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will be here with a full round-up of the news, but first it is Newswatch.


Coming up: Are you confused, bored or irritated by


Why haven't BBC News reported more about allegations of electoral


irregularities involving members of the Conservative Party at last


And, the sound of the BBC's political editor being hissed


We hear some reaction to that response.


Less than three weeks to go and the EU referendum seems to have


permeated every corner of BBC television output.


As well as dominating the news, the subject featured


in a documentary on BBC Two on Tuesday, fronted


by the organisation's political editor, Laura Kuenssberg.


Andrew Neil, it has been announced, will be hosting three prime-time


television programmes on BBC One next week and the troublesome


business of campaigning even found its way onto last


We will ask the key players on both sides.


Prime Minister David Cameron for Britain Stronger In Europe.


I think it is one of our natural treasures.


And Boris Johnson from the Vote Leave campaign.


The countryside is central to ourselves and our sense


Why backing them promises a rosy future for rural Britain.


So were the rolling hills and bleating lambs of British


countryside a suitable forum for arguments about why


we should leave or stay in the European Union?


We put that objection to Countryfile and the executive producer told us:


That sense of referendum that he is clearly felt more widely. Andrew put


it like this: it is not just the quantity but the


nature of coverage that is turning some viewers. The leading players in


this battle are in one particular political party and Conservative


divisions are taking up too much air time for the tastes of this man. The


referendum coverage is unbalanced. It is perpetuating the view that it


is a struggle for power in the Conservative Party. On the evening


bulletin there were discussions with some politicians about immigration,


but at no point whether any interviews with Labour politicians


or other opposition politicians, all of the contributions were from


Conservative Party members. It is time that the national broadcaster


respected non-Conservative Party views on this important issue. For


one woman it is not the dominance of Conservatives that is the problem,


but the dominance of politicians: to discuss those perceptions of how


BBC News is covering the referendum campaign, and joined by Gavin Allen


who controls daily news programmes. Too many politicians into many


Conservatives in particular? Politicians are leading both the


official campaigns and to give them credit they have a lot of experience


at dealing with the departments that work with the European Union and it


is legitimate that we hear from them. It is also important to see a


range of voices which is what we have tried to do across all


programmes and to hear from a range of parties. Tell me more about the


range of voices. Viewers are saying it is not a party divide issue, it


is bigger than that, so we should be hearing more people who are not


politicians. If you look at breakfast TV coverage with the 10pm


news this week we have looked at farming and fishing and education


and the NHS, within those areas we have not been hearing from the


Cabinet Secretary for that area but from people in the Trinity. -- in


the community. Are we hearing a lot from people? I think so. Tim Martin


from Wetherspoon 's was there, Ian both on with elsewhere, they were


advocating their position on the referendum. Passion helps but so


does explanation. If everyone is on one side it will confuse viewers.


Part of the challenges that the campaigns are pumping out repetitive


lines and edited daily line-up of celebrities on every issue. It is


not your fault that they are running their campaigns that we did do you


think the BBC goes along with that too much. The agenda they tried to


set is normally the economy, controlling our borders, and a big


topic so it is important to look at them in debt. It would be remiss of


us if we waited for either camp to tell us what they want to do that


day and we just followed it. Another complaint is that there is a lot of


relevant comment and opinion in Europe. Heads of major EU businesses


and institutions. But apart from Angela Merkel, very little of that


gets onto the television. Should you not be putting more of those voices


on-air? There is a lot of material on the website and we are trying to


be comprehensive. We covered Angela Merkel on the Ten O'Clock News. We


also looked at comments from Spain and the Netherlands. It was also


from citizens in the EU, not just people in positions of the party. We


did a piece for Newsnight where he toured across Europe. We have a


referendum generation programme that looks younger people, including


people who are not British, to see how they are preceding the


referendum. There have been a lot of events in Cali over migrants, which


people say should be part of the immigration issue coverage and not


kept separate. I think it is a difficult area. When you say, keep


it separate, we are covering those stories. It is the perceptions of


people and members of the public but it is also distinct from it. There


are EU and non-EU migration issues. If we blurred the boundaries of that


I don't think we are serving the audience. There are still three


weeks ago and there is already quite a frenzy. A lot of the public feel


they are being put off, there is too much coverage. What should the BBC


do? What we're getting from audience research is that there is an


appetite for a clearer coverage and more coverage. It might be fishing


or farming you are interested in that we have to cover the whole


remit of this. Whatever someone is driven by, somewhere in a coverage


we must be able to let them see that make an informed decision thank you.


No doubt we will be looking at other aspects of the BBC's referendum


coverage between now and the 23rd of June did in the meantime we leave


you with some other topic boycott your attention week. The subject of


must each discussion on social media, 11 police forces around the


country have began inquiries following claims that the


Conservatives broke the law during last year's general election and the


electoral commission is also investigating. Channel 4 News has


covered the story extensively, and while it has been mentioned on some


BBC News outlets, there has not been nearly enough on it. Hundreds of


years that this, including this one. Surely this is a big story and the


BBC should be climbing all over it. Why are they not? Adi frightened?


Will upset someone in the establishment? The ramifications for


this is that we could be fighting an EU referendum by a party that was


voted in by election of fraudulent practices. The BBC has taken my


licence fee but it is not protecting the public or democracy. We at BBC


very responsive and they told us: the BBC's political editor, Laura


Kuenssberg, has found herself in the news and an online petition calling


for her to be sacked gathered 35,000 signatures before being removed last


month as it had become a focal point for misogynistic abuse. This week


Jeremy Corbyn said that the BBC was obsessed with trying to damage the


leadership of the party. On Thursday, when Laura Kuenssberg


Peterborough Hand ASCII question, this happened. Laura Kuenssberg from


the BBC. There has been much comment on the


smile and the poll is before Jeremy Corbyn lifted his hand, but Tom


Watson with quick to condemn the behaviour. He said: Laura Kuenssberg


posted this gentle reminder: thank you for all your comments this week.


If you want to share your opinion on the BBC's political reporting or any


aspect of BBC News and current affairs do telephone us or send us


an e-mail. You can find us on Twitter and they look at our


website. That is all from us, we will be back to hear your thoughts


about BBC News coverage again next


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