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Scotland's Katherine Grainger becomes the UK's most


decorated female Olympian, as she takes silver in Rio.


To be standing here at with a medal, wow. Mum and dad, I promise, I will


never put you through that again. We'll be live in Rio


with all the latest. Strong winds and poor visibility


hamper inspection teams, as they attempt to reach


the stranded oil rig off Lewis. The new Shadow Scottish Secretary


urges Scottish Labour to get behind Corbyn,


if he's re-elected. Bio-banding - that's grouping young


players by size rather than age. And Scots-born photographer


Harry Benson displays his trademark The Scottish rower Katherine


Grainger, has become Britain's most decorated female


Olympian, after winning silver with her partner Victoria Thornley


in the double sculls at Rio. The pair came agonisingly close


to gold, but were beaten into second place by Poland in the last


few metres of the race. Our Olympics reporter Jane Lewis


is in Rio. What an absolutely sensational race


we witnessed here at the Lagoa Stadium. Silver for Katherine


Grainger in the women's pairs, along with her partner Vicky Thornley,


Grainger's fifth Olympic medal. They gave it their all in the double


sculls. The pair struggled in the build-up to this games but were


sculls. The pair struggled in the leading for much of the race, only


to lose out to the Polish power. It is Grainger's fifth Olympic medal.


Overwhelming pride, that offers one to win out of all five medals. I'm


still proud. There are not many people who would have expected us to


lead the race of that calibre of finalists. It shows you the depth of


belief we had in each other, and the boat. Of course we were going to go


to win the race, disappointing not to love one it. You have had a


difficult build-up to this one. Decision vindicated to put you in


this team? Yes. We had a lot of support, it's


this team? not like it was us against the


system and some people believed in us before we did, to some extent. Of


course we proved our selection was the right thing am proud to walk


away with not just a great result but a medal.


How long will it take to sink in, Britain's most decorated female


Olympian, lovely title? It's lovely, it's not the reason you


do it but I will sit and enjoy a glass of champagne tonight, one or


two bottles! Back in four years? In some capacity


but not in a boat. A stunning setting here at Lagoa Stadium and a


stunning day for Scottish rowing. Katherine Grainger winning a silver


in the double sculls, her fifth Olympic medal.


Katherine Grainger began rowing at Edinburgh University


Lisa Summers looks back at her remarkable career.


They gathered tentatively in front of the big screen. It was here at


the University of Edinburgh that Katherine Grainger's rowing career


began. And jubilation at such a phenomenal achievement, even if it


wasn't to be gold. They are going away Olympic silver medallist.


We are really lucky to have people to look up to like that. I know


other clubs look up to Catherine as well. Everyone tries to grab a bit


of Catherine. She went to St Andrews, but have someone like her


out there is inspiring for everyone. Last time Katherine Grainger was


here it was to open the gym in her name. At the University's rowing


club there were plenty of early morning shifts honing her skills.


This is where Katherine Grainger learned to row. The union Canal in


Edinburgh. It is no wider than the lane that she has just been rowing


in in Rio, but this is where she did all the hard graft that turned her


into the most successful female Olympian we've ever had.


Back in 2012 Katherine Grainger took hold with partner Anna Watkins. Add


to that three silvers from Sydney, Athens and Beijing, her record equal


to Rebecca Adlington. Today's medal with new partner Vicky Thornley made


it one better. It's fantastic, what she's managed to achieve, to


basically go into retirement, take two years off and then fight her way


back into the team. Five weeks ago she was basically out, and actually


get a silver medal is some achievement.


At 40 and with an armful of Olympic medals, Katherine Grainger will


undoubtably be an inspiration for young and old.


Well there are more Scots in action in Rio tonight.


Let's cross to Rio and our Olympics reporter Kheredine Idessane.


Yes, it's been quite a day for Team GB and Scotland on the water. Where


hoping it's going to continue just now. I am at the Whitewater Centre


and in just a few minutes time Scotland's David Florence and


hitting this partner Richard Hounslow will be going in the final


of the sea to canoe, the double. Silver medallist in London four


years ago and qualified for the final third fastest. A real medal


prospect. Also Fiona Pennie. She is the second fastest qualifier, so


again, fabulous chance for her to get a medal in that final after


again, fabulous chance for her to seven o'clock. It is a hectic day of


action here in Rio because Andy Murray right now is on Centre Court.


The news from there is... We can have a look at him taking the first


set from Italy's Fabio Fognini. 6-1 to Andy Murray. Superb stuff for


him. Things not going quite so smoothly in the second set. Fabio


Fognini has just broken Murray and it is for- two in the second set. A


breakdown in the second set. Best-of-3, Olympic tennis. Just


after seven o'clock, what a match for the rugby sevens team. They are


taking on South Africa in a semifinal, just after seven o'clock.


Mark Bennett and the guys last night had a wonderful, if nervy win over


Argentina. They beat them 5-0. A very tight quarterfinal, but


terrific stuff from Mark Bennett and the Rugby sevens guys. Not too long


since they face South Africa for a place in the final. And if that is


not enough for you, we will also have Cal and skin are trying to do a


sort of Chris Hoy, the canoes Sprint is an later on in the Val velodrome


and Callum skin will be taking over the third-place, hopefully with the


same result, would now be wonderful? Right behind me David Florence has


started that run with Richard Hounslow. Fingers crossed for them.


Hopefully they have a medal performance in them. It was silver


four years ago in London. Can they go one better question that we will


keep you updated and keep you up-to-date with all the Scots in


Team GB into my's edition of reporting Scotland. And well done to


Katherine Grainger. Bad weather is hampering a salvage


operation to refloat an oil rig which ran aground on the western


isles on Sunday. But coastguards say they don't


believe there's any major threat to the environment despite a leak


of tens of thousands Our reporter Jackie


O'Brien is on Lewis I'm sorry, I don't think that Jackie


can hear us. We will go straight to her report.


The transocean winner remained stuck on the rocks on the beach as efforts


to win a salvage team on board had to be abandoned again today in the


to win a salvage team on board had deteriorating weather. Diesel oil


from two of its tanks has leaked into the sea but coastguard


officials up confident there has been no major threat to the


environment. They say in Specter and the damaged structure is now their


priority. We have to continue with the


assessments. We know there is a lot of damage to the systems they will


be fundamental to the refloating operation. We don't want a free


float into deeper water and getting a worse situation.


But with high winds on the way the races on to save the 17,000


structure which grounded here in bad weather on Monday, from being


savaged by mother nature for a second time.


The main concern being summer damaged could or will because to the


legs. If that happened, it could topple over and we could see a


situation whereby it would have to be broken up.


Local people remain bewildered by the presence of the huge rig, but


some wonder if it be dismantled in situ to bring much-needed employment


to the islands. That would be a nice prospect. I


would love that one to happen. Just cut it on site, that would be work


for all these boys who have been paid off.


There is some speculation that the rig could be refloated on the next


high tide, due in one week's time. But salvage experts have warned that


this unwelcome visitor is likely to But salvage experts have warned that


occupy the beach for a lot longer than that.


That report from Jackie O'Brien. You're watching Reporting


Scotland from the BBC. Still to come on


tonight's programme: The motoring organisation RAC says


that parking charges at some of Scotland's airports are 'sky


high' And bio-banding - grouping young


players by size rather than age. Labour's Shadow Scottish Secretary


has urged Kezia Dugdale and Scottish Labour to accept


Jeremy Corbyn's mandate if he's Dave Anderson replaced Ian Murray,


Scotland's only Labour MP when he He was in Aberdeen, meeting figures


from the oil and gas sector today. Our political correspondent


Nick Eardley is there tonight. The battle for the Labour leadership


has been raging for weeks. Most publicly since the EU referendum,


but it is a battle that hasn't left Scotland unaffected. The Scotland


Labour leader Kathy Dugdale said she has as little support as Jeremy


Corbyn then she would have to stand down but her deputy has criticised


those who have hit out at Jeremy Corbyn. I have been talking to the


shadow Scottish secretary about the prospect of the party coming


together again after the leadership election.


Labour's shadow Scottish secretary. He doesn't represent a Scottish


seat. Today he was in Aberdeen as part of the job, finding out more


about the oil and gas sector. Some old friends and some new ones,


trying to see if there is a role we can play to try and help in what is


a very worrying situation. All smiles today, but the Labour


Party is deeply divided over which of these two men should be its


leader. Mr Anderson is backing Jeremy Corbyn, and so are bound to


thirds of the local parties in Scotland who have endorsed the


candidate. Around a third are backing his rival, the Welsh MP Owen


Smith. Scottish Labour's top team, leader Kezia Dugdake has questioned


how Mr Corbyn can stay on when so many MPs don't support him, but her


deputy has criticised those who try to oust Mr Corbyn. Mr Anderson is


clear that Kezia Dugdale and others must get behind Mr Corbyn if he wins


again. We will accept the result, except the membership and make this


work. This is way, way more important than any personality


conflicts. We should put it to one side. We're talking about the future


of the country. This former Scottish Labour leader


backs Owen Smith. What happens if their man is beaten by Mr Corbyn? It


will be difficult but that is the challenge of leadership. You have to


find a way to lead, you have to find a way to maintain the confidence of


your on the main confidence of your colleagues, and in this case the


Parliamentary party. For now, Labour continues to wrestle


with a message of unity. The 24-hour stoppages were due to


begin on Monday in a dispute between the RMT and Unite unions and oil


services over changes to pay and conditions. The RMT says fresh talks


are now due to take place next week. Dozens of operations


have been postponed at the Royal Alexandra Hospital


in Paisley, because of Staff are using bottled water


for all activities, including cleaning,


while the issue is addressed. Our reporter Laura Maxwell


is there for us tonight. So far 84 patients have had their


elective operations cancelled for today and tomorrow. We also know


that 999 patients and ambulances are being diverted to other hospitals in


the Greater Glasgow area. But it still means there are a lot of


existing patients here hospital. They are given being given bottled


water to drink, wash with an clean their teeth with and the staff are


using bottled water to cook and clean with. The health board says


this has been caused by a build-up of sedimentation in the internal


tanks at the hospital but same traction controls are in place and


the patients are safe. It's not dangerous but it is


unpleasant looking for patients and it is a gritty material within it.


So we, with Scottish water, have provided bottled water fall our


patients and we have or so got tankers to provide freshwater for


washing and cleaning. It has meant as a precaution we have cancelled


elective admissions. There have been a lot of complaints


recently in the local area about people's water supplies being brown.


There are bottled water supplies being delivered to some homes this


evening. For their part, Scottish water save the water supply into the


hospital are now running clear, but they are helping to flush through


the internal tanks in an effort to get things back to normal. They say


the discolouration is caused by naturally occurring mangoes, which


in small quantities is harmless. They say it is a problem in this


area at this time of year, but the They say it is a problem in this


situation is being constantly monitored and will get further


updates from the authorities in the morning.


Thank you. Councils and the Scottish Government


are on a collision Some councils are unhappy


about the way that plans to raise ?100 million for education


from changes to the The government wants to give


the money directly to head-teachers, but some councillors fear national


politicians are taking power away Senior councillors from across


Scotland held a special meeting today to discuss the


government's plans. There is a desire from politicians


of all parties to centralise control and if you do that, you end up with


one size fits all across all of Scotland. That doesn't work, one


size fits all in each school doesn't work, you have to tailor services to


suit the individual. I have no intention of taking control of


education away from local authorities in Scotland but I want


to focus on closing the attainment gap, making sure schools can support


young people to achieve their potential. One of the significant


things we achieved at the election was securing ?100 million to reform


the education system in Scotland and invest it in schools.


The RAC is warning that parking charges at two of Scotland's


The motoring organisation has rated Edinburgh and Aberdeen as among


the most expensive for dropping off and picking up passengers.


Airport authorities say travellers can choose from a range of options.


Welcome back. You've had a two weeks in the sun, now you get to enjoy the


rest of the Scottish summer. Never mind, you had a great time at a


bargain price, but are you going to be stung by the car parking charges


on the ground at the airport? That's the accusation from the RAC. They


produced a hit list of airports with what they called sky-high charges.


They are levied, even if you are just quickly dropping off of picking


up. Aberdeen airport is one of the culprits, and so is Edinburgh.


Edinburgh is in the top five for both dropped off and short-term


pick-up. We think it would be ideal for Edinburgh airport owners to


review the charges and fees, because it would be in their interests


ultimately. Edinburgh airport was celebrating today with figures


showing July was the busiest month on record for a Scottish airport.


Higher numbers require an effective travel plans. We have a free pick-up


area and do not have complaints. We have free buses going to those areas


with plenty of room for luggage. Like most airports, parking can be a


distance from the terminal and we tend to find passengers do not have


complaints. ?1 gets you five minutes to drop off friends at Edinburgh.


?3.90 allows you three minutes to pick them up. I've been here since


ten o'clock waiting for my son whose flight was delayed. Extortion, just


call it Dick Turpin. Dick Turpin airport would be better. ?1, but it


goes higher up the longer you stay. That's why I would like to leave


now. That might be the best compromise.


Some of Scotland's top football clubs are experimenting


with a different approach to youth development, in an attempt


Bio-banding involves bracketing young players according to physical


development instead of age - this at a time when the national


team has failed to reach a major tournament for 18 years.


At first glance, this is a youth tournament like any other, but there


is a crucial difference. To focus on developing technique, the teams are


groups not by age but by size, pioneering this approach are Partick


Thistle. All the other developers were trying to challenge them not to


rely on their physicality. They have to work on other technical


attributes, and likewise for the late developers, to give them an


opportunity to play against players who are at a similar stage of


development. The idea being that smaller players are not discouraged


or overlooked because they lack physical attributes. It's good, I'm


not playing against people wade taller than me. I get to get more on


the ball. I can take control of it a lot more. Allowing Scotland's young


talent to flourish is the goal. The science behind biobanding suggests


the greatest benefits comes from not using it at elite youth level, but


at the grass roots. If we got biobanding on board, and people


didn't get deselected because they hadn't physically matured at 12 or


13, they would engage more in football. They would get some fun


from the game, and we would get more opportunity with people going into


professional sport. Nobody believes biobanding will provide an overnight


cure for Scottish football's ills, but Partick Thistle and others will


try any avenue that offers a brighter future.


He's the photographer from Glasgow who went to America


with the Beatles in the sixties - and found himself documenting


some of the biggest stories of the century.


Now Harry Benson is back in Scotland for an exhibition


Our arts correspondent Pauline McLean went along to meet him.


This is in Miami. The Beatles came from the Ed Sullivan show... Harry


Benson arrived in America with the Beatles in 1964, but he wasn't


convinced it was the story for him. I wasn't that happy. I went back to


my car for something. Went back into the hall, the Beatles were starting


to play All My Loving and I thought, I'm on the right story! Throughout


the 60s he found himself at the heart of some of the biggest stories


in American politics, from the civil rights campaign to the assassination


of Robert Kennedy, a man he got to know as a friend. Don't fail now,


failed tomorrow. This is it. I noticed either the people had been


shot around me. You have taken pictures of every American president


since Eisenhower. And I know you have taken the candidates as well,


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in there. Will you take a photo of the


next president do you think? I think I've already got it. It will either


be Donald or Hillary Clinton. If they become president for one week,


it will make them. The opening of his latest exhibition at the


Scottish parliament, it was an interesting and daunting


proposition. He had this amazing knack of being in the right place at


the right time. To be there in the room when Nixon resigned following


Watergate, to be the fifth person off the plane on the tarmac in New


York from the Beatles' first visit to America. He's such a personable


man as well. That's reflected in his work. And he gets on with people. At


86 he continues to take photographs of some of the world's most famous


faces providing inspiration for would-be photographer is young and


old. We can go straight back to Rio and


the latest on David Florence's quest for a medal. These silver lining


around Rio today for Scottish athletes in Team GB continues.


Silver for Katherine Grainger in the rowing. Silver here for David


Florence in the last few minutes in the double canoe with Richard


Hounslow. A wonderful performance from them. It was a really good run,


they were going third last, so they not only executed their performance


superbly but when they got to the bottom they had a bit of a nervous


wait to find out if the two teams behind them would bump them out of


second position. The Slovak team were too good for anyone else, but


it was second place for Florence and Hounslow at the bottom of their run,


and they had a nervous wait to see if anybody would take that precious


silver medal away from them. That didn't happen, and for the second


consecutive Olympic Games, these two, England's Richard Hounslow and


Aberdeen's David Florence, he grew up in Edinburgh, superb from them,


the second time in consecutive Olympics they have silver medals,


silver in London and silver in Rio. What a day for Scottish athletes in


Rio, Katherine Grainger earlier, and David Florence today, alongside


Richard Hounslow. Wonder. It. Fiona Penney qualified second in the kayak


event. Could she upgrade silver to gold? All we need now is some good


weather for Scotland. It is coming! The pressure chart explains a lot.


Initially we have to get the weather front out of the way, this rain and


murky condition and Waugh air. When that clears away on Saturday we will


be looking at the high building. A fairly dreich picture across western


Scotland before that. Still a Met Office yellow warning for the North


West. Further east, a drier picture with brightness across Aberdeenshire


with rain confined to the north-west and Northern Isles tonight. Missed


and low cloud for the West Coast and hill fog as well. It will be a humid


night and quite breezy along the West Coast air in. Starting tomorrow


fairly cloudy, brightness in the east, rain across the Northern Isles


and the north. You can see it sink South as we head through the day.


For the likes of Dumfries Galloway and into Lanarkshire and the western


borders we will see some heavy deposits of rain. The rain is


lighter to the coast. Some rain around the Glasgow area but even


though temperatures are 17 it will still feel warm. Rain for the inner


Hebrides but getting brighter all the time. Hopefully brighter for


Caithness and becoming dry for the Northern Isles. Sunny spells


developing eventually for the north-east with highs of 20 Celsius


towards the eastern coast areas. The East coast generally holding onto


drier weather with some brighter spells. Still rain to content with


as we head to the Friday evening. Gradually sinking south with things


turning a lot drier with showers for the north-west. Looking at the


weekend, Saturday has showers in the north and west, mainly dry


elsewhere. Sunday, mainly dry and the good news is it will get warmer.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news.


The Scottish rower, Katherine Grainger, has become


Britain's most decorated female Olympian, after winning silver


with her partner Victoria Thornley in the double sculls at Rio.


And in the last few minutes, David Florence has won silver in the canoe


competition. Bad weather is hampering a salvage


operation to refloat an oil rig which ran aground


on the Western Isles on Sunday. But coastguards say they don't


believe there's any major threat to the environment despite a leak


of tens of thousands I'll be back with the headlines


at 8, and the late bulletin just Until then, from everyone


on the team - right nothing says Rio de Janeiro


quite like it. So I've come here to Rio to explore


the culture and the people


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