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smooth. Welcome to news watch. Coming up:


The website story that appeared before the events described. The


allegations of political bias made by the Mayor of London and, his BBC


News obsessed by murder? It was the most thrilling Day in the history


of club football. Manchester City snatched the Premiership title from


local rivals when things seemed lost. Queens Park Rangers a Roy --


avoided relegation is. Chances I knew were not a big fan of the


beautiful game. -- chances are you More complaints on Monday when a


victory parade in Manchester were shown on the news 10 of for two


At least with the Premiership over, we will be put Palfrey and to the


end of summer, when tweet? -- football free. Euro 2012 is


happening. It looks like there will be plenty more succour to come over


the next few weeks. -- football. I am joined from Salford by the head


of sports news. I confess I was actually at the game on Sunday


between Queens Park Rangers and Manchester City. For those of us


there, it was very exciting. What you say to the millions of viewers


who hate the poor have no interest in it whatsoever? We understand not


all the audience are sports fans or football fans. This was certainly


an event in football that almost transcended sport, for a number of


reasons. The last-minute nature of the win by Manchester City and the


fact it was against their nearest rivals, Manchester United. They had


not won the title in 44 years. They are owned by very wealthy owners


from Aberdovey. It made this, in our opinion, a very good story. --


Abu Dhabi. A number of viewers say, we do not object you covering such


immense in the news bulletins but that you over did it. -- such


events. It should not lead the news. It should not be the priority you


are saying. We are continuing to cover those very serious issues.


Sport is an important part of the fabric of British society. Many


millions of people spend many of -- bonnet and blood and enjoy it. I


would Uggi the celebration scenes - the parade - it was great to see so


many people happy and elated. News should not always be sad. It should


be about reflecting the culture of the nation. Were you write to show


more than two hours life of the victory celebrations? It was a big


event. -- A Life In Art. Audiences of the News Channel enjoyed


watching big events. We do not judge ourselves entirely by the


newspapers. There were pictures all over the front pages, as well as


the back pages, of the Manchester City parade. Don't you think that


sport should stay in the sports section of the news, rather than


overriding the potential collapse of the euro and stories like that?


If it does largely. I work in Sport and we understand our place in the


general scheme of things. There are more important issues than sport.


Equally, it is something that excites the nation - part of the


nation - a large part of the nation. People enjoy it and are passionate


about it. A number of complaints on a different topic. The new set in


Salford distracting moving images and some people find it too dark.


Do you have the setting right? We are pleased with the new set? It is


very modern. We take on board the feedback we get from listeners.


When you change sex, they will not be to everybody's taste. -- sets.


We're very proud of the new set. One sort of information -- source


of information about the Manchester City celebrations was the BBC News


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


We are told a version of the story had been prepared to run at 6:00pm


and was made live by someone who was put in a picture in the page.


Also provoking reaction among news watch the years was a story on the


Saturday Breakfast programme. Suspicion of murder after a house


fire kills five children. Jennifer Hudson has burnt prosecutors after


her former brother-in-law was convicted of murdering three


members of her family. Police have charged a woman with murdering her


son and daughter. I have just been watching Dean news this morning.


The two leading items are stories about murder. We have the third one


about murder from the United States. Why have BBC staff spent so much


time bomb murder? The most high- profile complaint about BBC News


came from Boris Johnson. -- on murder. During the mayoral campaign,


he wrote in the Daily Telegraph on Monday, he sometimes felt his chief


opponent was BBC News. He described the prevailing view as status,


called gritters, defeatist, and to business, Europhile and


overwhelmingly biased to the rest - - the left. He added, we need a


Tory, and no mucking about. Typically colourful abuse? Several


viewers express their agreement was On Tuesday, the director of news


On Wednesday, the BBC Trust announced its conclusions on the


plans of the corporation to save money. It was a strategy known as


Delivering Quality First. Some planned cuts, such as those to


local radio and Inside Out, are to be scaled back. The mid-morning and


3pm news summaries barb to disappear. That will be no great


Finally, most parts of the UK have seen more rain this week. That may


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