30/01/2017 House of Commons


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It's the House of Commons that will have the final say, as on


practically all legislation. As is always the case, the House of Lords


has its own procedures and it's not in the of the Government to set down


what time there'll be to debate a Bill.


THE SPEAKER: The prize for patience goes to Mr Smith. Thank you, Madam


Deputy Speaker. And can I wish the honourable gentleman a happy


birthday. Thank you. It's right that other Parliamentary business should


be shelved over the past few weeks to debate article 50, including the


bus services Bill. In Manchester we have been demanding London-style


franchising powers for many years. We can wait a little longer, but can


I ask the leader to reschedule the Bill as soon as possible after the


recess so that Manchester can properly manage our transport


network. This may be an inadequate birthday


present but I'll do my best to deliver on what the honourable


gentleman wants.


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