had spies giving the posts on what was going


on. What are these cause? -- the scores?


Let's move on to the Liberal Democrats. It's been quite a year


for them. Let's take a look back. It was my turn tonight to get a


Cause to listen and to engage. you not just have a slight argument


This has become a deeply, and appallingly, personalised campaign.


That is a new low in British It is not going to happen for three


years but divorce is inevitable. am bitterly disappointed by the


outcome of last week's summit. So, or Chris Rennard, you've lost


the vote, you did terribly in the polls, you are now in cahoots with


the most Euro-sceptic government in the history of this government --


country. I long for the day when we could blame unpopularity on mid


term. Used to benefit from it. have a few years to show it was


worthwhile and people are better off because we are there. The


Liberal Democrats have suffered but the country is better because we


have done what we have done. country is heading back into


recession. We are not in a situation of Greece, Ireland or


Italy. We are better Ross, because the Lib Dems are here. Lower income


families are paying lower income tax. And there is more free child


care because of the Liberal Democrats. It would be worse if the


Conservatives had overall majority. Do you like being in a coalition


where you are portrayed as the nasty evil blood-sucking party and


they do the cuddly things. I am sure they don't mean it. I think


there is some validity in that argument. The vulnerable are now


being protected. If it wasn't for the Lib Dems, you would have


brought back the workhouse, kids would be going out in days.


This isn't a realistic analysis of the coalition. The deserved his


could have done a large number of things they have done through the


coalition. The great thing the Lib Dems have brought is raising the


Thresher -- tax threshold. There are good bits of the coalition.


Politicians have to work with what the electorate gives them. Do you


think Nick Clegg will survive as a Liberal Democrat leader?


Liberal Democrats, the reason why the coalition is working is because


stepping outside the coalition represents political disaster. The


Liberal Democrats are bound in their own interest to get rid of


Nick Clegg in 2014. To fight a new election? Precisely. It is unlikely


on the basis of what we are seeing, they can say we supported the


recovery of the economy. They have wrecked the position in Europe,


what did they achieve? What is the answer? Labour can't say what they


would do? I elected Nick Clegg as leader. He was then working in the


European Commission. In trade talks with China. The answer to the


question? The ambition of the party was to move from protest to power.


Nick Clegg has achieved that. Charlie has a long memory and


remember the Government's doing, do things which are popular,


popularity can recover. He is formidably strong in TV debates.


That could have been a one off, novelty value. There was a


remarkable admission by Nick Clegg when he said to the Liberal


Democrat MPs, I am not going to go down in history as the last leader


of the Liberal Democrats by forcing a general election. If we went to


the country now, we would be wiped The party will not end with the


leadership of Nick Clegg. But he would be wiped out in a General


Election now? I think people vote for individual MPs as much as for a


government. If you look at the strength of the Bull Democrat MPs,


many times you and others have forecast the demise of the Liberal


Democrats. I never have. It's been pretty good. Can we get into the


text? I'm sure we can, but I have had different questions with you,


at many party conferences. When you said it will be so difficult for


to fail, we have always bounced back. Our MPs will do well again.


If you can't find it, we will have a blank space. What would you say


if David Cameron said, Europe is such a big issue, we've got to go


to the country, let's do it and fight over this issue? I do think


it is more important than the coalition. If the Lib Dems were


saying the price of coalition is that we signed up to the treaty,


the Tories could not accept that. It would be impossible to go to an


election. It is in the hands of the Lib Dems. If they want the


coalition to work, it can be made to work. Are you tempted to take


advantage of the politics of the moment? I am not. The Prime


Minister gave a commitment to make it work for five years. We would be


damaged at their electorate if we Let's get back to the quiz. The


Daily Politics Christmas quiz. There is a cat, there is Ekaterina


Zatuliveter. Which one? Is it the cat? Criminal proceedings? It is


not. You get a penalty point for interrupting with the Ronan said.


We have had Ekaterina Zatuliveter, Chris Huhne, or some election


literature. Which is the wrong one out? It's pretty easy, really.


was found not to be a Russian spy after all. Do you think Chris Huhne


is a Russian spy? I was being flippant. I cannot work out between


the four of them. Could it be it... No, forget it. I was going to say


the cat again. You just said that the cat! No wonder you don't get on


to proper quiz shows. The answer is Chris Huhne. Why? All the others


have been in front of a judge so far. The Liberal Democrat wife


stole the cat. The Russian was in front of a judge. Dodgy election


literature from the Lib-Dems, that had to be in front of a judge. But


Chris Huhne has not been in front of a judge. In 2011. Neither has


the cat! That is a terrible question. You are obsessed with


that cat. He was the shortest of these people? John Bercow... Sarah


Teather. The correct answer. You have got to be quicker, you two. A


soft life in the Lords has made them slow. Jacob has a Razorlight


What does TOWIE stand for? What a useless shower! It is a television


programme. It stands for... Because it is such a long name... The Only


Way Is Essex. It is one of the scripted reality programmes. You


have clearly not CNET. What does MIC stand for? Made in Chelsea.


Have you seen that? You see, it is the posh version of TOWIE. They


have really got their fingers on the Bozo of popular culture. Let's


look at the scores. -- bowser. Charles and Chris, one. I think he


has zero, actually. Charles, you are on 0. Chris is one, Jacob is


three. Pulling away, I would say. Poled away! Being the politically


neutral BBC, I am advised to say that we should take a look at


Can you tell us why you have You must be the first Mafia boss in


history that didn't know he was running a criminal enterprise.


steps that the Government could take tomorrow. I'm not Tony Blair.


It is not the job of politicians and we do not support strikes.


Nobody wants to see the strike happen, in fact. But both sides


So, Charlie Falconer. Unemployment is rising, heading towards 3


million. Living standards have been squeezed more tightly than at any


time since 1925. The economy is not growing. We stare recession in the


face and the Labour opposition is behind in the polls. Explain.


think no political leader is emerging with solutions. I think


the situation is incredibly difficult. It's not surprising that


we are not emerging. 18 months ago we lost a General Election. You are


not surprised? I would have thought you would be 20 points ahead.


Everybody recognises it is a very dire situation. We have just lost a


General Election, 18 months ago. The other parties are being given a


chance and it is very difficult. We got considerable advantages. We


have remained united. We have not gone off the page as far as the


public are concerned. There is still the choice to be made, is my


feeling. If your party watches PMQs, do they think, we chose the wrong


brother? I don't know what they think about that. There was a smile


coming on your face. I was going to make a little quip. I'm not sure if


they watch PMQs, even on your marvellous programme. I am sure


there are people that do. But I don't think that is the medium that


is influencing people on which leader to go for. The traditional


view about what was going to happen in British politics was that it


would depend on the economy. That view has been replaced by a sense


of powerlessness of politicians. The one who appears most to have


caught the mood over the next year or two is the one that will win.


That is why I am not as surprised as you, obviously. No mainstream


commentator thought Michael Foot had any solutions. At this


particular point, he was doing much better in the polls than Ed


Miliband. Michael Foot was doing better. What were the mainstream


commentators say -- saying? Margaret Thatcher does have a way


forward. Before the Falklands war, we thought she was going to lose


the election. I was not around them. But it is because... You were not


around? I was alive! You were living with Tony Blair. But I was


Given that if it was a Conservative government there would be a protest


vote, the anti-government vote would go to the Lib Dems as well,


that would not happen. If you don't like this government, there is only


one place in mainstream politics to go to, Labour. Doesn't it make it


more surprising? Labour do not really have the benefit -- Lib-Dems


do not have that benefit of protest. Before 2010, during the course of


the campaign, people had lost confidence in Labour's policies on


the economy. Since they have offered nothing difference in 2010,


they cannot recover their position. Jacob Rees-Mogg, you are something


of a specialist. What advice would you offer Ed Miliband to improve


his appeal with the masses? Resign. I don't understand why they haven't.


Ed Balls is so much more impressive. I don't think he's got any appeal.


If you look at the Tory party, Howard went through leaders, when


our leaders do not work out, we get a new one. It's a bit more ruthless.


I'm becoming an increasing fan of Ed Balls. I think he is capable and


an incredibly strong performer will stop you say that in an entirely


Your party doesn't want Ed Miliband to fall on his sword? From our


point of view, it's great. The longer the better. Does he survive


until the next election? He does. You don't do regicide? There was


quite a move to try and get rid of Gordon Brown in the build-up to the


2010 election, when he was very low in the polls, very unpopular. The


Labour Party would not budge. I think he will fight the next


election. Since you are also good at this quiz, let's go back to it.


Time for your final set of questions. Do since you like Ed


Balls, Jacob. Ed Balls cries at which programme? You know before I


had even mentioned the name. I know what he cries at. Is it the


Antiques Roadshow? It is. The other choices were Question Time, some of


us do cry at that. Downton Abbey. Or Lassia, I always cry at that.


Which of these is the odd one out, Ken Mackintosh, Tom Harris, Johann


Lamont. Kate McIntosh, the only one not running to be leader of the


Scottish Labour Party? No. Macintosh? Ed Miliband couldn't


remember his name? Correct answer. Let's see this clip. Can you name


three of them? There is Tom Harris, Beria's Johann Lamont and a third


candidate, who has also put himself forward. The front runner, Ken


Mackintosh. Yes. The front-runner, but you can't made him?


Mackintosh will be an excellent candidate.


There, but for the grace of God, go close. I bet you would not have


known? I have made worse mistakes than that. Let's have the final


question. It is another popular culture one. Pop star Justin


Bieber's plans are known as what? Bieberheads, Beliebers,


Biebermaniacs. No! You just guessed. Yes. It is great route. From


-- it is Beliebers, from the song, I am a Beliebers. You had a chance


to get it right and you were wrong. I can't believe not one of them


knew about TOWIE. To think Essex used to dominate the political


culture. Time to find out who is the lucky winner. Charles has got


two. Chris has got two. Jacob has got two. I went down! You took one


away. No, I think I took one away from you. I think we need a recount.


It's a bit like elections in Glasgow. I think Jacob won, myself.


You get the mug. That is it for this week. We thank our three wise


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