10/03/2017 Lords Questions


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... The people out there who have suffered from repeated bad decisions


when they have applied for disability benefits and other


benefits will not trust them. Is it not the case that the homeless to


reduce have pointed out this is likely to increase homelessness? --


the homeless charities. There is a quote from the National landlords


association which says, or the vandals will hear is that 18-21


-year-olds are no longer entitled to housing benefit and they just


weren't considered them a tenant -- all the landlords will hear. The


government has heard this and they will be working with stakeholders


like the National landlords Association and others to develop


appropriate engagement for those landlords to make them understand


how the new roles are going to operate. As I said, there are


protections built into this which means no one who has to move away


from home suffers. -- rolls. We should not have the perverse


incentive for people to move away from home, to live on benefits at


the expense of the taxpayer. Parliament is all about picking a


side. Which party do you join? Left or right? But what if you are not a


political animal or see yourself above the party system. In the House


of Lords there is a third way. Those who picked the different path sit


here, right across the middle of the chamber. They are known as


crossbenchers, who don't belong to any political party. They are not a


small group, there is over 180 of them so they are a force to be


reckoned with. They often meet to discuss upcoming debates but don't


take a collective view so they can often split and vote different ways


on the same


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