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That's the business for now. Now, it is time for NewsWatch, with


Samira Ahmed. Welcome to the programme. Some breaking news from


Southwark Crown Court... Hang on a minute, I was watching that!


Interrupting that press conference there, but should things be


interrupted like that? Shouldn't the word marriage be spelt


correctly? And what about Stafford hospital - is anything actually


happening there? First, it may have been a few hundred years in the


making, but for many people, the hot news on Monday morning was the


revelation that a Skrtel at -- that a skeleton found under a car park


had been at that of Richard III. The announcement was made in a


press conference given by experts from the University of Leicester,


broadcast live on the BBC News Channel. In contrast with things


found on other sites, it was very irregular in shape. There was no


evidence of a coffin, in the form of impressions or nails, nor was


there any evidence of a shroud. Let's leave that press conference,


for some breaking news from Southwark Crown Court - Chris Huhne


has just pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice


over claims that his ex-wife took speeding points for him a decade


ago. After that interruption, lasting six minutes, the News


Channel did return to the press conference in Leicester, only to


break into it again seven minutes later to reiterate the news about


Chris Huhne, before cutting back in again for the rest of the news


conference. It left those hooked on the Richard III announcement very


frustrated. This programme has been told that nobody was available


tonight, but we were given this Two viewers who were watching on


Monday morning join me now. First of all, Ian Finnigan, what was your


experience of watching that news conference? Very frustrating. I


think this is one of the biggest historical stories of my lifetime,


comparable perhaps with the raising of the Mary rose. We were eager to


be informed as to how the scientists had arrived at their


conclusions, and we felt that it was a very, very interesting


presentation that there were putting forward. And suddenly, we


were interrupted for a news story which, to be quite frank, we felt


was of not particular importance. It was a story about a backbench MP


who had changed his plea. We were interested in a story about someone


who wore the imperial crown in England, who has been at the


forefront of No, education for 500 years. Let me bring Christine in.


News management say it is hard to make a decision, when you have got


two breaking stories. Chris Huhne led for the rest of the day, and


that was their call... Well, I think it was the wrong call. It


showed a lack of respect for the hundreds of people involved in his


huge historical event. In my lifetime, I do not think there will


be such an exciting event as this. I felt very move to be part of it


because it was a live broadcast, and it was completely destroyed


every time you interrupted it with what Ian Finnigan has described


quite rightly as historically, an insignificant political moment,


which will be forgotten next week. Obviously, it was felt that the


Chris Huhne story was important, and some people would argue it was


the biggest story of the day, but you do not think so? Of course not.


It was a political moment, but I have very little importance in the


long term. This man will be forgotten in not too great a


distance, whereas Richard III is part of this country's story. It


was just very, very bad judgment to interrupt what was such an exciting


moment. Ian Finnigan, was it a case of the BBC being too Westminster


based? That is a view that I hold. When push comes to shove, Chris


Huhne will be a footnote in some historical document in the future,


whereas we are talking about a man who was the king of England for a


short time. A very controversial but nonetheless interesting figure.


What about how things could have been done better? What would have


been satisfactory for you? It is a breaking news channel, after all.


They could have just had that as rolling news along the bottom of


the screen for political addicts. It was not necessary to break up


that very important live broadcast. It was not going to go on for three


hours. It was just and necessary at that point to interrupt the


broadcast. It was showing a lack of Do let us know your thoughts on


that or on any other aspect of BBC News. Now, for some of your other


concerns this week. The question of whether same-sex couples should be


allowed to marry has been a political hot potato, and it has


proved a tricky subject this week for the BBC. David Cameron is


facing a further challenge... Before Monday's vote in the House


of Commons, the topic had had a considerable airing, so you might


have thought that Sunday's early- evening news would have been


prepared. But that is not how you spell marriage, is it? Mike Ahearne


was astonished to see it spelt But it was the other part of the


phrase gay marriage which annoyed The publication of a damning report


on failings at Stafford hospital was also reported widely this week.


And that meant health correspondent Dominic Hughes spending some time


on their standing outside the hospital, giving rise to a


complaint of a kind familiar to our viewers, articulated here by Dr


Some viewers have been in touch with us with a query which is


We have been trying to find out the answer to that question, and have


been given this statement by BBC Finally, one of the journalists


cover the use of English, sloppy language or Grammar, their own


usage is bound to come under scrutiny. So, Danny Savage was in


dangerous waters when he reported on slang and local dialect phrase


is being used in schools. spoken word is on the agenda here,


too. A letter has been sent home with A-lister phrases teachers do


not want to hear any more, along with the correct way of


articulating the thought. Here is a few of them... JRL Taylor thought


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