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He dropped out of the race in March. At 10pm Fiona Bruce will be here


with a round-up of the news, but first Newswatch.


Accusations that outrageous sound bites and media stunts have trumped


the discussion of policy in the BBC's


coverage of the US presidential campaign.


It is not the Boris Johnson show, it is the


Andrew Marr Show, I get to ask the questions.


A struggle for sovereignty on the Andrew Marr Show


between the presenter and the mayor of London.


In a month's time, voters in United States of America


You may have had an inkling of this already as the various candidates


for that role, and one in particular, have featured


In a moment we will hear from the BBC's North America editor,


but first where have we got to so far?


Although the front runners for both parties are pretty clear by now,


there is still a long way to go in this race.


The process of choosing the Republican and Democratic


candidates began on the 1st of February.


Each date there is an election with a winner klaxon number of collection


points. Next Tuesday's primaries,


including Florida and North Carolina, page proved


decisive in this process. The delegates then have the right


to vote for the chosen There the candidates


will be formally Then the real campaign starts


commentating on a nationwide It is too much for


some who wrote last I am going to build a wall


and Mexico is good to pay for it. To the surprise of


some, many Americans have already been


voting for this man. But has Donald Trump's success be


mainly down to media attention? I think in the run-up to super


Tuesday, Trump was pulling the media strings and there was lazy


journalism in that the BBC journalists were reacting


to the latest Trump big show or comment, rather than helping us


understand the policy issues behind it and rather than giving us balance


coverage of the several people We were not hearing from the other


candidates, or Hillary Clinton, instead we were having response


to the latest outrage, Taking a brief respite


from the campaign show back in the UK is the BBC's


North America editor. The field has narrowed that many


viewers felt that the BBC's coverage has focused too much


on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from the start, and that other


candidates never really got Then you could have been


in danger of boring If you covered everyone equally,


even though you need the researching candidates had next to no chance


of being in the race, then you could have given us


the criticism that we are doing too much on marginal figures who do not


stand a chance of being president. There have been times


when I thought we have done too much in that has been


will be focused on the minor There is a phenomenal


situation that the next president of the United States


of America with the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world could be


a billionaire businessman who has never held any elected office,


who has said some pretty extraordinary things


in terms of building a 200 mile wall between Mexico


and the United States, who would like to ban


all Muslims from the country, there is an inevitability


that you're going to focus on a character


like that and we did that and focused on Hillary Clinton


and Bernie Sanders He is very smart at playing


the media to maximise attention without scrutiny and consider


audiences, like some of our viewers, that the BBC is along for the ride


and they're not really analysing him I think we have tried


to scrutinise his policies I have done a number of pieces that


have tried to look at health care or international


relations to try and... It is trying to nail blancmange


to the wall in terms He is out in front,


he is going to be the Republican But the process of that is


part of the concern. In Britain he is widely


seen as Maybe we should have taken him more


seriously all along? Last June it seemed


like a joke and without -- we thought it would


be over in six weeks. I heard from an authoritative


source that he was planning to back out of the race


after a few weeks having had the publicity and he


was going to back I have felt, and I have been


saying to BBC bosses, that we need to take


him seriously as it could


be the Republican nominee. He could be the next


president in the United In the UK he would have


a policy release every week in the run-up to a general


election, but here there seems to be no policy coming out of Donald Trump


so you cannot hunt for it. There are flourishes but if you look


beyond the detail of that to any policy positions,


and other toppings as diplomats and other day from a number


of countries, the normal processes and Election Day will mark


who these candidates are, so they know who the key people


are if they win the election they will be in office


with. Donald Trump stands up


and says things that we do not know who the policy people


are over the detail of anything. That is one of the things


that is good to come under closer scrutiny as the election


process was forward. I think broadly


in the balance of our coverage, there are some


things we have gone wrong, but I would defend that we are told


an extraordinary story pretty well about the phenomenon that is Donald


Trump on the populist right and a phenomenal


that is Bernie Sanders on the left. Political nerds and journalists get


very excited by the detail of that. There are viewers who said


that it is November when the election happens and they


feel they're getting too There was a debate before Iowa


which kicked off the election It is a caucus as opposed to a


primary. I said at the end of the day it is an election but letters


not get bogged down in the process of voting. We know there is going to


be a winner emerging and whoever wins was any better position than


they were before the election. If we did not start coverage until


October, we would not have explained to Donald Trump is, we would not


have explained the rise of Bernie Sanders, and is yearning of young


people in particular for a socialist solution in the most capitalist


country in the world, I think we would have been doing the viewers a


disservice. We still have a monster called and this election. Can you


promise us that we will not get bored? Where do we go from here? It


will not be wall-to-wall. I'm sure there will be a lot about the


European Union in the coming months. It is only on when it is


interesting. If the Pope launches an attack on Donald Trump, we should


cover it. It was incredible. Like so much of this US election race. Thank


you. No doubt we will be hearing more


opinions on that before the election in November. A vote that is more


imminent is also been concerning this week, coverage of the EU


referendum has again arose the attention of viewers, specifically


an interview on the Andrew Marr Show with the most visible figure on the


B-side, Boris Johnson, clashed with Andrew Marr on several issues. That


is exactly what he said. This report says very clearly that the best


future is to get out often unreformed EU. But he says... Can I


just explain for the benefit of our viewers who remain listening to this


conversation why I think... What I think the problem with the EU is. I


give you the chance to do that. Let us move on. We do need to move on.


I'm good to tell you what I'm going to cover. It is not the Boris


Johnson show, it is the Andrew Marr Show. I get to ask the questions. I


have sovereignty over this programme. To viewers recorded


reactions. I was totally disgusted by the way their Boris Johnson was


treated. She was never allowed to answer a question and he was being


interrupted all the time. This is an important issue. We heard plenty


from the we must seeing campaign and the threats and the come out and I


could see Boris Johnson's frustration and we need to know


more. I just want to explain the single market... You have explained


it three or four times. I need to explain the difference between what


we have in Europe... I watch programmes like these to get as much


information as possible so I can make an informed decision. This fell


short of my expectations are left me none the wiser. The consul


interrupted to the extent the Boris Johnson was unable to finish


answering the questions. If all of the interview was the shot it and


the feel of the interview was uncomfortable, verging on road. The


editor of the Andrew Marr Show, who also oversees Newswatch, had this to


say in response: thank you for all your comments this


week. If you want to share your opinions on BBC news and current


affairs or appear on the programme, you can call us on this telephone


number or e-mail us at the address on screen. You can find us on


Twitter and a look at our website. -- do look at. That is from us. We


will be back to your thoughts again next week. Goodbye.


Coming up in the sport, we will tell you about


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