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Welcome to the last Newswatch of the year. What a good year it has


been. This week, we will look at some of the big stories of 2011.


What you thought of the coverage and what BBC editors and


journalists told us on Newswatch. This is the man police have


arrested. Christopher Jefferies - a retired school teacher,


Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator and Joanna Yeates's landlord.


is never charged, hasn't serious damage being done to his reputation


by the public, media and reports from programmes like the BBC?


not believe we have said anything on television which has done that.


More now on a breaking story tonight. The shooting dead of US


congresswoman doubt --. We now hear that according to a hospital


spokesperson, she is still light and even surgery. I regret we got


it wrong. There were some stories in the US that they were told it


was true. I do not believe it is any excuse for getting it wrong.


Just explaining how it happened. the early evening, more dead and


wounded in Tahrir Square. If I listen to the radio and the various


TV channels, one has an impression that there was a duplication of


effort. I do not know how many reporters there are. We have been


getting the calculator out. We counted 17 BBC reporters and


presenters. At least 10 appeared on television. Delirious scenes of joy


in eastern Libya where the opposition is in control. In the


capital, information was hard to come by and pictures from anywhere


were scarce. In the eyes of some Newswatch viewers, those that were


used were often a substitute for proper journalism. We are pretty


reliant on what people can shoot themselves for us and are delivered


to us. That presents us with some problems because we need to verify


these pictures and we need to be clear about when they were shot and


what they are of. The 23 feet tsunami reached the shore with


terrifying speed. Boats broke away, splintering as they made matched


six. Whole buildings collapsed into the water. The -- matchsticks.


is grossly irresponsible to send reporters at such a disastrous time.


There will be inevitable shortages of essential things for life and


Europeans will be using precious resources, water, fuel etc, that


must deprive the local already What did you think of the BBC's


coverage in the run-up to the Royal Wedding? To be frank, tiresome and


bothersome. Excessive focus on the minute points of the event like


Kate's dress. It becomes tiresome The United States has conducted an


operation that killed Osama Bin Laden. The leader of Al-Qaeda.


Outside the White House, there were celebrations.


I was astonished by the celebratory nature of much of the coverage.


Will normal, balanced, factual coverage of the Middle East


difficulties had been replaced today by pro American back-slapping.


Mr Henning's defined behaviour would have been a criminal act if


repeated outside Parliament. balance in this case came down to


the public service obligation to report events in Parliament on this


issue even though it involved an element of legal risk.


With such pageantry and display, do you expect the BBC to lavish all of


its camera work on this? News channel presenter said the footage


came in war and unedited. Undeterred, the tunnel stuck with


these pictures for 40 minutes. -- came in raw. It is disgusting and


Rising energy prices, higher VAT and a major cut in government


spending will all contribute to a very weak UK economy this year.


Yes, some people are having difficulties with their finances


and the country does have debt problems. But the news channels


make matters worse as they continued to focus on the doomed.


The group were stained here than her husband. He described her


action as a smooth but firm action and I thought, that is not news. It


is that the frantic drivel. Resignations, arrests have gripped


many. -- sycophantic. According to one woman, we were like a pack of


hounds going after person after person until their life was


destroyed. This is judgement by Quite often, when these things calm


down, one can look back and think, maybe things happened during that


Two police cars were set alight in Tottenham. Altercation between


protesters and riot police. issue is that the word protesters


was used for too long to describe the people that were taking part in


criminal acts. Those people partaking in some of the violent


acts we witnessed in the coming nights, stopped being protesters as


soon as the first brick was thrown It was the day when the ruling of


the courts collided with the determination of the community.


Need afternoon and a dozen or so bailiffs marched to the entrance of


the illegal Dale Farm. -- Mead afternoon. Why does the BBC think


people who knowingly break the law should have such a strong and


Today, new footage emerged of Colonel Gaddafi's final moments.


Here, he is seen led away on foot by rebel fighters who quickly


surround him. This picture of Gaddafi's body, bloodied and beaten,


was on every single page of the website. For me, that is


unacceptable. The image made me feel physically sick. We are not


used to seeing those kind of images. No. We are not. The approach we


tried to take on the television and on the website was give a warning


to viewers, to flag it, that you are about to see something unusual


Disbelief at from motorists as they drove past the pile up.


The mobile phone is actually live action of people dying. At best, it


is poor taste. At worst, the editor is guilty of showing a smart movie


on prime-time television. When the latest GDP figures come


out... He a new study has found the


British public remains confused about the economic crisis in Europe.


And that people do not believe the media in general have helped them


enough to understand it. Whenever we cover the eurozone story, we try


to is to reconnected back to the UK so people feel the connection with


it. But we know they are extremely Arguments were raging again, even


before this week's action. The majority of opinion was summed up


by this - reports on the planned strikes appear one-sided and biased


towards the government. The French President, the British Prime


Minister managing a clenched smile as Britain's relationship with


This week, the BBC's director of Thank you to all the viewers who


gave us your opinions and to BBC staff who appeared on the programme.


We will hear more in 2012 about problems in the eurozone and the


consequences of the so-called Arab Spring uprisings. Next year seeing


presidential elections in Russia and the US, the Queen's Diamond


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