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Now it is time for Newswatch. This week, we concentrate on the


prominence given to the News of the sacking of David Moyes.


Hello and welcome to the programme. Coming up... You are fired. The


sacking of David Moyes by Manchester United receives extensive coverage


on the news. Some viewers suggest that the priority given to it is an


editors should force them to consider their own position. The two


down under. Did the BBC help the tour with sycophantic coverage? Are


actors would the mumbling or our news presenters guilty as well? ``


guilty of mumbling. Football management is not secure


profession so it was no great surprise that Manchester United


dismissed David Moyes. Was it big news? Yes, according to most media


organisations including the BBC. It was at the top of most of the


bulletins. The dream job that turned into a nightmare. Ibid. Moyes is


sacked by Manchester United. During his short term at the helm he was


criticised and his team failed to qualify for the Champions League. We


look at how it went so wrong so quickly. Hundreds of viewers were


not convinced that the priority given was not justified. These are


the thoughts of some of our viewers. One of our viewers joins us now. And


we are also joined by the editor of the Six O'Clock News and the Ten


O'Clock News. Thank you both. What was your objection to the coverage?


In view of everything that is going on in the world, including the


situation in the Ukraine, and fought to the news programmes lead on? It


is the sacking of a football manager. If they lead on every


single senior member of a large company that was dismissed, you


would do nothing else but talk about that. What made you choose that news


item? Let's ask him bad. We thought long and hard about what goes into


the programme. `` lets as came about that. We knew that sport polarises


people. In this digital case, we heard a story with a number of


strong elements. `` in this particular case. It had a strong


business, and a human element as well. It was also a strong global


story. Manchester United is a global brand and distribute most around the


world. Nothing was squeezed out or programme. `` and is recognised.


What about the claim that nothing was squeezed out of the programme?


To me, I got bored with the news. I was fed up with the conjecture about


one person being sacked. I could understand it may be being an item


of news. But given all the ball coverage that you already have,


surely a discussion could have taken place on an alternative platform? It


took up almost a quarter of the bullet and on Tuesday. Ukraine got


two minutes. How was that proportionate? `` quarter of the


bulletin. Ukraine has been comprehensively covered this week on


all of our bulletins. There was no mention of Nigeria or South Sudan on


your programme. No mention on the Six O'Clock News that date. But they


were covered on the Ten O'Clock News. People turn onto your


bulletins and they expect to get comprehensive news coverage. The


Manchester United story would always have been in the programme whether


it was at the top or the bottom. The Six O'Clock News and the Ten O'Clock


News have different priorities. The way the BBC reports these stories is


not necessarily good news reporting. It could be seen as


feeding a tabloid hysteria. Is David Moyes responsible for the team


losing on his own? That is very much of what the football industry would


like it to be. We covered all aspects of the story, to do with the


club and the commercial issues. At the heart of the story, when David


Moyes was appointed, was the idea that like Sir Alex Ferguson, he


would be given a recent duration of time to make a success of the job.


Within one year he was out of the job. The World Cup lies ahead. What


does the BBC need to change about how it covers the stories? Quite


frankly, I think that sport is sport and should remain there. What is it


about Manchester United? It is said that all club. Yes, they have a


large commercial background. It is no bigger than many companies in


this country. It has a lot of supporters. But other clubs probably


feel the club should be given more airtime as well. There was an off


the club should be given more airtime as well. There was an offer


lot of time spent on football. You have all of the big programmes. ``


an awful lot of time. Thank you both very much.


Do let us know your thoughts on the priority given to foot all stories


are any aspect of BBC News. `` football stories. We look now at BBC


coverage of the Royal trip to Australia. The trip of the Duke and


Duchess of Cambridge has been judged a great success. Here is a reminder


of some of the Bordeaux opportunities. Prince George seemed


a little bashful. But then a girl called his side. Not an entirely


successful encounter. She retired in tears! Walking in the sand in which


us cannot be easy but going barefoot was not an option. A visit to the


zoo is a child's the light. There was an enclosure at the Sioux in


Sydney, and a small animal for him to get to know. Pictures to warm the


heart. `` an enclosure at the zoo. But some of our viewers noted...


Like a a tricky subject on how the BBC handles the subject of


independence in Scotland. Business per Scotland questioned why the BBC


had not, like other organisations, resigned its membership of the


Confederation of British Industry. On Thursday, the BBC announced it


was suspending its membership. It said it was to protect its


neutrality. That wanted one correspondent to write... ``


prompted. Finally, the subject which occupied the audience feedback team


was not news related, although some felt it had a relevance to news.


Thousands complained that much of the dialogue in Jamaica In was


inaudible, Lamy aired in part on mumbling from the actors. `` blaming


it. A correspondent said... Mumbling was also on the mind of


another correspondent. I will try and in and see it clearly and say


thank you very much for all of your comments. If you want to share your


comments get in touch with us. That's all for now. Thanks for


joining us. Good evening. Good evening. Many of us will be glad to


see the back of the date. It has been very wet for some of us. What


does the weekend have in store? It will be windy for some of us. We


should see some decent spells of


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