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police were searching a number of locations. Now time for News watch


with Samir Ahmed. This week, protests about coverage of the


protest. Hello and welcome to New swatch.


Coming up this week, thousands marching London against austerity


cuts as BBC News `` is BBC News uninterested? He ask if coverage of


the phone hacking trial shows that the media is obsessed with reporting


its. It is showing this ice is recruitment video give terrorists


the oxygen of publicity? Last Saturday, just outside this BBC


building in central London, tens of thousands of protesters set off on a


march to Parliament Square. The group included politicians, union


leaders and the comedian Russell Brand, and they were demonstrating


against the impact of cuts being imposed under the government's


so`called austerity programme. But if you didn't see or hear about it


on BBC News, you were not alone. Thousands of people have complained


to the BBC that it did not give the demonstration the attention it


deserved. Among them was Dale Mason. We asked the BBC to come on and


discuss this new swatch, but they declined, sending us a statement


which I will read in a moment. In the meantime, one of those who was


marching on the streets of London last Saturday and encouraged others


on Twitter to disk `` to express their desert is fact and with the


BBC's dissatisfaction is the journalist Dylan Jones. What is your


concern? It is cowardly not to turn up to respond to these concerns in


person. I want to show you hear a report from 2011 on the BBC. It is a


report about pro `cuts demonstration, organised bike rally


against debts. This demonstration, there were not 10,000 or 5000 or


1000 people, 350 people turned up, yet this demonstration merited


extensive coverage on the BBC. 50,000 people demonstrated last week


and there was no coverage except when the BBC were bombarded with so


many complaints they posted a half`hearted link which had a video


lasting 20 seconds with no commentary. Millions of people


support the aims of this demonstration. Most people in this


country want renationalisation of the rail, energy, higher taxes on


the rich, they think the cuts are unfair and about a quarter of the


population oppose all cuts whatsoever. There will be people


watching who think I don't agree with that view, but I think they


would agree that if that is such a large vein of public opinion, of


people marching on the streets at a time when the government is not


being properly challenged about it `` about the narrative, there should


be some coverage of it, especially when coverage is given to a


demonstration with only 350 people in it. The BBC says, we covered this


demonstration on the BBC News channel with five reports throughout


the evening and on the BBC website and social media.


about the length of grass on the Wimbledon court. This is not the


days of the 1980s, when you have the six o'clock and the ten o'clock


news. There is a massive BBC website. There is rolling news


coverage on the news channel. Yet there was no coverage. They ran some


pictures... They posted a 22nd video, which informed people there


was no commentary, it showed a few people marching around and it only


came... Over 6000 people have complained to the BBC. I doubt there


has been any more complaints for a long time indeed. People like you


feel very passionately about this, but it is also a politically


divisive issue. It is significant that most other organisations, news


organisations, did not cover it with big reports. There is an issue about


the numbers who came and the timing. If this march had been pegged to


something like an imminent parliamentary vote, perhaps there


might have been a judgement that it was more newsworthy event. Austerity


is a constant news story, never ending. At the moment, not least


with the government's narrative that are turning the


with the government's narrative that are economy around even as living


standards are falling, the opportunity to show there are people


in Britain who disagree with that narrative and don't think the Labour


leadership are doing all they can, that is a very substantial news


story. There was a broader problem. This is why the march started at the


BBC. This is more ludicrous, they could not send the journalist


outside because of the lack of coverage of these issues. You think


the BBC is deliberately choosing to ignore these types of


demonstrations? Absolutely, the research by Cardiff University


found, for example, that on the six o'clock news there is 19 times more


interviews of business sources than trade union sources and trade


unionists working on this march. There is a bigger issue about the


attitude of trade unions. They are the biggest democratic movement in


the country, over 6 million workers belong to trade unions, yet there is


19 more times coverage of business leaders. The BBC rarely shows this


and I have to say someone had kicked off Juncker that demonstration and a


window had been smashed, there would have been cameras. Even if you


disagree with the protesters they should be able to air their views


and have a public broadcaster like to BBC give a platform, scrutinise


them, challenge them, criticised their arguments and put


counterarguments to them, but to not show any coverage whatsoever of tens


of thousands of people on an anti`government demonstration


marching through London is not defensible. That is why 6000 people


complained. Owen Jones, thanks very much. Nobody complained this week of


an insufficient focus from BBC News on the phone hacking trial, which


concluded on `` on Tuesday. Do you stand by what you said, that you


believed this was a witch hunt? The verdict, which saw Rebekah Brooks


cleared of all charges, while her successor Andy Coulson was found


guilty of conspiracy to hack phones, received extensive coverage


on the BBC, including a hastily scheduled panorama special on


Wednesday night. This media scrum on Thursday included more than one BBC


reporter cost of it was all too much for some viewers, including Vivian


Coombs, who left this phone message. The hacking trial seems to have gone


on forever. We hear the same old evidence being rehashed over and


over and over. It seems anything to do with the media, they can't stop


examining their own navels all the time. Also `` I am all for having it


reported, but not to the exclusion of everything else. We need a sense


of proportion and realise there are more things going on in the world


than Rebekah Brooks and her big hairdo. Since he's suffered serious


head injuries in a skiing accident last December, the medical statement


of `` the medical state of Michael Schumacher has captured attention.


He was placed in a medically induced coma for months, but has now left


hospital. It emerged this week that some of his medical files had been


stolen and were being offered for sale. On Thursday the BBC News


website ran a story whose headline struck Martin Zeltweg is ironic.


The emergence last Friday of a recruitment video for the Islamist


militant group ISIS, featuring two men from Cardiff and one from


Aberdeen, prompted a series of reports on BBC News. The video shows


the emerging as a British Muslims to join their war, but it's repeated


appearance concert and a number of news watch viewers including Susan


Turner. Finally, the BBC sends out breaking


news alerts or push notifications to smartphone users but the one send


out on Wednesday morning was very strange indeed. It read...


Confused? Had the service been hijacked by pranksters? Nope. And


apologises `` an apology was later sent out for what was sent out, test


notifications, in error. Thank you for that and all your


comments this week. If you want to share your opinions on BBC News and


current affairs, or appear on the programme, you can call us, or


e`mail us. You can have a look at our website,


or contact us on Twitter. You can search for previous topics and watch


any edition of the programme. That is all from us. We will be back to


hear your thoughts next week. Goodbye.


Hello, plenty of whether watching going on, rumbles of thunder and big


thunderstorms across parts of Norfolk and localised flooding.


Storms in the Glastonbury area also and


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