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From here in the BBC newsroom, we send out correspondents to bring


you the best stories from across the globe.


Life and death on the lost streets of Chicago.


It's like you can't make no mistakes.


It could cost you your life, literally.


Ian Pannell reports from Barack Obama's former home town,


where gun attacks have hit a 20 year high.


In reality, most gun crime in America actually


does not really happen in the the massacres that garner


large-scale media attention, but they take place in isolated


spots like this in inner-city America.


And moving ice from the art Alps to Antarctica, scientists racing


against the clock to save samples from the world's sinking glaciers.


The team will cut it and put it into this tent and then store it in their


ice cave, their mountain freezer. Hello, we start with evidence


of a startling rise in levels of gun violence in parts


of the United States. That includes President Obama's


political home of Chicago. Killings in the city


have hit a 20-year high. A deadly summer of violence,


ending with multiple murders over last week's Labor Day holiday,


has brought this year's death toll Most of the victims and indeed


the killers are young black men. Ian Pannell and cameraman


Darren Conway spent a week in Chicago and found a world


where gangs and guns rule. DISPATCHER: A 15-year-old


male shot in the neck. I'm going to need a wagon


with a body bag also. It is one of America's


dirty secrets. Welcome to the Chicago


they do not want you to see. In a city where some live in peace


and prosperity, others # It was crazy growing up


where I was raised. CTC Duwop is a rapper,


a promoter and a gang member. He is also a father


and an Iraq war veteran. When I'm passing through certain


neighbourhoods, if there is already a heightened alert of violence


in that neighbourhood, tension, you got to hurry up and get


from point A to point B. You can't just be cruising


through neighbourhoods that Nine times out of ten,


they probably do not recognise the car you are in at the time


and they can mistake you as a shooter from one


of their rival gangs It could cost you your


life, literally. Many in the gang are


still at high school. Strict gun laws have made


no difference here. The last day without a shooting


or murder was February 2015. The sad fact is that for some,


a life of drugs and violence has now The real tragedy about


Chicago is just how common In reality, most gun


crime in America actually does not really happen


in the massacres that garner large-scale media attention,


but they take place in isolated spots like this in inner-city


America. And more often than not,


the victims are young, black and their cases


are largely ignored. The violence swirls around west


and southside Chicago. A few weeks ago, six-year-old


Takara Morgan was wounded Some say they're forced into a life


of violence, but even those who don't walk that path,


like Takara, are still affected. How common is it,


the shooting around here? I tell you the truth,


I am really scared for my kids. Childhood ends early


on the southside. A party on Duwop's block


commemorates his best friend The residents meet to remember


and also to forget. The police authority don't


like exactly what we do We actually don't like


the way that we live. But when you're pushed into a way


of life, when you're forced into a way of life,


how else can you live? Even though we love the 'hood,


outside looking in, it looks We want to be out


of the 'hood, though. That is why we work so hard


at showing our potential. Because we want to leave


this place, for good. Duwop's family home is now


abandoned, a place to record a music video, and a place where drug


addicts go to get high. Here in my neighbourhood,


they start young, man. When you read the news headlines,


that is the age frame, they are all We got to teach the kids how


to defend themselves. It is senseless violence at the end


of the day, but it's like, what do you do when you are caught


in that moment? Would you rather be caught


with protection or without? We had a lot of guns,


but I have never seen Bo Deal is a rapper


from the westside, now the most He is a member of


the Vice Lords gang. He has been in prison and even


he is shocked by what is happening. It is like somebody dropped off


crates of guns in everybody's hood. I think that lots of guys need


to die in order to make it better. I think some of these BLEEP need


to be killed and knocked off, to get them out of the way,


to make it a better place. More people have been killed here


since 2001 then US deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. And yet


there is almost no outcry. To be honest, I have got a son


that is seven and a daughter I have not taught neither one


of them how to ride a bike yet. Because the environment


they live in is not safe. It's hard when you don't


really have help. We are put in a weird position,


you know what I'm saying? This is a never-ending cycle,


there is no way out We are just trying to cope


with this BLEEP. With so many guns and so little


control, the murders will rise, It is a race against time for


scientists working in the French Alps. They are trying to extract


samples from some of the world's most rapidly shrinking glaciers.


Scientists hope that the samples could provide unique clues to help


fight lowball warming. Victoria Gill travelled to the French Alps to join


them. Approaching a very high altitude


laboratory. This team of scientists is living and working on the glacier


here because climate change is heating and changing the ice that


they are camped on. So the team wants to rescue the information


locked deep in the ice before it disappears. Snowfalls will collect


all the impurities in the atmosphere and this will be stored in the


glacier, like pages in a book. When you go through this book, you can


read all this information. This is a frozen library, tiny air bubbles


locked inside this glacial ice, a record of our past climate. The team


will cut that and move it into this tent and then store it in an ice


cave, which is their mountain freezer. A bit slippery! So precious


are these samples that the team has dug into the solid ice to build a


store room that will keep them cold. But they won't be here long. Six


cores a box. And then they are ready to go? This is the beginning of a


very long journey for these ice cores. They will be stored here in


France for two years but there are ultimate destination is the world's


most reliable freezer, Antarctica. The idea of getting ice transported


to Antarctica could sound very silly to people but it makes a lot of


sense for us. Our aim is to be able to store these ice cores for decades


to centuries. You put them there and they are in the safest position you


can think about. Many glaciers here and all over the world are changing


and retreating. This ambitious project aims to preserve bubbles and


bacteria trapped in the ice, allowing scientists to track our


planet's atmosphere and its future. That is all from Reporters for this


week, so from me, goodbye for now. Hello there. For the bulk of the UK


has been dry, pretty sunny, not a bad end to the weekend. However, we


have got trouble


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