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week, was the news coverage of Andy Murray 's Wimbledon victory over the


top? Welcome to Newswatch with me, Samira


Ahmed. Game, set and match to Murray, but did BBC News think


tennis was the only game in town? Jeremy Bowen is recovering after


being injured while reporting on the protests in Egypt's. Our


journalistic risks worth taking? And she says one sentence, he says


another, is it time to end the verbal ping-pong between male and


female presenters? No doubt about the main news last


Sunday. Andy Murray did not just win the Wimbledon men's angles, but in


making our world history as well. It was the moment 77 years of


waiting ended in wonder. Andy Murray, Wimbledon to the, the words


he and the nation had yearned for so much for so long.


The scale of the news coverage led to some viewers reacting in a way


articulated by this anonymous phone call. I came in to watch the news at


ten o'clock, a 15 minute programme and so far we have had six minutes


of Andy Murray out of a 15 minute bulletin. How much Andy Murray do we


need? That was the end of a fortnight in which some felt BBC


television was dominated by tennis, leading to hundreds of complaints.


An e-mail from James Taylor picked up on the point we mentioned last


thought the weekend sports news coverage was a little bit tennis


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


head of sports news. Richard, or we will talk about Wimbledon to start


with, it was obviously a huge story, Andy Murray winning the men's


singles, but it was half of last Sunday 's evening News, was that not


excessive? It was one of those stories that transcended sport.


was a major cultural event in British social life. The first time


we have had a British men's singles champion for 77 years, something


talked about around the nation. Long. It was a highly significant


event, you know, I think that we always have to be careful about


getting too excited about sport and remembering where our place is in


the general scheme of things, but it was a significant news event, as


well as a sports news event. I think part of concern is that, these


days, you can watch the match if you want to, there are highlights that


would have been on later that link if you did miss it and in between


the news should have just reported it, but not let it take over the


programme to the extent it did. Plenty of people did not care about


tennis. We are aware that there is always a section of the audience who


are quite turned off, they are not sports fans, what is interesting is


the viewing figures for the BBC News Channel on Sunday after Murray had


one, when nearly double what they normally wear. It does seem that the


news audience were interested in this story. Having you on business


the opportunity to look at an issue, which is whether there is a


bias to certain sports and BBC sports coverage. Take the example of


the victory of the British and Irish Lions in Australia, the day before


Andy Murray 's victory. There was no mention on Sunday morning.


We covered the British and Irish Lions tour extensively. We had a


reporter there for the entire tour. Dan row did countless lives into the


breakfast programme, into regional news, into the news channel, we did


reports on network TV news, so I think we gave the British and Irish


Lions a significant amount of coverage. More than any other Lions


tour I can remember. Some people wonder if BBC have televising rights


to rugby and cricket in the way they do Wimbledon? Maybe that is why it


gets more news coverage? It is true that with events that BBC sport has


the rights to, we are able to show more action on the news. There is a


limit to how much we can show of events that we do not have the


television rights to. Again, we would never make an editorial


decision based on whether we have the rights to something or not. The


Ashes, we will do extensive coverage. We know that a lot of


viewers down to BBC News see the wicket during the Ashes and we do


not have the TV rights to it. That'll have no impact on how much


coverage we give the event. football season will be starting up


again and some will be delighted and some horrified, will you rethink its


prominence? Premier league football is extremely popular with them our


audience. As I said before, we are careful, we do not want it to


dominate and swamp everything. We have a responsibility to cover a


wide range of sport. Thank you so much.


Letters know your thoughts on that or any aspect of BBC News. Details


of how to contact us at the end of the programme. Now for more of your


reactions, starting with Egypt's weather situation remains volatile


and confused. It is dangerous for journalists and other staff, as was


made clear in Jeremy Bowen 's report from Cairo last Friday. The army


fired tear gas and shotguns into the crowd, the BBC team was in a group


hit by shotgun pellets. There are powerful forces against


each other in this country. On one hand, the Muslim brotherhood with


deep roots in the community, on the other, the Army seized control of


the country and wants to hold it. Unless they can channel all of this


into political action and not street protest, it is a recipe for more


violence. Since then, journalists from ITN,


CNN and Al Jazeera have been rounded up and detained by the Egyptian


authorities and Jeremy Bowen has had a successful operation to remove


shotgun poets from his head. -- shotgun pellets. He received praise


Henley-on-Thames had a different place of view is a Leo Lee Rigby who


was killed in May. The service began with a silent tribute.


Quiet in the centre of Bury as you join us for the special coverage.


Our correspondence is there at the church.


Yes, and you can see the mood now in the crowd here. One of quiet


reflection. Daniel Glass Ball was one of the


Human Rights ruled that life sentences given to Jeremy Bamber and


two other convicted killers breached human rights. The BBC News website


reported the opposite, headlining its article, UK killer is not


entitled to life sentence review. A spokesman later rip apologise for


the mistake saying that previous court judgement was erroneously


entered into the system and that this Dory was updated as soon as it


was recognised. Robert Feal-Martinez and breakfast are presented by two


people, often a man and a woman. This gives rise to a habit which


this week about BBC News and current affairs, positive and negative. If


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