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resignation of Alex Ferguson be confined to the sports bulletins.


There are sad and important things going on in the world. Surely


football should come down the line on an important news broadcast.


Other UK up success at the national collections ready such a huge news


issue. They call Ferguson time when the Manchester United need a


crucial goal. Gently coached by Alex Ferguson on the goal line. You


may have been objecting to the time on Alex Ferguson on the news watch


this week. Sir Alex Ferguson, shock news. I switched on the One O'clock


News on Wednesday expecting to hear about the speech of the Queen and


the opening of Parliament and the pomp and ceremony. I heard headline


news, the fact that Alex Ferguson had resigned from Manchester United.


It will cut ten minutes. I kept thinking it would stop. But it went


on for ten minutes. It went back to when he started at Manchester


United. I was appalled. To think that Alex Ferguson was more


important than what was going on in parliament that day. There are lots


of people like myself who are very angry that the Queen was second


fiddle to a football manager. I cannot believe that the BBC could


behave in that way. If BBC journalists did get excited by the


resignation, they were not the only ones. It was mentioned 6 million


times on Twitter within 24 hours. Following in the footsteps of Alex


Ferguson has been described as the impossible job. It also featured


prominently on Thursday as news of the employment of the new manager


surfaced. Hundreds of viewers continue to give the BBC the


hairdryer treatment. Even yesterday, the first announcement was that


they have appointed a new manager for Manchester United. The world is


a sad place. There are lots of sad and important things going on in


the world. Surely football should come way down the line, with an


important news broadcast. Is she correct? Did football dominate the


news too much this week? This is the man in charge of the news


channel to address that. The first question is about the news on the


day, ten minutes, a third of the news time given to the resignation


look at the coverage across the morning. Everybody saw the state of


the opening Parliament on the BBC Parliament Programme. We know Alex


Ferguson was highly significant. But interested a great deal of the


audience. We chose to lead the news with Alex Ferguson but we also


maintained detailed coverage of the Queen's speech. A key seat in the


context of the morning's Ewing, I think we gave a weight to the


Queen's speech. Proportion is the key to this issue. Many people sit


down at 11 o'clock, would not a package have been enough. He was


caught at the treatment as if he was a major politician. He was just


a football manager. We need to their mind that many people do not


like football. We need to look very carefully at when we give a sports


story strong prominence. His departure after such a long time in


charge of what is the biggest sporting team from around the world


and the huge interest from the world's media meant it was on a


scale above the normal story. is part of the viewer's concern,


party leaders go on about who their favourite team is an people should


keep that monster in check given so many people do not care about


football. But a lot of people do care about the biggest sports


stories. It was not just a bigger stake for the sports website, it


was the most read story on our news website. What about the Queen's


Speech, there are major Bills on immigration, it feels that this


this -- story was seen as more important? If you look at the


coverage across the day, you had two very significant stories, with


a great deal of audience interest around the stories. If you take one


Bolton out of time, and a set of decisions made about the time


meanness of the stories, later in the day on the five o'clock news


hour we were left with the Queen's Speech. We knew we had two big


stories, we needed to make sure both were covered in real depth and


good strong coverage. We felt we did that are both -- across both


stories. You have been giving us your reactions to many issues this


week including the way the United Kingdom Independence Party's


performance in the local elections was reported. This is a piece


containing some flash photography. It today proved anything, it is


that Nigel Farhad is a man who reaches the parts that other


politicians cannot reach. The cause of her celebration, the fact that


UKIP recently dismissed as clowns by a minister got a quarter of the


vote giving not just the Tories but all the other parties a bloody nose.


But that figure of winning a quarter of the vote did not tell


the whole story according to a phone message from David Gray's.


His analysis of the number suggests the elections were not such a


triumph for the party is the BBC's Them. The vast majority of the


seats they lost. Looking at the BBC coverage, you would not think that


another party gained 6% of the seas. They won less than half as many


seats as the Liberal Democrats, who had a disastrous election. They won


half as many seats as the Liberals. They won fewer seats than


independent councillors who have no party backing behind them. I think


the BBC fell to put it in context. Other viewers agreed there was too


much excitement shine at the coverage of you kit and Mr Nigel


You might expect the voters to be delighted with all of this but this


man was not as he explained in this fine message. I think you need to


get your act together on the news. I voted for UKIP this time. As did


many people I know in the county council elections. I am not a


member of UKIP but I object to well as capitalising of protest voters.


We are not protest voters. We thought it through and we think it


is about time we had a change. Wednesday morning, breakfast had


this is one of the headlines. holiday nightmare. We meet the


family asked to pay �54 for four ice-creams we more. We were told


that for holidaymakers were told for holiday makers in Rome were


victims of a nightmare event. Was it the kidnap, know they paid a


high price for ice-cream. This man spotted the item online and see


this is hardly a village story for the BBC website. You also included


it on morning television and invited the family to the studio.


This is something you put on a Several of the picked up on last


poss Mac week protest from Vic Mauro. But the lead-up to the


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