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Welcome to Newswatch. Later, many of you are critical of the


performance of BBC newsreaders. Could you do any better? We set up


that challenge for one viewer. Before that, complaints about BBC


News come from all quarters, including Number 11 Downing Street.


Here is George Osborne on Radio 4. I've not yet heard of a single news


bulletin saying that a single job has been created. Last year, there


was a disappointing manufacturing survey. Today, there is a more


encouraging survey. It is not on at the news. I am asking for a bit of


balance. It is certainly true there has been a bit of bad economic news.


Should the BBC cheer up? The squeeze on household has tightened,


with the annual inflation rate a jobbing to 4.4%, well ahead that


average pay rises. -- jumping. Today's figures show total UK


unemployment is at its highest since 1994. Always look on the


bright side of life. Rising energy prices, higher VAT and government


spending cuts have contributed to a week UK budget this year. But are


those stories a fair reflection of the BBC's output or a fair


reflection of the economy? Many Newswatch correspondents agree with


the Chancellor, that we concentrate too much on bad news. This at the


US sent us an e-mail to say: -- The editor of BBC News's business


unit a road in response to the Now, it may not surprise you to


hear that we receive numerous comments about newsreaders and


presenters, how they speak, what they wear, whether they stand up


all sit down. This fewer asked: -- OK, point taken. But on Monday's


News, this news reader did just that. Scientists say there may be a


step closer to answering the big questions about the origins of the


Universe. Teams using a big particle accelerator say they have


made a breakthrough in the study of antimatter. Dramatic stuff, but not


Tricky and controversial. When you get onto news presenters and their


delivery, the criticisms get rather more pointed. Last week, Stanley


While Christina wrote on one Mikael had someone else in mind: --


You may or may not be able to guess which specific presenters were


being referred to in some of those e-mails. Another person who wrote


to us with criticism was an Chadwick from Stoke-on-Trent, who


asked if she could do any better. - - Anne. Thank you very much. I


first contacted Newswatch because I watch a lot of news and that all


the presenters could talk a bit more fluently than they do. They


make it look so easy for most of the time, especially the famous


presenters who everybody knows about to do the be bulletins. When


things don't go quite as well as they would like, it shows up more.


I would like to know how difficult it is.


To help them along, she is joined by Ian Blandford, who has coached


many presenters on BBC and elsewhere and will give our novice


some tips. I make a living looking after presenters and helping


presenters look as natural as they do on television. We say, be


yourself. But also, read the autocue. Sometimes they have never


seen it but it has to look like it is coming from them and they also


have all sorts of noise going on in their ears. I wanted to ask you


about that. How do you cope having someone's voice enjoyed here when


you are reading from the screen? -- in your ear. We set her three tasks,


the ones news presenters normally face. The first challenge is to get


a script and read it to the autocue. Hello and welcome to this special


edition of the news. It's been revealed that presenting television


news programmes is not as hard as it looks. One presenter has told


the BBC that anyone can do it. next thing we are going to do is


I'm going to be a foreign correspondent, in the Middle East,


and it is a story which happens a lot. It pops up and we don't know


too much about it. You have to have a chat about what is going on.


we go to allow Middle East correspondent, in Blandford, who


was in Syria. Can you hear me? can. Can you tell me what is going


on where you like? The Middle East seems to be a set of toppling


dominoes at the moment. We are but that -- about to present -- pretend


that the live link is going down. I'm very sorry, we appear to have


lost our correspondent. Nick Clegg has said the Liberal Democrats will


be more muscular in government. am back now. We want you to read a


bit more script from the autocue and interview me. I'm joined now by


the Liberal Democrat MP Ian Blandford. So how long have you


been an MP? I've been an MP for the last 15 years. What is your record


in government? Up to now, as you know, not that successful. It's not


going rather well. Now we will tester skills further by giving her


some other important breaking news via her earpiece. I'm afraid I'm


going to have to cut you off. An election has been announced.


Presenters handling breaking news. In this case, we have had the floor


manager hand down some news for her to read. Apart from that, she has


to basket. Did -- busk it. seats are needed for an overall


So, this is the news, that the coalition has fallen, that Nick


Clegg and David Cameron are no longer the best of friends. So what


did our expert think? I bought one bit was great. You had warmth and


you were relaxed. He did a good job interviewing me. Thank you very


much. The last bit with the breaking news, that was probably


the toughest bit? I think so. I had a script to work from that I had to


improvise with the camera. How has it made you think about the job


that these guys to day today? made me think it's a lot more


difficult than that thought it was. It wasn't the most scientific of


exercises but she certainly learned something from the experience and


despite her modesty, showed the professionals a thing or two.


Thanks very much to our guinea pig, and Chadwick and her coach and


guide, Ian Blandford. -- Anne. If you want to give us your views or


opinions, you can call last or e- mail us. Those details are on the


screen. You can find us on Twitter. Thanks for watching. You could be


making our news or even reading it We are going to see the unsettled


weather continue over the weekend. Today, sunshine and showers but for


Sunday, more persistent rain from the South and staying quite call. A


cool start to this morning. There should be a lot of sunshine around.


Just the odd shower. And mostly dry start for the Midlands and northern


parts of England. One or two match showers in the north-west. -- two.


The odd a shower in the northern coast of northern Ireland. It is


dry and fairly bright for Northern Ireland. A fairly chilly start for


Wales. There are a few showers hugging the western coast.


Temperatures in Swansea and Cardiff about 11 degrees. Similar


conditions in the south-west. A few showers towards Plymouth and


Cornwall. Showers and more cloud in the south-east corner. A few


showers and the Home Counties. The showers will gather elsewhere


across the UK. Not as heavy or intensive as we had yesterday. We


could have a few heavy downpours in the north-east of England, sudden


Scotland or persistent rain in the far north of Scotland. -- sudden.


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