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Attend him, will have a full round-up of the day's news. First,


News watch. Coming up, he's about to be


re-elected as Labour leader if the But has Jeremy Corbyn been


given a fair hearing by And just how important


is the separation of Angelina Jolie Last week, we add the charge that


BBC News had over its reporting of the departure


of the Great British This week, more cake


related complaints. Breaking news, we have


a statement from Channel 4 confirming that Paul


Hollywood has signed a deal to go to bake off


on Well, that hot on the heels


of the news that Mary Berry is She is staying at the BBC and won't


be following the show to Channel 4. As we have just heard on the last


few seconds, Paul Hollywood has signed a deal to go


with the show to Channel 4. The excitement was not shared


by everyone, with scores of responding along the lines


of Steve Gilbert from Chelmsford. And that wasn't the first bit


of breaking news this week Now, the breaking news


is that Hollywood's most famous celebrity couple,


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are to A lawyer for Angelina Jolie has said


that she has initiated the This is coming initially


from the showbiz website in Los Angeles, TMZ, which said that she


has filed divorce papers yesterday, Nicola Vaughan from Cheltenham


called with her thoughts on the I've been tuned in to BBC


News Channel today. I was a little disgruntled


that Tim Farron's speech was interrupted


move swiftly and live to Barack Obama, but could understand it.


I could also understand why the focus


on the ceasefire in Syria deserved to be so prominent on the news feed.


I really, really cannot understand why breaking news that Angelina


Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting divorced seems to supersede all


I thought I was watching a news channel, not celebrity divorce


When Jeremy Corbyn was first elected Labour leader just


over a year ago, there was much discussion about whether he would be


Less confrontational at Prime Minister's Questions, for example.


And perhaps requiring a new approach from news


But since then, many of his supporters have criticised they feel


has been consistently hostile bias against him by BBC News.


We'll be discussing this in a moment, but


first he a clip from Wednesday's News at 1pm,


when Norman Smith was discussing the personal focus of the


There aren't really there aren't really


those huge policy differences between Mr Corbyn and Mr Smith.


They're roughly on the same political page


It's been about personality and Mr Smith's


conviction that he is better equipped to lead the party, manage


Today he got some surprising support from Mr


Corbyn's first wife, who said she had been voting for him


because you thought Jeremy Corbyn not really up


to it and actually haven't changed any of his views since the 1970s.


That damning verdict, it is alleged, has


been heard too often on the


Rich Chamberlain objected to its being repeated


from that particular source.


More accusations of bias followed Monday's panorama, which


asked the question, Labour, is the party over?


We've been on the front line of Labour's civil war.


The battle for the soul of the Labour


Party is going to be fought out on the streets


I think we are standing absolutely at


And it might well be that one or other of the


factions, or both of us, and up going over it.


There has been abuse, bullying, threats.


Diane Randall was one of a number of viewers to contact us about that


Well, we asked BBC News for someone to come and


discusses on the programme, but no one was available.


Instead, they gave us this statement.


Well, we are joined now by one of the viewers who


contacted us this week, Kevin Foley in our Nottingham studio.


We should say, your supporter of Jeremy Corbyn


What is your concern about the coverage?


I think in line with some of the


e-mails there and your introduction, I think it's been very frustrating


that there hasn't been as much coverage of his policies, which are


And the emphasis has been on a very personal level, and


I noted a while back that Nick Robinson, the BBC man,


said he was shocked at the treatment Mr Corbyn had hard.


And you have other concerns about the tone of


coverage, and also the kinds of voices commenting on him?


I mean, it's almost as if the mood changes,


It's Doctor Who time for Corbyn supporters.


There often seems to be twice as many people detracting from


And the presenters can introduce an element of incredulity when it


comes to treating anything Jeremy Corbyn says.


So doesn't come across as evenhanded, it comes across


I want to mention a particular example of something that


When the Shadow Cabinet, you know, resigned,


That was really happening, there was a real issue


Journalists would say that the heart of what they are trying to cover.


Yeah, there is a feeling and we don't know how valid this is,


that there was some corporation between the BBC News team and the


I take your point, but these things happen and


they are happening in the public domain.


You aren't saying journalists shouldn't cover them, are you?


But there is far too much emphasis on personality, and


people really would like to get through to the policies.


Because as I say, his policies are often, when


people asked anonymously whether they support


And then they're presenting a picture of Jeremy and because he's


been turned into a pantomime villain, to some extent by the BBC


News as we would say, than they recoil in


When Jeremy Corbyn comes to an interview and is asked, would


Journalists would say that story and politicians, mostly know they


have to think that what they say might be interpreted in ways they


Is that the issue, that he doesn't approach interviews,


perhaps, the way a lot of other politicians to?


He doesn't play the game in the same way that other people play the game.


But people are largely very sick and tired of politicians


I think they'd much rather somebody tells us that they are 7.5


out of ten for Europe, rather than someone


who pretends that they are


Assuming Jeremy Corbyn is re-elected as Labour


leader this weekend, how would you want


reset the button in a way, if it could,


Whoever is writing the scripts, I think they've


got to try and be more careful with their language they use.


But in general, I think the biggest thing is to get


If people don't want to vote for him because they


don't like his policies, that's fine.


But I think it's undermining democracy if people


don't get opportunity to find out what those policies are.


Now, we occasionally hear complaints are


totally get distracted from what news


presenters are saying by the


A couple of years ago, we featured the horror of


the fly that appeared on the camera lens during the broadcast of


Reporting Scotland and was then captured by a spider.


It appears they have a problem with wildlife in


that studio in Glasgow because on Monday morning, on the same


programme, the creepy crawlers got hot again.


That's all for now, I'll be back with another update.


This time, it was a wasp magnified by the camera and stealing the show


Twitter was abuzz with rumours of a giant insect


attack, with one person suggesting...


Another BBC presenter, John Beattie, claimed...


Thank you for your comments this week.


You too can put your opinions on BBC News


across online, telephone or on camera.


You can follow us on Twitter or do have a look at our website for


That's all from us, we'll be back to hear your


thoughts about BBC News coverage again next week.


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