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Welcome to news watch. One viewer objects to our TV news betrays the


older generation. It's the jests that people over 60 are only fit


for the bowling green. Why are people subjected to this kind of


stereotyping imagery. BG executive of Barclays fell on his knife in


the wake of the interbank interest rigging scandal. The BBC's business


editor has called on to shed light on the resignation on the news at


Ten. But there was not much light around. Several people talk to


Twitter one wrote : someone else For some news watch viewers the


problem was not one of lighting but excessive coverage. The with thing


that Barclays Bank was the only game in town and Syria and


everything else do not exist. ITV was full of Syria and issues of


wider interest. But will the BBC was interested in was Bob Diamond.


Bob Diamond, Bob Diamond, Bob Diamond. I have had nothing else


but Bob Diamond. Talk about firewalls and smoke screens. Let us


get the reporters out there to give us some news. Bob Diamond may have


lost his job but George Entwistle gained one. He has been chosen to


when Britain's biggest broadcaster. The new Director General of the BBC


will be George end world's -- and was off. It is a good idea to spell


the name of your new boss correctly. It is Entwistle without the letter


H. At the moment the name was being announced, the incumbent was


sitting alongside other broadcasters. With the man hired as


his side's right-hand man. The idea is to combine the Channel's


currently available on free view with online content from the


Internet. The BBC has invested �10 million with ITV and Channels 4'


and five with other channels chipping in. Critics wonder it the


service to lead from a shed will start two years ago has missed the


boat. The chief executive joins me now. What is in this for viewers?


Why should they buy your box and what will they get? Wiki think it


is a fantastic product. It is very easy to use. It gives you live


television. It combines them with all the catch-up services of


broadcasters you have mentioned, BBC and ITV. And on demand material


from the Internet? We have now TV, a new service from Sky on the


platform as well. For example, what if I want to see last Thursday's


Newsnight can I do it with the new box? This is all on your main


living room TV. The same guide you with your cat to find programs


tonight, you can go backwards to last night's TV and press OK on the


program you want to watch. It is on demand. How far can you go back?


Seven days or a month? It is up to the individual broadcaster. The ITV


is for seven days. But the BBC has made desert island discs available


for the 80 episodes. Is it not a rather expensive box? It is just


under �300. The does give you the ability to pause and rewind and go


for it. It is high definition and a great catch-up service. It is


cheaper than similar boxers. Faure combination of reasons, the actions


of the regulators, you are two days later and technical problems. Is


that a problem, have you missed the boat with this product?


perspective is that it is a unique product. We are setting the pace


rather than borrowing. You are correct, we have absorbed some of


the delays. When we put the product in front of journalists and media,


was very different and they thought it was exciting. The BBC has


invested �10 billion of money. Is it a good deal for licence payers?


The BBC has consistently invested in future technologies. It has a


good technology off backing winners like free view and I player. This


is the third in that series. The competition has increased. Although


you are launching before the Olympics, would it not be better to


have a run before the was momentum before the Olympics rather than


getting it into the shops just before the flame goes down the


street? Every chief executive wants to do things faster. Given that


there are 12 million people watching previews and rejecting pay


television, this is a great arc great for them. Thank you more of


your comments. We got closer to explaining how matter attains its


mass. It is present through the cosmos through stars and the planet


Earth. Some call it the God particle. Without it, the Universe


would not exist. Now and has detected the particle until now.


follow the reporting of this story across Wednesday and detected an


It was not irrelevant. Another viewer was concerned about the


relevance of the news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting


a divorce. It was the top story in the world news section of the BBC


Online app. A viewer wrote that this was ridiculous. Another viewer


This week the BBC launched a season of programs about ageing called


when I am 65, which I am. It has the older generation depicted on


news programs, not well according to 68-year-old Jan. She e-mailed us


this year saying news at Ten showed a clip of pensioners playing indoor


bowls, leaning on sticks with frames at the ready. This is unfair.


Not all bowlers are pensioners, and not all bowling pensioners have


backsides the site -- sizes of the Another news watch viewer shares


these concerns. He came to us today to explain why. The was a news item


on the news at six about pensioners. It was accompanied by footage of


people playing bowls, old geezers playing bowls. Curly-haired woman


playing bingo. My feeling was that this was an easy option to


illustrate people of a certain age. I think the BBC, not just the BBC


could do better and be more creative. The dream of a happy


retirement without money worries seems further away than ever.


can find something to illustrate people over a certain age these


days in a better way. It suggests that people, once they pass 60 are


only fit for the bowling green or the bingo parlour. People my age


are doing all sorts of things. They are walking, going to Vegas and


playing the tables, or supervising. Not sitting in a corner waiting to


die. Pensioners are under pressure from higher food and energy prices.


A more imagination could be employed. There is a lot about not


stereotyping and stigmatising certain elements of society. Why


are pensioners subjected to this kind of stereotyping imagery?


you for your comments. Next week we will be discussing the choice of


panellists an audience on the BBC One discussion program Question


Time. He may have seen Johnny Rotten on the Thursday night


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