17/07/2017 House of Commons

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Live coverage of questions in the House of Commons to communities and local government secretary Sajid Javid and his ministerial team.

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House of Commons. First we will start with questions to said Javad


and his ministerial team. -- Sajid Javed. Before we come to


questions for the Secretary of State for communities I am sure that the


whole House will join me in offering our congratulations to offering our


congratulations to Jimmy Murray and others in their respective successes


at Wimbledon. I am sure that colleagues will also join the in


offering warmest our warmest congratulations to Roger Federer.


The first person, the oldest person to win at grand slam singles title


Ken Rosewall won the 1972 and the first man to win a Wimbledon title


without dropping a set sense Bjorn Borg in 1976. We are celebrating the


achievements of our very great man indeed. Mr Alex Chock.


No one should find themselves without a roof over their heads.


That is why they've committed to eliminating it altogether by 2027.


We are ensuring that more people get the help they need before they face


homelessness. I'm grateful to the Right Honourable gentleman. I


manifesto makes it clear that rough sleeping is unacceptable and I'm


delighted he my view we should demand nothing less than complete


eradication. Kenny Spain what is being done in England and in


Cheltenham to end this? -- can he explain? I know he has done a lot in


his own constituency. As shares concerns and that is one of the


reasons why in our recent manifesto we announced we would be piloting


the concept of housing first that has worked well elsewhere. He will


also note that in Cheltenham the time will be receiving ?1 million of


our ?10 million social impact bond money which will help the most


vulnerable rough sleepers get the help they need. The Secretary of


State spoke about homelessness in the third World people living on the


street. In my constituency the council is spending ?35 million a


year on people living in hostels and temporary accommodation and there


are many living in households with another family because they cannot


afford a roof over their head. His ambitious plans do not tell people


here and now. What is the doing now to make sure the people in Hackney


South and Shoreditch and across the country can get a roof over their


heads? The honourable lady reminds us all that homelessness is much


more than people living on the streets. There are many more


families and people affected across the country including of course in


London. One of the things we're doing I'm sure she will welcome is


the announcement in the recent budget that we will be putting ?100


million into low-cost and move on accommodation which will provide at


least 2000 places. The first point, in my constituency many hundreds of


my constituents could be at the risk of homelessness. Does he think that


housing associations should be doing more to refer individuals to support


farriers arise? This sometimes happens with larger housing


associations but often smaller ones fall short when it comes to


referring constituents for support. She refers to how we can try and


prevent homelessness to a car in the first place. She is right to say


some housing associations do a much better job in these types of rebels


when arrears to take place. There is also a better role for local


authorities and the recent homelessness reduction Bill will


help to achieve that. Surely the Secretary of State must give some


hope of oppression that this Government believes in something. If


he believes in one thing it must be sorting out the social housing


market, building homes for people at an affordable rent and good quality


ones, too. I know he cares passionately about this but it is


worth reminding him that statutory homelessness reached its peak in


2003 and since then it is half that number. Of course more needs to be


done and social homes, the right time of social homes in the right


places have big role to play. Will he join me in commending the work of


YMCA black country and excellent chief executive as they want to


persuade through the open programme more private individuals to open


their homes to young people? I will very much commend the work they do


in his constituency and throughout the Black Country and throughout the


country. It is exactly the kind of thing you want to look and see if it


can do more. There was a programme on TV where they said if he can play


we will take it away. Those who do not understand the High Court


process and who the High Court are not aware of them paying the money,


how will they help those people at the last minute before the midnight


hour? I agree that there are very difficult cases and more should be


done to help those vulnerable people. I know that examples of


councils to a much better job than others and I hope through the


workroom murdering because of the Homelessness Reduction Act we can


spread that good practice to more councils. -- I hope that through the


work we're doing with the Homelessness Reduction Act.


Landlords can check the safety of their buildings and take the


necessary action and reassure residents they are safe in their


homes. The residential landlords Association based in my constituency


has raised concerns about the complexity and sometimes


contradictory guidance from various bodies including Government on fire


safety to private landlords. What plans does he have two addresses?


The honourable gentleman will understand in the wake of the


tragedy at grand full tower -- Grenfell Tower the Government had to


provide guidance in a manner of days and had to update that guidance. I


met with representatives in my constituency on the 6th of July.


Will he confirm that it was this Government that introduced the


requirement for private landlords to smoke detectors and carbon monoxide


detectors in private homes and will introduce safety checks by later


this year. Also there is an overriding responsibility for all


our lives to make their properties saved by their tenants. -- for all


landlords to make their properties saved for their tenants. It is their


responsibility to make sure whether in the private or public sector that


those properties are safe for the tenants. In the wake of the tragedy


at Grenfell Tower we should be looking to see what more can be


done. I am concerned that a survey of social landlords find there was


little confidence they would be able to take enforcement action to make


sure that leaseholders also comply with fire safety regulations


including fitting fire detectors which is essential to keeping


alternate saved. Will he response to the request from Nottingham City


Council seeking additional powers for them to do so? I can tell her


that that is a very important issue and I will certainly look carefully


at that request. It is important that all leaseholders recognise the


responsibilities and legal owners of those properties and resell Risley


in the case of Camden for a number of towers were evacuated that there


was a lot wrong in terms of fire safety in the building including


fibre that been there and simply not. I have pointed out to the Mayor


of Birmingham that the home in which he lives is also applied. -- is also


clad in a block. Is there a register where they can push out information


to private landlords to let them know what they should be looking for


in regards to cladding? You will know as the legal owners of


buildings will they be private landlords or others they would have


the best information on what kind of cladding may not exist. Grenfell


Tower What we did soon after that tragedy is making sure we got better


guidance on how to handle that identification process. Harriet


Harman. Could you be more specific about what he will make available in


guidance for Tarbox. -- tower blocks. He spoke of the legal duty


to keep tenants saved by the also the responsibility to keep a


balanced budget and since they have been in Government since 2010 budget


has merely have in Southwark. I don't think improvements such as


sprinklers should be at expense of improvements tenants are wearing in


other areas. Will he come up with our ?100 million needed in


Southwark? We have been very clear in the wake of the Grenfell Tower


tragedy they should carry out checks and rigidly. -- immediately. Where


local authorities cannot afford it we're very happy to talk to them and


provide the support they need. In the five weeks since the Grenfell


Walk tragedy, there has been contradictory advice. They do look


to the DC LG for real advice about what they will pay for. When is the


Secretary of State going to make it clear what is the right thing for


those in tower blocks to do and how they will pay for the improvements


necessary? -- Grenfell Tower. We have set up an expert panel to


provide more advice that can be relied on. In terms of funding, the


government has made its position clear. There was no need to wait. If


any work is necessary and has been identified, local authorities must


get on with it and where they cannot afford it, they must approach us.


With your permission, Mr Speaker, I will answer this question with


question number 11. Radical reform is needed to build new homes now and


in the future. Our housing White Paper sets out how we will do that.


I think the honourable gentleman meant to be other way round. Supply


has not matched the demand. I beg your pardon, Mr Speaker. The


secretary of state will be aware that Cornwall recently received by


the million pounds for self build housing. Does he support


neighbourhood plans who are looking at providing that facility instead


of providing registered social landlord properties said that we


over this side of the house can not only give people the ladder, but


also the spade, spirit level and the trowl as well? As you say, supply


has not met demand and one of the ways to get this right is to have


more self build homes and I understand in Cornwall Council some


255 people have registered and the HCA is working to deliver 54 plots


in the heartlands in Cornwall. Our recent announcement of the


house-building funds will help with this. Telford is playing its part in


tackling the national shortage of housing. Can the Minister confirm


that this fund will also accept bids for the purpose of regeneration and


renewal of Newtown infrastructure? What I can tell my honourable friend


is that as we have shown through the prospectus of the housing


infrastructure, we have given a broad definition of infrastructure,


so we would welcome bids that would support regeneration. She is


absolutely right to highlight this issue where we do need new homes.


Often infrastructure is the missing bits and that is exactly why we have


launched this fund. Numbers matter, but so does the quality of new


homes. I'm sure the Secretary of State has seen the awful stories in


the press. Why is it that you can buy something in the shop and you


have the powers of redress, but you spend hundreds of thousands on a new


home and you struggle to get what you paid for? The honourable


gentleman is right to highlight this issue of making sure that when


people buy new homes, if things go wrong, they do get proper redress.


There are mechanisms in place, both in the private sector and through


statutory means, but it is something that needs to be carefully looked


at. I will be grateful if the Minister could confirm why the


number of affordable homes built in the last year fell to the lowest


level in 24 years? Well, Mr Speaker, the first thing I will happily tell


the honourable lady is that the number of council houses that have


been built in the last six years is more than double what was built in


the previous 13 years. Council houses offer an important choice to


people in terms of affordability. We have seen over 900,000 homes built


in recent years and 300,000 of them are affordable. What more can he do


to encourage rural council to provide more homes in the market


towns and in the villages instead of plonking the developments on the


edge of cities like Exeter in unsustainable urban sprawl? I'd like


to see all councils playing an active role in getting more homes


built in the area, whether is the council working with private


partners, that is to be welcomed. To make sure homes are in the right


players, local people should be involved at a consultative level. To


get supply and demand imbalance it needs successful developers and


confident buyers. Will my honourable friend help people who are


leaseholders. I'd like to commend my honourable friend for the work he


has done in this area, showing up the leasehold abuses that do take


place, especially when it comes to buying new houses. In the White


Paper we said we will be bringing forward proposals and we will be


doing that very shortly. The Prime Minister has blamed weak housing


policy for doing so badly at the election and now a government


officials speak of the Secretary of State yesterday has said the same


thing, but blamed selfish Conservative councils who are not


telling the truth about housing needs in the area. Isn't the truth


that this is a desperate bid to shift the blame from the Secretary


of State who is failing on all fronts with regard to housing? With


affordable housing at a 24 year low, will he change tact and backed


Labour's proposal to build genuinely affordable homes? He can even offer


it to the Prime Minister and we will back into CO2 this house. The truth


is that when he was housing minister at the end of the last government


housing starts fell to the lowest level in almost 100 years. Since


then new-build housing is that a nine-year high and if he supports us


in implementing the housing White Paper then we can work together.


Thank you, Mr Speaker. All core cities have benefited from city


deals. Areas covering five course cities including Bristol have agreed


evolution deals which provide funding powers and support economic


growth will regeneration. The Department for exiting the EU


has not made any approach to discuss how cities can be represented during


the EU Brexit negotiations. Cranie have words with his colleagues in


that department and tell them that they really ought to be talking to


our cities? Looking at the list, I have lived in one of them so I know


a bit about them. All I can say is that the Secretary of State for


Exiting the European Union has written to all core cities that have


a mayor to say he will meet with them over the summer. Funding for


our core cities should be something we are proud of, but regeneration in


the North is relying on funding from non-core cities. Will my honourable


friend confirm that this government remains committed to coastal


communities funding moving forward? I can confirm to the honourable


gentleman that we will of course deliver on our general election


manifesto pledge to extend coastal communities funding, but I'd also


like to take the opportunity to thank him for the work he did when


he was doing this job. I'm all too aware that I am walking in the shoes


a giant. Devolution as promoted by the former Chancellor and Prime


Minister is no doubt dead in the water. Few real powers and even less


fiscal devolution has taken place and the only constant theme is year


on year cuts passed down to our local government base, the very base


that should be the foundation on which devolution is built upon. So


when will the Minister bring forward a meaningful plan for devolution and


secondly, what would they address continuous cuts to our local


government base. Devolution has been one of the great successes of this


government. In truth I have been delighted to welcome Conservative


colleagues as our new Metro Mayors. In truth the Labour Party talked


about devolution for years. What they do? Absolutely nothing. We are


getting longer devolution and we are delivering for every of this


country. I welcome the announcement from the Minister a moment ago about


the coastal communities fund. He will be aware there is a major


regeneration scheme being developed by North East Lincolnshire Council


which I wrote to the secretary of state a couple of weeks ago about.


Will the Minister agreed to meet me and other representatives from the


area so we can move this forward very quickly? Yes. Well done. Alan


Brown. Thank you, Mr Speaker. My right honourable friend the


Secretary of State for Scotland is leading on Scotland's city deals. He


spoke to the Scottish Government as recently as last Thursday. Direct


discussions have taken place between this department and the Minister.


It's interesting to note that the DUP got ?1 billion in a couple of


weeks, but the deals of Scotland are still on the table. Can I ask the


Minister to get his colleague to push these details along. There has


been a failure of meaningful talks. In relation to be issued great deal,


others than was a meeting in January and April to discuss priorities for


the deal. In truth, I would have thought that members of the Scottish


National Party would welcome the fact that they have a half ?1


billion upwards Glasgow, 53 million to Inverness in the Highlands and a


to Aberdeen. Why don't they get behind the own cities in the city


deals instead of sniping from the sidelines? Sorry, Mr Speaker. I was


rising 46. My constituency is being blighted by planning applications


that are inappropriate. Despite trying to... Perhaps it can offer me


some advice about the village that is caught between a rock and a hard


place. If he meets with the housing minister I'm sure there can be some


resolution. The honourable gentleman has plunged his feet into the water


with regards to city deals and we wish him well with further


contributions in the house. Mr Kevin Robinson. Not too far from the


Scottish city deals are the great prospects for Belfast. The Secretary


of State was kind enough to meet us prior to the election and since the


election we have the agreement that we will bring forward city deals in


Northern Ireland. Can I ask the Minister to engage ministerial aide


to make sure we get the best deal for Belfast and our city region? Mr


Speaker, we have already engaged with Belfast on the city deals on we


look forward to working with them to make sure we can deliver on the


promise. It is long overdue that Northern Ireland have some city


deals. They have succeeded in England and Wales and Scotland, now


it is Northern Ireland was matter. The reality is that Northern Ireland


deal with the DUP has the Northern Ireland get ?1 billion which is all


Scotland's two put together. The Edinburgh deal has been delayed and


the economic Secretary has had meetings cancelled at late notice by


the UK Government. Can he confirm whether the UK Government takes


Scottish city deals seriously and will they meet the ambition of the


esh a deal, the tea cities Deal and the sterling deal?


Sure we take the entirety of Scotland's ambitious plans very


seriously and the Secretary of State is leading on this very important


policy. If there is something else who thinks we can do she must let me


know. The city deals so far have seen all of the planned Scottish


cities are short-changed by the UK Government. The Scottish Government


has put in far more than this UK Government has sought to find. If


the Northern Ireland deal can be put through how long will Scottish


cities have to wait till they have the money? All of the Scottish


cities agreed mutually with the Government for city deals. With 53


million go to Glasgow and an hundred 20 million go to Aberdeen materials


for Edinburgh and other cities of the table I do not think she will


have to wait too long. -- 123 million go to Aberdeen. Nobody


should happen to sleep rough. A recent report shows how this


approach can enter work rough sleeping for those with the most


complex need. We considering how it can help our manifesto commitment to


end rough sleeping by 2027. Official figures continue to show


year-on-year increases in the number of rough sleepers since 2010


including a 3% increase in London and the last year. Rough sleeping is


often linked to mental health issues. What specific steps will his


Government has taken this Parliament to address the mental health crisis


in rough sleepers? I welcome to the House. There are a number of


underlying issues keeping people on the streets with our rough sleeping.


Mental health issues are certainly one of those underlying causes. To


give insight into what is happening in her own constituency, there is a


social impact a bond which is focusing very much on people being


taken off the streets who have is mental health issues. In my


constituency it is an issue that is raised regularly. I'm hoping he can


lay out progress in the homelessness reduction task force alike and away


some of their concerns. I thank him and welcome him to the House. He is


right to say this Government is setting up a homelessness reduction


task force in the addition to the homeless reduction act. What I can


say to him is that the culture is now starting to change and councils


are now starting to help people far more airily as a result to those


trailblazers taking place. Rough sleeping in Plymouth is on the


increase. Large numbers of those people sleeping rough and served our


country's in the Armed Forces and our veterans. What discussions has


he had with the Ministry of Defence to increase the money going into the


rough sleeping veterans report so we can give all our veterans decent


accommodation? He mentions about a lady and it is vital we support our


veterans who find themselves rough sleeping. I run a cross-party


working group attended by a number of ministers including one for the


Ministry of Defence and this is certainly one we are eagerly trying


to address. With the Minister agree with me that although we have had


about mental health issues and veteran issues another huge problem


is alcohol and drug addiction. What is he doing in that particular area?


She makes a very perceptive point. Drug use, particularly psychoactive


substances such as spies which seems to be prevalent amongst it in a


rough sleepers seems to have a detrimental effect of not getting


people off the street. She will have had at last week the drug strategy


the Government is launching, the Home Office. We're working very


closely with the Home Office in relation to that because we realise


how critical it is to deal with those underlying issues and making


sure we can help people off the streets. I can confirm to the


Honourable lady that the first new permanent homes will be available


very shortly and more will be secured either in Kensington and


Chelsea are nearby. Meantime good quality furnished temporary


accommodation in the area has been offered to every family.


Sorry, I'm not sure of the formalities of theirs. This is due


to a single and suitable offer. The fact people are refusing the storm


is that the non-suitable offer is being made to them. -- that people


are refusing these homes. I amazed that only 22 households have been


much with temporary accommodation. Four have been moved in. There are


empty homes all across the borough and they are still not being taken


up. Can so what is happening here? I can tell her that there are over 220


temporary homes that have been identified and inspected and are all


good quality and are all available within good cup accommodation. --


within good accommodation. She should bring the details to me and


we will look at it and taken very seriously. In terms of the families,


169 families have received offers. 31st of temporary accommodation have


been accepted and nine families have moved on. As she will know from


talking to her constituents many families do not feel ready to move


into temporary accommodation yet and we will absolutely their wishes. Can


any of the cost be met by the landlords insurance? That may well


be the case further down the line but right now the absolute priority


is to do whatever is necessary to help the victims of the Grenfell


Tower tragedy to get into these homes and all these costs will be


met by the Government when necessary. Is it not absolutely


crucial that we increase the number of social housing available in


Kensington and Chelsea? The Government has announced that 68


properties will be made available as social housing. It's not true that


negotiations were under way to provide these homes before the


Grenfell Tower fire? Where are the extra new from? First of all can I


welcome him on his real action as the chair of the select committee?


On social homes I do agree that we want to see more social homes and


not just in Kensington and Chelsea. We want to make sure that choices


offered across the country. With regard to the 68 homes in the


Kensington role development that was originally planned to be affordable


homes and not social homes. But I agree that we should do more.


Developing a sustainable funding model for supported housing is a


priority. We welcome the input into a recent consultation. We are now


carefully taking stock of the joint select committee report on supported


housing. We will set out further details on our plans in the autumn.


There are 30 to half thousand people and supported housing accommodation


and Wales. Landlords say decisions about future developments have been


delayed due to uncertainty of future funding. Will he confirm that any


proposals confirmed are not will properly fund future needs and Wales


particularly given the ageing population? Nobody is under any


illusion in terms of how important supported housing and the provision


of it is to all our constituents. That is why we have confirmed we


will exempt supported housing from the cap until when we will come


through with a solution in 2019. We're taking our time to make sure


that those bands work and our right to make sure we do bring forward


that supply and supported housing and in England we are putting ?400


million of capital funding behind that to bring forward new units. Can


he please update the House and what more is being done to support


victims of domestic abuse and supported housing? I thank him.


Domestic abuse is a critical issue across the country and something we


want to eradicate. We need to provide safe refuge provision for


those people who do end up in that very difficult position. We


announced earlier this year we are supporting 76 projects to create


2200 bed spaces to support 19,000 victims across the country. The


Government is committed to delivering the manifesto pledge to


continue to give local authorities greater control over the money they


raise. We will open up a conversation with local Government


over the next few months about the best way to achieve this. Plans for


the 100% retention of business ladies at the general election were


not produced in the Queen's speech. Can he explain ever the Government


still plans to do this? And what will he do as a revenue support


grant is phased out? He makes a very good point. The Government is


committed to delivering on our manifesto pledge to give local


authorities greater control over the money they raise and to give


councils certainty we have given an unprecedented four-year settlement


of which 97% of local authorities have taken up. That does not end


told 2019 and 2020 during which time we will bring forward proposals


dealing with and working with local Government to achieve those. If


Barnett got the same Government support is scanned and it would be a


realistic option probably for Barnet to reduce council tax to zero. Will


he look at the allocation of funding within London between outer London


and in London to give buyers like Barnett a fairer share of resources?


She raises an important point. There are many areas across the country


that feel after over ten years without the funding formula being


looked at the lower number of challenges in relation to


demographic pressures and service pressures that are encountered more


in some places than others. I can assure her that through the fear


funding review we are undertaking we will look at these matters very


carefully. -- they are funding review. --Fair. We know our SG is


going on 2020. In the absence of legislation that Queen's speech I


have asked the Government five times how they will fill the black hole.


Can I assume from his answer that his previous measures in that the


local Government finance bill have now been ditched and that timetable


has been ditched? Can he now give absolute certainty to local councils


what precisely will be in place by 2020 when the RSG goes? I thank him.


I think this is the sixth time I have answered his question and each


time his question has been put with a considerable amount of foam and a


rage. It is an important issue and I would just say to him again that we


are absolutely committed to what we said in a manifesto that we will


give local authorities greater control over the money they raise


and in terms of the issue of certainty his Government when Npower


only ever gave one-year certainties, only a settlement to local


authorities. We have given a four-year settlement and 97% of


councils have taken that out. It gives us time to get a sensible


solution for local Government and we will work with them to do that. In


the housing White Paper in February the Government set out plans for


high-quality high-density housing. It plans to implement this later


this year. Our Conservative manifesto committed to supporting


new high-quality housing, mansion blocks, mews houses and terraced


streets. How is the Government planning to build housing that is


attractive and popular with the public?


We will bring forward changes set out in a housing White Paper. I


asked the former Housing Minister in April what the government was doing


to protect home owners following the bogus home scandal which saw people


spending significant sums to fine property was not finished. And it


was not a unique problem. Shelter has found half of all the buyers


report a major problem upon moving in. The minister said an


announcement was imminent but there was nothing in the Conservative


manifesto, Queen's Speech nor in the response earlier, so when will the


government act to protect buyers of new-build properties? Of course it


is important and we had a similar question to make sure when people


buy new properties they get what they believe they were purchasing


and where it is not the case, they receive help to put that right.


There are procedures in place and we are looking to see what more can be


done. Licensing can be an effective tool when targeted delivering


improved standards and safety in the private rented sector and in April


2015 further conditions in respect of licensing were introduced. New


council introduced the first private rented sector licensing in 2013 and


last week the council applied to renew the scheme. It has been


successful, enabling the council to concentrate resources on the small


number of private landlords causing problems. 81% of residents say it is


effective. Can the minister reassure me renewal will get the go-ahead? I


can reassure him the scheme will be considered on its merits and in


accordance with meeting statutory requirements, which was reduced


under a Labour government. In path we have a high number of family


homes turned into student accommodation with often low


standards and that is why students take them up because they have no


choice. Will the minister ensure student safety is protected by


encouraging councils to include compulsory safety checks as part of


the licensing schemes? We want all landlords whether providing student


accommodation or otherwise to keep tenet safe and as the honourable


lady will know the Department for business is working on looking at


issues connected to electrical safety.


Private rented sector is the poorest quality housing in my constituency


in Manchester. It is not regulated and needs looking at. I would


welcome a borough wide licensing scheme like the one in the London


Borough of Newham in Manchester and can I ask ministers to take


seriously the issue before we see safety concerns in the private


sector as well? Can I say to her that if she wants Manchester to come


forward with these proposals they should make them known and we will


look at them on merit. There is close collaboration between my


department and ministers at Defra waste collection and it is for local


councils to determine when collections take place but I would


strongly urge councils to consider the wishes of local people. Before


local elections and against the wishes of local people, one county


council took the decision to reduce waste collection to three weekly.


Can I ask what more he can do to ensure local people'sviews are taken


into account on waste issues to prevent potential health hazards? I


know he has been a champion in this House on this issue as he knows it


is a devolved matter in Wales. This is for local councils to decide on


frequency of collections. In England we have done a lot to support


councils to respond to the wishes of people in this sense. I would say to


him that this is the one service people associate most with their


local council and the council should be mindful of the fact that local


people should be consulted before any changes are made. Rather than


lecturing councils about legislative requirements, would he like to come


to Barrow in Furness or many other councils, particularly in the North


of England, and see the scale of the cuts these councils are having to


implement? The near impossibility of being able to balance a budget in


these situations, and provide more help. The honourable gentleman


highlights the mess the public finances were left in when the


Labour Party left government in 2010, and that this government has


been picking up the pieces. What I would say is unlike Labour we have


given a four-year settlement to local authorities and most have


taken that up, to give them more time to change services to reflect


the change of financial environment. We are running late but I want one


last question from a new member. Darren Jones. Number 14, Mr Speaker.


I welcome him to this place. We have delivered nearly 330,000 affordable


homes including 120,000 for social rent and our priority is to build


more affordable homes to rent and buy. Tens of thousands of people in


Bristol are waiting for a council house and many are stuck in


expensive and inadequate private sector housing and many of these


tenants are young families who feel stuck in a system that does not


care. Will he visit my constituency in Bristol to see first-hand how his


supposedly radical reform is failing my constituency and often damp and


inadequate and insecure housing? We set out in the manifesto, and I


talked about it recently at the LGA conference, our ambition to help


local authorities that have ambitions to build more council


homes, so if that is what Bristol wants, the mayor of Bristol should


approach me. Order, topical questions. As you know, in


Lincolnshire we have... Number one. We will hear about Lincolnshire in


due course. The ongoing response to the grand full tragedy has dominated


my department's work and will remain a priority in the years ahead, but


we have not let up on wider work and have launched our housing


infrastructure fund and introduced a tell of the -- telecommunications


bill and we plan to get more homes built in the right places. The


honourable gentleman, I would have called him at topical questions if


you were standing, but I will not if he isn't. Anyway, he has got the


public information announcement for which he is duly grateful. We have


in Lincolnshire wonderful coastal resorts. They trip off the tongue as


a litany of sun and fun, Skegness, Cleethorpes. When you go one your


holidays, do not go to Italy, France, come to bracing Skegness.


Can he promise to use the coastal communities fund to promote tourism


and after Brexit the ?143 million we receive in European Regional


Development Fund is for these results? He rightly highlights the


importance of coastal communities and of course those in Lincolnshire.


Many I have had the pleasure of visiting during the recent election


campaign and I assure him we will use the coastal communities fund and


whatever resources we have available to promote those areas. Does the


Secretary of State agree with the Conservative leader of Warwickshire


County Council who also leads on community welfare for the Local


Government Association that fining councils and withholding money for


delayed discharges will exacerbate the social care crisis, and has he


spoken to the Health Secretary about the plans? Of course I have spoken


to the Health Secretary and I have spoken to the leader of Warwickshire


County Council just last week. I think there is a broad understanding


when it comes to combating delayed transfers of care there is a role to


play for local authorities and the NHS. My honourable friend the member


of the Plymouth is leading the way in terms of innovation of the social


care and the work between the local authority and care provider has


broken new ground. What more can he do to support authorities working so


hard to meet social care needs? I'm pleased to hear the good work my


honourable friend highlights in Plymouth. My department works with


the Department for Health to promote joined up working across health and


social care, including good examples of innovation, through the better


care funds. The Secretary of State will be aware that a working group


was set up by his department in August last year to look at


electrical safety in the private rented sector. Does he agree with me


and others, such as London Fire Brigade, electrical safety first and


shelter, that it is time for more preventative approach on electrical


fires and mandatory five-year electrical safety tests in the


private rented sector should be introduced as a matter urgency?


There is a working group within the Department for business looking at


these matters. In the light of the grand full fire the Prime Minister


has said they should bring forward their work with recommendations. If


they conclude new sprinters are required, will the minister join me


in calling on private landlords to install those sprinters? Obviously


the Guinness partnership will need to determine with the Fire Service


what is needed to keep property is safe but as the Secretary of State


made clear, where work is necessary to ensure fire safety, a lack of


resources should not prevent it going ahead. When he joined me in


congratulating Nottingham community Housing association, who were


recognised for their refurbishment of a memorial homes on flexing my


constituency? Will he listen to NCH a and give them the certainty to


enable future investment by dropping plans to cut housing benefit for


shelter tenants? I will join her in commending the housing association


for the work they have done. The housing association sector would


welcome the fact the record funding we provided a new flexibility so


they can do more of what they do. What steps has the Secretary of


State taken to provide safe spaces for travellers to reside in instead


of them having to go on really nice green spaces in Derbyshire, where


they leave them in a terrible mess? I understand unauthorised


encampments can cause distress and I know that from my constituency. The


government is committed to reducing unauthorised sites by providing


affordable accommodation for travellers. The enquiry into


electoral conduct, noting the superb all-party report written by the past


Deputy Speaker, but sadly rebuffed by successive party leaders on all


sides. I can assure the honourable gentleman with regard to the enquiry


announced by the Prime Minister that will be led by the committee on


Public life, it should take account of all information and we have seen


that the debate in this House last week how many members and candidates


offered from racism and other forms of abuse. I suffered from that


during the general election and I am sure we all agree that racism has no


place in our society. What is the current status of the Devon and


Somerset devolution bid? Do they need a directly elected mayor to get


the full package? Will the minister meet with the leaders of Devon and


Somerset councils and myself to discuss the way forward? Our


manifesto makes clear there would be no requirement for the mayors of


rural counties. Devon and Somerset have not submitted any combined


authority proposals but I look forward to meeting with him and his


council leader. A growing number of grand full survivors are being


placed in budget hotels in my constituency as central London


hotels fill up the tourist season. Despite being unsuitable, they are


being booked by the month, which gives the lie to the fact government


has suitable accommodation ready, not temporary, not on suitable, but


permanent accommodation. Will he ask Kensington and Chelsea to take some


of the ?274 million and buy a couple of hundred homes and make sure these


people have decent housing? The honourable gentleman will know money


is not the issue. We have made it clear in terms of finding the


victims of Grenfell Tower permanent homes that we will do whatever it


takes and that is what we are doing. We will be led by them on what they


need, at their pace. Overton Oakley and Whitchurch in my constituency


have produced ambitious neighbourhood plans but the


communities are concerned about infrastructure investment required


to make them happen, how can he help?


I commend his constituents published together the neighbourhood plans,


and there's a great innovation. Goals in terms of infrastructure, I


would encourage him to get to get the bid for inter-fund was my


honourable friend announced earlier this month. I had the security


growing up of a council flat over my head, so I wonder what the 60


statement dated the 11th year by Mike constituency who said to me


last week that he and his mother and his two siblings are living in one


room in a hostel and have been there for over a year. What message does


he have children like him in my constituency homolog have the


security had a decent place to live? My message is that we have not built


in our homes of all types in that country, and successive governments,


and every are going to do it we should all work together and reunite


under the Housing white paper. Will he join me in commending the Chatham


House charities, and early intervention which are tanning lives


around in my constituency? My honourable friend is absolutely


right to highlight the excellent work that is going on down by the


charities that he mentions in Cheltenham. Early intervention is


tactically critical, that is why to the Homelessness Reduction Act,


doing things earlier to stop people becoming homeless, that is the


absolute bedrock of that act. We are also seeing through the homelessness


prevention trailblazers are many forerunners to the act, that the


culture of the local authorities that are involved and that is


absolutely changing towards preventing. I regularly raise my


concerns over the safety of the rapid conversion of family homes to


houses of multiple occupation in my constituency. In view of the


Grenfell Tower disaster, does the Government have any plans to issue a


new guidance to local planning authorities, particularly about the


safety of these conversions Moores the honourable gentleman is right to


raise best, there are many lessons to learn from the Grenfell Tower


tragedy, and some of those will come from the public enquiry. There have


been recommendations from the expat panel on fire safety and affairs in


a thing they urgently recommend we will implement that. I am looking to


see what else we can do it in enforcement. What changes do the NPF


commitment to strengthen protection for ancient woodlands? I can tell my


honourable friend that we will be bringing forward proposals very


shortly that will implement what is any Housing white paper, which is


ancient woodland will receive the same protection as before. Can I


thank the minister for the Northern Powerhouse for visiting new ferry in


my constituency, when he has one remember there was recently a


terrible explosion. As a result of his meeting, the leader of the


council in has written to him, can I ask him to expedite a reply to that


letter? No one could visit the disaster in new ferry and talk to


the residents they are without realising the seriousness of the


explosion to place months ago. Following my meeting, I received a


meeting from Phil Davies, irresponsible began later today


dealing with the queries he raised. Canny Secretary of State tell me


what he will do to ensure that Bradford Council build on the


Brownfield sites it has identified before it starts concreting over and


building on greenfield sites in the green belt in my constituency? My


honourable friend makes a very important point, and as we have made


clear any Housing white paper, we expect Brownfield sites to always


been a priority to meet our housing need, and that is what I would


expect to see from Bradford. Is it entirely wisely minister of the


Northern Powerhouse to come across the Pennines from his Lancashire


constituency and tell the people of Yorkshire that they could not have


full Yorkshire demolition? Are these decisions are best made in God 's


own county, not in Whitehall, and not unlike a job and it's very


different geography. As a proud Lancastrian, it is not for me nor is


it for Government to tell Yorkshire what demolition deal it should have.


However, I would gently point out that in 2015, Bardsley, Doncaster,


rather and Sheffield asked for powers from Government, we gave them


to them. They asked the new money from Government, we gave it to them.


They also have an election next May, we gave it to them. When will the


people of South Yorkshire learn to take yes for an answer? Kettering


Borough Council, of which I am a member, provide specialist Housing


advice to those in financial difficulties, to prevent


homelessness in the first place and is working closely with local


housing associations to bring forward a recognisable of homes for


social rate. Isn't that exactly the right approach? I commend the work


that Kettering Borough Council are doing, in my experience where we are


seeing local authorities prevent homelessness, they are doing very


much those type of things, particularly in terms of helping


people deal with the financial challenges, things like budgeting,


and it is certainly good here that Kettering are also bringing forward


a significant number of affordable homes that residents can benefit


from. Goodes we heard from the minister earlier about causing


communities, Blackall and Horden in my constituency are also former


coalfield communities that have suffered terminal levels of


underinvestment says those bits where close. Under the previous Tory


Government. Will be missed the meet with me to see what can be done? It


isn't just for Government has bought our coastal communities, it would


encourage all members across this House to visit the fantastic great


British coastline. I will of course happily meet with the honourable


member and representatives from his constituency to work out what more


the fund can do for him. In magical constituency, they are drying up


their local plan, however there are concerns that the Greater Manchester


Police will override it. What assurances can he get neighbourhood


forums that their plans will be appropriately considered? As the


Secretary of State reiterated, we made a commitment to protecting the


green belt in the Housing white paper, and I cannot comment


specifically on the planet which he talks about, but I would emphasise


the PlanMaker is the consult with the community, especially


neighbourhood forums, and once that has been brought in force, it is


part of the statutory development plan of an area. I will come to


points of order, because I think there are a number today relating to


one matter, and it seems to me to contain a degree of urgency. I will


treat it very soon. Just before I do, I have a short statement myself


to make. On Thursday the 13th of July, the text colleagues of the


European Union withdrawal Bill was available through eight week, before


the Bill was presented in the House. Points of order will raised about


the Bill being available online for it was available to members. An


immediate investigation was carried out. A flaw in the publishing


process within the House of Commons service meant that the Bill text was


inadvertently available