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This is the last Newswatch of the series and the last before you know


what. Just a week to go and we are already seen traffic gridlock, a


security nightmare and it is still raining.


Since the start of last week the revelation that G4S has been unable


to meet the demand for security has BBC reaction on the whole is, let's


ignore all that and not inflate the problems of one dodgy security


contract. For on Monday, as competitors


started arriving from all over the world. The an American athlete


spent four hours on a coach and got lost on the way to London. The next


day there was more bad news with the announcement that more than


half the football tickets had been respond to those views I am joined


by the senior editor of the BBC News Channel. Mind-boggling


negativity, is that what you see it as. In a word, No. It is not our


job to rubbish the Games. It is not our job to be a cheerleader for the


Games. We do not sit around and say to one another, let's dig really


deep. These are actual events. If they happened. It is arguably news.


But how to get the tone and proportion right? It is what you


take away from the massive coverage. We have been covering the positive


side. We have been talking about the preparations that have been


going well. Of the stadiums and the venues are ready and fabulous. We


have been looking ahead to the British medal hopefuls. We have


been talking to the volunteers. We have been examining why we are so


good at sitting down sports. And the torch relay is something that


has captured a mood. Is there is sense that before events actually


happen you are looking for stories? In June we had some Polish ladies


complaining about exaggerated coverage of racism in Poland. To a


great extent there was not any problem with racism in the event.


Is the same thing happening now? Before an event takes place you are


going to talk about what goes well and what goes not well. Going back


to the Olympics if you have a contract to serve security for the


Games and two Pixar to say you cannot supply the staff promised,


that is not just news, but big news. How do you balance Olympic


coverage? We are the Olympic broadcaster. We have a fantastic


amount of coverage. We have invested a lot into the stuff that


will be on television. The sport is going to be just fantastic. The


news will cover the sport and also the issues. If there are no


problems with security on day one and then we will report that. When


all the athletes arrived earlier in the week, yes, one of the viewers


complained that one of the coaches got lost. But apparently it was


smooth sailing. It was pretty easy. It was a piece of cake. Our support


to -- report to use security with a smile. I thought that was a


balanced piece of journalism. you very much indeed. The next


Newswatch will appear in September. It will be from a new studio in


central London. We have been broadcasting here for eight years.


Numerous viewers have had heavier say about BBC News. A good


opportunity to look back on some of the points we have been making on


the programme. I am reporting from Croydon. A lot


of BBC correspondents bring us from locations that have little


relevance to the situation. Another issue for me is whether effect some


reports. I recently saw a reporter standing near Scotland Yard. I


don't remember what she was talking about because I was too interested


in whether her umbrella would turn inside out.


Back in 2004, when you were objected strongly to report some


fighting in a post-war Iraq. The only people you talk about are


the terrorists and people fighting them. It is not what I expect from


the BBC. I thought it was an opportunity for


the BBC to have a shake-up. Once you hit 50 or thereabouts you


are invisible. That is something that has to change.


The relaunch of a business programme prompted this exchange.


The format was so completely changed. To see someone making a


dress was absolutely extraordinarily. I thought the


programme was awful. I am going to admit that for the first programme


the making of close thing was an item that went wrong. -- clothes.


BBC senior executive admitting that something was wrong! This panel has


been an issue. Welcome to Question Time. I am not


opposed to any other parties. They should be unquestioned time. But


the BNP is fundamentally different. His racism acceptable? If it has


enough votes to have to get that question.


Newswatch had a field day with the royal wedding. He seems proud and


relaxed. Watch the body language and looks and gestures between them.


Kate Middleton will need to tread softly when making her designer


choices. The British fashion industry has spread their dreams


under her feet. Last year the website pick up a story from the


Israeli press that a stray dog had been condemned to death by a Jewish


rabbinical court. The story turned out to be inaccurate. It is


disappointing to think the BBC has a herd mentality. Just because


somebody else publishes it, they publish it. It is disappointing to


think that when it is an unusual sounding story that you would not


spend five minutes fact-checking it. Within five minutes you would find


out that it was totally made up. Fabricated, unsubstantiated. It is


an American pop star, not some latter-day Messiah. I thought to we


had a day and a moment. It was as if it was a national event. It was


not. How on earth will you cover a national event? I think it was a


bad mistake. I think London is a world centre, not just an English


or UK centre. Breakfast should be located in London. Long-term it


will affect the quality of the programme.


The accusation debt is too much sport and especially football on


the news has been common over the years. Here is one dealer at the


time of the last World Cup. Here it is inescapable. It is everywhere


you look. Do we have to have pundits discussing the flexibility


or temperament of the ball? The England goalkeeper made a bit of a


pig's ear of a safe earlier in the week. He does not want to be


reminded of it. Thank you to all of those who have contributed to the


programme. We hope you will continue to do so. This is my last


chair. Newswatch will get a new presenter. It has been a privilege


and a pleasure to hear your views. Please carry on sharing your


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