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Welcome to Newswatch. We look at stories which viewers the received


it too much attention and others which the US felt were not covered


enough. Still making headlines is the trial of Vincent Tabak who


admits to the manslaughter of Joanna Yeates but denies the murder.


Our correspondent reports. Ten months after he killed Jo Yeates


Vincent Tabak came to of they his story in his own words. Her


boyfriend great it joined her parents and her brother in a packed


courtroom. On last week's programme we heard


objections to the BBC showing pictures of the inside of her flat.


This week it a viewer finds some of the images to be voyeuristic and


gratuitous. Another thing city is undignified that Joanna's


bewilderment and pain should become a temporary soap opera. Another


asks if someone could explain how this day more bitter update is more


relevant in this case than in other ongoing murder cases. Has the BBC's


reporting this reports at and intrusive, as some US thing? A


senior journalists joined spin out to discuss this. What you like


about the BBC trial coverage? They are any reporting what was said in


open court. I wanted to make a few points. Why is this particular case


receiving so much attention? The other has to do with the content


and the use of what I thought were vulgar head lies. As they have to


see how these headlines constitute intelligent reporting. I want to


know why the BBC was reporting to this kind of sensational reporting.


One might normally find such things in a tabloid newspaper. James, you


are stooping to gratuitous tabloid reporting,. We realise this is a


difficult case. The first of your points: Why has this case got


coverage? It is one we have been asking ourselves. It is the nature


of the story. The fact that she was leading an ordinary life and this


happened to her. The point about the style of the reporting. I do


not think we stick to lower standards than we would have done


elsewhere. Set any venues is by a very experienced correspondent


based in Bristol. He has tried to balance the enormity of the public


interest with sensitivity about the case. There were more grisly


details which the court have heard. That is in open court. Publicly


stated. Are you an editor out of both the 6pm and 10pm news. You are.


He make any distinction between what you report earlier when


children may be watching than later? We think about it. The 6pm


news has a peculiar status because it is before a children's programme


but it is an adult news programme. There is some accommodation made


for the fact that it is unusual in dealing with adult content before


the watershed. That means fine judgement about what we think is


acceptable to a teatime audience. What he make of what you have


heard? Iten he James's. Clearly. It reminds me of a comment made by


Meredith Kercher's family that her daughter is lost in the hype


surrounding the case. The circumstances of Joanna Yeates


murder may be forgotten in the media hype around the trial.


Sydney-Hobart it is a point worth making. -- I certainly hope not. We


will bear that in mind as the trial goes on. Thank you for joining us


from Bristol. Reports into the tragic death of Dan Weldon appeared


everywhere at the start of the week. The racing-car driver was killed at


a race in Las Vegas on Sunday. This package was shown on the 1pm, 6pm


and 10pm news the next day. Dan Weldon was racing for a five


million-dollar prize. Starting at the back he had to levitate every


other in the car racer. Be airport went on to show his car


sipping, hitting a wall and bursting into flames. Before it was


aired the West were warned it contained distressing images.


However a you're got in touch to say that we would not televised the


blow that killed a boxer. If someone were shot, we would not


show them being shot. So why show the crash which killed and Welton?


Many people who take part in Dan -- motor racing find such footage


distressing. From complaints have Floodwaters are inundating Thailand.


Several thousand have died and tens of thousands are forced from their


homes. AQA wrote to West Indies believe that the disaster was not


receiving more coverage. Or protesters have been dead in the


Wall Street for more than a month and in the last week have assembled


in countries across the globe. It will started on 17th September with


a small group gathering close to New York's financial heart and Wall


Street. Its world it to several thousand people with dozens of


arrests being made. The campaign known as Occupy Wall Street has


attracted people from thousands of miles away, many holding signs


spelling out their goals. Demonstrators on Sunday set up camp


outside St Paul's Cathedral in London after an earlier attempt to


occupy a square outside the London Stock Exchange was halted by police.


Many complained that the BBC was so to report the protest. Even when


coverage of the global occupations picked up over the weekend it was


too little, too late. A US said it was a story that was clearly


important from the start and yet were several weeks to find space.


Another concern was that by covering violence like the August


riots and not covering peaceful protests, Condit BBC be


unintentionally fuelling protesters to go to extremes to be noticed.


need to encourage peaceful protest. Smaller demonstrations have taken


place in other cities across the Cape including Bristol, Birmingham


club, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Wallace is BBC News' answer? We


were given a statement. The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have


been covered during the past month. Last Sunday when protests took


place in London, New York and elsewhere, the story featured in


all the news bulletins on BBC One and in Radio 4's evening bulletin.


Occupied Bristol has been covered by BBC Radio Bristol and a BBC One


show. Last week we kicked off an occasional slot in which in the


wake of the BBC cost-cutting proposals he was can point out what


they see as money being wasted. One viewer said the work unnecessary


travel costs involved in sending weather reporters to different


parts of the country. Or, delight to see the weather presenters out


and about? Does it enhance the report when the presenter is in a


scene implication? Finally, why you insist on broadcasting predictions?


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