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More sport later. 9:45pm, now it's time for news


watch. Welcome to news watch. The house of parliament are off than


central to BBC news reporting. -- of the essential to BBC news


reporting. For the first time in its 32 year history Questioning


Time was broadcast inside of a parliament. A good moment to ask


whether BBC News covers Parliament to the right degree, and in the


right way? No, no, no! Weak, weak, weak! It is with a heavy heart that


I resign from the government. House of Commons has provided many


dramatic scenes since the cameras a bride in 1989. Some are less


exciting moments as well. For some viewers the occasion the arcane


Things have moved on a big blow. Since radio microphones arrived in


Westminster in 1978. Some places have become a very recognisable.


There is a lot of television that I do not particularly care for, say


when there's not be gone, I go to the Parliamentary Channel.


Parliament broadcasts all day, they show selected workings of


Order, order, order! The house is getting... While this week's Prime


Minister's Question Time was a raucous affair, other viewers would


like more parliamentary coverage across BBC News. Both the Prime


Minister and the leader of the They were sadly disappointed when


the details of the budget renounced. Since we have been able to here,


and see the announcements are elected representatives, how has


that changed television news? Joining the is Michael Cockerell,


and Peter Knowles. How much as Parliament cost? Is it good value


for the viewers? The production cost is less than �2 million a year.


That is less than a local radio station. That gives you a sense of


it. How many people watch? We have an average monthly audience of 1.8


million people that his bat -- that is more than most people would


imagine. Do you think because of this channel the main news


bulletins cover less politics? think that largely on the news, and


current affairs, the coverage of Parliament is limited to sound


bites from prime ministers. The work of Parliament is not properly


covered. The news channel covers Parliament to a tremendous degree.


If you care passionately about legislation, or your political


party, it is unlikely you will feel that the news media give it enough


coverage. To what extent has the arrival of the cameras, how has it


affected politicians? It has affected them quite a lot. It is


quite difficult to imagine a Prime Minister being chosen, being


elected, who is not at home on a TV. David Cameron is a classic instance


of someone who has lived all his life with the TV cameras. He spent


his whole time with the spin doctor when I was making a film about him.


How have the television cameras affected behaviour? It is the


famous effect, a way you cluster around the person speaking. It


works, to a degree. If it is a poorly defended -- attended debate.,


it can get embarrassing. A they tend to use the don't a shot. --


does not a shot. David Cameron has been surrounded by young women.


Have you got complete editorial control? Your cameras are locked


off. Can be speeded come to an say -- can be Speaker continued, and


say, we do not want to see that? They are not our cameras. We are


always looking for changes, and improvements to the way the cameras


are used. As well as the people speaking, you get reaction from


people listening. It is much more like a normal outside broadcast. It


is not quite all the way there, but there are things that you will


never see, the public gallery for instance. You'll never get a poor


sense of that chamber. -- ball centre-back chamber. It is more


flexible, and more generous to the viewer than in most other


parliaments around the world. you think BBBC explains things


enough -- BBC explains things enough? Political reporters use


turns in the common parlance, a that is not always easy. What is a


three line whip? It is a debate that you must attend. What is a


programme motion? Da is a scheduling a motion -- that is a


scheduling motion. If we put that on screen, it is meaningless.


Finally, your favourite political televised moment? They have been so


many. There was a one line or in Prime Minister's Questions, the new


Prime Minister had got up to speak, John Major, he drew breath, and


then Dennis Skinner said, resign! The whole house fell apart.


To some of the news away from Parliament which you have been


commenting on. Last week saw a long-running story, which we have


mentioned before. Today at five o'clock, guilty,


Vincent Tabak is sentenced to life for the murder of Jo Yeates. He


will serve a minimum of 20 years. After watching coverage of Vincent


Last Sunday's Andrew Marcio came not from his normal London base.


But from a different place. Good morning from Perth in Australia.


Around one a third of the Earth's population in pop -- one-third of


the politicians in the world have Finally, a frequent on or objection.


-- frequent objection. This week, on the BBC news channel apologised


Pereira. I must tell you that last month we broadcast a report from


the BBC -- from the Conservative Party conference that fell below


our standards. We have apologised to and retiree for those broadcast.


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