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is spreading further across the Continent. We know that something


is amiss but what is it? How did it come about? How might it be


resolved? Difficult questions and in a moment, I will be asking if


the BBC is doing enough to answer them. But first, a taste of the


coverage. Although it hanging coverage...


Does this coverage succeeded in informing and enlightening viewers?


A new study has found that the British public are as confused


about the economic crisis in Europe and that people do not believe the


media in general have helped them enough to understand it. There are


three main concerns. One is that the coverage does not really


explain how it perfect -- personally affects them. That is,


it is too much about shareholders and businessman. Secondly, there is


too much jargon that they do not understand. And thirdly, they do


not believe the recording -- reporting is fair and balanced.


Sometimes they believe people are too much on the side of business or


in the pocket of business and I'm not recording the views of ordinary


families in their coverage. Some of From next week, the BBC is running


a season of documentaries on BBC Two on the theme of money. And this


way, it has been pointing viewers towards the information available


on its website, which appears to be increasingly where people want it.


This shows that there has been a shift to the use of online news as


a force of financial information. It has become the second largest


source of business and financial news after television. It has


overtaken the print media. Television news faces a particular


challenge. Stories about economics tend not to be very exciting,


visually, resulting in the use of metaphors and analogies. It is not


yet clear if they help understanding.


Some difficult questions. Do you know where the trillions come from?


I might have to refer you to Robert Preston on that one. Is the BBC


doing enough to explain what inevitably is a complex situation?


We are aware that our audiences have a massive interest in this


story and they understand the relevance of the eurozone crisis to


their own lives. Whenever we cover the eurozone, we try to connect it


back to the UK so that people feel a connection with it. Having said


that, we know that these are complex issues and we cannot often


explained and in enough time. We are happy to go over that ground


once or twice to repeat it so that people understand the answers.


there too much jargon? That is a fair criticism. As far as we can,


we try to avoid the jargon. We know that it does not help people


understand in a very short bulletin. In our recent coverage of the GDP


figures, Stephanie Flanders went out of her way to explain exactly


what we were talking about, the total product of all the goods and


services produced in the UK. In that sense, we do our best. When we


talk about bond yields, we do not use that term. Instead, we talk


about how much it costs a government to borrow. In that sense,


we are conscious of the dangers of using jargon too much. We are also


carrying out research into exactly what our understand -- our audience


and stands as the terminology. you extend these visual metaphors


too much? Is their problem that you are actually distracting people


from the words? It is in danger but it is a balance that we must strike


in terms of conveying immediately to people the sense of gravity that


attaches to the story on a given day. And the image of the shredded


euro notes was an interesting example. We were talking about the


fragmentation of the eurozone and whether or not Greece would have to


leave. The idea of the fragmentation was vividly conveyed


in that way. What about those who think that you are seeing this


entire crisis from the few of businessmen and investors and not


the public? What we are trying to do is provide as much context and


clarity as we can in as much of an impartial way as possible. We


understand that there are at different points of view but we are


interested in explaining to audiences what it means for their


own. We have got to be mindful of information we are giving them but


I would reject the criticism that we are too close to one particular


group or another. Thank you. One of the more recognisable and


entertaining players in the eurozone crisis has now departed


the political stage to the regret of journalists everywhere.


Prime Minister unseasonally optimistic, almost incapable, it


seemed, of telling his people how dire it had all become. Tonight, as


Silvio Berlusconi arrived at the presidential palace to tender his


resignation, there was no member -- no longer room for optimism. The


boos and heckles were telling. Italy had had enough. Not all


Italians actually had enough, This week also saw the start of the


Leveson Inquiry into press standards set up in response to the


phone hacking scandal. On Wednesday, a barrister accused tabloid


newspapers of a wide range of misdemeanours. The inquiry was told


that the whole of the British press is in the dock. There was Kate and


Gerry McCann. Her private diary was published after Portuguese police


leak it. Then there was Christopher Jefferies. The lawyer said there


had been a frenzied campaign of senior and innuendo to blacken his


name. The inquiry is expected to last up to one year and its


findings may have implications for the BBC. Should the BBC have played


more of a role in investigating the hacking story? No, according to the


chairman of the BBC Trust. He has said that there are some areas we


should decline to follow even when other organisations have


investigated. Some of you have disagreed with


Saturday saw extensive broadcasting of the Lord Mayor's Show, an annual


parade in central London that dates back 800 years. There was paying --


there was a 1.5 our special on the BBC. We have been asking for your


ideas on how the BBC might save Finally, our earlier discussion


about whether more should be done in order to explain the crisis in


the eurozone followed a more general point made on last week's


programme. When I watch the news, although why understand most of it,


there are things that I still do not get and if I want to find out


things, I think it is important that the news gives us this kind of


information. That provoked something of a debate among of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Ideas were other news programmes and comments on existing ones can


be made by telephone or e-mail. You can also find us on Twitter. Thank


you full watching. You could be you full watching. You could be


November continues to advance and one of the most common questions at


the moment is how long can eat steak this mild for? -- how long


can it remain this mild for a? The slight risk of frost across parts


of England and Wales Saturday to Sunday but Saturday begins frost-


free across the UK. Chilly in a few areas with the clear skies


overnight. Also the chance of patchy fog first thing. In Wales, a


fine start with temperatures already in double figures. A fine


start for Northern Ireland as well but there is the chance of some


rain towards the west throughout the day. A similar situation for


Scotland. In the east, plenty of sunshine around the Moray Firth and


here, temperatures already up at about nine degrees. Plenty of


sunshine as we make our way down into eastern England as well. In


the south-east, that sunshine may be marked by patches of mist and


fog. That will gradually break up into low cloud. In a few areas, it


will remain, however. That will lead to some contrast in the way


temperatures for the afternoon develop. Most places will have


temperatures in the double figures in the sunshine. Some of the


murkier spots could see temperatures hovering at eight or


nine degrees. In Northern Ireland and western Scotland, there is more


cloud around and the chance of some light rain on and off. That will be


persistent and somewhat heavier across western Scotland this


evening and into the small hours of Sunday. Many areas will continue


with clear spells and the slight chance of frost, especially around


eastern areas, as we move into Sunday morning. But in the west,


temperatures in double figures. Sunday looks like it will bring


some drier weather, at least briefly, to Northern Ireland and


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