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No more on our top stories at 9pm. -- more on our top stories at 9pm.


Now it is time for a Newswatch. Welcome to Newswatch.


Does he need to be in TF? -- Kiev. And some viewers have already heard


enough about Oscar Pistorius. It has been a week where the


impartiality of the BBC in reporting on Ukraine has been lost according


to some viewers. There has been a feeling that there


has been a simplistic portrayal of Russia as the baddies and the West


as the goodies. presence of Hugh Edwards in Kiev.


First we are going to go to Downing Street...


This gave rise to scores of complaints.


invitation to discuss this. Instead they gave this statement.


was your objection? The same as has been said earlier. Why parachute in


a high-profile presenter when four weeks we have been seeing all the


information from Kiev from reporters on the ground? It seems like a waste


of money and resources. In the BBC statement they say that he gave


extra insight. Where that was I do not know. I watched him on the


prime-time news. I did not watch the other programmes. Obviously those


programmes go out anyway. Surely they have teams doing that work


every day of the week. Why did we need ten parachuted in?


One argument I can imagine newsmakers giving is that if you


look at other news organisations, they sent anchors out to Kiev. They


may well think it is a statement to the audience that this is an


important story. We audience understand a lot of


things. We do not have too been led by the nose to look at a news


programme. We watch it. We take it in. We do not need someone with a


high profile for two days only to tell us that this is a high-profile


story. The reporters already on the ground in Kiev would have had a huge


workload. Can you see the case for additional support? When I watched


the news programmes I was watching I did not see him relieving pressure


on those guys, particularly the guy reporting on the Ukrainian navy.


What would your message be to the BBC bosses about this? There is no


need to send someone to an area to cover a link when they can do that


quite adequately from London with the same people, saving themselves a


lot of money. The BBC has to save ?100 million. Spending money sending


teams for two days around the world does not make any sense to me. Thank


you so much. Let us know your thoughts about


that. Let us know your thoughts indeed about any aspect of BBC News.


You have been giving us your thoughts on the trial of Oscar


Pistorius. And also on the Academy awards.


We have got lots of the stars arriving. Paul McCartney. Everyone


has been talking about British success. Gravity taking the lion 's


share of the awards. One viewer was not swept up in all


the excitement. court case that has prominently


featured on BBC news all week. We can now see live inside the


courtroom. No close-ups of Oscar Pistorius are allowed. How do you


plead? Not guilty. Through in-depth analysis and live


coverage on the BBC website... And you can catch up on the first day of


the trial at 7:30pm... Before the first morning was over we


had been contacted by a viewer. came rolling in.


That may well be a topic we return to. In the meantime: Captions.


Tristram Hunt 's job is to be open and honest. The difference between


the parties is clear. Labour 's policy has yet to be formulated.


Baroness Morris may have been described as education secretary.


But it was the second caption that cot the attention of this pure. --


that got the attention of this viewer.


Please let us know if you spot any own goals. You may even end up


featuring on the programme. Top temperature to was 17 degrees in


central London. I cold the across Scotland with snow showers. Milder


air is on its way for all of us over the weekend.


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