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Tonight, on Reporting Scotland, it's confirmed that Mike Towell,


the Dundee boxer who died after a bout last week,


had complained of headaches during training.


Nine days after he went missing in Suffolk, the mother of an RAF


serviceman makes an appeal for help to find him.


We would like him to come home. We would like him to come home soon.


This is unlike him, he wouldn't do this out of choice.


Also on the programme, Scottish scientists find a potential


new treatment for eczema using the body's own natural defences.


They were two of the biggest names in Scottish football,


but what do they think of the national team's chances ahead


And we meet up with Emili Sande four years after she put her career


on hold after struggling to cope with life in the spotlight.


Mike Towell, the Dundee boxer who died after a bout last Friday,


complained about headaches in the run up to the fight.


It's been confirmed a training session had to be


The boxing community say the sport is still relatively safe,


but it's led to calls for greater checks, as Rhona McLeod reports.


This is the boxer Mike Towell, just one year ago. 11 fights unbeaten


commie he was working hard to make his way in the sport to support his


young family. But, in the build-up to this, his final fight, all was


not well. His girlfriend says he complained of headaches and the


owner of the gym, Alex Morrison says he stopped during a sparring


session, again because of headaches. Fight fans are looking forward to


the WBA title defence of Ricky Burns, but the boxing community is


still reeling after the death of one of their own. Cannot put it into


words. My heart goes out to his family. Obviously, it is the last


thing anybody wanted to happen. You have a fight coming up, you have a


medical, they are always checking you. It is a safe sport. Obviously


it is just now and again, a tragedy like this will happen. The former


world champion, Ricky Hatton, has started a fund for Mike Towell's


partner and son. He knows the sport is under scrutiny. The daggers have


come out, boxing should be banned. But the authorities have everything


in order to make the boxes as safe as they can. It is nobody's fault.


We all know what can happen. It is a tragedy. But there must be changes


in the sport, according to one veteran boxing journalist. There are


medical checks, perhaps they will be stepped up. But so much is also


dependent on the individual's honesty. Sports people will tell


lies so they don't miss a football match or a boxing match. A lot of it


is dependent on their honesty. You can never make this 100% safe, it


will never be the case. The very nature of the sport as well, means


it can never be 100%. An investigation into the death of Mike


Towell continues. His Welsh opponent says he is absolutely heartbroken


and a family tried to come to terms with their loss.


Nearly 100 tonnes of oil has leaked from a platform west of Shetland.


BP says it believes the best solution is to allow the oil


from the Clair platform to disperse naturally in the sea,


but admits other options are still on the table.


Our environment correspondent Kevin Keane is at BP headquarters


What more can you tell us about this, Kevin? This happened yesterday


morning and it happened at a point called the separator. What tends to


happen is oil, gas and water come onto the platform where they are


separate. The oil and gas are stored and the clean water is pumped back


out into the sea. What appeared to have happened yesterday, some of the


oil got mixed in with the water as it was being pumped back out to sea.


That went on for almost an hour, according to BP. 95 tonnes of it, as


you say, will eat. It is heading away from land at the moment so it


is not expected to cause any environmental impact, but it is


being monitored and surveillance flights have been going over it. How


much is 95 tonnes and how significant is this? Figures from


2014 show there are hundreds of much smaller leaks of oil across the UK


sector, the total amount of all those leaks in 2014 was just 20


tonnes. So this is five times the amount that was accidentally leaked


in 2014. Thank you very much. Police searching for an RAF


serviceman who disappeared in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk nine


days ago say there's nothing Corrie Mckeague, who's 23,


was last seen on CCTV walking alone eating fast food


in the early hours of Saturday, Police are now examining a bin


lorry, which is believed to have gone along the same route


as a signal detected My son has disappeared. Just four


words from his mother, Nicola, brutally honest about something the


family admits it's a rear. With his brothers by her side, it she


appealed for information. There seems to be no evidence to suggest


what has happened to Corrie. At 3:20am on Saturday morning he was


seen on CCTV, and so far there is no evidence to show where my son has


gone. This is where he was seen. Police have released images


identical to that of what he was wearing and searching have covered


hundreds of roads, river banks and fields. Today, the focus was at


Barton Mills by the day 11. Phone tracking picked up Corrie's phone on


the morning he disappeared. At the same time, had bin lorry travel


between the two locations. The vehicle has been seized and the


conference was told a search is underway. Where do you place but in


terms of its importance in this enquiry? Difficult to say, different


lines of enquiry and the phone is only one. CCTV is important, both in


terms of Bury St Edmunds but also Mildenhall and around there. The


phone is important, but so is a lot of other lines of enquiry. We have a


dedicated team who are focused this investigation. The search teams


admit their task is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but they


remain determined and methodical. We will use historic data


remain determined and methodical. We something like 50,000 historic


searches. That information has been collated by people and it gives us


best case scenarios. It gives as a starting point. As his mother I


could sit here and talk to you about my son and the man he is. But I


don't want this to be a story about Corrie and the person he is, it is


about finding him. The search teams were joined over the weekend by


member of his family. They wanted, they needed to walk by the side of


the volunteers. As much as anything, they wanted to say thank you for


their dedication. The former Rangers owner Craig Whyte


has appeared again at the High Court in connection with his takeover


of the Ibrox club in 2011. He's charged with obtaining


a controlling stake in Rangers by fraud and of breaching


the Companies Act. Mr Whyte entered no plea and is due


back in court for a hearing His trial has been provisionally set


for April next year in Glasgow The jury in the trial of a man


accused of murdering the waiter Surjit Singh Chhokar nearly 18 years


ago has spent its first day Ronnie Coulter is accused


of stabbing Mr Chhokar The jury here at the High Court in


Glasgow has been hearing evidence over the course of the last four


weeks. Lord Matt Hughes told the juror is, in order to convict Ronnie


Coulter, they must be convinced he is the knife and stabbed Mr Chhokar.


Before sending the jury out this morning, Lord Matthews told the ten


women and four men, they were entitled to return one of three


verdicts, guilty, not guilty or not proven. He also said the verdict


must be unanimous or by majority. The judge also told the jury there


was no time limit on its deliberations. He told them, it is


not a case where you want to rush to judgment and I'm sure you will not


do that. Ronnie Coulter denies murdering Mr Chhokar on the 14th of


November in 1988. He had a special defence blaming his nephew and


another man, David McGoldrick. defence blaming his nephew and


Ronnie Coulter is on trial for murdering Mr Chhokar for a second


time, having previously been acquitted of the alleged murder. The


jury will continue deliberating tomorrow.


Secondary schools are set to be hit by industrial action by members


More than 90% of members of the Scottish Secondary Teachers


Association who took part in a ballot said they'd support


action short of a strike over their workload.


Last week, the largest teachers union, the EIS,


called off a work to rule after the Government announced


The SSTA says the Government's move is a step in the right direction


The Education Secretary, John Swinney said there


was "no justification whatsoever" for the action.


The Scottish Secretary David Mundell has urged the Scottish and UK


governments to avoid confrontation in Brexit talks.


suggested the scottish parliament could refuse to back legal changes.


Nick Eardley is at Tory conference in Birmingham.


Nick this continues a war of words over the weekend.


Yes, the Prime Minister didn't mince her words yesterday when she said


there could be no opt out from Brexit. Theresa May thinks the whole


of the UK is leaving. She said she would fight what she calls divisive


nationalists. But the most immediate row that has broken out is over


plans to convert EU law into domestic law and then give the UK


Parliament the ability to choose what it wants to get rid of.


Normally when Westminster wants to legislate in an area covered by


devolution, in needs the permission of the Scottish parliament. Mike


Russell, the man in charge of Brexit talks for the Scottish Government,


things that will be the case in this situation also. He suggested that


because of the majority of MSPs oppose leaving the EU, it could be


hard to get it through. But the UK Government is convinced it needs


that consent as yet? Earlier I spoke to David Mundell.


Ultimately the Scottish parliament doesn't have a veto over the UK


leaving the EU. Of course they will have a say and important debates,


but they will not have a veto on the process. I want them to be engaged


and and that is why I'm going to appear before the Scottish


Parliament and why David Davis is going to do that as well. We want to


proceed on the basis of partnership and we are looking to work together,


not looking for confrontation or unnecessary arguments


But there are differences of opinion. The UK Government have said


the next priority is to bring down immigration. The Scottish Government


has said its main concern is retaining membership of the single


market. David Mundell says he wants a constructive relationship moving


forward. I think at least some of that will be down to both sides


giving and taking and some compromise.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


Confirmation that the boxer, Mike Towel, who died after a bout,


had complained of headaches during training.


And still to come - on the shortlist for Britain's most


prestigious annual architecture award, this college campus


is the only Scottish building in the running.


Eczema affects around 8 million people in the UK.


The intense itching and burning skin can be hugely distressing


Scientists at Edinburgh University have been testing ways


in which the body's own natural defences might be used to create


There are only so many photographic filters you can use to cover the red


marks up on your face. I will do it around my eyes and my cheeks. As you


can see from the creams I had to apply them regularly, to hopefully


cover up the marks. Liam has lived with eczema all his life, but the


symptoms are not just physical. Growing up as a teenager, going


through a lot of change as it is. If you are faced with problems with


your skin on top of that, it is another problem you have to deal


with. When skin is damage, people usually produce a compound to heal


the broken cells. It doesn't seem to happen with eczema. At Edinburgh


University, scientists have been working on a natural defence. It is


a culture broth that allows these artificial skin systems to grow in


the lab. Bay have instructed the cells to produce this substance


lacking in people with eczema. They have been able to show this


defensive thing not only kills bacteria, but strengthens the skin


barrier that fights of other infections. For many people it is a


lifelong treatment and that is a mixture of moisturisers and steroid


creams. Steroid creams can become less effective as you get older, but


also cause with repeated use. This can give us an insight into how you


approach and treat it. It. It could be trying to instruct the eczema


skin to try and make this defensive thing. Or it could be making the


defensive to make a cream or ointment. The challenge is to get it


out of the lab but that could be ten to 15 years away. But the sufferers


lightly on, it would been freedom from this distressing condition.


North Lanarkshire Council has suspended three members of staff


amid an ongoing investigation into corruption claims.


The investigation began in April after an anonymous letter made


There are calls for a reform to the system that allows council


chief executives to receive extra payouts for acting as returning


These have amounted to ?1 million in the past two years.


The existing arrangements are to be scrutinised by a commitee of MSPs.


The Electoral Reform Society will be giving evidence.


We are very pleased the committee is looking at this, because the formula


has changed since it was last set up, it is time it was like that.


A memorial service for families affected by the baby ashes scandal


at Aberdeen's Hazlehead Crematorium is to be held next month.


Baby and adult ashes were mixed together and given back


to relatives of the adult, while the parents of infants


The non-denominational service will take place


The RSPB is trying to raise almost ?300,000 in a month to buy land


to expand an important bird reserve on the Solway Firth.


Mersehead is the winter home of more than 10,000 barnacle geese.


Land has become available adjacent to the existing reserve


but the charity has only until the end of the the month


That will join us up, creating a lovely wildlife corridor for the


benefit of not just the geese but other species we manage four,


breeding waders like lapwing, and other non-avian species, the


natterjack toad as well. On Saturday, Scotland play Lithuania


in their second qualifying match for the 2018 World Cup


finals in Russia. Despite winning their opening


match against Malta 5-1, the former Scotland player


Kenny Dalglish says he'd be happy if the team win this weekend's game


by a fluke or an own goal. They were the heroes of EST in a


Scotland jersey, now they display the name of the new sponsors of the


main stand at Hampden park. They are just as keen to see Scotland succeed


at the weekend against Lithuania. just as keen to see Scotland succeed


They have been here a couple of times in recent years, they are


strong, well-organised, maybe a little bit more defensive than what


you would like, but we will try to break them down. At the end of the


year, be patient, if we get a fluke, and own goal that gets us through,


fine, well done. After beating Malta in the first round of games,


Scotland are top of the group but there are another nine matches in


the qualifying campaign. England are the favourites to qualify


automatically. Archie Gemmill scored one of the greatest goals ever seen


in the World Cup finals in 1978 against Holland. And despite


England's change of manager following the departure of Sam


Allardyce and a cloud of corruption allegations, he says it might not be


to their detriment. I think personally it will make England


stronger, but I think Scotland should look at it as a group minus


England. The two games against England are going to be absolutely


massive, so if they can win that group minus England, they are going


to be in a play-off for the World Cup. The Hampden Park facade debates


the Scotland greats of the past, but if the present team enjoy success,


it may be their faces on view in the future.


Aberdeenshire singer-songwriter Emeli Sande


is back in the limelight after a break of almost four years.


The pop star is playing a series of intimate gigs


ahead of her second album being released.


The 29-year-old says she's determined to take things


a little easier after her meteoric rise took its toll.


Back on home turf and back in the spotlight, the last few years have


been an emotional roller-coaster for the multi-million selling artist. A


new single is a nod to that. It just feels like a big emotional


explosion, it felt like the first time I wasn't trying to like censor


anything, I just let it all out, this is how I am feeling. This


intimate stage is a long way from the global one that she dominated


four years ago. And the winner is... Emeli Sande! Awards galore,


bestselling debut album, and performing for President Obama. A


little bit overwhelmed, to be honest, especially when it was going


on, I wasn't taking in every moment and really reflecting on the days.


When I had time off and looked back at old photos, you know, I felt


proud of not just myself but the whole team around me, because we


were really on a journey together from performing here 15 years ago to


performing for Obama. The fame came at a price. There were definitely


points where I did feel very tired, and things were going to fast. This


time around, I want to make sure I have put aside personal time and do


not... Like take it seriously, you know? This time it is important for


me, if I have a day off, don't go into the studio, just enjoy that


peace and time to reflect. But tonight is a homecoming for Emeli


Sande, with family, friends and fans, a fresh beginning, a new


version of events. Six buildings are in the running


for Britain's most prestigious annual architecture award -


the Riba Stirling Prize. This year, an art gallery,


a library, a housing estate, have made the shortlist


for the prize. The only building in Scotland


on the shortlist is the Riverside campus


of the City of Glasgow College. The overarching brief


was to create a new community, a super campus, drawing together


three different colleges Our brief was to create


a new single campus, It was very important


that the architects understood how to work from a classroom level right


through to a specialist workshop, right through to the inspiring


open spaces in the grand atrium. There are very few buildings that


properly engage with the Clyde. This location for the maritime


college and school of engineering was a gift to the project,


where we could really engage the building with the Clyde


and through that with the city. There's an amazing series


of classrooms, some general, to study shipping-chart work,


some specialist, where they can actually get hands-on


experience in tying knots Some are high-technology classrooms,


that probably are five They can actually have a simulation


of the bridge of a supertanker It is an almost identical layout,


instruments and screens to what the ship's captain


and engineer would see. The facilities link up,


so you can have us on the simulator as well as having


the engine room workshop, being able to call down


as if on a ship. Some six floors beneath,


are actually a large ship's working engine,


which we bought from the industry The engineers are trained,


not only to plan issues but to repair and maintain


the working ship's engine. We wanted to create a building


with a civic presence, we have an embossed white concrete


base, on the riverside walkway, and a very simple curtain


walling facade above. These modular facades


were specifically redolant of 19th century Victorian facades in


a lot of buildings in Glasgow. The staff team can be truly proud


of a cohesive project. It proves that with a brilliant


client, brilliant architect, you can achieve a unique,


iconic and world-class building. You can see all our films


of the shortlisted buildings now and you can also vote


for your favourite one there. Let's take a look at what the


weather has in store. I am bringing you news, it has been


a beautiful day across the country, there is a Weather Watchers's


picture of the sky, very settled for the week ahead, and we can take a


look at the pressure charts to see why. We have an expansive area of


high pressure that looks like staying with us through the week,


pushing any weather systems further out into the Atlantic, so good news


for us and for autumn. A dry evening and night, some clear spells


initially, more cloud towards the far West, cloud tending to drifting


across eastern coastal areas tonight as well. Occasionally strong winds


in the West, like inland, temperatures were covering to about


nine Celsius. A fine start to the day tomorrow, cloudier initially


across eastern areas, the cloud thinning and breaking, so we're


looking at a beautiful autumn day once again. No mist and fog like


today, am glad to say. Temperatures rising to a respectable 15-16dC, the


best sunshine in the West, 17 degrees are towards Glasgow, the


West Highlands, over the Western Isles looking pretty good,


brightening up here, cloud coming and going over Shetland, a strong


south-westerly wind, strong winds in coastal areas throughout the day.


That bit of cloud coming and going towards eastern coastal areas,


towards the Angus coast, the East Lothian coast, still pretty


pleasant, right sunshine, turning hazy. More of the same into the


evening, and it stays dry into the overnight period as well. Actually,


that things are looking for Wednesday too, and other dry day,


cloud initially, thinning and breaking through the day, the best


sunshine in the West, quite a breezy day, on Thursday we will see


brighter skies in the East, but similar to tomorrow.


A reminder of the main news, the British economy is in for a


roller-coaster ride as the UK and negotiate its exit from the European


Union according to the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, speaking to the


Conservative Party conference. That is Reporting Scotland, I am


back with the headlines at eight and the late bulletin at


Join Jackie Bird for the latest news headlines, and Glenn Campbell for a special debate with voters quizzing both sides on what the EU referendum means for Scotland.

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