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Well continues watch. This week, arguments over independence for


Scotland have been raging. Debates about the legality, timing and


wedding of a proposed referendum. Did BBC News reflect the range of


views on the subject? No. One : Those comments posted by BBC


Scotland's editors have not allowed We asked News Online and Scotland


have someone could come onto the programme to answer that question.


They declined and gave us a statement saying BBC Scotland has


decided to disable the capacity for To discuss this, I'm joined from


Dundee by another and you were who contacted us. John Thomson, why are


you concerned by the fact you can't comment on blogs in Scotland?


very anti-democratic. It can be perceived to be an entire Scottish


measure. -- anti-Scottish. It is important that the general public


is able to comment on the stories that are coming out from the BBC


Scotland. Have you ever had any explanation from BBC Scotland as to


why they have done this? explanation is the response to read


out earlier which does not really make sense. Since BBC Scotland


implemented this change, there have been very sick -- very few stories


where the comments have been opened up for people to give feedback. The


BBC should be an impartial news reporting organisation. The general


public should be able to going and see why if they're getting it wrong.


The news editor for BBC Scotland has said that they enabled comments


on the main story about the referendum. Is that the main story?


Is at the same as commenting on the blogs? Until a few months ago, we


could comment on everything that went up. Now we are being


restricted to what Daniel and his team seem to think is relevant. It


is like censorship. We are in strange times when the people of


Scotland and the wider UK can't come to Scottish web content and


comment upon it, but we can freely: To a blog about Westminster and


comment on any story we like. It adds to the whole Westminster rule


in Scotland perception. We want a free, open and honest debate on the


matter. BBC Scotland says they are working towards a service when


people will be able to comment live on all BBC output. Presumably, that


is something you will look forward to. It will not do us any good if


it comes after the referendum. Thank you very much.


We also had complaints about the report last Friday. It covered the


news of murdered student and Woosha's parents. We can't


comprehend this tragedy. It must have been an emotional experience


following your son's footsteps today. Can you put it into words


for us? There are no words. The world is finished for us. Several


dealers commented on the question We again asked BBC News for someone


to respond on that point. Instead Joining me now are two more viewers


who e-mailed us about that story. Linda and cliff. First of all and


our, what did you make of that report and what did you not like


about it? I felt there was a very difficult situation for the family.


Travelling across the world to see where their only son had died. I


felt the media were to close. Wasn't there a sense that they


expected the media to be there and that this was inevitably a media


occasion? I still feel that when people are suffering, suffering the


grief of losing a child or a person in a family, they should be a large


-- allowed a bit more time. I felt it was insensitive at the time.


What did you make of it as a deal when you saw that report? I felt


there was intrusive and insensitive. I think the Indian gentleman, the


father of the murdered student, was very dignified in his response when


he said he had no words. I think that highlighted how crass the


question was. The poor man could not reply. He could not say how he


felt. I think that said it all. I think this kind of questioning is a


trend in news reporting now. The engineering of people's the motions.


I think it is unfortunate. wholeheartedly agree. I feel that


many times when we are watching bulletins and news reports abound


victims who are not people who are used to dealing with the media, I


agree entirely. There are many examples. A few years ago, there


was the massive earthquake in Haiti. Recently, there was the earthquake


in New Zealand. Many of the questions in those news reports


were about people's emotions and feelings. Along the lines as, "You


must feel terrible about this." a course they do. Don't you think


that one question carefully phrased as justifiable? If it is carefully


phrased. But going back to the parents of amused bid may, I felt


that was a blunt question and in appropriate. I agree you can ask a


feeling but you have to be extremely sensitive about how you


do it. My point is that I do not think news reporters are as


sensitive as they could be sometimes. Thank you for joining us.


Elsewhere, politicians have been slighted by the BBC. Ed Miliband


has been criticised for not making enough public impact. His


opponent's speech was shown in full. It wasn't apparent the channel was


not quite sure who they would be hearing from. On Monday, it was the


PM's turn to take offence. David Cameron knows how dangerous it is,


not just for an English politician but for a posh English Tory


politician, being seen to dictate to the people of Scotland. Several


viewers did not do it -- for do that description. -- for give that


Last week we, the case of the BBC News website's list of people. Some


people were offended by the inclusion of a panda. The pendant


is not the first non-human to be A poison -- a prized cop was


actually in the list of men for 2009. Perhaps next time they should


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