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travel -- treble treble. That is all from


Ten years after he won his defamation case against the News


of the World, judges tell Tommy Sheridan


The owners of the oil rig that ran aground on the Isle of Lewis


Also on the programme, with hopes of more medals


for Scottish athletes in Rio, we catch up with one of the


He's the fictional master of the dark art of spin -


today we hear from his real life counterparts at Holyrood.


And Scotland captain Scott Brown brings his international career


to an end to concentrate on Celtic's European campaign.


Judges have turned down a bid by the owners of the News


of the World to get a retrial of the Tommy Sheridan


They've also ruled that the award of ?200,000 to Mr Sheridan back


In August 2006 Tommy Sheridan with his wife at his side merged from a


court room in Edinburgh, victorious. He denied lurid stories about his


sex life published in the News of the World and sued the newspaper


group for defamation. Likening it to a David and Goliath battle to


protect his reputation What we have done in the last FIA weeks is the


equivalent of regret that taking on Real Madrid, in the Bernabeu, and


beating them on penalty, that is what we have done. Thanks very much.


These were the headlines which prompted that case. Allegations that


MrSheridan had adulterous relationships and attended a


swingers club. Four years later MrSheridan was back in court, this


time to High Court in Glasgow, where he was convicted of lying, during


that defamation case, an sentenced to three years in jail.


The real reason why he has been imprisoned today, is because he has


fought injustice, inequality, with every beat of his heart.


Now that MrSheridan was a convicted perjurer news group argued the


verdict should be set aside, along with the ?200,000 he had been


awarded in damages. Three Court of Session judges


rejected that today, saying for example the jury in the defamation


case were entitled to conclude that MrSheridan was not perfect, that he


lied to hem in some respects but that he was not someone who drank


champagne, participated in orgies and indulged in kinky sex.


Tommy Sheridan the long time campaigner was firmly focussed on


family matters today, with his father recovering after a heart


attack last night. He posted on Twitter. Beat criminal cancer which


Murdoch's NGN respects. -- respects. The News of the World at the centre


of case has of course being closed, the newspaper group today expressed


their disappointment in the ruling and said they are considering their


options. They will have to reflect on the


view of the judges that a court should be slow to interfere with


juriry's decision, meanwhile the Sheridans await payment of the


damages awarded to them here, ten years ago.


Efforts could be made this weekend to refloat the stricken oil rig


which ran aground in a storm on the west coast of Lewis


Salvage experts have today continued their work to assess


the damage to the structure and carry out necessary repairs


in order to pull the rig off the shoreline.


Last night, senior figures from Transocean, the rig's owners,


were at a public meeting in Carloway last night which was attended


The meeting was cordial and Transocean promised to make good any


damage caused by all the representatives skirted round the


question of why the rig stranded in the first place. A lot of


preparation work has been done and the salvage teams moved most of the


remaining diesel from tanks below sea-level to tanks higher up. We


have compressors and everything coming which is critical to the


operation, we will start testing in a critical area of the rig itself.


Compressors arrived today to start pumping come pressed air into


damaged tanks to increase buoyancy There will be a lot of work round


that over the next 24 hours, the personnel onboard the rig itself, up


until this time, they have been working up to the hour hour of


darkness, but a decision has been made they will start working 24/7,


so there will be a lot more happening onboard the rig itself, in


preparation for the refloat. The question uppermost in people's minds


now is when the rig will finally be towed away. I think at this point,


until we know what must be done for the refloat it is difficult to say,


so I think the best tide is on Sunday, we still have some


assessment to do. I honestly think it is unlikely, but it is possible,


but until we fully understand what we must do to refloat, we can't


answer that question. This morning anti-pollution equipment was


deployed just as an exercise in case it is needed to safeguard fishing


sites to the south-west of The Stranding site. Everything now


depends on the progress made with a flooded tank, if the salvage crew


isn't confident, that the rig can be moved safely on this weekend's high


tides, the unexpected visitor will have to wait here for another two


weeks for the next high tides. Six teenagers have been arrested


in connection with an alleged It comes after unconfirmed reports


they found a baby's remains in a bag NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said


it could not comment on the alleged discovery at the secure facility


which is used to store The teenagers, who are aged


13 and 14 years old, have been reported to the Children's


Reporter. A video appearing to


show the discovery has Scotland has lost almost 1,000 Fire


and Rescue staff since the single The drop includes both front-line


firefighters, and people The Fire and Rescue Service


says the drop reflects planned efficiency savings,


but concerns have been expressed Andrew Black is with us for more


on the story. Our fire and rescue services play


a vital role in keeping us safe. And back in 2013, with money tight,


Scotland's eight regional services merged into a national one,


the idea being to save cash while protecting


front line services. Today we learned that since that


merger, there's been a fall of 667 In addition, the number of people


working in support or control room Now, making savings


is what the merger was supposed to do, but what's worrying


the Fire Brigades Union is that front line firefighters


are leaving and aren't In some cases the union says that


means fire engines having The engines we are talking about are


whole time crew, they have been put there in a manner and that is based


on risk. So also we talk about firefighter is down to speed of


response, for effective intervention, now there is a chance,


if these appliances are unavailable, that risk increases of not getting


In response to these concerns, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service


says this staffing fall reflects its planned reforms to make


Since we became a single service, we still have these the number same


number of fire stations when we were eight. So we had 356 fire stations


prior to reform. We still have those today, and we have not removed any


vital emergency vehicles from those stations either. How we deploy them


has changed in becoming a single service to harmonise and transform


and standardise the way they go about our business.


So right now the general message is that there's no cause


for major concern just yet, and a firefighter recruitment drive


But given that the spending watchdog last year warned that Scottish Fire


and Rrescue faces a budget gap of more than ?42 million by 2019,


there may yet be more tough decisions to take.


There are just over two days left of the Olympic Games in Rio. It has


been the best overseas games for Scotland with 12 medals so far and


still chances of medals. We spoke tour judo bronze medallist who say


success in lie owe has been infectious. This is the athlete


villages home to those who have been competing here and also home to


those who have been winning medals, like this one here, Olympic bronze


medal for Sally cop way, many congratulations, afew days for it to


sing in now. Reflect on that bronze medal for us. On the fifth day of


the Olympics so I have had a couple of days to let it sink in. I can't


believe I am standing here with this medal round my neck. I have to keep


reminding myself sometimes and go in my bag and keep looking at it. Oh my


God I have an Olympic medal. It has been a wonderful Olympics from a


Team GB point of view. You were among one of the early medal winner,


do you think people like yourself helped inspire the team to galvanise


them if you like? I think, so when you see the other team members doing


so well and the medals are like rallying up, and think this inspires


people to think I want one of them. I think the momentum carries on, now


we are second in the table and it is amazing. You are a proud Scot,


Edinburgh is your home, you compete for Scotland at the Commonwealth


game, here it is for Team GB. Scottish athletes have been doing


well. A special feel grorg to be part of that? It is. You have Team


GB and Scotland within that, and everyone is doing so well. I think


everyone who is looking up to the Scottish athletes, or Team GB


athletes it can inspire everybody to chase their dreams and you never


know, you could be standing here one day holding an Olympic medal and


having your dreams complete. What what about you in the few churks


back here, or Tokyo? It is not out of the question, at the moment I am


going to celebrate my medal, enjoy the moment. Go on holiday and then


take it year-by-year and, as long as I am still enjoying judo I am not


going anywhere. Hold your medal up, proud for people back home. Thank


you for talking to us. Sally Conway, an impressive win other after bronze


medal in the judo, elsewhere today Catriona Matthew continues her third


round at the Olympic golf course and later this evening, our time at 1.40


Eilidh McColgan goes in the final of the 5,000 metres.


To the Edinburgh Festival now and the Festival of Politics,


where light is being shed on what is often


Spindoctors are loved and loathed in modern culture -


the best known being the fictional foul-mouth Malcolm Tucker


But some very real former special advisers gathered


at the Scottish Parliament today to explain their role,


and our political correspondent Andrew Kerr joined them.


No phones, come on. I have to go. Terry. Yes. Get on the phone to the


BBC. Come on. Malcolm Tucker t art of the special adviser, the ironic


title at the festival of politics, audience members are keen to hear


about the Dark Arts, which can be a bit of a mystery.


I think that spin-doctors have a very strong hand in telling people


how to present themselves, how to conduct themselves in their own live


TV or whenever they are speaking to the public. I don't think we need to


rely on them entirely to be able to communicate with politicians. We


have that conshin or misconception from things on the television and


things like west wing and stuff like that, you wonder what goes on behind


closed doors. Now a rare opportunity to find out what goes on behind the


scenes in the corridors of power. Five characters who sold their


skills to political masters. One of the most famous Alistair Campbell


was a controversial character, many question whether such people are


necessary. Paul Sinclair who worked for Gordon Brown certainly thinks


so. In Government, politician needs special advisers to make sure agreed


policy is implemented. I would describe them as drain cleaner, to


make sure there is no blockage in the system and what we agreed


happens and largely that happens harmoniously. Kevin Pringle was Alex


Salmond's right-hand man, known as a harmoniously. Kevin Pringle was Alex


gentleman but he could get frustrated too. What I would tent


tend to do was swear but only after I come off the phone, that is why I


suspect they didn't hear me swear very often, because I would get rid


of this frustration after I had the conversation and try to get it out


of my system. And Ramsey Jones, fresh from Downing Street, explains


how special advisers negotiate the Civil Service. There were one or two


times when I was tempted to be like Tonguer but I like to think I used


the power of persuasion rather an vocabulary. You would get frustrated


at journalists too Never, they are the most wonderful breed of people


it has been my misfortune to deal with. They emphasise the importance


of the truth. We managed to get one blast. I wouldn't compare myself to


Malcolm Tucker but I remember a time at the Labour Party Conference when


your questions were completely and utterly out of order.


Scotland captain Scott Brown is retiring from international


football, after earning 50 caps in a decade.


The 31-year-old Celtic midfielder says he can no longer juggle


the demands of domestic and European club football


One former teammate says the pressure of having Rangers back


in the Scottish Premiership may have played a part in his decision.


Here at the Celtic training complex the manager Brendan Rogers is


putting Scott Brown and the rest of the squad through their paces. Scott


Brown's in top form, in great condition, so why at the age of 31


is he quitting international football? The player himself said it


is no secret that I have suffered some injuries in his career, once


you get over 30, you have to protect your body more.


As for the Scotland manager, he said:


The 200018 World Cup qualifying campaign is about to commence, while


he has suffered injury problems at 31 is he retiring too soon I respect


his decision, but I think for the sake of the nation it is a bit early


because I think he has a lot to contribute. When you consider the


campaign over two years, would extend it a bit further, so I think


with respect to his commitments at Celtic, it might be a wise decision


on his part. But a former team-mate thinks new


challenges on the domestic fronts may have played a part in his


decision The pressure of having Rangers back in the league and


wanting to excel couldout weigh the schedule. A tough decision for the


player but the right call is how the Celtic manager described it, good


news for Celtic as well he admits as playing for the Scottish champions


now becomes Scott Brown's sole Football Focus.


European football's governing body Uefa has begun disciplinary


It comes after some of the club's supporters


displayed Palestine flags during their Champions League


qualifier against Israeli side Hapoel Be'er Sheva on Wednesday.


Andy Murray has had an easy passage through to the quarter finals


The Olympic Champion beat the South African Kevin Anderson


That sets up a meeting with Bernard Tomic in the final eight.


Elsewhere, the second and third seeds Stan Wawrinka and Rafael Nadal


A look at other stories from across the country.


A cyclist who sustained serious head injuries when he came off his bike


earlier this week has died in hospital.


22-year-old James Murray was from Wanlockhead


in Dumfries and Galloway, where the accident


Danus Skene, the SNP candidate who narrowly lost against Orkney


and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael in last year's general


He died in the early hours of this morning following surgery in London.


Mr Skene was 72 and also stood for the Shetland seat in the recent


The Trussell Trust's opened its first foodbank in Shetland.


The Salvation Army has been handing out food parcels on the islands


for many years but demand for help has increased.


It's been blamed on the downturn in the oil industry,


the end of some big construction projects, and changes


A drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes for more than 50 years could also


Researchers at Dundee University say Metformin could potentially be used


It's already believed it could help treat


The First Minister has launched a Reading Challenge,


aimed at encouraging a love of books amongst children.


Nicola Sturgeon joined pupils at the Edinburgh


International Book Festival, making origami books -


but had to be given a hand by author Alice Melvin.


Ms Sturgeon says a love of reading can help boost attainment


In rugby, the New Zealander Dave Rennie will take over


as Head Coach of Pro12 team Glasgow Warriors next year.


He's currently in charge of the Chiefs in his homeland.


Meanwhile, the man in charge of Scottish Rugby Union says it


wants to attract substantial private investment in the country's two


Pro12 teams, otherwise the game in this country will fall further


Glasgow Warriors are a success story. Like the country's other


professional team, Edinburgh, they are funded by the Scottish Rugby


union. It costs the governing body about ?10 million per season. Now,


the man at the top wants some serious private investment. But


there are conditions. We would have to have very, very rich people. Rich


people that share our values and what we think we need to deliver for


Scottish rugby and for the national team. We have two teams here in the


pipeline for the Scottish national team, by and large, so we have to


protect that and have like-minded people with big pockets.


protect that and have like-minded Warriors the wading in cash from


sugar daddies? There are doubters. I think he knows it's not go to


happen, but he has every right to put it out there and say to people,


if you have a spare ?60 million, invest in Scottish rugby. He is also


talking about shares, it's just a glorified sponsorship agreement


because you will have no say. To make it more attractive, they want


the Pro12 league expanded. It's currently made up of teams from


Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Italy. They want new teams from North


America to be added. What we have done his work with people that are


testing those markets. We are going to find out if it is feasible. The


early indications are that there is a good deal of interest. Bailey


Gwynne with warriors in 2015 has joined a team in France. The


Scottish Rugby union fears if there is not substantial new investment in


Scottish rugby, more players will leave for higher wages.


Perth has launched a bid to become the UK City of Culture in 2021. It


is the latest to bed, with Paisley, commentary, Sunderland and


Stoke-on-Trent in the running. It started with a flash mob, a


celebration of what Perth can offer all year round if it wins the title


of City of Culture. They've got the concert hall, a wonderful asset to


the city. We are currently refurbishing Perth Theatre. The


building behind us will be refurbished, it will be an


exhibition Centre. Perth Museum and Art Gallery is go to have a major


refurbishment as well. There is a lot going on, and we have the


infrastructure that can support it. But there is competition for the


title, which comes with the promise of a multi-million pounds economic


benefit. Paisley is among several places already in the running. I


think it is healthy to have good competition, and fair play to the


fair city of Perth, they will be good competition, it is a very


different offer from Paisley. We want to be Scotland's bid, of


course. But we have good competition and we absolutely believe that


Paisley has what it takes to win the competition. What makes Perth's bid


different from the others is the location, the amazing landscape,


community arts and the people that want to be part of it. Although


there are still some hearts to win on home turf. I don't think so. Not


enough going on? No, too small. Local people, I think they could


support it better. One home-grown actor that still lives here believes


Perth has what it takes. I would not say people would say, yes, of


course, that is the City of Culture, but I think culture is the people


and there was a lot to offer. We come from an historical background


of culture. We have William Souter, Andy Gray, Ewan McGregor, but people


have a lot to offer. I think something like this will excite them


into creating something and bringing Perth to life. That ?20 million


lifeline for the city's cultural development will continue,


regardless of whether they win or lose. The winning city is announced


next spring. Lets see what we can expect from the


weather. What a wet day for some parts. There


was some sunshine coming across the coast. On the satellite picture, the


main event is the stripe of blue, rain edging northwards. While there


was some sunshine on offer, many weather watchers captured scenes


like this. Staying rather cloudy and dumped tonight. There is the rain,


edging northwards, which in all parts in towards Orkney as well.


Behind it, a number of showers developing. Dry overnight, but still


wet at times. Temperatures in towns and cities are about 11 or 15


Celsius, not a cold night. Low pressure still win us. The rain is


edging towards Shetland and the centre of the lower means that we


will see some heavy, potentially thundery downpours across central


and southern Scotland. It starts promising enough. Watch what


happens, the showers gathering force and edging across the South into the


central belt. The exact northern extent is open to some doubt. Most


likely, to the central lowlands and the South, heaviest across the


borders, in towards the capital. The wind will be fresh at times from the


east. After a dry morning, the north-east coast will see some


showers to the afternoon. Further west, dryer, decent spells of


sunshine across the North West, 21 or 22 Celsius. All the improving,


shuttle and having reigned for most of the day. If you are hill walking


or climbing, across the north-west, sunshine on offer. Wind speed at the


summit and temperatures across the Galloway and border hills, some


heavy rain showers merged together. For many eastern areas, after a


bright and sunny morning, expect torrential downpours for the


afternoon. The showers continue to swirl around with the low-pressure


system as we head through Saturday evening and overnight. Sunday, and


the low is pulling away lull in proceedings, something a bit more


cheerful for the west and proceedings, something a bit more


south-west. Sunshine on offer and feeling a good deal warmer. Cloudier


towards the East with one or two showers around. In the sunshine, 20


or 21 Celsius. Next week, high pressure loading the continent,


low-pressure and the Atlantic and a weather front in between. That is


the dividing line between warmth coming in from the continent and


unsettled conditions and West. Where that goes will determine whether we


are likely to get. We will keep you posted.


Judges have turned down a bid by the owners of the use of the world to


get a retrial in the Tommy Sheridan defamation case. They have also


ruled that the award to Mr Sheridan in 2006 will stand.


I'll be back with the late bulletin just after the ten o'clock news.


With just two days of Olympic action still to come,


we'll leave you tonight with a look back at some of those Scottish


Great Britain are in the lead, but only just! Callan Skinner brings it


home for Great Britain. Hanging in for Great Britain! 100 out, the


heads are still high. They defend their Olympic title and they have


done it in such style! Carnival time here! Bennett, Polly Swan, a real


driver and powerhouse in the middle of this. Sally Conway has wasted


hardly any time. What are we going to see from David? Just outside.


Silver again. Great Britain are on the board, they have something from


the final. Great Britain leading in the race for gold in the women's


team pursuit, with Laura Trott still on the track, Elinor Barker and


Katie Archibald. Katie Archibald, in on the track, Elinor Barker and


her first Olympic Games. Coming away with a silver medal, that is


brilliant. Catherine, vindicated, coming back.


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