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Mass killings remain a major risk. Now it is time for News watch.


welcome to Newswatch. The French President's Private life


hits the headlines but is this just gossip?


Is sexual abuse a suitable subject for an early evening news bulletin?


And is it time Nick Robinson got a new ring tone for his tablet?


Was that you or me? It is you. The French do things differently


when it comes to extramarital affairs we are always told. This


French farce could turn out to be a serious matter for the French


presidency. French President in crisis drew


hundreds of journalists to the Elysee Palace for a news conference.


For Francois Hollande there could scarcely be a more difficult moment.


His partner is in hospital in shock after an magazine suggested he had a


new girlfriend. TRANSLATION: Row everyone goes


through challenging periods. This is a difficult matter. This is not the


place all the time. That view was echoed by some


Newswatch viewers. Up until very recently the attitude


of the French media had appeared to be annoying but not telling the


public about such indiscretions. A previous President had a dramatic


double life or years. A similar veil was drawn over the affairs of


another French President. What a contrast to the eagerness of British


journalists to report such fears. Since the days of John Profumo


political sex scandals have regularly been exposed by a


salacious tabloid press with television news not far behind.


Viewers felt that BBC news coverage does not normally devote time to a


French press contacts, so why was this being covered? We were going to


cover that conference anyway. The French economy is a massive story at


the moment. It is a story that we will be following for the rest of


the year. We were always planning on covering it.


What viewers noticed was that very little was said about the affair in


the news conference. They felt that the BBC was following a tabloid


agenda. This was a story that had been covered by the French media, by


all branches of the media, mainstream media, tabloid media,


television, newspapers, radio. The very first question put to him and


follow-up questions as well. It was not a tabloid agenda being picked up


by the BBC. It was the story of the day in France and has been the story


for many days in France. We reflect what the French people are


discussing. Should it be a story? That is the heart of the dispute.


Some people feel with it's not need to cover his private life.


We have two cover your private life when it moves into your ability to


do your job. This was debated in the French parliament will stop whether


politicians like it or not sometimes the private moves into the public.


The French media has been accused in the past of being too acquiescent.


Do you think something significant has changed in the way French


journalist regard these stories? I do not think they are becoming more


and it is. There are sections of the French press that have refrained


from covering these sorts of stories. Yes, there has been a


shift. We have seen this develop over the last few years. But let us


not be naive. There is a major section of the French press that has


been covering these stories and are far more salacious way than many


sections of the British press. It is naive to say that the French media


never covers these sorts of stories. If you bring it back to the viewer


do we assume that the viewer needs to know all these details? We do not


go in for gossip and rumours. The croissant is, the mopeds. We got


all that. We kept it to direct reporting. We are not gossiping on


air. Some viewers feel that this is just a private affair. We are going


to be covering France intensely over the next year. Francois Hollande,


even before this scandal, was an unpopular President with a tanking


economy. His leadership was under intense scrutiny even before this


happens. Now that it has happened there are big questions in France


being asked about his judgement. There are even questions being asked


by the media about the security around the office of the President.


Should he had been driving around on a scooter? There are fundamental


public issues being debated in France and our coverage hopefully


reflected that. We would like to know your thoughts


on any aspect of BBC News. Now we have reaction to Wednesdays


BBC News. The British men who give online


instructions. A place of shame. Dozens of families are involved in


WebCam abuse. That was one of five stories about


alleged sexual abuse in a 30 minute programme.


That was a matter of concern for this viewer.


Finally, the advent of tablets and mobile phones has been beneficial to


journalists, but it can also cause havoc.


Caroline Flint was in the middle of discussing bank bonuses when this


happened. People play good salaries.


Is that you or me? It is you. Do you know what the next lyric was? What


was that? That was Queen. Did Nick Robinson make the mistake


of forgetting to turn his mobile phone off when on television.


more appropriate for Nick Robinson please let us know. Other views on


news and current affairs are also welcomed.


We will get the latest on the search for Mikaeel


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