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Helping to bring the tally to 50 medals with


That's all from the BBC News at Six - so it's goodbye from me -


Drug-related deaths rise to a record high.


We found needles, syringes and other drug paraphernalia lying in


considerable quantities. The people leaving their staff are the people


most at risk of dying. They are the hardest to reach by the drug


services. Also on the programme:


as unemployment falls, we'll assess the state


of the economy. The construction faults


which closed 17 Edinburgh schools could have implications


for buildings across the UK - according to the leader


of the city's council. A new coach for the


Scotland Rugby Team - Gregor Townsend will


replace Vern Cotter. And we'll be in Rio where Scotland's


Catriona Matthew in is in action The number of drugs deaths


in Scotland has hit a record high. Health professionals


are calling for new strategies to tackle the problem,


including the introduction of medically-supervised heroin


for addicts most at risk. Our home affairs correspondent,


Reevel Alderson reports. Front line troops in the fight to


get drug deaths down. Glasgow's assertive outreach workers. Each


day, teams tried to find users who are injecting on the streets,


putting themselves and the public at risk. We are trying to drill the use


of clean needles. We also provide the antidote to opiate overdose. We


actually provide kits. You don't have to go far from Glasgow city


centre to find evidence of street have to go far from Glasgow city


drug use existing. We found drugs paraphernalia lying in considerable


quantities here. The people who are leaving this stuff are the people


most at risk of dying and they are the hardest to reach by the drug


services. Official figures just released show the scale of


Scotland's problem. There were 706 drug-related deaths in Scotland last


year, up 6% on the year before. Older users, over 35, with long


drug-taking histories account for 70% of those who died. There are


public health implications. Needle sharing has led to a rise in


infections, such as HIV and botulism. Copenhagen is one of many


places around Europe offering users the chance to receive medical grade


heroin under supervision. These ideas are one's health officials


here would like to explore to save lives and money. There would be a


cost benefit, cost reduction to the health services. Prisons, the


criminal justice systems, housing, except read. We had three new


members last month, which was quite sad. Kevin Butler died from an


overdose. She offers support to families bereaved by addiction and


is in favour of supervised drug injection. It is getting people out


of the shadows. I could hold my head high. I have a problem, yes. I'm


still being. I can hold my head high, walk in. I am not going to be


judged. Some good news in the figures. The number of people dying


from drug-taking is coming down and the number from taking drugs is the


lowest in a decade. A police whistleblower has told


the Scottish Police Federation that an overtime ban is leading


to proactive investigations The claims are made


in an email the federation Police Scotland say there is no


overtime ban in place and officers However the federation says pressure


is being put on officers They are being told, if they do into


overtime, they will not be getting paid. Whether that is an overtime


ban or strict examination of the overtime budget, it makes no


difference. If there is no overtime available, the public will suffer.


Police Scotland are a crucial part in tackling drug misuse across


country. They are a positive partner in our approach to tackling some of


the issues we have in our country. They are taking forward some of the


innovative work across the country as well and are very much dedicated


to trying to insure our communities remain safe.


Unemployment fell in Scotland, and across the UK,


And there's been another rise in the number of Scots who're in work.


Our business correspondent David Henderson can tell us more.


Jackie, this snapshot reveals the health of the jobs market


with all that means for households and prosperity right


But the official figures look back - they cover


In that period, the number of people out of work and looking


for a job in Scotland fell by 26,000.


That means the jobless total is heading in


the right direction - downwards, but that


still leaves 143,000 jobseekers in Scotland.


There's another positive sign, though.


Scotland's workforce increased, with 51,000


Well, it could be small businesses, like this one, a chain of private


hearing clinics with ambitious plans to expand.


Our market seems to be growing right now. It is largely driven by an


ageing population and also easy now. It is largely driven by an


access to hearing care and health care. It started with a small clinic


in Bath Street. The have grown that to three permanent sites across


central Scotland, including Stirling and Edinburgh. We have six


outpatient clinics. There is high demand for skilled staff. Clinical


audiologists, ear hygienist, administrators and back office


workers in the company. As we grow, the impact of the honours is that we


will have to keep stretching because we are buckling at the seams right


now. but the unemployment rate


here in Scotland is still higher more needs done to tackle


economic uncertainty, because these job figures just


cover the early summer, so they don't reflect


the impact of the Brexit vote. Now, if we're looking for signs


of confidence to wipe away those Referendum fears -


they're hard to find One expert said it's still far too


early to say if that vote We don't know what negotiations will


come out of Brexit. It will take an awfully long time to that get down


to the consumer's. The once did well were electricals and the home. And


is a fine people are still spending on big-ticket items. Those that did


less well worth footwear and fashion. That is a weather-related


thing. There is more unsettled weather in July than one might have


hoped. Now the UK Government says


the economy's in a strong place But with those negotiations


still some way off, we've yet to see how many businesses will react


as they weigh up whether to invest and hire new staff and its


still unclear how we'll react with decisions


on how we spend our cash. The Scottish Secretary,


David Mundell, says the UK Government wants EU citizens living


in this country to be able He was responding to a fresh call


from the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, for


a guaranteed right to remain, issued on the day she met


EU nationals in Edinburgh. Here's our political


correspondent, Glenn Campbell. With passports from almost every EU


country, they came to discuss Brexit with the First Minister. Some fear


they could be forced to leave the UK. They must have thought of wait


resettle me somewhere, to give us a cushion to fall on. And not make


them the refugees of Europe. The First Minister is not in charge of


immigration. The UK Government is. It breaks my heart that, as First


Minister, the elected leader of this country, I cannot sit here and give


you the county and certainty you want. Perhaps if we can do one thing


from today, all of this together is to send a very clear message to the


UK Government. End this uncertainty and end it now. The UK Government


does not want to give guarantees until it has secured similar rights


for UK citizens living in other EU countries. Discussing Brexit with


farmers in East Lothian, the Scottish Secretary seemed confident


of a deal. The Prime Minister has made it clear she wants EU nationals


here in the UK to be able to stay and she will do everything she can


to make that happen. It is also important that we secure the


position of UK nationals who are in other parts of the EU. In the


background to this debate, other parts of the EU. In the


whether or not EU nationals should have a guaranteed right to remain on


UK soil after Brexit, the politics of Scottish independence. By


pointing out the power she does not have, Nicola Sturgeon is inviting


you to imagine what it would be like if she did have them. Another


independence referendum might suit this German couple, who support the


SNP. They decided to leave the UK because Brexit. Today the First


Minister has asked them to give it more thought. They they will.


The construction defects which closed 17 schools in Edinburgh


could have implications for buildings across the UK.


That's according to the leader of the city council who's


commissioned an inquiry into what happened.


He was speaking as children returned to school in the capital


This primary School in January. A massive storm had caused a wall of


the school to collapse and luckily there were no injuries. Checks


carried out on all of the city public school is soon uncovered the


same faults will do yesterday, reporting Scotland revealed 30


schools across the country had to have repairs because of defective


wall and header ties, like this one in East Renfrewshire. Thousands of


pupils were unable to return to school after Easter while repairs


were made. The first day of repairs at this high school in Edinburgh. As


pupils begin the academic year, the council is starting its own enquiry


as to why 17 of its schools had to close earlier this year. All the


schools were built or refurbished and the public - private partnership


championed by Labour. Edinburgh Council says that financial model


was not to blame. It is not a contract issue, it is a construction


issue. We'll be holding them to account for what has gone wrong. The


enquiry will report by the end of September 2016 and I will be


ramifications. For the whole of Scotland and potentially the rest of


the UK. These pupils explained how they had to be bussed to different


schools for three months. We had no clue that would happen. It was an


initial shock. That is it. I did not know about it. I switched on my


phone, I was studying, and then it came through that we were not in


school Monday. It was confusing. Older people is heading for exams


were prioritised. Many students did suffer disruption. It was a very


reduced school day. Only several hours. The actual teaching they were


not taught proper lessons. Parents will await the outcome of the public


enquiry, expected to include in December. -- conclude.


Still to come on tonight's programme: we'll be in Rio


where Scotland's Catriona Matthew in is in action in the


The director responsible for a crematorium at the centre


of the Aberdeen baby ashes scandal has failed to appear at a crucial


meeting discussing a secret report into its handling of the issue.


The city council says he is on annual leave.


A summary of the report was shown to councillors - then taken back.


This was a very significant day for Aberdeen City Council. Elected


members were given the opportunity to scrutinise the two reports that


have been published in response, or produced, in response to the baby


ashes scandal. One public and one private. What is most noticeable


today was not the number of people or the individuals who were here at


that meeting but the one who was not. Pete Leonard, the director of


the department responsible ultimately for what happened at the


crematorium. You would ordinarily be at a meeting like this, particularly


when his department was being discussed. Today he failed to show.


The official response from the council was that he was on annual


leave. Opposition councillors attacked him for that. They said he


should have been there today that he was defended by the council's


leader. Pete is on annual leave today. Everybody is entitled to


annual leave. On such a crucial day? The report today was from the chief


Executive. She was talking about that report. Councillors have had


the answers they required. The detail within a report that I have


confidence in the ongoing process, that it will be dealt with. A


summary of that confidential report was presented to councillors today


that they were given ten minutes to read and then it was taken away from


them again. At that point, the lawyer, the chief lawyer for the


council, told members they were potentially breaking employment


legislation if they were to discuss a comment publicly and then only


three questions were asked by the 43 members of the council about the


public report. That was the level of scrutiny that again today before


they moved on to another agenda right. Still lots of questions to be


asked about it and about the level of scrutiny being put on this. Thank


you. The First Minister's


mother has quit as Provost of North Ayrshire council,


along with the rest The SNP group lost its status


as the biggest party in the local authority


after the Nicola Sturgeon's father Now Joan Sturgeon and the SNP


administration have They will formally leave the posts


after a special meeting Former Scotland rugby player


Gregor Townsend is to become He's currently in charge


of Glasgow Warriors and will replace New Zealander Vern Cotter


next summer. As David Currie reports,


the Scottish Rugby Union say they are appointing a man of vision


to take the team to This is the man who led Glasgow


Warriors to their first and only pro 12 league title. Beating the best


clubs from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Italy in 2015. Now the SRU is


putting its faith in him to take on the best national teams in the


world. Its chief executive said: under Vern Cotter Scotland won just


two six Nations matches in two years. They came within seconds of


beating Australia to a place in the World Cup semifinals last year. Vern


Cotter's contract expires next summer at which point Gregor


Townsend steps in. He brings organisation, a bit of honesty,


plain talking, he's the boss. If you watch Glasgow Warriors you know


you're watching a team that is organised and I have criticised


Scotland in previous years for being disorganised, a shambles almost,


getting better under Vern Cotter and I think Gregor Townsend will make


them even better, I think he's the best young fish coach around in


European rugby. He might not be thinking ahead to


next year at the moment but Glasgow Warriors are. They say they are


already looking for his replacement. A look at other stories


from across the country. An elderly man has died in a single


vehicle track only a 75 in Dumfries and Galloway near Gatehouse of


Fleet. The 76-year-old driver was the only person in the car. A


63-year-old woman died and two men were injured near Dingwall in the


Highlands, the collision happened around 10:30pm last night. Inmates


at Polmont Janan offenders institution spend extended periods


in their sales due to a fear of violence. An inspector 's report


found that despite an improvement in the relationship between the


prisoners and staff interaction between inmates is limited. Around


20 further education colleges in Scotland including the new city of


Glasgow College could be hit by strike action that will coincide


with students starting their courses at the end of the month. Members of


unison which represent admin and support staff say there has been an


overwhelming vote in favour of stoppages in a dispute over pay.


Edinburgh City Council has approved plans to turn one of its most famous


landmarks into a music school. The a listed Royal high school on Calton


Hill has been the subject of a number of proposals over the last


few years including a luxury hotel development which was rejected by


the council at Christmas. The new plans endorsed today have been drawn


up by the architect Richard Murphy for Saint Mary 's music school.


Scottish athletes have made it through the heats in two events


on the track at the Olympic stadium this afternoon.


Andy Butchart qualified for Saturday's final of the 5,000


metres and Lynsey Sharp is through to the semi-finals


Meanwhile, Catriona Matthew has been in action in the women's


golf tournament and our Olympics reporter, Jane Lewis,


Doesn't the Olympic golf course looks stunning? Bathed in the


sunshine. This golf course was designed and built specifically for


these games and is a course that Scottish golfer Catriona Matthew has


already played her opening round on making her Olympic debut. She did


not do too badly at all, she finished level par after her opening


round, just five shots off the clubhouse leader, more play underway


behind me. She admits when she was called up to the first tee that she


felt one or two extra nerves. It was good, I was a bit nervous on the


first tee. But got off to a bit of a shaky start but then good birdies on


six and nine got me back into it. I had chances on the back nine,


hopefully could have been better if I had holed a couple but still in it


which is the main thing. Why the extra nerves, because it's the


Olympics? Yes, being in the Olympics is different for us, if you don't


feel a bit nervous there is something wrong with you. Earlier


today two Scottish track and field athletes in fantastic form at the


Olympic Park, Lynsey Sharp through to the semifinals of the 800 metres,


in convincing style as well, winning her heat in a time of just over two


minutes. She admits she's coming into these games feeling in great


shape. Absolutely, I feel in the shape of my life. I know it will


take that to get amongst the medals. But I'm confident I can get times


close to what the other girls are running so looking forward to the


next few rounds. Before that, Andy Butchart made it to the final of the


5000 metres finishing fifth in his heat today. He was in the second


5000 metres finishing fifth in his heat and will join none other than


Mo Farah, his British team-mate in Saturday's final. He says hopefully


he is starting now to make a name for himself. You have to make


yourself known to these guys. I am unknown to half of the people in the


field and hopefully today they will keep their eye on the final. It's my


first major championships, the aim was to make the final which I've


done so I will enjoy it and see what I can do. Great news for Andy


Butchart, they have been talking all games about the frustrating time for


the sailors, a lack of wind but it is getting up at the minute. It was


meant to be the final of the 470 class for the men at the women's


final was delayed so the men's will take place later this evening.


Scottish sailor Luke Patience out of medal contention so frustrating


times for him, disappointing as well as he got a silver medal in London


but nothing this time around in Rio. Frustrating and disappointing times


for him but Catriona Matthew will be back out there on that stunning golf


course tomorrow hoping to improve on her round of level par. Thank you,


it does look stunning. Football now and Celtic


are at home in the first leg of their Champions League


play off against the Israelis If they win the tie,


they qualify for the lucrative group Our reporter Alasdair Lamont


is at Celtic Park to assess Celtic's Without question the most important


game thus far of Brendan Rodgers short time in charge at Celtic.


Alongside me to assess how the game might go this evening is former


Celtic striker Scott McDonald. This is the point at which Celtic have


Celtic striker Scott McDonald. This fallen out of the Champions League


in the last two seasons, from what you have seen so far do you think


they are better equipped to night? I think certainly yes, we have seen a


different team under Brendan Rodgers, some quality players added


as well who will give that extra forward edge. And goals hopefully. I


fully expect them to take the lead tonight into the second leg. The


Achilles heel in the last couple of seasons has been the loss of goals


at Celtic Park which is ultimately killed them in the play-off stage.


Is keeping a clean sheet actually no more important than scoring? I think


it is key, in the last couple of seasons it's been well documented


that Celtic have lost crucial goals at home and I think they will have


to keep the back door shut tonight in order to qualify. But they will


to keep the back door shut tonight still have to go to the other end as


well and hopefully get on the scoresheet and take a lead into the


well and hopefully get on the second leg. Scott will be part of


the BBC radio Scotland coverage. The golf in Rio might have looked good


but I think we can give them a run for the money in the weather?


It was a lovely day across most of the country, great picture from a


weather watcher on the north-west coast. Lovely sunshine this evening,


not blue skies were all, this weather bringing cloud and outbreaks


of rain across the Western Isles and still more to come over the next wee


while but for most this evening it is dry. Staying that way as we head


overnight. There will be some cloud and clear spells and also missed and


low cloud around North Sea coast at times drafting inland. Temperature


will overnight in towns and cities hit double digits, in the


countryside perhaps single budget but not too cold. Tomorrow is


another dry day in the main, bit more cloud compared to today but


still sunshine on offer. Pretty pleasant conditions I have to say.


By mid-afternoon looking at temperatures of around 20, 20 two


Celsius, always cooler towards the coast, particularly the east Coast,


perhaps low cloud lingering at times. Sunshine towards the West


Coast, cloud and spots of rain for the Western Isles but many parts


will be dry, winds light to moderate. Rest of the afternoon into


the evening and indeed overnight drive, sunshine to end the day, but


those dry conditions won't last because there is change afoot. You


can see what I mean, low pressure arriving from the South West, quite


an autumn work to that which will turn things wet and windy through


Friday. We start dry but the cloud increases and the rain follows, it


moves north across the country through the course of the day.


Temperatures down a bit but it will be breezy as well but a cool


feeling. The low-pressure sting into the weekend so an unsettled scene,


some heavy thundery downpours at times and quite humid and breezy


feel to both days. Some sunshine but limited. Thank you, just time for a


reminder of the main news tonight. The number of drugs deaths in


Scotland has hit a record high, more than 700 people died last year, a


15% increase on the year before. Health professionals call for new


strategies to tackle the problem including the introduction of


medically supervised heroin addicts most at risk. Unemployment has


fallen in Scotland and across the UK as a whole, official figures show


the number of people out of work here between April and June was down


by 20 6000. And that's Reporting Scotland, we are back with the main


bulletin which is scheduled to be just after the 10pm News but it's up


to the Olympics what happens. From everyone here enjoy your evening,




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