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political prisoners. 400 are still behind bars. At ten o'clock we will


have a full round-up of the day's news, but first, it is time for


Newswatch. Hello and welcome to Newswatch


with me, Samira Ahmed. Coming up: Is the BBC News channel


showing less, well, live And is the attention paid


by the media to the Prime Minister's Three weeks ago, the BBC News


channel made a couple of tweaks to its schedule,


introducing a repeat of the Newsnight programme


at 11.15pm, just after it's finished its transmission


on BBC Two, and extending the Victoria Derbyshire show to two


hours each weekday morning. But these moves, coupled


with other recent changes, have prompted some viewers


to observe that the channel is rowing back on the core


purpose it has long held, Hello, and welcome for the first


time to BBC News 24. Even at its launch back in 1997,


the then News 24 mixed live news But of late the view


that there is increasingly less of the former and more


of the latter has been growing I remember the old mantra -


get the headlines every 15 minutes. I remember when the channel


was called BBC News 24. It seems to me like the BBC


News Channel is going through a sort of piece by piece dismantling,


doing less of the things that it


really should be doing. We seem to be getting more and more


sort of less relevant content, The Travel programme,


Meet the Author, what place do The Weather Show -


what was with the endless of the Weather Show programme over


the course What really irks me is


the Victoria Derbyshire programme. This programme, which is broadcast


on BBC Two at the same time, takes almost two hours of airtime


every weekday, so with the business during that prime spot from 8.30am


until 11 o'clock, we get That turns that mantra of getting


the headlines every 15 The addition to the schedule


a year ago of Outside Source, Business Live,


and the Victoria Derbyshire show Questions are being raised


particularly about whether the News Channel is a suitable home


for the Victoria Derbyshire show, with its discussions this week


about shared parental leave, addiction to gambling


and the bucket list of a woman We already have three over


lightweight magazine programme, Do we really need for you to


continue in the same format under When I turn on BBC News, I don't


want to see a magazine programme. I want to see a newsreader sitting


at a desk, giving me the news. I want to know where it happened


and when it happened, and I'm not getting this from


the BBC News Channel at the moment. I now watch Sky News,


something I never thought Well, at weekends especially


the News Channel shows a number of feature programmes,


including our very own Newswatch, We're all aware that the BBC


currently faces a number of budget challenges,


and I've come up with a number of suggestions that I think might be


able to help. I'd like to propose that the BBC


change the existing BBC News Channel For me, if you stop wasting money


on programmes such as Click, The Travel Show, HARDtalk,


The Film Review, Meet the Author, Reporters, Our World -


why not provide a good quality basic news service


for the licence fee payer? So welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers are bringing The latest schedule change replaces


one of the two evening newspaper review slots at 11.30pm with that


Newsnight repeat, just after it has finished


being shown on BBC Two. I do understand, of course,


the BBC does have to make some savings, some quite


big savings in fact, but it seems to me that


live news is the thing that the BBC is known


for and is best at, frankly. And it is a real disappointment


to see that it is cutting in this area things like the late-night


review of the papers, and I am also disappointed


that the replacement for the review of the papers at 11.30pm


is a repeat of Newsnight, which has already been shown earlier


in the evening. Call me old-fashioned,


but I think a news channel should be about live news and analysis,


not repeating something that has been shown already


earlier in the evening. Thanks to all of those viewers


who recorded their thoughts there. And Sam Taylor, who oversees


the BBC News Channel, Sam, let's start with Newsnight


getting a repeat straight after it's In the age of iPlayer,


what's the point of that? Well, look, firstly I should say


that one of the great things about working on the BBC


News Channel is that we have got such a committed


and interested audience who, you know, are very free


in telling us what they think about the network,


what they like and Of course, we do get a wide


range of opinion. When it comes to Newsnight,


that's not about saving money. It's actually just about us looking


at a way to give people another chance to see the programme that


sets the agenda. Well, actually, at that time


in the evening we think that some people are not able to watch


the programme in the 10.30pm slot, and were trying out whether of them


can watch it in a slot immediately Newsnight, of course, flagship BBC


News current affairs programme, regularly sets the agenda,


with award-winning coverage of Kids Company


and other major stories, you know, it is an important part of the BBC


news and current affairs offer. And we are the network that shows


the best of BBC News We have had a lot of complaints ever


since it started a year ago. The basic message, it is too


much of a magazine show, when there are plenty of commercial


rivals doing that. Where is the hard rolling


news all morning? The Victoria Derbyshire programme


has got a specific brief, to really drive forward BBC News


commitment to original stories, to audience interaction,


and to finding out things that And then it also has the brief


to cover breaking news. That's why it cleared the decks


for the Brussels attacks, for the recent hijacking in Cyprus,


and other big stories as well, So it has a big brief,


and I think it is doing it well and it is actually about ensuring


that we do move forward the range and scale of what we deliver and,


crucially, to tell stories that But, crucially, it is also going out


simultaneously on BBC Two, so you have actually reduced


the choice of people I think we need to look


at the other way round. The programme is actually put


together each morning They make the show, and, you know,


BBC Two takes the show. It also takes Newsroom Live at 11


o'clock each morning, so the discussion is about


the journalism the programme does but I am very comfortable with how


it sits on the News Channel, because The crucial thing with all of these


changes is that when big breaking news happens


we get to it and do it. When breaking news does happen,


some people say, look, the economy and scale of a proper


rolling news channel is that to it straight away,


you stick with it, and we have had complaints,


in some cases, where the Victoria Derbyshire show has


done the odd bit but it has not been able to go over, as it would have


done in the old days? I think the critical thing with this


is that when really big stories happen, we cleared


the decks across-the-board. We even drop Newsnight,


on occasions, as you know, That's what happened


with Brussels, with Paris, Other more incremental breaking


developments, you know, we have always had a judgment call


about when to do them That has always been the case


and will always be the judgement When we need to clear the decks


and roll on a story, People feel, and we have read a lot


in those viewer comments, that it is just about saving money,


the budget cuts, isn't it? Otherwise, why mess with a formula


that people wanted? Look, obviously, the BBC as a whole


needs to save money. We've been saving money as well,


and we have to have an eye to make sure we use our resources


as efficiently as possible. In an but the key thing is to ensure


we retain the capability to do the key stories as they happen on the


other thing I think is important, the whole marketplace has changed.


We do have to recognise that TV news channels around the world are all


evolving because people have more ways to get the court news headlines


and coverage from mobile phones and online. It feels like there are


fewer places offering proper rolling news on the number of times we hear


from viewers who said it will have to watch Sky News for proper rolling


news. The BBC News channel is not doing it any more and too much is


merged with BBC Two or BBC World. I think all TV news channels are


evolving. You can see networks Evra looking at new programming. The


rivals you just mentioned, they have changed their schedule quite a lot


as well. That is because we all know people can get their basic headlines


on their mobile phone very easily, so if we are to have an audience in


the future we need to give people more reasons to tune in and I am


proud that when we see TV channels around the world trying to innovate


we are ahead of the game in many ways. That is what is going on, I


think. Channels need to innovate but hold onto, where it really matters,


their core purpose, that is what we doing. We appreciate people's


feedback as we try out different things in that context. That you


very much. Just time before we go to mention the reaction to the biggest


story of the week, the document leaked from the Panamanian law firm,


Mossack Fonseca, which lifted the lid on the use of tax havens by the


world's rich and powerful. As the week went on, the involvement of


David Cameron via an offshore fund set up by his late father has come


increasingly under the spotlight. A few viewers got in touch, along the


lines of Jeremy, who wrote... Finally, Tuesday's Newsnight


featured on a draft cultural -- Tuesday's Newsnight featured an item


of cultural appropriation. Justin Bieber with dreadlocks.


Many thanks for all your comments this week. We may feature your


comments and opinions if you call us on the number on screen. Or you can


e-mail. You can also reach us on Twitter and do have a look at our


website. That is from us. We will be back to hear your thoughts about BBC


News coverage again next week. Goodbye.


Coming up in Sportsday, the latest in Jordan Spieth's quest for


back-to-back Masters. We will hear from Anthony Joshua as he


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