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constitutional change. It is time for Newswatch.


Scores of complaints as the BBC leads the six o'clock News on the


sacking of Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.


Tim Peake became the first edition Astra on the International Space


Station but did the BBC do it justice?


And was the BBC in hyperdrive promoting the latest Star Wars film?


Scores of you got in touch about the amount of coverage given to the


sacking of Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho which led the six o'clock


News on Thursday. Good evening and welcome to the BBC


News at six. Chelsea has sacked their most successful manager Jose


Mourinho after a terrible start to the season. He led his team to


Premier League triumph in May but just seven months later the club has


seen a complete reversal of fortune. Many people got in touch with us. I


was watching the news and I was surprised to see with everything


going on in the world today that the first item should be the sacking of


Jose Mourinho. I do not suppose he wanted at 81 but it is only


football. It is yet another example of stuff happening in London gets


priority. I felt that way and I am a football fan. There are millions out


there who are not football fans. I wonder if they have the same


concerns that it should have been given slot one. There is bigger


stuff. I am an easy-going individual but I was incredulous to see an


extended bulletin on the demise of someone, who Jimmy, is an


insignificant football celebrity. I have little interest in sport but I


can understand there are those who do but on an evening when the Prime


Minister was in Europe attempting to make some quite significant


decisions on the future of the entire country, to have the or four


minutes on this football character and his future at the top of the


news did not seem quite right to me. We are joined by the editor of the


six o'clock News and the ten o'clock news. Was this really the lead?


First of all, I do recognise that parts of the audience do not think


sports stories should be at the top of the news bulletin. Some viewers


think sports should not be in a news bulletin at all. We did think and


discuss this decision long and hard. We have had their claims and


counterclaims for this story and other stories so there was a good


process and discussion around it. And we do not do read sports stories


that often. But in the end it came down to a number of reasons. It is a


big football story. Chelsea are the Premier League champions. They have


had a spectacular demise of the last six months. Unprecedented for a


Premier League champions to potential relegation candidates.


There is something within that. Also Jose Mourinho is one of the biggest


figures in football, in world football. But also he is a football


personality that transcends the sport. Lots of people and viewers


know about Jose Mourinho. There is a lot of interest in him as an


individual. That takes you to the next part of it. It is more than a


football or a sports story in the sense that the Premier League,


Premier League clubs, our global brands. This is the biggest football


league in the world. This is one of the biggest sporting weeks and plans


in the world. And these are global brands with a global interests, not


just a UK interest in the story. There is interest around the world.


We saw that in our audience teacher after the story emerged. We got a


lot of hits on the individual websites. 4 million hits on that


story. When the top person goes, the leader of the brand, almost the


chief executive, the creative leader of that organisation, that is a


story with is a lot of interest. What about The View of a football


fan who says the prominence was due to the fact it was a London Premier


League club and it just gets more attention. I heard that clip but


this had been Manchester United Manchester City there would be


similar assessment around that story as well. They are both huge football


clubs, huge global brands, and have a resonance beyond simply football.


Do you not think that the BBC is setting out a message of importance


by the order that puts things in and actually even as the most important


story and you could have made this second rest absolutely and that is


why we do think and talk about this a lot. There are a number of things


we take into consideration. You could read on the unit story every


day between now and when the referendum happens. I am not sure


that it be a perfect service for audiences either. These are


decisions we make. We have a think. The user story rumbles on into next


year. The Chelsea story was one which unexpectedly happened


yesterday afternoon and was a very current story at six o'clock


yesterday. Do let us know your thoughts on that


or on any aspect of BBC News. Because of who to contact us at the


end of the programme. One of the big stories this week was


about Tim Peake, Britain's first official astronaut who went into


space to work on the International Space Station. They will spend six


months conducting scientific experiments and carrying out


educational to encourage young people to do science. Quite an all


inspiring moments. Some separation confirmed off the part of the rocket


that will separate by stages as it makes its way towards orbits. But


some of you were not all that happy with the BBC coverage overall. One


viewer got in touch with us. I was interested in the Tim Peake story. I


was not interested in the paedophiles and the old friends that


added nothing to the story -- was not interested in the peripherals


and the old friends that added nothing to the story. So much time


discussing things that did not fit into what was happening. You can


tell how proud they are by their size of the arrow on his school


photo. Who knew then what this little boy would do? Certainly not


his school best friends. It is the biggest thing that has happened


since I was born. I am proud. The BBC issued this statement in


response. And finally you may well be where


there is a new science-fiction out the speech. I am talking about Star


Wars, the force awakens. Several viewers said the BBC gave it to much


coverage. It is premiered in the UK this


evening and our man is in Leicester square. It has been very busy. Can I


get you to turn around? You have come from? From Germany. Did you


make this costume yourself? And you are very excited? I will leave you


in peace. Thank you. A pleasure to meet you. If that does not mean


anything to you these next three minutes will be even more


mysterious. For anyone who doubted me earlier on the one o'clock news


when I said I had met and Ewok here he is.


Their blanket coverage of Star Wars, to show one item on either side of


the premier would have been sufficient. There are more potent


things going on in the world than simply another Star Wars film. I am


interested in the trachea used by the BBC to select such items because


they obviously have strict rules about product basement and yet this


product has been advertised so extensively, the advertising has


been worth millions. We asked the BBC about this and they issued this


statement. That is all from us. Thank you for


all your comments this week. If you want to share your opinions on BBC


News and current affairs you can contact us.


We will be back in the New Year on January eight to hear your thoughts


about BBC News coverage. Until then have a happy Christmas and New


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