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countries are refusing to grant them asylum. At 10pm Fiona Bruce will be


here with a round-up of the news today, but first it is time for


Newswatch. Hello and welcome to Newswatch with


me Samira Ahmed. The tables have turned as Donald Trump accuses the


media of spreading untruths about him. It is all fake news, it is


funny stuff, it did not happen. If that is the case, why is BBC News


giving so much time to the allegations about the


President-elect? Anything Donald Trump says Ordaz has


been intensely scrutinised in the build-up to his inauguration next


week. And when see all eyes were on his first press conference since the


election and it did not disappoint. Take a moment when a reporter tried


to ask a question. Go ahead. Not you. Your organisation is terrible.


Go ahead. The quiet. The quiet. Do not be rigged. Do not be rude. I am


not going to give you a question. You are a fake news. Could you state


categorically... After that attack on CNN as a fake news agency, would


other correspondence be brave enough to raise their hands. Go ahead. As


far as we understand the intelligence community... I am from


BBC News that is another beauty. If there was


more than a hint of sarcasm in that description, the President-elect


would not have got the BBC's coverage was beautiful. The dossier


they were investigating was an open secret. Journalists had been working


on it for months. It is a tale of sordid sexual escapades, Russian STB


be announced an money been funnelled to the charm campaign. The question


is whether it is fact, part fact, pulp fiction. It is not no if the


rumours I've fact or fiction, but the BBC heard last year about a


blackmail tape. But why did they not broadcast that news?


Are those were concerned about the extent the allegations. -- another


person was concerned. It was the website bugs feed that


published the 35 page dossier on fool on Tuesday evening. While it


was impossible for the BBC to ignore it, some people felt that dominated


the BBC's coverage. The editor of the BBC's news at six


and ten is poll Royal who's me now. It has been a big revelation that


the BBC was aware of a black one tape. -- blackmail tape. Why did the


BBC decide not to >> reporter-macBBC became aware


became aware of the existence of this dossier and these potential


allegations. We have robust editorial processes that we go


through in terms of verification and trying to substantiate the


allegations. We could not and they were unproven so we did not publish


them. As they saw this week, but Mike decided to publish the dossier


and they had their own editorial rationale in case for that.


Given that these allegations are not verified, should the BBC be


reporting on them at all? What happened on Tuesday became a story


and we were very careful on Wednesday to cover the story that


was playing out, but at the same time to be quite general about the


unproven allegations. We were careful about that. Once on US


networks started reporting the story, Donald Trump treated about


that overnight. There was a story on Wednesday morning that we had to


cover and that was obviously the main part of his news conference


that afternoon. It at the same time, we were very careful. One of the


correspondent said that in fairness to Donald Trump we're not going into


detail about the allegations. If they turn out to be false, will the


BBC be in a difficult situation? I don't think we will be because of


the care we took on Wednesday and after that to make sure that we were


not recirculating lots of detail about something that is unproven.


I'm happy and I think we will be in a good place. There are numerous


serious allegations being discussed about President-elect Trump's links


to rush hour. How will the BBC report on that? We will test what is


true and what can be substantiated, what is worthy of further


investigation and analysis, so we have a tried and tested process for


that built up three years and decades. Is that related to sources


and how many routes were since you have? As you know there are two


sources on all BBC stories. We're sticking to our editorial guidance


in this unique period of covering news. We heard there is saying that


there were different issues raised at the news conference and yet the


only one that really got any attention was the issue about the


blackmail tape and fake news. That was the main thing in the news


conference, but I would accept there were other things that were covered


as well. In the 6pm news, the main coverage was around the dossier and


the allegations but we did also talk about the questions around Donald


Trump's business interests and what he's doing with those. Across BBC


News, on the news channel, on the website, on the radio, other parts


of the story and the business side of Donald Trump was covered as well.


It felt watching that news conference that this is a very


different kind of experience for reporters. Journalists were chanting


conduct business as usual and asking questions. It feels like the BBC


will have to rethink in a different way how it deals with what the new


president says. Donald Trump, for example, in one street could appear


to change US policy towards China or nuclear weapons and there is no


detail, it is not done any conventional way in terms of a news


conference policy document, so that is difficult staff. -- in one feet.


But in one week he will be presidents we have to treat this


stuff seriously, examine it properly, and then decide whether we


developed the coverage are not. To quote Donald Trump, this issue is


number one. Send us your thoughts on the coverage of Donald Trump or any


aspect of BBC News. Details of how to contact us at the end of the


programme. Someone your comments this week, that kicked off the


annual debate to the extent that winter weather is newsworthy and the


deployment of reporters to affected areas. Friday morning sun to


reporters braving the elements. They snow has died down and it has been a


relatively calm morning. That is good news because it means that the


high wind that was predicted have not materialised and the high tide


here has passed without event. We had three hours of snow last night


18 6pm and 9pm. I came down very heavily and some of it has stuck.


Someone has written help in the snow, that is a sign of how


treacherous conditions will be this morning. It is not just the snow but


it is also the ice on the pavement, it can be slippy and difficult


conditions on the roads here. Some people thought that a mountain was


being made out of a mole hill. Thank you for your comments this


week. If you want to share your opinions appear on the programmes


you can call us or e-mail us using the details on screen. You can find


us on Twitter and Ehrlich at our website. -- and you look at. That is


from us and we will be back to hear your thoughts about BBC coverage


again next week.


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