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As many as are of the opinion, say "aye". To the contrary, "no". --


there is no place in our society for bigotry, hatred or any sort of


prejudice at and high Semitism. Students have a clear --


universities have a clear role to play in addressing harassment on


campus and the task force will report in the autumn. Can I thank my


honourable friend for her very helpful answer? And I have that her


department consider the bases of the definition of and high Semitism to


the one opposed by Sir Eric Pickles? That specifies that and I Semitism


manifests itself when double standards are applied to the state


of Israel, which are regarding a behaviour which is not stated or


demanded by other democratic nations. Can are sure it cannot be


right that students should not be intimidated by overaggressive and


they Israel activity on their campuses. My honourable friend is


right, the designation that Eric Pickles used was that EMC working


definition and it does speak about how some of the ways in which and I


Semitism is manifested. Universities may well opt to consider it and one


of the issues that universities UK, the task force at which I mentioned


in my previous statement was how university staff can be assisted to


understand the different from that and I Semitism brigade. The mac this


is a deplorable example. Any party days, a Jewish law statement has won


?100,000 and an apology from the student union. Is not it wrong that


a student has done so and, hello I do not know the decision in your,


would it be right to say that it is somehow the weakness of travel and


the University as being a place of understanding that is at the root of


this Parliament? I thank the noble lord for that question and I am


pleased with the fact of accepting what Zachary have to go through that


he has got an apology and he have gotten compensation or that I


entirely agree that it is unacceptable transacting basis. Is


and I Semitism have to be taken seriously and that is exactly and


many universities do that but the task force that I mentioned earlier


is looking at what more can be done and there are a number of specific


actions when considering and I Semitism, and improve neutral data


collection to ensure that the incident recorded effectively, the


importance of a complaints procedure that does protect the identity of


the students here for coming forward and, as they mentioned earlier, they


need better training to make sure that universities are understand the


different forms of antagonism because it is... With the Minister


agree that they are not alone in frequently being subjected to abuse?


And discriminatory behaviour in universities and elsewhere, and it


is the duty of the Government to make sure that all communities are


equally protected against irrational hatred and in use, particularly in


today's unpredictable and difficult times. I agree and indeed, the task


force is looking at harassment on campus will stop in particular, it


is looking at what more can be done by the SHG sector against violence


and sexual harassment against women, hate crimes generally and other


forms of harassment including and I Semitism and is. This task force is


looking at a broad wide range of issues to make sure that can live,


learn safely and diesel in a spurt of tolerance and understanding.


In the University of excerpts in 2013, April Palestinian student body


forced the university to cancel a speech from the Israeli deputy


ambassador over concerns about his safety and while fully supporting


what the Government is doing in this area, it does seem to me that there


is a question about how freedom of speech and extremism, after being


more clearly distinguished, in order that we can take appropriate action


against racism and anti-says dad-mac anti-Semitism and also contain


academic free speech? I agree that freedom of speech and academic


freedom are the bedrock of our higher education system and we are


supporting universities whose show strong leadership in controversial


and offensive idea is to be aired and to be debated to make sure that


universities are doing what they should be doing which is challenging


theories and making sure that students can argue and top-down


hatred that has been perpetuated. The life changing the referendum


result indicates a nation which is less tolerant and less acceptable


diversity. Can the ministers say what dialogue she is having with the


universities to ensure that a proper complaint procedure is in place so


that anyone who is suffering from anti-Semitism know exactly where


they can go? As I said in my previous answer, the Minister for


university and science has specifically asked the University UK


task force is to consider some specific actions and one of them is


improved data collection of incidents so we can make sure we


understand the scale the problem and the importance of a complaints


procedure that protect the identity of students who are fearful of


coming forward. The task force is planning to divide a range of


recommendations and actions of ministers in the autumn and then


universities UK are planning a national conference post the


publication of those recommendations in November so that there can be a


full discussion of the issues they have found within the evidence they


are collecting. I disclose an interest of the Wolf Institute which


is devoted to approving interfaith relations primarily between the


Abraham and faiths. I note the very clear and says that the minister


gets and I thank her for those. I also note what is implicit in the


questions asked by other noble lord. I would like to know whether she


agrees with me that while University UK are playing a very important


role, it is very important also that the Government should show in a


material way that the support what others are trying to do. I hope very


much that my answers today show that the Government is taking this


seriously. We did ask universities UK to set up this task force. We


will be listening to the recommendations and we do want to


see a tolerant environment where students can learn. We do fully take


the seriousness of this issue and I hope today that I have shown the


Government is making this a priority. I beg leave to ask the


question down on the order paper in my name. Since two thousand 11, we


have introduced the event duty and trained over 450,000 people,


including front line workers, to spot the signs of radicalisation.


We've also published the counter extremism strategy last year which


explains how we are working with committees to build an understanding


of the threat of extremism and the challenges it poses. I thank the


Minister for the reply explaining the Government's position. As he


mentioned, for years, we've had a prevent programme without clearly


defining what it is that we are trying to prevent. Words like


radical, will the radicalised, fundamentalist, extremists, I


totally devoid of meaning. Political Islam and Islamist I considered by


many Muslims to be Robb assay to Islam. Would the Minister agree that


what we are really trying to prevent is the out of context use of


religious text that advocate the killing or ill treatment of people


of other faiths. Would the minister further agree to suggest that the --


such behaviour is sanctioned by the one God of us all and is the


ultimate blasphemy and will the Government help the Muslim leaders


present Islam in the context of today's society? Picking up on a


couple of points of the noble lord. I totally agree. I speak forever one


across the house that no religion and no true religion in any sense


sanctioned the kind of extremism or terrorist activity that we see and


Aslan is no exception. We have seen was the leaders of every dominant --


to nomination condemn it. In his final point, he talked about the


understanding of Islam. It is now much for the Islam committee and the


leaders with accuracy to have a discourse around Islam. Islam is the


religion practised around the world by almost 1 billion people and it


has done so peacefully. The Government maintain that the


programme to prevent people from being drawn into violent extremism


is not focused on the Muslim committee but on all types of


extremism wherever it occurs? If that is the case it can be noble


lord Minister tell the house by the prevent programme is not increment


in Northern Ireland and why the Government is conducting a survey as


part of the programme amongst the Muslim committee only? Taking the


noble lord's second point, the Government is not conducting a


survey with the Muslim committee only. That has been some media


speculation. That is not the case. On his bike about Northern Ireland,


aside from his point on the prevent programme, there have been other


initiatives that have been taken there on the very meek


circumstances. This has previously said that elements of the


Government's Prevent Programme I being implied any insensitive and


discriminatory manner and it could benefit from an independent review.


It should address all forms of terrorism and non-violent extremism.


The climate of the last few weeks has done nothing to ease the


situation which Prevent is intended to address. There is all too clear


evidence that that climate is continuing in the week of the


referendum result. Does the Government now intend to carry out


if you -- eight fool review of this programme? The Government has


focused on the importance of Prevent and Prevent has seen much success.


450,000 people have been trained. We've had over 50,000 interventions


and the world who live in right now, we've seen 180,000 pieces of


terrorist material removed from the Internet. Every strategy and every


policy needs to be reviewed. The Government continues to review that


an edge to the sentiment of the noble lord in any environment,


particularly the current environment, no extremists, no


person seeking to use an opportunity, should build on the


fears of team unity and societies and not target any committee in


Britain. There is nobody in this house who is a better equipped


person to get people to understand that the present version of Muslim


religion is arising largely from a dispute within that religion and is


a gross perversion of the Muslim religion which was practised in the


13th and 14th century for example. We should all remember that. Just as


we should also remember that there are very few places where one can


feel safer against extremism in this country than in the company of a


large number of Sikhs who have always shown by the great loyalty


and understanding of their society that they have their place here. I


think there are many advocates across all faiths who stand up for


faith and people of no faith and they do so for other faiths as well


and that the beauty other country. I am proud of Britain. This is a


country where I believe is the best place to be a Muslim, a Hindu, a


seat, a Jew or of no faith. It is based just not on tolerance but


understanding and building mutual respect and long may that last.


Would be noble lord agree that... Order, order. The house was calling


for the noble lady but if the noble lady has given way, the noble lord.


He had given way. I hadn't given way, I just thought I was polite to


sit down. LAUGHTER


As chairman of the commission on religious belief, we discovered


across the country, the importance of talking to people with whom we


didn't agree. I wonder if the noble lord, the Minister, would make it


certain that Government will talk to those groups and the Government


doesn't actually approve of and who have very different views because


communication and dialogue is crucial. I am sure it... I am often


conversation with people I disagree with and coming back to my earlier


answer, the society is one of mutual respect and that mutual respect is


born out of the fact that people may have contrary opinions, we sit down


with them and listen and find a solution and the Government has been


instrumental in building and strengthening partnerships with all


the committees including the Muslim committee of all determinations to


meet the challenge we currently face. I beg leave to ask the


question standing my name in the order paper. My Lords, Queen is a


priority for this Government and we're taking action at all levels.


We are working with local Government to implement a new programme of


cleaner, alongside ?2 billion committed since 2011 towards cleaner


transport and supporting local authority action. We have led EU


action to introduce real world driving omissions from 2017 and are


working to agree ambitious and set limits to reduce emissions further


in the future. The minister will be aware that some 50,000 people a year


die because of diseases connected with our permission. Will the


Minister agree that diesel engines are particular Lialui responsibility


for these deaths and is it time that we stopped subsidising indirectly


the use of diesel cars and had some penal taxation? My Lords, given that


we are still members of the European Union, did we not uproot Brussels,


the commission and the Council of ministers, to ask for some tougher


measures to deal with air pollution? My Lloyds, the noble lord is quite


right that the effects of pollution on behalf of all of our chosen


families is something we must concentrate on. As I said in my


opening answer, we are working with local Government to implement a new


programme of Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham, Leeds, Southampton and


Dadi. The noble Lord is also mentioned, diesel vehicles, he will


be aware and do the clean air zones, we are going to be discouraging


under the clean air zones to entering the area. The noble lord


also mentioned Brussels and the relationship between diesel and


pollution and I'm sure they are this matter but we will take that into


account. Will my noble friend agree with me that we were willing


signatories come at the UK Government to the EU air pollution


directive and that we will remain committed to its aims and


objectives? That together with acid rain and air quality, European and


British policy has made a greater impact on the cleaner environment of


the UK? My noble friend is quite correct but my noble friend will


also be aware that the environment we have in this great country goes


back many years before we joined the EU as well. The clean air act was


introduced in 1956. Can he ensure that the future so-called European


deal will contain air quality regulations that are at least as


good if not better than those that we currently have under the EU


regulations? We cannot rely on the world health organisation standards


because they are not enforceable. Is he aware that diesel fumes are


carcinogenic and under the regime of the last Mayor of London, London's


schoolchildren have been walking to school along main roads through


carcinogenic air. Will he join me in calling upon the new mayor to do a


great deal better? My Lloyds, as the noble Baroness mentioned, the new


Mayor of London is responsible for air quality in London. We welcome


the commitment of the new mayor to lead improvement air quality in the


capital and building on plans already in place. We look forward to


seeing his plans in more detail when publishing his consultation. The


noble Baroness is quite right when she refers to children walking to


school. It is right that we improve the environment so they aren't put


under undue pressure from pollution. In 2008, I had the privilege of


cheering a committee on allergy and in that we reported that atmospheric


pollution, particularly with diesel, was increasing allergy related


diseases but more so, hindering the lung growth of the Bill Tilden,


particularly babies and primary school children. It seems sad that


we've only begun to take this seriously at this point but I ask


the Government, will be undertaken to work with primary schools in


particular so primary schools note that the level of atmospheric


pollution and the children at those schools are subjected to on a daily


basis, particularly when the outside and therefore at least they can take


some avoiding action whilst the Government works TD crease diesel


particulate contamination The local authorities are response


over reviewing local contamination in the area, including around


schools and assessing the level of pollution. I will take careful note


of what the noble Baroness has said and I'm sure she will be aware of it


but I will also help the warehouse that the quality is improving. Dream


2010 and 2014, emissions of nitrous oxide fell 16%. I can confirm that


this is based on CO2 emissions, rather than nitrous oxide emissions


following the lobbying of the German car industry of the turbodiesel


engines which they invented to stop this as an example of how Brussels


is subject to lobbying which is against the public interest of the


wider community. I think my honourable friend also touches on an


area relating to Volkswagen and refit and recall of cars. In the UK,


Volkswagen will be recalling these cars and doing a refit at no cost to


themselves. My noble friend mentioned another point which I will


have two right reasons given information on. Firstly, perhaps the


Minister could join in congratulating the new measure of


London, because they have brought the previous May's proposals for


work, and I think that the something to be congratulated on. -- Mayor.


Several cities have a pollution which is safer health, can the noble


lord explain why his Government is introducing cleaning air zones in


only five cities? Do they not take the public health scandal seriously?


The noble Baroness the mentioned if I'm looking gradually been used


Mayor of London. Of course I will do so. The noble Baroness also


mentioned the five cities that are already coming under the clean air


zones. It does not mean that other cities cannot apply to join to have


clean air zones and have in themselves and I'm sure we can give


them advice on such. I will start with these five large cities and see


what improvements will happen there. Pedigree to ask the question


standing under my name on the order paper. -- I beg leave. I beg to


ASCII around what steps are being taken to find women's rights


organisations. My friend will be aware that since 2012, we have


increased our team and Kerry in violence against women and girls


programme six fall as we are proud to be contributing to be you and


trust fund anti-amplified change. Can bigotry to my noble friend's


work under these matters is that I would like to thank my noble friend,


the minister, for her answer. I would also like to congratulate the


garment -- Government for giving support to women and girls during


emergencies. Please can I noble friend tell me whether the


Government will be establishing a funding mechanism for women's rights


organisations for Unitarian issues, especially during conflict. --


humanitarian. Specifically, whether UK funding is getting through to


those women's rights organisations in Syriac, who are desperately


trying to look after their families and provide support to the local


communities. My noble friend is absolutely right that we do need to


ensure that women's rights organisations on the ground are


properly funded and supported, and therefore I am proud of the work


that the UK is doing. We do have... We are trying to encourage our


partners and other donors to step up as well. We need to make sure that


the funding that is going in is actually making sure that there


local organisations on the ground are going to be supported in the


capacity to be able to respond. On that, the department is doing a lot


of work. Protection of women and girls is clearly absolutely vital. I


would like to welcome this teacher and your fellow are here today.


Given the responsibilities within the EU, what action has she taken to


ensure that in the future, we can work closely with the EU, which has


got the biggest development budget in the world am I to influence it


over this and other vital matters's my awards, the noble lady is right


that we do a lot of work through the European Union but we also do it


through another number of multilateral agencies through the


world. We will continue to work hard and I'm sure the noble Leader of the


House will lie as a clearer picture of what equipment will be doing. I


would also congratulate equipment on their efforts into the financing but


of course the UN committee on limitation of discrimination


urged... Is that it should be taken by all women in all countries. Can I


ask the Minister what the department is doing to ensure that in disaster


prone countries women are involved in the decision-making processes to


reduce risk. The noble lord is absolutely right that women and


girls have got to be part of the decision-making process and it was


very much felt at the Syrian conference where I met a number of


women who were telling me through their own testimonials how powerless


they felt and they wanted meaningful engagement. The work that we have


done since last in Dover demonstrated after the commitments


to ensuring that wherever we have peace conferences and summits, that


we will have representation Rosemary Butler voices at the cable. But we


have got much more to do. I agree with the noble lord that there were


so much more that has to be done across the board. Across all


agencies and across all donor countries to ensure that those


voices or the first of all, head but also that those voices make a


meaningful contribution and I would forage to members across this house


helping others make sure that message continues to be allowed and


clear. If the house and become aware that unfortunately in many Muslim


countries, there are barriers between Muslim women and rights. It


is essential that the right help is given to the women who exercise


their God-given right, but it has to be direct because there are many


people who will not accommodate. We advocate very strongly to strengthen


the boys, choice and relocation of women in all settings -- voice. We


have to work harder and tougher to ensure that there are countries


where women voices are not being heard, and that we advocate those


choices. Having steadfastly at the refugee camp in Calais, kayaking


Minister what dialogue she has had with her French counterpart about


the conditions of women and children in the camp there. Given that some


of them have family reunification rights in the UK. As the noble lady


will be aware, we have been ongoing in dialogue with all our partners


and, of course, the conditions where they are in Calais or elsewhere need


to ensure that we support very much the protection and rights of women


and girls in those settings because they are the ones that are going to


be the most protein to abuse and violence, and therefore it is


abundant upon as to ensure that we, along with our partners, are working


hard to ensure that. However, the noble lady is also aware that at the


last conference be held in London, that these issues were raised and we


did have commitment from all partners to ensure that we were able


to put into place as many of those safeguards as we possibly can but we


do need to get these grand bargains, which are about bringing development


and Unitarian pieces together better aligned so that he can actually deal


with both issues at the thing time. If there was an urgency in St


Helena, how could we get help them quickly? As I have asked the noble


lord to do so, take up my offer to come and see what the department is


doing and I extend that offered to all noble or two are concerned about


St Helena, to come and speak to officials.


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