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Welcome to Newswatch mac. MPs return to Parliament and straight


into a classic scandal story. Liam Fox has resigned. It comes after a


week of speculation about his relationship with his friend, Adam


Werritty. In his resignation letter key said he had mistakenly allowed


the distinction between his personal interest and his


government activity to become bored. The consequences of this have


become clear in recent days. I am very sorry for this. One dealer


Cynicism is a charge that has been levelled at the BBC a few times in


the past few weeks. Not just by a You are losing elections across the


piece. You are at record lows. You think that in a few years' time


that will change. Why is that not wishful thinking? I think you


sometimes come to our conference hoping that we will all be


miserable, defeated and afflicted. By it was Lynne Featherstone. Other


Liberal Democrats agreed with her. Jeremy Paxman gathered a group of


them together for a debate on Newsnight. My question is to the


most powerful unelected and unaccountable person's here, Jeremy.


Do you genuinely believe that a simplistic, confrontational and


simplistic approach to the scrutiny of government provides the public


with a transparent window on the nature of the mature debate within


the party and the Government on the serious complex issues that we face


today? APPLAUSE I will tell you one big


difference, I am not asking the public for their votes. One


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


-- are the charges of cynicism and Are these charges fair? Joining me


to answer that is Sue Inglish, the BBC's Head of political programmes.


The theme running through all of this debate seems to be that the


coverage is unremitting plane negative. Is there any truth in


this? It is a perfectly reasonable question to ask and I am happy to


answer it. To start off with, both of the clubs that you played are


both worth watching again. -- clubs. It was perfectly legitimate for


James to ask that question. When we did that report, when that exchange


with Lynne Featherstone was featured, that was part of an eight


minute belt on the Six o'clock News. The first part of that was all


about the state of the economy. I don't think the retort was negative.


He did ask legitimate questions about the party. On Jeremy Paxman


and his encounter with the Liberal Democrat delegate, I loved that


encounter and I think everyone did. Jeremy is Jeremy. He is provocative.


He tried to get people to react. That certainly got a reaction from


the audience. People can be a bit po-faced about this. He did not


show that, but he went on to introduce Peter Bone, a


Conservative MP, someone who had come to the Liberal Democrat


Conference, and the audience booed him. In terms of mature debate, we


can get a bit too serious. Another point that the viewers make is that


all reporters love to foment debate. The following argument is that the


affairs of Theresa May's cat may have been entertaining but it


obscured other issues. I would absolutely dispute that we focused


on all of the disputes. There were a number of serious policies that


we covered. The economy overshadowed nearly all of the


conferences. However, I don't think you can dispute that there is a


debate about human rights legislation that is absolutely


exemplified by the discussion over the issue that the cat and what


role it had or had not played in the decision to allow somebody to


stay in this country. Last week we heard about the cuts the BBC is


facing. In terms of the party conferences, budgets have been cut


in half. Programmes like Newsnight will not be able to broadcast live


from the conferences. Argue concerned at party conferences are


being downplayed in the future by the BBC? Let's get this clear, what


we have said is that we will continue to do the range of news


coverage that we have always done from party conferences. There will


still be full coverage on BBC Parliament. They will be news


coverage on bulletins. One of the things that cost a lot of money is


providing the technical infastructure and people to allow a


big programmes to be broadcast, particularly to present from the


conferences. We are not saying that we cannot broadcast from the


conferences, the coverage will be available, what we are saying is


that we can save significant amounts of money by reducing the


facilities we offer for programmes to present from there. That does


not mean we will not cover the conferences and it does not mean we


are downgrading them in any way. All week, BBC bulletins have been


reporting the trial of Vincent Tabak who admits to the


manslaughter of Joanna Yeates but denies her murder. The jury was led


into the garden flat where Jo Yeates lived and fear it is claimed


she was murdered. Many things left just as they were last December


when she was killed one week before Christmas. One reviewer was in


Last Saturday was a big day for British and Irish rugby fans when


England, Ireland and Wales all played in the quarter-finals.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


Although the latter won and the Cymru am byth, for the uninitiated,


means of whales forever. We thought we would start an


occasional slot in which viewers can discuss what they think is


money being wasted. Maybe we will pass them on to the women just


appointed as the transformation engagement dash mac. There was a


feature about the so-called comedy carpet in Blackpool. It paid


tribute to hundreds of famous comedians. It was it on the news.


It was then taken over by a Please give was your own examples


together with comments on what you have seen on the news or on


Newswatch. Last week, be featured criticism often interviewed Jeremy


Paxman did that Boris Johnson. Here is another taste of it. What is the


relationship between you and David Cameron Gresham what I am the Mayor


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