2016 at the Barbers Newsbeat

2016 at the Barbers

From Brexit to Trump, Ali to Bowie, 2016 has been a year of shocks and surprises. Newsbeat visits a Wolverhampton barbershop and a Birmingham salon for a review of the big events.

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I've been waiting a while, and. The most boring international football


team I've ever watched. If I was in America right now and the police


pulled me over, I'm staying stiff. At 20 minutes to five we can now say


the decision taken in 1975 by this country to join the Common market


has been reversed. This will be a victory for real people, a victory


for ordinary people. A victory for decent people. What's the first


thing that came to your mind? When you've seen everybody voting out?


When you found out we voted out? I thought, now I'm going to have to


pay for a Visa to visit Spain! A lot of people didn't vote because they


thought, we aren't going to leave Europe. I stayed at home and didn't


vote. A KA Stephan. He thought it was in the bag. He thought, England


isn't that dumb! A lot of people decided to vote over immigration. I


think that's one of the main points. They thought if you voted Leave, you


know the Simpsons movie? That's what they thought would happen. They


thought the dome would come over. In fact we voted leave and what's


changed? Yeah, yeah, I voted. I just turned 18. I'd never voted before. I


was excited to be voting. The majority of people that did vote,


that voted to leave, was middle-aged and elderly. Trying to make Britain


how it was. But we Great Britain anyway. So regardless of whether we


leave or not, we are still one of the biggest nations in the world. We


are still going to get trade, we are still going to be doing well. The


British people have made a very clear decision to take a different


path. And as such, I think the country requires fresh leadership to


take it in this direction. I think you just put his hands up because he


was like, you guys are really going to do this, and he backed out. Now


he's chilling on the beach with his wife. He tried. He was like, I'm


gone. He's like a baby. He said let's do the referendum, lost and


quit. I kind of felt sorry for him. He


looked like he wanted to cry when he delivered that speech. I respected


it, I rated it because he didn't want to be Prime Minister and


support something he didn't believe them. That in itself is honest,


isn't it? I can agree with that, yeah. At the same time I think it's


kind of sneaky. The headlines at 8pm. A final farewell to one of the


greatest sporting icons of all time. There have been times where I got


beat up a little bit. I used to do amateur boxing so that one hit me.


Muhammad Ali hit me. He was the greatest. He went even the greatest


because of his boxing ability, because he spoke it. He literally


spoke it into being. He spoke it into existence, I'm the man. I'm the


real champion, there will never be one like me, and all you people in


Britain who raped me as the greatest, I'm going to prove I'm the


greatest! -- all of you people who rate me as the greatest! It was


almost as big as Prince, massive, two legends. The first album he did


all himself, played all 27 instrument at 19 years old.


Definitely an icon. He will certainly be missed. When I was


growing up my dad played Prince all the time. Prints, obviously it was a


big thing in itself, but I think that hit home more because we


already lost Michael Jackson. We lost Whitney and we feel like the


greats are going. They are all figures that helped us recognise


oppression, wherever. David Bowie died but I didn't know about him.


Was David Bowie young? Like 50, 60? I don't know how old he was when he


went. I knew of him. I said I looked like him when I had the red hair!


The official announcement of his death was made on David Bowie's


Facebook page. It said he died peacefully today, surrounded by his


family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer.


I'm a football anorak. Leicester City is the biggest thing that's


ever happened. I can't fathom anything else in my lifetime.


Teamwork makes the DreamWorks. It's all about when you work together


collectively, you can get more done. All the money that's in football,


you've still got to work hard and have a set formation and a tactic to


win. They did it with nothing, their team is probably worth 10 million


something daft. It all works, man. It just proves it ain't all about


money. Especially for my man Jamie Vardy. He should have left and gone


to Arsenal. He should have taken the money and ran. What beard? You can't


take off his beard! Hey, hey, hey! When I wake up you'll see my beard!


Roy Hodgson has resigned as England manager after his side were knocked


out of Euro 2016 by Iceland. Shocking, porting, for selection. He


is, looking worse in the second half than the first half. The end of the


dream for Wales. It's amazing. England that the year rose... I


actually went out there with my dad for a couple of days, it wasn't


great. They are the most boring international football team I've


ever watched. I can't stand their friendlies. It's a bit of a -- it is


soul destroying. Usain Bolt has ended his Olympic career with his


ninth gold dust Jamaica won the four by 100 m relay. It's the third time


he's one that, no one has ever done that before. Usain Bolt did it


again. The only thing I can say about that, really, is he's a


legend. I think he's done it more than Carl Lewis has done it now. And


Carl Lewis was the man. The Usain Bolt to do that, and because he's


Jamaican as well, it makes you feel better about yourself.


It's the second shooting of a black man by US police in 48 hours.


They've both been filmed, one was even live streamed. Oh my God,


please don't tell me he's dead. Please don't me my boyfriend just


went like that. Vigils have been held with protesters shouting lives


matter! We shouldn't have to protest because they treat us wrong. They


shoot us because we need to have rights. Five policemen have been


shot dead in Dallas, Texas. Attacks on police are an attack on all of


us. The rule of law that makes society possible. There has been


uproar about the police and all these things that are happening.


It's not new. It's been heightened. It's been brought to life, but it's


always been there. Nothing's changed. The any difference is we


can now film it. Until they can properly grouped together as a full


community and everyone can support them, it's not going to be enough to


get it heard. A few saying unity is the key? Yeah, exactly. Black Lives


Matter UK are holding their first official rallies calling for a


shutdown across the country. This morning a main route into one of the


UK's major airports was blocked and in Nottingham tram lines were closed


of demonstrators lay on the tracks. Black Lives Matter that blocked the


airport, I thought that was just dumb and I would be angry if I was


trying to catch my plane and I missed my flight. I get what they


are trying to do. I think, I'm trying to find the word, but it gave


people a reason to disrespect it. It ain't going to change no one's


opinion for the better, because they just blocked off the airport. Trying


to get on holiday! If you were against black people in any way and


then you try to go on holiday and made blocked the airport... LAUGHTER


It's true! I accept your nomination for


President of the United States. I humbly and gratefully accepts your


nomination. I think it is a terrible time. Trump is a joke. But maybe


he's meant to be the joke that we don't see coming. I'm not even


shocked. When I went to bed, Hillary had a clear lead. I woke up, Trump


had one. Man, Donald Trump. Up until the end the stats said Hillary had


won it, it's in the bag. Hillary had Beyonce, all these people coming out


on stage with her, saying she is the future. I want to build a wall. We


need the wall. We have some bad people here and we are going to get


them out. I made a mistake using a private e-mail. If I had to do it


over again I would obviously do it differently. This was locker room


talk. I'm not proud of it. I apologise to my family, I apologise


to the American people. Americans are that fickle, they would rather


have someone tell them as it is, regardless of how bad their


messages, he allowed Theatre come to the surface. He allowed racist


sentiment to come to the surface. I don't think it's all about race. I'm


not going to be ignorant or make it simplistic. A lot of people are


talking about bringing jobs back. Although he's not working class,


they believe that. Because he's not a career politician, they believe


he's going to make some real changes. Maybe he will. Hillary


Clinton wasn't a better choice... But anybody else. A guy down the


road, a homeless man, anyone banned Donald Trump. I don't know... His


morals, the way he does things... Do you think he said that stuff just to


get himself in your mind? Even if he's done that that's still a


manipulative mindset. He could be doing worse in the future. I think


you said what he needed to say because he was trying to attract a


certain voter. I don't think he thinks those things at all. He


played on an audience that he was aiming at and did it to the max. If


you think about it, politics is really just business. Every country


is like a business. No different to running this salon. Your light in


power or whatever. Obviously you've got people influencing you and


telling you what to do and stuff like that. If Trump can be such a


successful businessman, then obviously a country as a business so


maybe he'll be successful because he'll make business decisions. Do


you want me to comb it out? Yeah. MUSIC


Kanye for President next time!


From Brexit to Trump, Ali to Bowie, 2016 has been a year of shocks and surprises. So where to get the banter and a review of the big events? Radio 1 Newsbeat visited a Wolverhampton barbershop and a Birmingham salon.