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Welcome to Newswatch. If I am Samira Ahmed. Sexual abuse


allegations against Sir Jimmy Sandor Earl. But why did none the


BBC view the documentary a year ago with similar accusations. Also, how


on to report has sent to cover lengthy live events fill the air


time with inane questioning, according to some viewers. Back in


the 1970, Jimmy Saville was one of the best-known television


personalities in Britain. This week, his reputation is in tatters after


a stream of allegations he abused teenage girls. The BBC is also


under question because some of the offences were set here and partly


also because it is accused of being slow in the investigation. This


week's had line sprang from a documentary in which five women


said five women had been sexually assaulted and it has emerged a


programme had been pursuing its investigation last year but that


report was dropped. Some of US detected a lack of enthusiasm by


part of the BBC. One him out us to say they instead of burying our


heads in the sand, we should launch an investigation. Another added,


your silence is very telling. You are starting to look complicit. In


a moment, are will be speaking to the BBC director of editorial


standards but first to another viewer. Can you sum up your


concern? Did you feel the BBC was covering the story well? I felt


that when it first hit the news, it was a main headline whereas the BBC


had no news about it and for which I thought was very odd. It made it


very uncomfortable. Immediately one thought there was some form of


cover-up because it was a big thing but it was not presented as such.


Hence, I wrote to the BBC. I thought there may have been some


form of cover up because it was not broadcast. What is the feeling


about the investigation last year from the BBC that was dropped?


is such a long time ago now but they should have been the first to


react to anything like that, to clear their name, poor themselves


in the forefront of the investigation. -- put themselves.


The BBC role should have been at the forefront rather than reacting?


Indeed. What you think of the BBC now? I think they are moving


forward and they have woken up to the fact that this is a serious


matter and all the people that have come forward so far have something


to say and if there are allegations, BBC must delve into that and go


back and find out what they knew and bring these things to prove or


disprove. Representing the BBC is a David Jordan. The question remains,


the attitude to the story looked suspicious. Can I deal with the


fact that we have been accused of being slow to pick the story up. We


do not get information about what other news programmes again to show.


The BBC was much slower than newspapers and other outlets.


think the story was featured in every one of their news programmes.


It has been at the story for ITV. The decision to drop an


investigation also looks very odd. The editor of Newsnight also


explains that what they were looking at was the way in which the


Surrey police had investigated the Jimmy Saville in 2007. You look at


ITV, they have a 3 million viewers. The story was also about Jimmy


Savell. They were investigating the police investigation. They had made


recommendations to the Crown Prosecution and subsequently it had


been dropped because they thought there was a lack of evidence. We


can argue about whether you or I had or would have taken at


different... Everyone else is reporting it. It looks if nothing


else that the BBC was not good at gathering information. The editor


has to make the decision on the fact and we do not know what facts


he had at his disposal. He made an honest decision. He decided that


was not the angle he wanted to pursue. It is difficult to say it


was a mistake given we were not there. Somebody else might have


made a different decision. Clearly the documentary on Wednesday night


made a different decision. Newsnight could run a story now but


given that the story is out there now, there is a limit at reason to


do so. Why does not Newsnight show the programme now? The fundamentals


of the story are now well established. We know a number of


women were appallingly sexually abused by Jimmy Savell in the BBC


premises.. There is concern about the damage to the BBC. The major


concern we ought to have is not about the reputation of the BBC,


there is no suggestion the BBC was complete set, his reputation has


taken a big hit, the main concern should be for the women who were


abused in this way and to make sure they have the opportunity to tell


the story and hopefully put it behind them. Are you satisfied the


BBC has done everything it can? its look at the situation about the


people working in the BBC, his colleagues and friends and other


presenters, who, to me, going by what I saw, it was blatant and


other people must have seen things going on who have never come


forward. For whatever reason - a job security, who knows. It has


been pushed under the table. want to the BBC to investigate its


staff? It is not for the police to look at. It is for the start to


come forward to collaborate stories. Thank you to both of you. Do let us


know your thoughts on that or any other aspects on the BBC. Now for


some of your other Commons. When they saw two highly distressing


stories covered live and extensively on the news channels.


We followed the continued search for April Jones and also we


followed the funeral of a PC. local resident here, do you know


April's family and how are they now? We are a small community so


everyone knows everyone. My thoughts are with them. Let's talk


to somebody who knew her. She worked with Nicola used. When you


heard the news about the murder, what was your reaction to that?


we were very sad. But you're sort those interviews and did little


more than fill in times between news conferences and services and


not in the most sensitive ways. She Coverage of the search for April


Giants lead to more letters. mother of a missing five-year-old


breaks down in tears as she appeals for the public to help find her


There was a different. Later that Finally, of those watching


breakfast on Wednesday morning got rather more than they bargained for


as an interview began, the voice of a reporter could be heard off-


camera swearing in terms which An on-air apology was made and the


BBC later said it was reviewing its procedures. A microphone had been


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