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Now it is done for Newswatch. -- time. Hello, welcome to Newswatch.


The Boston bomb attacks were dramatic and significant, but did


they get so much coverage because they took place on American soil?


Footballer bites footballer. Was this worth all the attention it was


given? And one fewer loggers the activity going on in the new


newsroom backdrop. It is just a shame the news reader has to get


What is a life worth in terms of television airtime? It may seem a


brutal question but a string of deaths from violent attacks and


natural disasters has forced news editors to decide what priority to


give to each of them. About 300 people were killed when a building


collapsed in Bangladesh on Wednesday. This followed Saturday's


earthquake in China, were more than 200 people were reported dead or


missing. 30 casualties of last week's earthquake in Iran. 14


people killed at a fertiliser plant in Texas. And ongoing conflict in


Afghanistan and Syria. One attack killing just three people has


dominated the news. This should have been a moment of celebration


for runners finishing the marathon. Instead there was confusion and


then horror. Surveillance footage shows two men with backpacks


walking together amongst the crowd. One man is wearing a dark baseball


cap, the other a white baseball cap. The man in the white cap was caught


talking on a cellphone near the set of the second explosion. A massive


police operation overnight in the suburb of Boston. Officers


searching for one of the suspected Marathon bombers. He apparently


escaped after a car chase and shoot-out. Nobody could have


imagined it would end like this. The late night climax of an


extraordinary week. As the suspect in the Boston bombing was cornered,


shot and driven away bleeding. This was all too much for some viewers,


Others drew a comparison with the reporting of other foreign stories.


Kate Grant said the disaster and Bangladesh have received less


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


With me now is the deputy head of BBC newsroom, James Stevenson.


Perhaps you could talk us through the decision-making process of how


much coverage to give the Boston Marathon over the last few days,


given the concern there is about apparent disproportion? This is


clearly a complex area, as your contributors have outlined. The


thing with the Boston bombing is that by any standards it is a major


story and a major event. That is to do with the fact it is the first


bombing on American soil in well over a decade, since 9/11. I think


that would have made it a very prominent story. People were


concerned that after a couple of days it was apparent that there was


not part of a major set of attacks. Some viewers felt given the scale


of what was going on Iraq, for example, the BBC should have


shifted its focus a lot sooner and that the coverage was


disproportionately on Boston? it seemed to become clear that


these two individuals were acting alone. But then there were


significant and important developments in the story as the


days passed, in terms of the man on do and the unprecedented lead


locking down of Boston. -- the manhunt. The wider employer --


International up implications of that in Chechenia. I do think it


had arrived at -- wider ramifications and justified


continued coverage. Some viewers are concerned with the fact that


rolling pictures seem dramatic. You had the manhunt story which took


over the rolling news networks. Again the accusation is, was a


proportion that given that you have got earthquakes, the Iraq bombings,


the Bangladesh factory collapsed, there are not getting anything like


the amount of coverage -- they are. We have that reporting of the Bank


the best bombing several nights in succession. That is clearly a


horrific story which we have been covering. Likewise last weekend


recovered the Chinese earthquake. We have been doing those other


stories as well. I think it is important to point and some of the


logistical constraints. The editorial judgments of Beesley play


their part. But the big earthquake in Iran, we do not have the ability


to get visas. We cannot report that in the way we would like to. Remote


part of China take longer for her teens to get to. Bangladesh. These


places are harder to get to. I recognise that material from


America is more widely available. That means we have to work harder


with the material we have in order to do justice to those important


stories. It wasn't about the picture access. Wednesday's 6


o'clock News had nothing on Bangladesh. It did mention the


break-up of JLS. People will think that is bad editorial judgment?


People will question editorial does what all the time. We had one


sentence of the JLS breaking up. That is big news for a proportion


of our audience. The 10 o'clock News has a bit more of a remit to


focus on international news. Some of these other considerations do


come into play, about how readily available material is and how easy


it is to get stories. Thank you very much. Now for some of the


other topics you have been contacting us about. Starting with


an image it has been hard to miss. Three days after sinking his jaws


into Ivanovitch, it was now the FA's turn to show its teeth. Luis


Suarez one of three matches, instead he got 10. That infamous by


by Luis Suarez was replayed numerous times, drawing the eye or


There was little positive about a report from Jeremy Bowen on


Tuesday's News at Ten from Syria. He made a kidnap victim of the


conflict. He had had his finger chopped off and sent to his family,


along with a video of the event, Finally, it has been six weeks


since BBC news bulletins and BBC News Channel moved to a new home in


central London. The backdrop continues to attract comment. One


viewer is enjoying it but not an away intended. I am fascinated by


the guys coming up and down with their cups of coffee, watching the


different screens. There was one with in New Court. She brought some


flowers to someone. I just wandered through the flowers were for. All


those screens are so interesting. It is just a pity really that there


is somebody in front of the set reading out the news. I just wonder


if you couldn't just persuade them to move to one side so we can


actually see the set properly. give for the hopeful suggestion.


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