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Egypt's. Now it is time for Newswatch.


Welcome to Newswatch. Violence in Thailand shown on the


lunchtime news/ two match for many viewers.


Others have had enough of what they see as celebrity worship I BBC


reporters. And coming up are some of the iconic


words and phrases you hate broadcasters to use.


The current outbreaks of filings in Ukraine and Thailand have dominated


the news with editors having to decide how much violence they should


show as on the bulletins. Those judgements can prove controversial.


This was demonstrated in a report showed on Tuesday. Be warned we will


be describing the images after this. Firing repeatedly with rubber


alerts. I grenade thrown into the police lines.


One officer realised the danger. What followed was described,


same point. I joined by one of them.


What was your reaction to seeing that?


I was horrified. Had that been a British policeman on a British


street the world would have gone in at draw. -- at draw. I wonder what


part of that was acceptable for a lunchtime report. Would a warning


have made the difference? It would not. It should not have been shown


at all. The moral filter at the BBC has let as down. That policeman has


had a life changing currents and it should not be shown so graphically.


Is there a lack of sensitivity when it is a foreign news story, when


perhaps they would never have thought about showing footage like


that of a British police officer? You would not have shown footage


like that of a British police officer. Our foreign police officer,


are does that make it all day? I do not think so. It should never be


shown. It is important to show the reality


of the violence? How do we avoid over sanitising? I do not believe


that showing violence in such manner is except devolve. You can show the


lead up. You can speak about the violence, but please do not sure


images like that again. It was horrific.


Some viewers said we should not even have shown the grenade landing. It


is to reveal. The news is not Hollywood. To put images like that


out on the news is portraying real life events as though it is


Hollywood. We do not need to see the reality of it. We did not need to


see that man named. Let me read BBC statement in


response. grateful for the apology. I still


think that should never have been shown at all. The moral filter of


the BBC let us down. It should not have been shown.


Thank you. We are interested in all of your


views regarding BBC outputs. More of the comments we received


this week. We are into the entertainment awards


season. Last Sunday sought the BAFTAs.


A sea of super celebrities roll out the red-carpet. Stopping for a


photo. Twirling for the TV. Heading off for the BAFTAs.


Whoever winds tonight, it will be a good evening for the British film


industry. But as actors and directors are in high demand.


Technicians and studios are a magnet for Hollywood blockbusters.


There was a variety of responses. Last weekend Sunday Politics Saul


Andrew Neill interview Bob Crow. -- last weekend Sunday Politics had


Andrew Neill interviewing Bob Crow of the RMT.


I do not see what peoples holidays have got to do with it. Why do they


not all Boris Johnson when he is on holiday? Why do they not view the


editors of the newspapers? Brian Lawson 's response was:


plan to fire sub-atomic particles through 800 miles of rock to get


further clues as to how you the universe was created.


Researchers plan to artificially create an bean of. -- beam. They


plan to finally been 100 miles across the country to a gigantic


detector are. We asked you last week for the words


and phrases used by broadcasters which cause annoyance. Many of you


took the opportunity to get frustrations of your chest.


should he said. But there was a clear winner. The single most


loathed word. contributions. We cannot guarantee


that you will not hear any of them ever again. You can share your


opinions on BBC News by contacting us.


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